Complete GH Episodes, 1990

Episode Breakdown

December 28, 1989 - July 2, 1990

July 3-9, 1990:  7/3, 7/4, 7/5, 7/6, 7/9 [Episode Descriptions]

July 10-16, 1990:  7/10, 7/11, 7/12, 7/13 (missed first 6 mins news report), 7/16 [Episode Descriptions]

July 17-20, 1990:  7/17, 7/18m, 7/19 Wendy is murdered, Ned's bachelor party, 7/20 Ned & Dawn's wedding [Episode Descriptions]

July 23-30, 1990:  7/23 (missed first half due to pre-emption), 7/24, 7/25, 7/26, 7/27, 7/30 [Episode Descriptions]

July 31 - August 6, 1990
:  7/31, 8/1, 8/2, 8/3 Monica calls a family meeting to tell everyone about Lucy & Ned's affair, 8/6 [Episode Descriptions]

August 7-13, 1990
:  8/7, 8/8, 8/9, 8/10, 8/13 [Episode Descriptions]

August 14-20, 1990
:  8/14, 8/15, 8/16, 8/17, 8/20 [Episode Descriptions]

August 21-27, 1990
:  8/21, 8/22, 8/23, 8/24, 8/27 [Episode Descriptions]

August 28 - September 3, 1990
:  8/28, 8/29, 8/30, 8/31 Faison is captured, Drago revealed as the killer, 9/3 [Episode Descriptions]

September 4-10, 1990
:  9/4 Anna bails Shep out of jail, they join forces to find Decker, 9/5, 9/6, 9/7, 9/10 [Episode Descriptions]

September 11-17, 1990
:  9/11, 9/12, 9/13, 9/14 Lucy tells the Q's that she is pregnant, 9/17 Ned saves Decker from falling [Episode Descriptions]

September 18-24, 1990
:  9/18, 9/19, 9/20, 9/21, 9/24 cm [Episode Descriptions]

September 25-28, 1990
:  9/25 cm, 9/26 cm, 9/27 cm, 9/28 cm [Episode Descriptions]

October 1-4, 1990:  10/1 cm, 10/2 cm, 10/3 cm, 10/4 cm [Episode Descriptions]

October 5-11, 1990:  10/5 cm, 10/8 cm, 10/9 Showdown at GH, 10/10 Showdown continues, action at GH, guns blazing, Colton vs. Rico, 10/11 Rescue is complete after Rico stabs Frankie, Carla shoots Rico, Colton tells Frisco that he shot Rico [Episode Descriptions]

October 12-18, 1990
:  10/12 Robert & Anna help Robin celebrate her 13th birthday, 10/15, 10/16 Alan has Lucy's pregnancy confirmed, 10/17, 10/18 [Episode Descriptions]

October 19-25 , 1990
:  10/19, 10/22, 10/23, 10/24, 10/25 Coltin brings Carla's mother to Port Charles [Episode Descriptions]

October 26 - November 1, 1990
:  10/26 Cheryl decides to move into the brownstone, Dr. Perry takes Robert's bait regarding the baby adoption, 10/29, 10/30, 10/31, 11/1 [Episode Descriptions]

November 2-8, 1990
:  11/2 Felicia goes into labor at the Halloween party, 11/5 Halloween continues, Felicia gives birth at GH, 11/6 Robin confesses to Anna that she went to the catacombs, 11/7, 11/8 Cheryl's birthday, she gets upset when Bobbie & Lucas give her gifts, Tiffany tells Bobbie that Cheryl lost her baby, Scott finds Evan Jerome Jr, Frisco & Felicia name their baby [Episode Descriptions]

November 9-15, 1990
:  11/9, 11/12, 11/13 cm, 11/14, 11/15 [Episode Descriptions]

November 16-21, 1990
:  11/16, 11/19 cm, 11/20 cm Robin dances to the radio, 11/21 cm Frisco & Felicia & baby, Frisco runs into Rita at GH, Cheryl cures Lucas's insulin attack, Bobbie suspects something, Katherine  decides to leave town [Episode Descriptions]

November 22-27, 1990
:  11/22 cm Katherine encourages Anna to go out with Evan, Thanksgiving, 11/23 cm Robert & Kate party, Bobbie discovers Lucas is Cheryl's baby and flips out, 11/26 cm Robert & Katerine call it quits, Katherine says goodbye & leaves PC for good, Robert tells Sean & Tiffany, Frisco & Felicia, Tony & Rita 11/27 [Episode Descriptions]

November 28 - December 5, 1990
:  11/28 Frisco sings at a club, 11/29 Anna goes on a date with Evan Jerome, 11/30, 12/3, 12/4 [Episode Descriptions]

December 5-11, 1990:  12/5, 12/6 Lucy is arrested at the airport, Robert & Shep in jewerly store, 12/7 Lucy & Scotty at PD, Shep tries to interview her, didn't get diamonds, 12/10 Robert, Shep & Cheryl, Anna joins Robert & Tony, (Don Jeffcoat), 12/11 Frankie & Dawn photo shoot [Episode Descriptions]

