Fan Fiction by Me


The Real World: Dark Shadows (censored)

A rather toned down version of the otherwise raunchy telling of a Dark Shadows/Real World Cross-over. This story asks the question what would it take to turn such an uptight bunch into that of true soap opera characters...


The Real World: Dark Shadows (uncensored) Coming Soon!

This is the original version I created in the form of Dark Shadows meets The Real World. This was meant to be played to a less mature (and Howard Stern listening) audience. I've since grown out of writing such things... or have I? Warning: Content within has been rated NC-17.


Still Holding Onto You

A sad tale dedicated to the two most broken hearted lovers in the DS series... No. Not Barnabas & Josette. This is an extremely short telling of the thoughts and emotions Victoria Winters held for Jeff Clark.


Now And Forever

More of a "what-if" take on the thoughts of Maggie Evans during her months at Wyndcliffe. This could have been so had the writers at DS wised up a bit.


In Sad Remembrance Of Her

What might very well be true from within the mind of Willie Loomis. Did his heart really beat so for Maggie? In this short tale is related what could very well have been his thoughts after Maggie was presumed dead.


Inside The Mind Of Willie Loomis

In this story I introduce the character of Dr. Dana Deschanel. When Willie visits his lovely psychiatrist he thinks lascivious thoughts of her.. until he starts to relate the tale of his once horrible cursed dream...


After All This Time...

Once upon a story of "what-if"... What if after Joe had left, Maggie had fallen into the arms of another... And what if that other had been Willie Loomis? Here, after two and a half years of having been gone without a trace, Joe comes back to reclaim the love that was once his. But will she truly be his once more?


Through Her Window

When Maggie Evans is so intent on marrying the "man of her dreams" the next day, she begins to have second thoughts. It's then that another arrives on the scene. (gee. wonder who it could be.) :)


What If...

What if during the time that Maggie Evans was held captive by Barnabas Collins he had actually succeeded in transforming her into his vampire bride? This story tells it all...


Private Emotions (NC-1 7)

Proceed at your own risk. I must warn you this story has a content rating of nc-17. I tried to keep it decent, though. It's also utterly romantic. Um... Maybe the word is "mushy".


Blood Lust

Suddenly, Barnabas Collins aches to have Josette by his side once more. So again he musters up the plan to reinvent her in that of Maggie Evans. However, things never go as planned on Dark Shadows.


Frasier's Haunted Prize

Has nothing to do with Dark Shadows. Just thought it would be a nice change from all the Shadows fanfic. If you're a fan, read on. If not, well then you might not understand this.






Disclaimer: All characters mentioned in these stories from the Dark Shadows series belong to Dan Curtis Productions. I did not invent them. This is all in fun and to see what would happen had the writers taken a different path in their writing of the show. This is purely for entertainment purposes. The Real World belongs to MTV.