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* = Poor
** = Fair
*** = Good
**** = Great
***** = Excellent

Something Wicca this Way Comes
3 sisters reunite in their childhood home, and one of them reads from an ancient spell book in the attic. The sisters then become Witches who must fight evil and protect the innocent.

I've Got You Under my Skin
An evil demon is taking the youth of innocent people and it's up to the charmed ones to stop him.

Thank You, for not Morphing
The father they never knew comes back into their life and Prue, Piper, and Phoebe suspect he's after the Book of Shadows. They find out that he wants to keep it away from some shape shifting icky things.

Dead Man Dating
The sisters are summoned by a recently deceased ghost to save him from an ancient evil demon who wants to torture his sould for eternity.

Dream Sorcerer
A madman who has the power to kill people in their dreams, has targeted Prue after she turns him down for a date. Also, Phoebe and Piper cast a Love Spell.

The Wedding from Hell
Piper is catoring the Wedding from Hell. Something's not right with the Bride and the Bride's maids.

The Fourth Sister
A young witch comes to the Halliwell Manor to stir up trouble. Phoebe can relate to her, but Prue is suspicious

The truth is out there..and it hurts!
Prue casts a truth spell to find out whether or not Andy can handle the fact that she is a Witch.

The Witch is Back
The Charmed Ones summon their ancestor, Melinda Warren, to help them defeat a power-steeling warlock.

Wicca Envy
Rex frames Prue of taking a Tiara from the Auction house, when they finally find out that He is a warlock. And Hannah is...well, a bitch, but they already knew that!

Feats of Clay
Rating:** Phoebe's old boyfriend, Clay comes to visit her. He's brought a deadly surprise.

The Wendigo
A werewolf like creature called a Wendigo has bitten Piper. It's only a matter of time before she becomes a Wendigo too!.

From Fear to Eternity
(Missed this Ep)

Secrets and Guys
Prue is contacted by a young male witch who needs her help. Meanwhile, Phoebe learns that Leo is a whitelighter.

Is there a Woggy in the house?
Phoebe's fear of the Woogy Man turns to reality when he is released from imprisonment, and turns her evil!

Which Prue is it Anyway?
A Spell to strengthen her powers, ends up multiplying Prue!

That 70's Episode
The Charmed Ones go back to 1975 to stop their mother from making a pact with a Warlock named Nicholas to give him immunity to their powers!

When Bad Warlocks Go Good
Prue must help a man named Brenden to fight his darkside so he won't become a Warlock like his brothers!.

Blind Sided
(Missed this Ep)

The Power of Two
While Piper is on vacation, Prue and Phoebe must vanquish an evil spirit on the Astral Plane!

Love Hurts
Leo returns, injured by a darklight, when Piper and Prue find out what he is. Piper does a spell to switch her power with Leo's so she can heal him, but instead it switches all the sisters powers! Prue has premonitions, Phoebe can move things, Piper, can heal, and Leo can freeze time. Quite the mix up.

Deja Vu All Over Again
Rating:*** The Day is repeating itself, and before time goes back to normal at the end of this episode, someone will be dead.


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