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Dawson Leery

Played by: James Van Der Beek

Character: The supposed golden boy with the formerly
perfect untouched life who turned into a realist that still
retains some of his Peter Pan syndrome that made him
so lovable

Lilly Leery: his newborn baby sister who's named after
Joey's mom
Mitch Leery: father who's been both the school counselor
and football coach and died in season 5
Gail Leery: mother who's the former co-anchor of
Capeside's local news station, and cheated on Mitch with
Parents: divorced and now remarried to each other;
not much to say about his parents since they're loving,
stable, and thus, since their reunion, normal regular people again without an active role in gossip

"Her Boy Adventure" - Dawson and Jen Lindley
"Soul Mates" - Dawson and Joey Potter
"Temporary Thrill" - Dawson and Eve Whitman
"Soul Mates: Part Two" - Dawson and Joey Potter
"Unexpectedly Right" - Dawson and Gretchen Witter
"Rediscovered" - Dawson and Jen Lindley
"Older Woman" - Dawson and Amy Lloyd 

Suffering from a Peter Pan syndrome and Spielberg obsession
Being unbelievably oblivious to things in his little black
and white bubble
Trying too hard to do the "right thing" and occasionally
having the motive cloud the actual "right thing"
Dealing with problems, a word previously unheard of in his bubble
Trying too hard to break free of his bubble, and instead breaking out of it later without even realizing it until it'd
already happened
Throwing false accusations at his "best friend" and not thinking very much of the guy who's his supposed "best friend"
Acting like a world class jerk when things don't go his way and still thinking that he's doing the right thing
Looking at every kiss, touch, problem, move with an electron microscope
Being angsty, overdramatic, and overanalytical

Grams: What I like most about those movies is the fact that
no matter how far off the pedestal the character fell they
always got a second chance. Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts the Lord has given us, with it comes
Dawson: Same way rain brings a rainbow.
Grams: From what I've seen of you so far, you better buy yourself a good umbrella.
-#104 Blown Away

"It's the elephant in the room syndrome. The obvious but unspoken topic. The thing that's always lurking but never
brought up...Of course, in your case, it's a gay elephant."
-#214 To Be Or Not To Be...

"It's completely true! I mean, think about it. Every single
person that I know is growing up and moving forward in
some way. I mean, Joey is busy finding herself. You've
got this whole stable, do-gooder, boyfriend thing. Jen is....
not necessarily moving forward but at least she's moving. Even my parents are getting new lives! But me, I'm in the
exact same place I was one year ago."
-#216 Be Careful What You Wish For

"Why is it that we're so ridiculously intent on pleasing the people who dislike us the most?"
-#221 Ch...Ch...Changes

"Alright, you know what? Take 'Felicity' for example. I mean, you've seen one hour of whiny over-analytical teen angst,
you've seen them all. Don't get me wrong, she's pretty,
but what kind of heroine is she? She's indecisive. She's
basically paralyzed by some romantic notion of the way things are suppose to be. If you ask me, she's kinda chatty."
-#303 None of the Above

"Question, what will look better on my high school transcripts? A) cheating, B) possession of stolen material,
C) breaking and entering, or D) all of the above?"
-#303 None of the Above

"I admire your unswerving devotion to high school rituals."
-#323 True Love

"Subtly is not exactly your forte, is it?"
-#323 True Love

"The same thing that happens with all adolescent crushes. Absolutely nothing."
-#401 Coming Home

"Welcome to the Leery house, where it's Deja-screw all
over again."
-#401 Coming Home

"You can't choose what you love. It chooses you."
-#401 Coming Home

"I don't know, I was 10. Who has good taste in music
when they're 10?"
-#402 Failing Down

"By the time I was 10, I could rattle off every cinematographer
Steven Spielberg ever worked with. Which somehow isn't that impressive, is it?"
-#402 Failing Down

"Take it from somebody who spent the better part of last spring angry at the world. It's not worth it. I mean, it might numb the pain a little bit, but basically it's just a distraction.
I don't know. The point is, if you do it right, Jen, loving someone is gonna hurt. And the sooner you let yourself
feel that, the sooner you'll be able to love again"
-#402 Failing Down

"... feelings change, passions fade, partners come and go. But through it all, one thing remains sacred. And that's
friendship and it's true."
-#402 Failing Down

"Because maybe college isn't the be all and end all that parents make it out to be. You know, maybe once you get past all rhetoric of all these great books that nobody reads, college is basically just a holding pen for 18-22 year olds.
Like one of those airports that everybody has to stop at
on their way to some place else. Kinda like prison with a better meal plan."
-#404 Future Tense

"Everybody else could be having fun, or they could just be imitating the fun they see people have in movies."
-#404 Future Tense

"Well, I guess even suburban rhythm impaired youth need an outlet, right?"
-#406 Great Xpectations

"Nothing propels you into adulthood faster than the next generation nipping at your heels."
-#406 Great Xpectations

"Moments like this, it becomes glaringly obvious just how related to Pacey you really are."
-#409 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [to Gretchen]

Jack: How does it feel to have a dream come true?
Dawson: Why, do I look like I'm trapped in an elevator with Kate Hudson?
-#410 Self Reliance

"You have a policy on kissing your younger brother's former best friend underneath the mistletoe at holiday parties?"
-#410 Self Reliance

Jen: I guess that makes me the Boo Radley of this scenario, huh?
Dawson: Exactly. Except beautiful and with breasts.
-#423 Coda

Jen: Did you hear that, baby? You're lucky to have me.
Dawson: That's an understatement if I ever heard one.
#509 Hotel New Hampshire

Dawson: You've somehow managed to figure out a way to be there for me. And that... uh...I'll never be able to put into
words what that means to me.
Jen: Listen. I... it's the least I can do for the guy who
restores my faith in the opposite sex.
#509 Hotel New Hampshire


Dawson's Creek:

P/Jo currently not acknowledging
their relationship except for a few
witty quips here and there

Pacey Witter:
currently dating Audrey, Joey's
Worthington roommate

Joey Potter:
currently single




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