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This page devoted to The Incredible Hulk, which starred Bill Bixby, and Lou Ferrigno, who played the Hulk he turned into whenever he got mad, has been updated. Click here for newer version. Hulk is also the subject of books. The pilot movie was directed by Kenneth Johnson, who also directed the tv mini-series "V", one of the Alien Nation movies, and Short Circuit 2. Created by comicbook legend Stan Lee, the tv version ran on CBS 1978-81. It was a twist on the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde formula: Dr. Bruce Banner was experimenting with gamma-rays and they changed him so that he turns into the raging Hulk whenever bad guys make him mad, but instead of going on murder sprees like the Robert Louis Stevenson character, Hulk uses his incredible strength to fight injustice. He's pursued in the tv series by Jack Colvin as a reporter who think's Hulk's a murderer and suspects the connection with Banner. In the comic books, his name is Bruce Banner but on tv it became David Banner. When Stan Lee asked why, he was told that CBS considered Bruce to be a gay name...

Bixby took the role very seriously, and even directed some of the episodes. His previous fantasy tv series was My Favorite Martian (1963-66) with Ray Walston, and somewhere in between was the underated tv series "The Magician," loosely based on the story of a wrongfully-accused man who escapes from prison with a treasure map from a fellow prisoner (another Stevenson story), which he uses to help people and bring justice to bad guys (along with his knowledge of magic and a private jet). There was even a Hulk episode titled "My Favorite Magician" in honor of the 2 previous series, with Walston as a vaudeville magician. For more of Bill Bixby's bio, check out the Internet Movie Data Base.

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June 12, 2002, A&E Biography was of Bill Bixby June 24, 2002 "Murder Is Easy" (Bill Bixby movie) was on PAX TV Incredible Hulk videos & DVDs available Bill Bixby videos available including My Fav. Martian Lou Ferrigno also starred in Hercules, a movie that came out the same year as Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hercules in New York was re-released.
Note: The Scifi Channel & USA Network had a spanish-language channel. According to it's defunct website,, episodes of The Incredible Hulk were being shown in Spanish:

EL HOMBRE INCREIBLE (The Incredible Hulk)

Basado en la popular historieta de dibujos animados, Bill Bixby personifica al ingenioso científico que accidentalmente descubre la forma de convertirse en un musculoso, poderoso e increíble super héroe verde más conocido como Hulk. Click here for their 1999 scif-movie marathon highlights

Telemundo is now owned by the SciFi Channel's parent company, but so far only shows sci-fi movies dubbed into Spanish on occasion, no dubbed tv-series.

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