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Before The Snap
View receivers to the left: Z
View receivers to the right: R
Snap the ball: A
Audible: B, then B,A, or C-Down

After The Snap
Running-Move: Control Stick
Dive: B
Speed Burst: A
Juke Move: Z
Lateral: R
Jump: C-Up
Stiff Arm Left: C-Left
Stiff Arm Right: C-Right
Spin: C-Down

Move QB: Control Stick
Bring Up Passing Options: A
Pass To Receiver: A,B, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right
Pump Fake To Receiver: Z+A,B, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right
Throw Ball Away: C-Up

Control Player Closest To Ball: A
Dive For Low Pass: B
Jump For High Pass: C-Up


Before The Snap
Control A Different Player: A
Defensive Alignment Shift: Z
Call Bump And Run Coverage: R

After The Snap
Move: Control Stick
Tackle: B
Control Defender Closest To Ball: A
Jump: C-Up
Speed Burst: C-Left
Swim Move: C-Right

Special Teams

Start Kick Meter: A Aim Kick Left\Right: Control Pad
Kick The Ball: A

Control Kick Returner: Control Pad
Fair Catch: C-Up