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Dawson // Jack // Jen // Joey // Pacey

Andie McPhee

Played by: Meredith Monroe

Character: The perky, overachieving, bossy girl with
insecurities about the mental problems she shares with
her mother, a desire to please everyone, and was the
first to steal and open Pacey Witter's heart.

Jack McPhee: her gay brother who's always there to
support her
Tim McPhee: the late older brother who was the "family
Father: formerly extremely distant and intolerant, now
more loving and understanding
Mother: has problems coping with the death of Tim and
is currently residing in a mental hospital

"Saviors" - Andie and Pacey Witter
"Temporary Insanity" -  Andie and Marc
"Disaster" -  Andie and Rob
"Springtime Rendezvous" - Andie and Will Krudski
"Summer Fling" - Andie and John

Giving 110% every time
Being unbelievably happy and perky
Suffering from mental problems
Reacting badly to change
Caring too much about other people's opinions
Being bossy and pushy because she cares
Being angsty, overdramatic, and overanalytical

"Just because a student doesn't fit into some cookie-cutter mold that the public school system deems acceptable
they're ready to write 'em off. I mean, Einstein failed second grade and not because he was stupid but because he was
bored. And the incompetency of an inferior public school system failed to recognize it. You know, they'd rather just
dismiss someone who's in obvious need of some guidance, rather than reach out to him. I mean, if someone along the
way had just taken two seconds to notice, to care, they would have noticed that you need to be rescued not ridiculed."
-#208 The Reluctant Hero [to Pacey]

"Ok, I'm sorry, but deciding to lose my virginity is a huge
deal, ok? I mean, I didn't hold onto it for 16 years just to lose
it in one drunk fleeting moment in some skanky back seat
of a late model American car, ok?"
-#210 High-Risk Behavior

"No. Jack is not gay. He's talked about girls his entire life.
He's crazy about Joey. He hates Madonna - he's not gay!"
-#214 To Be Or Not To Be...

Andie: I molded you into this person that I thought you
should be, and I did it to my father, too. I thought it was
what I needed, you know? I place this unfair burden on people just so they can save me from myself, but I realize I don't need a knight in shining armor. I need a partner. Someone I'm proud to love and who's proud to love me
back, in spite of all my faults, and it's you. You're the one, Pacey. I'm sorry.
Pacey: How come your apology was so much better than mine?
-#215 ...And That Is The Question

Andie: I have always
wanted to sit in the backseat of a cop car. Hey! I know! Let's turn on the sirens!
Pacey: I don't think that's the best idea, Sweetie.
-#216 Be Careful What you Wish For

Andie: You know who you sound like?
Joey: Who?
Andie: Me, right before I started dating him."
-#314 Valentine's Day Massacre

"He's smart, way smart. And he has no idea how cute he is which is key cause God save us from the ones who do."
-#320 The Longest Day [on Pacey]

"After all that? After doggedly pursuing her for an entire school year. After scores of grand romantic gestures. After
behavior that clearly licensed professionals would call stalking, HE wants to take a break?"
-#402 Failing Down [on Henry breaking up with Jen]

"You know what you look like? A boy with nothing
productive to do. Now find a broom!"
-#403 The Storm/Two Gentlemen of Capeside

"Okay, you're not exactly sunshine personified, Joey."
-#404 Future Tense

"I mean, can't you hear it? 'Ooh,
there's that really smart girl who almost chemed herself to death inside the inflatable fun house.'"
-#407 You Had Me at Goodbye

"Pacey, Joey, Dawson - you guys are so lucky. Do you
have any idea how rare it is to have friends that you've known your entire life? So please don't underestimate that. Because in the end you always go back to the people that were there in the beginning. And in the beginning, there
was the three of you."
-#407 You Had Me at Goodbye

"When I first met you, I didn't know much about love or friendship. And each of you taught me a lot about both. So
maybe by my leaving, I can return the favor. Because the thought of it ending like this, the way things are right now
it's just it's not how I want to remember us. Do you?"
-#407 You Had Me at Goodbye

"I don't even know where to start. The architecture, the men, the food. Did I mention the men?"
-#422 The Graduate

"Wow! Someone's changed. No endless replays of what went wrong, no dark period of pain and regret?"
-#422 The Graduate

Pacey: I don't need to tell them. I don't need to compare
myself to them anymore. I did this thing for myself. I just
want to feel good about it. All I want to do now is get up
on that stage and feel the sun against my face and just... know for the first time in my life that I can overcome
Andie: So, uh, why'd you tell me?
Pacey: You were the first person in my life who ever told
me that I could be more than I was and believed it. So I
guess that's thank you.
Andie: You're welcome.
-#422 The Graduate


Dawson's Creek:

P/Jo currently not acknowledging
their relationship except for a few
witty quips here and there

Pacey Witter:
currently dating Audrey, Joey's
Worthington roommate

Joey Potter:
currently single




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