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My Dad Roswell Rigsby.  Born August 22, 1910 in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Date of death April 22, 2002.  I shall always love him.                    II Samuel 12:18-23.

Photographs of My Dad Roswell Rigsby by Dwane Rigsby.  Dwane is the grandson of Rupert Kelly Rigsby.  Rupert and my dad Roswell went to school together in a little one room schoolhouse located on the Albert Garner property between Uncle Jabe's and my great granddad's (John H. Rigsby) place near Lonsdale, Arkansas in Garland County.  My dad and Rupert started to school there in 1916.  My dad and Rupert were the same age and were cousins.  Dwane lives in Dallas and made several trips to see my dad in his last few years.  Daddy spoke often of Dwane and would always ask me if "I had heard from Dwane lately".  Thanks for the momentos Dwane.  Your Cousin, Malcolm

Our Home In Arkansas

We dedicate this site to our special interests and hope that the interests we find dear are also interesting to you.  As you will note Genealogy, other than Marla is Malcolm's primary interest.  You can follow my Rigsby genealogy links at Malcolm's Interest or at M & M's Favorites page.  Other family relatives include Bewley, Burrow, Garner, Hedgepeth, Landers, Lewis, Lowrey, Peck, Waite, Warford, Williams and many more.  You will also find a growing number of photos in the Photo Album.    Other than Web design and software training, Marla's interests involve crafts and sewing.  She has some great links from Marla's Interests page.


Garland County Historical Site  

Marla's Other Crafts "Specially" Made For You!!

Alternative Garland Genealogy Site (Much of the information is duplicated from the above Garland Historical Site, but there are differences.  I am trying to phase one out and combine the information.  Please have patience.)

James M. Keller, Camp 648 

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