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[Jay notes: This is sort of a synopsis of "The Gingerbread House" set to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Lily sings the main part. The chorus is made up of angry Jakes.]

Jay's Gingerbread Rhapsody

Is this a stressed life?
Is it the holidays?
Emotional backslide,
No excuse for this tradgedy,
Look in the mirror, through horrible tears I see...

I wrecked my love life, where's my fidelity?
And I can't build a fire, that's been said,
Or a house of gingerbread.
Any way this works out, I just feel so sorry for me, for me.

Judy, I slept with Jake,
He opened up to me,
Then we went and did the deed.

Judy, what if Rick finds out,
Gotta try and make it through the holidays.
Judy, ooo-ooo-ooo, it's enough to make me cry,
Grace thinks Jake and I are back together,
And Jake wants, and Jake wants to spend Christmas in Wisconsin.

Too late, my lie is found
Shopped with Jake for Christmas pine,
Then denied I saw the guy.
Goodbye, Sammler lovin', I told Rick more,
Confessed I slept with Jake, he left the room.
Judy, ooo-ooo-ooo, I feel I want to die,
Gotta tell Jake we won't get back at all.

I see a gumdrop woman in that house I baked.
Fill the cracks! Fill the cracks! With some Peter Pan bondo!
All this Christmas trimming, milk and cookies spill-il-ling!
(I still love you!) You don't love me!
(But we're happy!) We're not happy!
We're not happy, I'm so co-o-ld!

I'm such a bad wife, what about his mischief?
(She's just a bad wife, how can she do this?
Announce a divorce that she wants on Christmas Eve!)

But Jake asked, this I know: Do I love him? No.
This marriage! Oh, how can you be so cold!
(Let me go!) This marriage! How can you be so cold?
(Let me go!) This marriage! How can you be so cold?
(Let it go!) How can you be so cold?
(Let it go!) How can you be so cold?
Let it go-o-o!

Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow!
Oh, Tori Amos! Tori Amos! Tori Amos, sing your song!
Santa Claus and my marriage are a fallacy-acy-acy!

My bookstore is failing, my life is a mess.
And Rick's pressure just adds to my stress.
Oh Ricky, our timing was just iffy,
And we got involved, got involved much too soon.

Ricky, won't you come back.
I love you, can't you see?
Ricky, won't you come back
Ricky, won't you come back to me.

(Where are my depressed clothes)


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