December 12-18, 1990:  12/12 Anna & Robin run into Cheryl while Christmas shopping, 12/13 Sean & Cheryl Christmas shopping, 12/14 Scotty & Lucy at Kelly's, loan is approved, 12/17, 12/18 Anna on phone to Robert, Robin going to dance [Episode Descriptions]

December 19-24, 1990:  12/19 Decker waiting to see Dawn, Scotty & Cheryl on docks, 12/20 Tiffany & Cheryl Christmas shopping, 12/21 cm Tony & Rita at GH, 12/24 cm, Christmas at GH (no show aired 12/25) [Episode Descriptions]

December 26-31, 1990:  12/26 cm, morning after Christmas, 12/27 Frisco talks to lab about fingerprints, 12/28 cm, Sean & TIffany kissing on the docks, 12/31 Cheryl collapses in Robert's arms, Dawn being discharged [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

July 3-9, 1990:  7/3, 7/4, 7/5, 7/6, 7/9

July 3, 1990 - No Commercials - Colton presses Shep not to broadcast anything about Decker and him fighting before the stabbing. Charlene visits the Qs. Frankie wants Rico to hook him up with a job. Frisco agrees to hold onto Decker's necklace. Lila asks Alan if he is happy with Lucy. Bobbie notices Clayton and Wendy together at GH. Frankie goes back to work for Colton at Body Heat while Colton is in the hospital. Rico is not happy Frankie is not in school. Clayton and Gloria want to leave PC and they want 100,000 from Wendy to do it. Charlene tells Colton about the incident with Decker when he was young in Midvail. Shep gets another audio cassette. Ned has a proposal for Wendy to get her out of town; a job in NYC.  

July 4, 1990 - No Commercials - Fourth of July in PC. Robert gets a mysterious phone call from someone who has information to confirm the identity of Faison. Drago tells Shep abut his wife being killed 7 years ago. Carla helps Dawn with her alterations on her dress and veil. Ned and Wendy sleep together. The Quartermaines join Faison at Wyndamere for the Fourth. Scott tells Faison that he has to be out of the house in a week. Faison tells him that he has changed his plans and he wants to buy Spoon Island for 5 million from Ned. Frisco keeps an eye on Spoon Island from Ashton's boat. Robert's mysterious man, Klaus Friedlander, is gone when Robert shows at their meeting place. Scott sort of makes a deal with Faison for Spoon Island. Lucy overhears them and is now Faison's witness that a verbal deal has been made. Dawn sets up a romantic night for her and Ned, but he wants to wait till their wedding night.     

July 5, 1990 - No Commercials - Faison expects Scott to stick to the 5 million deal for Wyndamere. Ned serves Dawn breakfast in bed. She is embarrassed about last night. Sam shows Colton the gold links from a chain found where he was stabbed. The Quartermaines extend an invite to Colton to stay with them during his recovery. Lucy offers her help in getting Faison the Wyndamere deal. Dawn discovers her bridal veil has been slashed. Felicia has Decker's necklace repaired. Wendy sees Felicia with the receipts and manages to have Sam find it. Ned and Decker make a pact to nail Wendy for blackmail while Ned and Dawn are on their honeymoon so Dawn will never know. Colton comes to stay with the Qs.    

July 6, 1990 - No Commercials - Monica is planning to pay for Dawn and Ned's honeymoon. Sam tells Frisco about the receipt for the chain she found with Felicia's name on it. Frisco covers. Robert finds out that the file on Friedlander no longer exists. Wendy demands 100,000 from Monica. Sam asks Felicia about the receipt. Lucy sets up Ned to sign away Wyndamere to Faison. Katherine tells Robert the press is gunning for him. Decker learns Shep is going to Midvail. Dawn learns about the sale of Wyndamere. Wendy shows up in Ned's shower. Monica learns of Ned's  affair with Wendy.   

July 9, 1990 - No Commercials - Dawn almost walks in on Wendy and Ned together. Dawn confronts Ned about selling Wyndamere. Ned is furious when he learns Scott set up the deal. Tiffany and Shep listen to the audio tape together. He is convinced that it is Wendy on the tape. Ned rips Scott a new one. Scott suspects Lucy pulled one over on him. Shep gets Ned's voice on tape to compare it to the tapes he has been sent. Scott confronts Lucy. Monica tells Ned about being blackmailed by Wendy for weeks. Scott returns home to find Tracy waiting in his apartment  for him. Shep confirms it is not Ned on the tape. Wendy hears Shep play the tape from the Kellys hallway. Tiffany plans to go to Midvail with Shep.

July 10-16, 1990:  7/10, 7/11, 7/12, 7/13 (missed first 6 mins news report), 7/16

July 10, 1990 - No Commercials. Note: GH joined in progress, first minute missing - Tracy and Scott wake up in bed together. Frisco buys Felicia a new gold necklace so they can stick to their story. Colton returns home to Charlene's. Tracy and Scott have breakfast in bed. Lee and Gail put a damper on their morning by showing up at Scott's apartment. Lee is not too happy about Scott sleeping with Tracy. Charlene meets Drago. Frankie needs an advance on his salary from Body Heat. Frisco and Sam work out at Body Heat. Frankie hits on Sam. Wendy steals $25,000 from Colton's safe. Monica and Ned meet with Decker about Wendy starting to crack up and building a case against her. Decker calls with the news that Colton's safe has been robbed. Sam and Frisco looking to question Frankie about the robbery; reunite with Rico Chacone. They used to be in the police academy with him. Wendy tells Ned she is leaving PC for good. 

