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Bewley Family Genealogy

My gr. gr. grandmother was Adeline Peck Bewley.  She married as best I can determine at this time a Henry or William Bewley.  My cousin Barbara is working on this genealogy and I hope to post some of the lineage when it comes available.  Adline's picture is listed in the Photo Album at the left.  Her daughter Laura Bewley first married a Carter Humphries and they had one daughter that I know of.  Her name was Floy "Flosse" Humphries.  Flosse married Sid Roswell Houpt for whom my dad Roswell was named for.  Carter Humphries was killed by a group of individuals.  His story follows below.  After Carter's death Laura moved to the Garland County area of Arkansas and married John H. Rigsby.  They were my great grandparents and their pictures are also on the Photo Album page.  You may click over to the Rigsby Genealogy page for more on the Rigsby's.

This is an e-mail from a cousin on the Bewley side of the family.  I found a story regarding Carter Humphries who was killed by the religious group "Cobbites" )beheaded as the story goes). It mentioned that he was a bartender and a rowdy. So I went back to the 1850, 1860, and 1870 census for White County. I found a Carter Humphries who had a brother Charles and other siblings in 1850. The head of household in the 1850 and 1860 census reocrds was P. Humphries a female who was quite a bit old to be his natural mother, she was 52 when he was 6. I also found a marriage record for her in White Co. as Pocahontas Perry who married Carroll Humphries. What is interesting there is that there are federal land records for Carroll Humphries after the time he died and that he is missing from the 1850 census which is prior to marriage record that I found. So that makes that branch a bit interesting. Carter would have been born in 1843 by the census records. On the 1870 census in Carter's household is L.M. but no child. I haven't located the marriage records for the time frame I would expect they would have married. I am on vacation this week so I have had time to get to the Oklahoma History Library and do some other exploring. Looking forward to corresponding. I have passed this information along to Ramona Duff, whose mother in law was one of my grandfather's double cousins. Her husband Cecil has been very ill so I don't know when she will get back with me. Ramona belongs to DAR and makes trips when she can to Salt Lake. She has been very helpful to me in my research. Neysa

CHumphries.JPG (136506 bytes) 

Carter Humphries brother's store in Judsonia.  Complements of Mr. Eddie Best, editor and past president, White County Historical Society.  For more information visit the White County Historical Society Website.

This is the Cobbite Story (It will be added after I determine it's source for credit.)
Another e-mail.
I have pulled out my files from Ramona and here is what she shows: William C. Bewley, marriage license issued 30 Jan 1834 Jefferson Co. TN. census info: 1850 Gordon Co. GA 12th Division, 1860 Gordon Co. GA page 16. Not located in 1870 in GA, TN, TX. Children and birth dates taken from 1850 Gordon Co. GA census. Have discrepancy on Julia's pob from MO or MS. There is a note regarding another marriage for W.C. Bewley of Catherine D. Hale but no notes (there is a discrepancy regarding the Wells C. Bewley and William C. Bewley and who is which being brought up on GenForum Bewley surname page.) Luvinia Adeline Peck, father Elliott Peck mother Nancy Campbell. Birth order of children in family is not known. The first eight were named in his will (he died 1858) So this would show Luvinia Adeline Peck as being a Bewley. Bewley/Peck Children: Cordelia J., Nancy A., Julia E., Elizabeth, Henry C., John A., Laura. (from 1850 GA census). Peck/Campbell Children: Archibald Jackson, James Russell, Washington W., William Fain, Laura Jane, Henry C., Luvinia Adeline, Manah Marie, Arutha Caroline, and Gilbert. (Notice the repeat of the name Laura and Henry as names of Luvinia's children) I also have a packet from Cliff, who has done a considerable amount of Bewley research which indicates the Bewley's were from Germany which contradicts my oral history, but then oral history gets its twists and turns and I try prove everything I can and note the rest.
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