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New & Returning TV Shows for Fall, 2001

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For Fans of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Mystery-Suspense

According to TV Guide (most genres for now), new & returning series, date shown is 1st new episode, when available -

***** Mondays *****

(all times EST/Pacific)
8:30 - One On One (UPN, probably a sitcom)
9:00 - Angel (WB)
10:00 - Crossing Jordon (NBC)

***** Tuesdays *****

8:00 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (previously WB, now UPN at the same time, based on the Buffy movie)
9:00 - Roswell (UPN)
9:00 - The Guardian (CBS)
9:00 - "24" (Fox, a "high-concept spy thriller starring Keifer Sutherland")
9:00 - Smallville (WB)

***** Wednesdays *****

8:00 - Enterprise (UPN's new Star Trek series, set before Captain Kirk)
8:00 - Ed (NBC)
9:00 - Special Unit 2 (UPN, a mid-season 2000/2001 replacement that's been renewed)
10:00 - Wolf Lake (CBS, a werewolf series)

***** Thursdays *****

8:30 - The Tick (Fox)
9:00 - Charmed (WB)
10:00 - The Agency (CBS, a "slick espionage hour")

***** Fridays *****

8:00 - The Mole 2 (ABC, a reality Survivor-type series in which one game member is a hired traitor)
8:00 - Dark Angel (Fox, returning series)
8:00 - Friday Night Movie (UPN, replacing it's short-lived Freedom, a "postapocalyptic drama" from the producer of The Matrix)
8:00 - Sabrina the Teenage Witch (WB, moved from ABC last year)
9:00 - Pasadena (Fox, no info available but it follows "Dark Angel" so they'd be crazy to schedule a strait drama here)
9:00 - Thieves (ABC, about "competing cat burglars forced into govt. service," shades of Le Femme?)

***** Saturdays *****

Nothing for scifi fans unless you like -
8:00 - Touched By An Angel (CBS)

***** Sundays *****

7:00 - Wonderful World of Disney (ABC 2-hour movie, sometimes fantasy)
7:00 - Futurama (FOX, animated y3k)
7:00 - Lost in the USA (WB, no info available yet)
8:00 - The Simpsons (FOX, followed by Malcolm In The Middle, which is occasionally as wierd as The Addams Family)
9:00 - The X Files (FOX, no new eps with Mulder are scheduled, Scully's new partner played bad cop in "Terminator 2." Spin-off series "The Lone Gunmen" does not appear to have been renewed, though new eps aired in summer months)
9:00 - Alias (ABC, about a college student who moonlights by night as a CIA agent)

New RoboCop series to air on Sci Fi channel in July, 2001

Six new hours of RoboCop will air on the Sci-Fi Channel over 3 nights in July. Each 2-hour installment of the miniseries will air at 9:00 PM (EST/Pacific Time), repeated at midnight. This new series is set ten years after the RoboCop movies. More

Linda Blair's reality series "Scariest Places On Earth" (Family Channel) visits such places as haunted houses, cemeteries, black castles, etc. She also appears in the fiction, teen-oriented tv series "S Club 7" and says she's delighted when kids recognize her and say "You're the lady in S Club 7" instead of for the R-rated "Exorcist" movie. In 1977, she was arrested & charged with conspiring to distribute cocaine because she attended a funeral for members of the rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd and authorities assumed that she was part of the drug crowd at the service. She pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge & served 3 years probation in return for having the (patently false) drug charge dropped, but it ruined her career and these are her first-ever tv offers. Now that her life is back on track, Linda Blair has set up a nice, boring vegan website: (link archived in 2001). In July, she is self-publishing "Going Vegan," about vegetarianism. Scariest Places On Earth is on Fridays @ 9pm EST. Which reminds me, Tippi Hedren (star of a Hitchcock movie) has a similar website that's about more than just the birds:, about a sanctuary for things that roar

Witchblade (Tuesdays on TNT) stars Yancy Butler from the cable movie of the same name. She plays "a cop who inherits the powers & responsibilities of an ancient weapon. This lets her participate in many scenes of comic-book violence with mysterious rivals" using all the special effects a cable budget will allow. Sounds like a cross between Buffy discovering she's inherited the role of Vampire Slayer, and Captain Marvel's magic ring, in a series that doesn't seem to have made up its mind whether she's a good guy or on the dark side. Come to think of it, wasn't Yancy Butler the perky robot in the Sci-Fi channel's marathon of "Mann & Machine" a while back?

Third Rock from the Sun was cancelled due to falling ratings, but so far, the Third Rock From The Sun (website still works, perhaps because it is still doing fairly well in national reruns in 2001).

