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* = Poor
** = Fair
*** = Good
**** = Great
***** = Excellent

Witch Trials
Phoebe wants to celebrate the sisters' one year aniversary of being witches, but Prue and Piper are just loving the quiet. As if jinxing themselves, a demon named Abraxas steels the Book of Shadows and brings back all of the enemies from season one.

Morality Bites
Phoebe has a premonition of her own death in the year 2009, and the sisters travel to the future, but instead of seeing themselves, they are themselves 10 years later with new hair do's and strengthend powers. Phoebe learns that she is in jail because she murdered a man and must die for it.

The Painted World
Prue and Piper are sucked into a painting that Prue was appraising at the Auction House, and it's up to Phoebe and her Smart Spell to save them.

The Devil's Music
The manager of the band Dishwalla is working with a demon and is feeding him young girls. Phoebe will have to go undercover to stop him!

She's a Man, Baby a Man!
Phoebe is somehow connected with a serial killer targeting men. They find out they they are dealing with a Sucubus, and Prue casts a spell to draw the Sucubus to her, but it turns her into a man.

That Old Black Magic

An evil witch, who prides herself in killing good witches, is released from her imprisonment by two film students. The sisters must convince a kid named Kyle that he is chosen to vanquish the evil witch.

They're Everywhere!
Prue and Piper, suspecting Dan and Jack may be warlocks, cast a spell to read they're minds. The sisters must help a boy who's father was put in a brain dead state by two warlocks who are looking to translate and ancient tablet to find some ultimate power...thingy. The boy's father didn't know the translation, but the boy does, and the warlocks want to drain his brain to get the info!

P3 H2O
20 years ago, the Halliwell sisters' mother was drowned by a demon. By fate, they will now come face to face with the demon. Prue is worried since she is a lot like their mother that she will die just like her. Piper finds out that their Mother and her White Lighter were in love with each other, just like her and Leo.

Ms. Hellfire
Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are persued by a hitwoman by the name of Ms. Hellfire, and to find out who hired her, Prue goes undercover as the deceased hitwoman. Special Guest Star: Antonio Sabato Jr.

Heartbreak City
The Charmed Ones must get the ring of "Cupid" back from a Hate Demon who is breaking up the relationships that "Cupid" started.

Reckless Abandon
The Halliwells get a crash course in parenting when Phoebe brings home an abandoned baby who was left at the police station. Why? A ghost is trying to kill him! Not exactly Casper is he?

Piper is infected with a rare blood disease, but when Prue and Phoebe awaken her from a coma, they also awaken the disease which causes an outbreak! Putting Piper back under is the only way to stop it.

Animal Pragmatism
3 college girls, friends of Phoebe, cast a spell to turn 3 animals into 3 gorgeous guys, with very violent tendencies. Now it's up the the Charmed Ones, and Phoebe's good wording in spells to fix everything, if it doesn't make it worse!

Pardon My Past
Phoebe recieves a physical message from someone in her past life. She goes to inhabit the person she used to be, Phoebe Russell, and discovers that her cousins, Prue and Piper, try to kill her to end her evil.

Give Me a Sign
Phoebe casts a spell to help Piper find her true love, but instead the signs point to the now missing Prue. They find her with escaped convict, Bane, from "Ms. Hellfire" and they come and save her from the tall dark and naked man.

Murphy's Luck
After Prue prevents a Darklighter from killing a potential Whitelighter, she becomes the target for his anger. He curses her with with bad luck, driving Prue to the brink of insanity with telepathic urges to commit suicide. Piper, meanwhile, struggles to make a choice between Leo and Dan.

How to Make a Quilt out of Americans
The Charmed Ones' powers are stolen by Grams' old friend "Aunt Gale." She and her coven of 3 raise the Demon Cryto, and give him a body to live in, by the skin of dead people. The Charmed Ones' have to fight their powers when they are given to Cryto.

Chick Flick
Horror Movie characters leave the screen and attack the Charmed Ones, who are powerless to stop them. Meanwhile, Phoebe meets her first love, Billy from the movie "Kill it before it Dies."

Ex Libris
Phoebe's friend Charlene is killed and now her ghost wants to crossover, but she can't and comes to Phoebe for help. Prue meets a man who lost his daughter to a Pawn Shop owner, and thinks that if Charlene helps the girl's father find peace, then she can crossover.

Astral Monkey
Dr. Williamson, from "Awakened", still tries to figure out how Piper came back from the dead. He gives some of the Charmed Blood to 3 monkeys who now posses their powers.

Apocalypse Not
The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse meet 3 Charmed Sisters in a fight that could end in peace or by the end of the world!

Becareful What You Witch For
The Charmed Ones are stalked by a Genie who waits for them to wish for something so he can use their wishes against them. Phoebe can fly and Prue is 17 again!


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