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January: Prime Time for Sela Ward: The Star of Once and Again Has A Lot to Smile About -- biography.com
1-14: ABC Gives Another Year to 'Alias,' 'Jim' and 'Kids,' Cuts Back on 'Once & Again' -- thefutoncritic.com
1-15: The Ex Files -- Philadelphia Daily News
1-15: Aching ABC -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
1-16: Barring a miracle, it's over for "Once and Again." -- Knight Ridder
1-17: A glimmer of hope at ABC : New exec says the right things -- San Francisco Chronicle
1-17: All TV: Bumped 'Again' -- New Jersey Star Ledger
1-18: 'Once and Again' gets a timeout from ABC -- Detroit Free Press 1-22: They shoot good shows, don't they? -- San Francisco Examiner
1-23: Presents tensed -- Chicago Tribune
1-23: Acclaimed ABC drama 'Once and Again' soon may be 'never again' -- Denver Post
1-24: Midseason circus not the greatest TV show on earth -- Ft. Worth Star Telegram
1-24: Positive spin eludes ailing ABC -- South Florida Sun Sentinel
1-24: "Thirtysomething" creators are battling cancellation "Once and Again" -- St. Louis Post Dispatch
1-24: News flash from Pasadena: Reality TV is an oxymoron -- Sacramento Bee
1-25: Shane West: No "Candy" Fan -- TVGuide.com
1-25: It's Happening Again: Zwick-Herskoviz Curse's Simmering -- Richmond Times-Dispatch
1-28: Forging a model for profitablity -- Electronic Media
1-29: Save Our Show -- Hollywood Reporter Ad Campaign mentions -- Seattle Post-Intelligencer, San Francisco Examiner, Zap2it.com.


2-11: 'Once and Again' in peril once again -- Philadelphia Daily News
2-12: Taking the 'again' out of 'Once and Again' -- Rocky Mountain News
2-13: 'The Job,' 'According to Jim' Join List of Troubled Series on Hiatus -- thefutoncritic.com
2-14: On the Air: Alphabet Soup -- Entertainment Weekly
2-14: Love is on the air: It's easy to fall for TV with shows like 'Sex and the City' and 'Once and Again' -- Boston Herald
2-16: Again with feeling -- TV Guide
2-21: Fans to the Rescue -- LA Times
2-22: Susanna Thompson profile -- women.com
2-24: SOS piece from the Fredricksburg (Va.) Free Lance Star -- Fredricksburg Free Lance Star
2-28: 'Once and Again' learns about the ABCs of loyalty -- Seattle Post Intelligencer
2-28: One More Chance for 'Once and Again' -- Associated Press

MARCH 2002

3-1: Last Stand for 'Once and Again'? -- Los Angeles Times
3-3: ABC's "Once and Again" heads endangered series list -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch
3-4: Fans intensify fight to save 'Once and Again' -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
3-4: 'Once and Again' May Be Once and for All -- Newsday
3-4: Can 'Once and Again' be saved? Series' devoted fans are the latest to take the fight to the networks -- Chicago Tribune
3-7: Holden resident hits Hollywood to save show -- The Landmark
3-9: Kiss and Tell -- TV Guide
3-13: A(bsolutely) B(ad) C(hoices) network's fundamental problem -- Chicago Tribune
3-13: A Reality Check for Lovesick Fans -- Los Angeles Times
3-14: "Once & Again" Girl Kiss Yanked -- E! Online
3-17: Parade Magazine Q&A -- Parade Magazine
3-17: Save these shows: Is there hope when good TV series face the ax? -- Houston Chronicle
3-18: Boost in ratings heartens 'Once and Again' supporters -- Philadelphia Inquirer
3-18: She'd rather fight than switch: Diehard fan does her part to save Once and Again from the network axe -- Edmonton Journal
3-19: Fans of 'Once and Again' sending out SOS signals -- Worcester Telegram and Gazette
3-19: 'Friends' Gives Unto Them a Sign Deaf see T-shirt Extra -- New York Daily News
3-21: Now is the time for all good viewers to come to the aid of their favorite shows -- The Daily Herald
3-24: What network sinks? Simple, it's ABC -- Philadelphia Inquirer
3-25: ABC's Bad Habits Revealed -- thefutoncritic.com
3-28: 'Once and Again' Runs Out of Second Chances -- Zap2it.com
3-28: ABC cancels 'Once and Again' -- Electronic Media
3-29: 'Once' Is Never Again -- Newsday
3-29: "Once and Again" on its way out-- MSNBC.com
3-29: 'Once, Again' going, but Ellie' hangs on -- Chicago Tribune
3-29: ABC cancels "Once and Again" -- Seattle Post Intelligencer
3-30: One last time and then not again for drama -- Akron Beacon Journal
3-30: Ward's TV Series cancelled by network -- Meridian Star

APRIL 2002

4-01: It's time to line up for the cancellation roll call -- Seattle Times
4-01: For 'Once,' They Saw It Coming -- New York Daily News
4-01: Alas, nevermore for 'Once & Again' -- Media Life Magazine
4-01: ABC Kills 'Once and Again' -- ETonline.com
4-01: Nevermore for 'Once' as Alphabet pulls plug-- Daily Variety
4-03: GO AWAY! And Take Your Money with You-- TV-now.com
4-07: Take your best shot to save TV favorite-- Detroit Free Press
4-07: Hail and farewell to the still-fresh 'Once and Again'-- Boston Globe
4-07: Never Again for 'Once and Again'-- Newsday
4-07: Style and Substance-- New York Post
4-07: 'Once' changed her again and again -- Dallas Morning News
4-09: -- EW.com
4-10: Weber is happy to be away from TV for a while-- EW.com
4-10: Unhappily Ever After -- ABCnews.com
4-11: Bad Reception -- Daily Texan
4-14: 'Once & Again' won't be back -- North Jersey.com
4-15: Sibling Revelry-- People.com
4-18: 'Once and Again' is down, but it's not out of the counting -- Knight Ridder
4-18: Enough -- EW.com 4-20: How ABC can be a quality network once again -- South Florida Sun Sentinel

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