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1-9: Young star thinks acting in the genes -- San Antonia Express-News
1-26: Once and Again Has New Home -- nytimes.com
1-30: West Wings It -- TVGuide.com


2-5: A Slice of TV Life -- The Columbus Dispatch
2-5: The Thinking Man's Romance -- nytimes.com
2-23: Sela Ward Pledges To Help Mississippi -- Yahoo Entertainment

MARCH 2001

3-5: TV Shows Hum with Walden's Tunes -- Yahoo/Entertainment.com
3-7: Shane West TV Guide Chat -- TVGuide.com
3-14: Moore, West get romantic in Warners' 'Walk' -- Yahoo/Entertainment.com
3-18: Intensity of "Once and Again" Suits Ward -- Memphis Commercial Appeal
3-25: Visit to TV set proves pleasant surprise -- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

APRIL 2001

There were no articles posted for this month.

MAY 2001

5-01: Billy's Finest Hour -- SHO.com
5-18-01: Miles Drentell, R.I.P. -- Slate
5-20-01: High Profile: Jeffrey Nordling -- Dallas Morning News
5-29-01: Marin Hinkle's summer plans -- The Plain Dealer

JUNE 2001

6-01: Sela Ward: From Homecoming Queen to Hollywood Dream -- LIFETIME.com
6-23: He Scores TV's Home Runs --L.A. Times

JULY 2001

7-06: Critics Condemn Bid To Save Show --Mediaweek.com
7-20: Evan Rachel Wood Teen Chat -- Teen Hollywood


8-06: Ratings Plunge for Network Reruns--N.Y. Times
8-08: Sela Ward: Why Later is Better--Ladies Home Journal
8-13: Evan Rachel Wood Chat -- E!Online
8-30: Doing Justice to Mazursky, Long Bypassed --N.Y. Times


9-09: Lights, Camera, Action! -- Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
9-23: The Aftermath: When the Bodies are Real --N.Y. Times
9-28: A drama that's mostly kid stuff; 'Once and Again' turns out to be showcase for young talent -- Minneapolis Star Tribune

October 2001

10-04: Sela Ward's New Orleans -- American Way Magazine
10-05: Once and Again (long lead from ABC network) -- ABC Television
10-25: Campbell Hopes Ratings Bloom 'Again' -- New York Daily News
10-26: Time is now for 'Once & Again' star; Newton-raised Hinkle fights for her character -- Boston Herald
10-29: Ratings don't worry `Once' executive -- Boston Globe/Knight Ridder
10-29: Turner Takes Off With Repurposing -- Cable World

November 2001

11-00: It's a Family Thing: Meet Evan Rachel Wood and Shane West -- Teen! All About You
11-00: 21 power moves every woman should know: Save a TV show on the ropes -- Ladies Home Journal
11-02: Memo Emmys: Time to Give the Kids a Break -- New York Post
11-06: Surreality TV -- Boston Globe
11-18: Todd Field: Delicately Dissecting the Quiet Life -- New York Times
11-25: Teenage wasteland -- Boston Globe

December 2001
12-03: TV Gal Tallies the Top 10 TV Characters -- Zap2it.com
12-00: Steal This Look: Sela Ward, Once and Again -- InStyle
12-03: Critics' winners are viewers' losers -- St. Petersburg Times
12-04: "Ask Marilyn" item about Sela Ward -- E! Online
12-06: Series' burdens heavy -- Denver Post
12-09: Angst, again and again -- Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
12-09: Who Wants to be a TV Programmer? -- San Francisco Chronicle
12-09: "I want to be on TV" : Once actress started working on dream at 5 -- Baton Rouge Sunday Advocate
12-10: TV Gal Declares Her Best ofs -- Zap2it.com
12-13: Back to Fight the Good Improv Fight -- LA Times
12-14: The Futon's Ratings School, Part 5 -- thefutoncritic.com
12-19: High Society -- Boston Herald
12-23: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? -- New York Times
12-23: Name Dropping -- Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
12-28: 'Wow!': Dream of Hope Village becomes a reality -- Meridian Star
12-29: Steven Weber: Still Cursed? -- TV Guide
12-29: Sela Ward - On Her Marriage and Mission -- pavingyourway.com

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