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Me likes haikus
imaginations overflow on this list
I laugh loud.__Joy


Lily --

Soft, slinky woman
slept with Rick and later Jake --
now she's in trouble!__Melissa


Jake --

Such a troubled guy
does he want bimbos or Lily?
So he tries for both__Melissa


Why I Love Watching Rick :)

Warm puppy-dog eyes
crooked right little finger --
and oh, that heinie!__Melissa


Scarlet Letter Jacket

She hears the whispers
but Lily strides straight to Rick
and just lets 'em talk__Melissa


Gingerbread House (Lily)

I was so confused
but I know now I want you
turn around -- come back!__Melissa


This one goes out to all the "ladies"....

Pause button pressed
Billy's cheeks captured on screen
Drool cups overflow__Jay


Joy looks around
noone really very near her
kisses paused cheeks__Joy


Hot coffee in cup
Jay's haiku appears on screen
Cover keyboard now!!__Jeanne


So Jake eats dinner
And Rick is with the garbage
Who is the turkey?__Jennie


Problems with wiring
Jake and Lily together
I think I may puke!__Jennie


# 9, "Outside Hearts"...

Thirteen dependents
Helicopter hovering
A mother freaks out.__Sue


Billy's cheeks, nice, plump
bared to the world on t. v.
as I cry "dear me!"

Pause button pressed NOW
Billy's cheeks captured on screen
Drool cups overflow

Joy looks around her
Noone really very near
She kisses paused cheeks

delighted woman
with puckered lips aglowing
when coworker gawks

What sight can this be
caught in such a state of lust
how can she explain?

I - I - I - I - I
she stammers five times in shock
and looks for a cloth

"Spit bathing the screen
nothing to do with hineys
so stinking shiney"

she exclaims red cheeked
as she polishes the screen
with Billy's buttocks

and looks up smiling
at the male stunned coworker
who exclaims "mine next?"

I a a sick pup.
The jury's finally in.
I'll stop while ahead.__Joy


Silent Tuesday night
Televisions heave a sigh
for Rick and Lily__Elizabeth


Here's a haiku about Karen

Perfectionist mom
Two adorable children
Ewww, she dates Lloyd Lloyd__Jay


About Lloyd Lloyd

Pals with the mayor
Charadist par excellence
Marred by double name

Lusts after Karen
Praises her kids and crumble --
Stop trying so hard__Elizabeth


Lily licks her lips
Sinking to the bookstore floor
Bite marks on knuckles__Jay


When Rick met Karen
She fell and broke her ankle.
Then he fell for her.

Rick and Karen wed.
Years passed, she's now strong and says:
"Admit" your love's gone!

When Rick met Lily
Gracie twisted her ankle.
Then Rick fell for Mom.

Lily was a mess.
Rick knew, came to her rescue
for love or ego?

They love, laugh and lie.
Rick tells her: "Whatever, together!"
Lily "touches" Jake.

Baking a bread house,
Lily sees fantasy life
Crack under the truth.

"I love you, Rick" but
Lily is not Rick's Lily.
A mess, yes, yet strong.

Rick walks away, why?
Pain, betrayal, or his fear
Of a strong Lily...__Larramie


People are restless,
No O and A for a month,
Haiku eases pain?__Carlos


A distant, cold bitch?
No! She's unsure where life leads;
Please, not with Square Lloyd

She needs a good man
who cares for her opinions
yet still rocks her world!

He must crack her shell
to expose the rose within;
then we'll know Karen

She has a strong mind
in an eye-candy body
Alas, I'm married!__Tom


One for the men:

the formidable
allure of arching eyebrows
and lip-licking love__Jill


my sister's bookstore
my sister's loft on the rug
much sex on the floor__Jill



Boy meets girl at school.
Mating dance begins anew.
Blissful times ahead?


Phone-tag obstacles.
Let's spend the night together?
Shutting up at last!


Soft hand on shoulder.
No scarlet letter jacket
Will mar this moment.


Steamy bubble-baths
Make sex hotter for liars
And other strangers.


Where there be dragons,
Can a father's soothing voice
Calm a young girl's heart?


Too few customers.
Washing machine destructing.
Mortgage payment late.

Can a coffee bar
Save a tottering bookstore
for a dream defered?


No bite size for Jake.
Enneagrams or Entenmann's?
Can see why he's torn...

Meanwhile at tourney,
Rick spies Karen's Maidenforms.
The Ex-files, my ass.


See Rick work, work, work.
Lily does and brings pasta.
Need past be prologue?

Flash-backs of Jake-Snake.
Lily cries and Ricky hurls.
Thai food after this?__Elizabeth


Tears salt brown bread roof
Inside, gumdrop fire glows
Time mends the stale cracks__Jay


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