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* = Poor
** = Fair
*** = Good
**** = Great
***** = Excellent

The Honeymoon's Over
With Piper gone, Prue and Phoebe have been one short of the Power of Three, but this hasn't stopped the demons from attacking innocents. When Piper comes back she finds out the she has been gone for a month, when it seemed like just a day. In order to stop the unspeakable wrath of Leo's bosses, Leo proposes that him and Piper get married!

Magic Hour
The Charmed Ones must help two lovers who have been cursed by an evil sorcerer. The man, Christopher is an owl uring the day, and the woman, Brooke is a wolf at night, so there is no way they can be together (without it getting very kinky). They must also plan Piper and Leo's wedding without the Powers that Be finding out.

Once Upon a Time
To help a little girl, Prue and Piper will have to mentally go back to a time in their life when fairies and trolls existed!

All Halliwell's Eve
The sisters go back to 1670 to protect thier futures by protecting a woman so she can have her baby. They're trapped in "Witch Hunting Times" and have no powers. They have to tap into the Magick of All Hallow's Eve to find the strength they need to stop the evil!

Sight Unseen
Prue is being stalked by an invisible force, but who could it be?

Primrose Path
Prue gains the empathic powers of an empath, but is it a gift or a curse?

Power Outage
Cole uses another Demon to turn the sisters against each other, ultimately destroying the Power of Three, leaving the sisters helpless without their powers.

Sleuthing with the Enemy
When the identity of Cole is revealed, Phoebe must make a choice between killing the man she loves, or defying her sisters to save his life.

Coyote Piper
While Piper is nervous about her 10 year highschool reunion, she is possessed by a female Demon who wants help to kill her enraged boyfriend, but after he's vanquished, she decides she likes having the power to freeze.

We All Scream for Ice Cream
Prue and Phoebe help children escape from a magical ice cream truck, but then find out that they children are demons. They need the help of their father, who is now in San Fransisco, to vanquish the little brats!

Blinded by the Whitelighter
An evil warlock plans to get the power to orb from a Whitelighter and go to "Heaven" where he can rid the world of them, so the Charmed Ones need a supportive new boss to train them to beat him, but they will learn that playing by the rules is not always a good idea!

Wrestling with Demons
When Prue finds out her ex boyfriend from college is about to be fully turned into a Demon, she and her sisters go into an underground wrestling match against Demons, to help save him. Also Phoebe tells her sisters about Cole.

Bride and Gloom
Prue is captured by a Demon Lady to marry another Demon. Meanwhile Piper and Phoebe become evil and do harmful things to anyone they see, including Leo!

The Good, The Bad, and The Cursed
When Phoebe lives a man's death over and over again, Prue and Cole go into another dimension where the day repeats itself to stop the man's murder. They find themselves in the Wild Wild West.

Just Harried
The Wedding Event, we've all waited for when Piper and Leo tie the knot. But, it won't be easy! Prue's astral self has been going out at night, sewing her wild oats, when she takes over the real Prue who crashes the wedding and is not up for Murder 1!

Death takes a Halliwell
Prue has to come to terms with the Angel of Death and the death of her Mother, and in doing so, she lets a man die.

Piper and Leo decide to move out of the Manor, as Prue and Phoebe try to stop them. Flashbacks are seen as the Charmed Ones take on a Demon who, if killed 9 times, will become immortal!

Sin Fransisco
The Charmed Ones commit the 7 Deadly Sins. (I missed this episode, so I can't write a long summary!)

The Demon Who Came In From The Cold
Cole goes back into hiding after he is persued by the Brotherhood, a cult of which he used to belong. He decides to go in as a Double Agent, and hopes that no one is on to him.

Exit Strategy
Phoebe worries that Cole has been caught and can't come back to her. Meanwhile, Piper gets a new power, to blow things up! Cool, yes. But controlling it is another subject!

Look Who's Barking
Another ass-backwards Spell turns Prue into a Dog!

All Hell Breaks Loose
A reporter and her camera catch Prue and Piper vanquishing a Demon on Live TV, and now the world is against them! Phoebe goes to Hell to make a pact with darkness to save her sisters.


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