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Cheat Codes:

To use a cheat code enter the cheat into the
"code entry" box from the main selection menu

The following codes are for teams:
INTHEGAME - EA Sports team (publisher)
HAMMERHEAD - Tiburon team (developer)
BESTNFC - NFC Pro Bowl team
AFCBEST - AFC Pro Bowl team
BOOM - All Madden team
IMTHEMAN - All-Time Stat Leaders team
PEACELOVE - All 60's team
BELLBOTTOMS - All 70's team
SPRBWLSHUFL - All 80's team
HEREANDNOW - All 90's team
TURKEYLEG - All-Time Madden team
THROWBACK - All-Time team
GEARGUYS - Equipment managers
WELCOMEBACK - 1999 Cleveland Browns

The following codes are for stadiums:
OURHOUSE - Tiburon stadium
EASTADIUM - EA Sport stadium
DOGPOUND99 - Cleveland
THEHOGS - RFK stadium
NOTAFISH - Original Miami
STICKEM - Original Oakland
SOMBRERO - Original Tampa
FOR_RENT - Astrodome