Matt Frewer (PSI Factor, Max Headroom) is the latest Sherlock Holmes in continuing tv-movies that promise to be the most gothic version yet of the detective, at Odyssey

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Syndicated shows returning in September 2001 not yet available (local stations can run them any day or time)
Earth: Final Conflict (Majel Barrett Roddenberry continues as a recurring character)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World continues, at least in reruns.
Xena: Warrior Princess (this summer the last of the new episodes are airing)

Ripley's Believe It Or Not continues on Wednesdays (TBS)

Star Trek Voyager went out with a final 2-hour episode in which the same actress who played the Borg Queen in the theatrical movie returned to face down a Captain Janeway from Voyager's future, who had stolen a Klingon device to go back in time and rescue her younger self & crew on Voyager from relentless years of Borg attacks (I would tell you how, but you may have missed it and be waiting to see it in reruns).

Click here for descriptions of last year's new syndicated series inc. Kevin Sorbo's new series as a man awakened in the present by his living starship, based on an idea by Gene Roddenberry (this link archived December, 2000)

Sheena, Queen of the Jungle is a new series started October, 2000. "The jungle queen of the comic books immortalized in the 1955 series Sheena: Queen of the Jungle and the 1984 movie Sheena starring Tanya Roberts is back. This time it's Gena Lee Nolin (Baywatch) donning the loincloth and possessing the ability to "shape-shift" into wild animals. That could come in handy in the jungle. The show may be a little light on authenticity: It's being filmed in Orlando, FL."

FOX's announced the return of its superhero spoof The Tick, (this time around it won't be a cartoon series) never turned up last year, but is back on the Fox schedule for this Fall. The sitcom will now have live actors, with Patrick Warburton (of Seinfeld and Superman in a Jerry Seinfeld ad for American Express) as the superstrong but dim-witted superhero in "an electric-blue costume with wiggling antennae." The new series doesn't have a timeslot yet but sounds better than a lot of the new stuff. He is already the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the new cartoon series.

And coming soon, reruns

Battlefield Earth sequel is still coming, you've been warned

NBC' hour-long romantic comedy Ed continues on Wednesdays, produced by David Letterman, with eccentric Northern Exposure type characters. People Who Fear People (ABC), a new group therapy sitcom announced for last year, still does not have an announced timeslot, and Spin City (sitcom) will continue a second year without Back To The Future's Michael J. Fox, who retired from full-time acting to fight his Parkinson's Disease. In his final May, 2000, episode, he announced a fund-and awareness-raising website He has most recently been seen in ads for Gateway Computers
Also gone: too many to list. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was cancelled by WB and promptly picked up by UPN (the network that puts out all those new Star Trek series over the years), though it appears WB will continue to run new episodes of spinoff series "Angel." The final episode of Buffy ended with her dead: "Buffy Anne Summers, 1981-2001. Beloved sister, devoted friend. She saved the world a lot." It also ended with an "Angel" cliff-hanger, which the producer will now have to wrap up on 2 different networks! Adding to the confusion, when ABC cancelled Sabrina the Teenage Witch, it was WB who immediately picked it up & ordered new eps, while ABC is expanded "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" to 4 prime-time nights a week, only to go up against a slew of "reality shows" (which one will be the survivor and which the weakest link is yet to be seen).
USA Network has cancelled "La Femme Nikita" based on the movie La Femme after 4 years, saying the show has run its course. After outcry from fans, they made a few more episodes, but insist that that's it.

The www.Freaky website has disappeared (a FOX series, an "otherworldly internet thriller" from the creators of the Blair Witch), and is not on the schedule so far.
Disney channel is still running the movie (and pilot for a possible cable series) "Stepsister From The Planet Wierd," about a 14-year-old who discovers that her stepsister & stepfather (Lance Guest of The Last Starfighter) are extraterrestrials.

ABC's cancellation of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and expanding Millionaire to 4 nights a week could be a disaster for them. TV Guide reports that a study by "TN Media, a major media-buying firm," shows that the median age of Millionaire's audience has gone from 46 years old (5 months ago) to 50 now. The much-sought 18-34 year olds are watching Millionaire's competition: JAG, Frasier, That 70's Show, and Survivor got bigger ratings than Millionaire in both demographics and general ratings (ABC promptly pulled Millionaire from Wednesdays). What's worse, shows following Millionaire have the older demographic too (meaning the 18-34 crowd doesn't ignore Millionaire then come back each night to see what's on ABC next). An unnamed ABC spokesman says this is just TN Media trying to bid down the cost of advertising on Millionaire.

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Network & nationally syndicated returning shows for last year (2000)

The above TV schedule announced in Summer of 2001 for September changed considerably due to coverage of
Heroes on September 11th trying to save 3000 people

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Today is , just days until Futurama & the Simpsons will lose the chance to make fun of the movie "2010" in the year 2010
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