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9-28: Novel TV Deal Could Rein In Program Costs -- New York Times


8-11-99: "Once and Again Explores Complexity of Love" --Garrett News Service
8-30-99: TV Preview -- Newsweek


9-10-99: Fall TV Review of Once and Again -- Entertainment Weekly
9-19-99: "Once and Again-Fall's Best New Show" --Palm Beach Post
9-19-99: "Once and Again Writers" --LA Times
9-21-99: "Confounding Characters" -- Newsday
9-21-99: "Falling For Once and Again" --Gist TV Review
9-21-99: "Script Convinces Sela Ward" -- Standard Examiner
9-21-99: "Promise Of True Romance" -- Calgary Sun
9-23-99: "My So-Called Relationshipsomething" Review: Once and Again -- Rick On TV.com
9-27-99: D-I-V-O-R-C-E TV --review from Salon.Com
9-28-99: "Once and Again Displays Winning Ways" -- Dallas Morning News
9-28-99: "The Summer Of Sela Ward" -- New York Post


10-5-99: "Billy Campbell is Ready and Willing" -- Bergen County Record
10-12-99: "Jury's Out: Judging Amy or Once and Again" -- Seattle Post-Intelligencer
10-14-99: Sela Ward Biography from People magazine
10-29-99: "Once and Again: Fall TV Hit" -- Halifax Herald


11-2-99: "The Age Of Content" (Sela Ward) -- Winnepeg Sun
11-9-99: "A Butt Only A Mother Could Love" from Salon.Com
11-15-99: Excerpt about Evan Rachel Wood from Seattle Post-Intelligencer
11-16-99: "Local actress's next big role could be fame" (Susanna Thompson) from San Diego Union-Tribune


12-24-99: Entertainment Weekly's Best and Worst TV of 99


1-00: "Talk Is Cheap" -- Entertainment Weekly Hot Topic
1-1-00: "Double-edged view of second time around" -- Orlando Sentinel
1-1-00: "Man Of Style: Billy Campbell" -- IN STYLE magazine
1-17-00: "Life: The Cliff Notes" --The American Prospect
1-24-00: "Sex Doesn't Sell: ABC fans are fazed by bed scene" -- Chicago Sun-Times
1-24-00: "Once and Again has true emotion" --Detroit Free Press
1-24-00: "Honest Take On Divorce" -- USA Today
1-30-00: "Once, Again is getting its second wind" -- Orlando Sentinel
1-31-00: "The Search For One Real Man Stops Here" -- LA Times
1-31-00: "Once and Again Picks Up Steam" -- Boston Globe


2-00: Herskovitz and Zwick interview from Emmy magazine
2-7-00: Entertainment Weekly Talks To David Clennon
2-10-00: List of the Most Romantic Men and Women on TV -- Richmond Times Dispatch
2-11-00: "Marshall Herskovitz Probes Middle-Age Angst On "Once and Again" -- Tribune Media Services
2-13-00: "Believable Young People" -- Boston Globe
2-24-00: "Once and Again: Women and Primetime TV" -- Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
2-25-00: "Heskovitz and Zwick Fete Set" -- Daily Variety
2-27-00: "Once and Again: Psychotherapist's Addiction" -- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
2-28-00: The Master of Small-Screen Ambivalence from Jerusalem Report

MARCH 2000

3-00: TV Guide Celebrity Dish-Meredith Deane
3-2-00: "Sela Ward, aging authentically" --USA Today
3-3-00: Sela Ward interview from Showbiz Today
3-5-00: "The Bradys don't live here anymore..." -- USA Weekend magazine
3-6-00: "Once and Again's Special Guest Star" from Ultimate TV: Paley Festival News
3-13-00: "Once and Again Deserves a Place in Primetime" from Atlantla Journal Constitution
3-29-00: Calling Sela Ward from Washington Post
3-29-00: Five Questions for...Marin Hinkle: Juliet Talks About Passionate Love from 1994 Washington Post
3-31-00: Assimilation, Again from Pop Matters

APRIL 2000

4-00: Once & Forever from Mirabella, April
4-9-00: Men on TV: Dumb as Posts and Proud of It from N.Y. Times

MAY 2000

5-00: Fortysomething Written By, May
5-8-00: Double Vision from Cablevision

JUNE 2000

6-19-00: Postscript -- The American Prospect

JULY 2000

Spring: Billy Campbell and His Happy Little Home on Wheels -- VW Driver
7-15-00: Again with feeling -- TV Guide
7-30-00: Talkin' Teenspeak -- Washington Post


8-7-00: Once just isn't enough -- The Evening Post (Wellington, New Zealand)
8-10-00: Remaking 'High Noon' filled with challenges -- Gannett News Service
8-21-00: The Next Generation -- The (London) Guardian
8-31-00: Need a Support Network? -- The San Diego Union-Tribune


9-22-96/00: TELEVISION; Long Ago in the Land of Hope and Michael -- The New York Times


10-00: Sela Acts Her Age -- Delta-Sky
10-3-00: Q&A with Sela Ward -- E!Online
10-13-00: Next stop, Mazursky; Writer/actor/director -- Austin American-Statesman
10-15-00: All grown up and loving it -- The (Singapore) Straits Times
10-24-00: Domestic drama's dream team is back -- USA TODAY
10-29-00: "I Have Never Felt More Secure" -- Parade


11/12-00: "Once and Again" Architects Recognized by AIA Architects Recognized by AIA. -- Pat Duff, AIA

12-11-00: Teen Actresses Shine in Divorce Drama 'Once and Again' -- Philadelphia Inquirer


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