July 11, 1990 - No Commercials - Shep and Tiffany arrive in Midvail at the “Big Top Bar”. Sam and Frisco catch up with Rico. Robert investigates the robbery at Body Heat. Decker, Wendy, and Frankie are all suspects. PCPD question Frankie. Wendy tells Ned that someone is blackmailing her and he agrees to give her the money. Lucy meets with Faison to try and get Wyndamere back. Shep and Tiffany strike out at the Big Top Bar. Felicia meets Carla, Rico and Frankie. PCPD question Wendy and Sam hauls her down to the station as it appears Wendy is getting ready to leave town. Sam wants a search warrant for Wendy's room at Kellys. Wendy has to spend the night in jail. Ned tells Monica that he convinced Wendy that he was on her side.  

July 12, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna and Robin return home. Anna learns Faison bought Wyndamere. Decker gets a message from Wendy to call her at the PCPD. Tracy and Scott prepare for a boat trip. Wendy wants Decker to get an envelope of money out her room before the cops get there. He has no choice but to do it. Robert and Anna do not want Robin contacting PK Sinclair. Robert warns Faison to leave Robin alone. Decker and Ned get the envelope from Wendy's room just in time. Wendy is released. She tries unsuccessfully to set Decker up for the theft from Body Heat. Decker gives the money to Colton to return. Ruby wants Wendy out of Kellys. Wendy shows up with the knife at Charlene's and lets herself in using the keys she stole from Colton.

July 13, 1990 - No Commercials. Note: Missing first 6 mins due to news report - The locals of Midvail wants answers about what Shep and Tiffany are doing there. After getting nowhere, Tiffany is ready to go home but Shep is determined to stay and get something for his story. Colton tells Decker he knows all about what happened in Midvail. Wendy steals Decker's gold necklace. Anna and Faison are the talk of PC when they show up at Delafields together. Shep tries to take a look at some local newspapers from around the time of the Midvail carnival. Tiffany arrives back in PC. Colton tells Wendy to stay away from Body Heat. Ned causes a scene at Delafields when he sees Tracy and Scott all over each other on the dance floor. Colton finds a parking stub from Body Heat on his living room floor. He suspects Wendy broke in. Shep finds that the newspapers he is after are missing. Colton realizes Decker's necklace has been taken. Decker searches Wendy's room at Kellys for it. He is hit on the back of the hit by a mysterious figure.  

July 16, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco and Felicia have dinner with Bobbie and Tony. (Note: glitchy picture) Decker regains consciousness in Wendy's room. Ned doesn't want anything to do with Scott and does not want him at the wedding. Anna's date with Faison continues. Wendy returns to her room at Kelly's to the door ajar and blood on the floor. Ned suggest to Dawn that they elope but she does not want to ruin all the plans they made. Robert and Sean hash things out. Sean has a new plan to get Faison. A photographer tries to get a picture of Faison and Anna together. Faison grabs the camera and destroys the film. Drago finds a dazed Decker on the docks. Robert and Sean ask Monica to invite “The Shake” to Ned and Dawn's wedding. Ned puts on a show for Wendy acting like he cares about her. But later she overhears Ned tell Decker say how much he hates her.

July 17-20, 1990:  7/17, 7/18, 7/19 Wendy is murdered, Ned's bachelor party, 7/20 Ned & Dawn's wedding

July 17, 1990 - No Commercials - With Shep back in PC, he and Tiffany discuss what he found out in Midvail. Wendy is really slipping over the edge. Carla shows Amy Dawn's repaired veil. Monica is furious when she finds out someone had slashed it. Ned tells Dawn he does not want Tracy or Scott at his wedding. Monica wants to see Ned pronto at GH to discuss Wendy. Rico meets with Frisco and Felicia at his bodega. Monica wants Ned to get ride of Wendy. Lila tells Tracy that Ned does not want her at his wedding. Decker questions Shep about why he went to Midvail. Ned tries to get Wendy to go to Atlantic City and gives her $10,000. Wendy finds out the time of Dawn's bridal fitting at Wyndams. Tony and Bobbie's car is stolen from the GH parking lot. Rico is upset when he learns it was one of his employees, Nicky. Ned and Dawn argue and contemplate calling off the wedding. Felicia tells Decker she thinks he should fight for Dawn. Shep finds out more about the missing newspaper article from Midvail. Ned and Dawn make up. Wendy's plan to stab Dawn goes awry. 

July 18, 1990 - No Commercials - Ashton offers “The Aphrodite” for Ned and Dawn's reception. Wendy makes another threatening audio tape. Ned gives Dawn a diamond necklace. