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You Know You're Addicted to Once and Again

You stay past quitting time at work to use the office computer
to read O&A message boards because it's faster than your home computer.__Jen

Your husband skips the flowers and candy, having learned that
he can put you in the mood by saying "Billy-Billy- Billy."__Jen


you answer your friends' "howzit going?" queries by pouring out the
details of "The Gingerbread House"__Elizabeth

you moan "Oh, Rick" in bed, much to the dismay of your spouse,

you've scoured the web in search of www.mysistersbookstore.com__Elizabeth

you've figured out a way to use the word "besotted" in everyday

You make up recipes with the character's names in the title. (See
ABC board for such taste treats as Judy's Green Chicken Moleā€¦)__Jill

You are able to use the phrase "Jake the Snake" in everyday

You pretend to watch ABC when you are really looking for previews.
(Are we all guilty of this?)__Jill

You are caught kissing your TV in a most inappropriate fashion.
(for Joy)__Jill

Your boss catches you counting haiku on your fingers more than once.__Jill

You are comparing prices at Target on 36 ounce drool cups.
(Which would go better with Billy's plaid shirt?)__Jill

You switched to Sprint.__Jill

Your family and pets are staging an intervention and upon giving an
ultimatum, you choose the videotapes. You live happily ever after.__Jill

You snicker anytime someone says Helloooo cause you *know* what that means.__Jill

You just made up this list.__Jill

You have given up regular TV for the VCR and watch 2-3 esipodes of Q&A each night.__Pa Porche

You scour the internet for Billy sites or info__Pa Porche

You no longer speak to your family, but prefer to be online reading
posts__Pa Porche

You are counting the days until Friday night for another
Billy fix!__Pa Porche

...you greet your freshman son in carpool line by dropping the Southern Accents photo shoot in his lap, saying "Look
at this!"__LaChef Sue

You watch the new episode of Once & Again, then watch it
again on Lifetime on Friday - with the same enthusiasm as the first time :)__Paula

I know I'm totally addicted to O&A, because the other day, when I
was asked what I wanted for my 20th birthday, my response was for Rick and Lily to get back together for Valentines Day. :)__Jen

when you have bandaids on your knuckles (for Jay).__Brenda

Your moods change with each episode depending on how Rick and Lily's relationship is going.__Jennie

You not only watch, but tape, other ABC shows that you don't give a
"hoot" about, with the hopes of recording a O&A preview.__Jennie

You buy new black bras and a black purse like Lily's.__Jennie

You get a new high-tech, high-speed internet server that allows you
to access EGROUPS faster and easier without tying up the phone lines. (Because if your friends and family had ANY idea how much time you spent on the site, they would have you committed.)__Jennie

Your grocery bill has increased significantly because you are buying
video tapes in "gross" and you are purchasing every magazine that features Sela, Billy or O&A.__Jennie

Your four-year-old son recognizes Sela and Billy and everytime he sees one of them on t.v. or in a magazine he yells out, "Look, Mommy, it is your favorite lady/man" respectively.__Jennie

You drive two hours to the middle of Ohio to meet with two perfect
strangers to discuss O&A.__Jennie

Your husband refers to himself as an "O&A widow."__Jennie

You are studying the "Rules of Rugby."__Jennie

You wake up in the middle of the night and think of something that you just HAVE TO post to your O&A friends, so you sneak out of bed at 3:00am, sign on and start posting.__Jennie

Spouses of Once and Again Addicts

"Hi, my name is Earl, I am married to a lovely lady, but she left me for a video tape of Billy Campbell's nekkid rear end. We had some kids but one day she went out to buy some magazines down at the corner store cause she heard Sela Ward was in 'em and she lost the kids in the parking lot. I haven't seen Earl Junior in weeks."__Jill


"Hi, my name is Joe. I didn't realize my wife had become obsessed with Billy Campbell until one night she insisted I wear a Rocketeer helmet to bed."__Jay


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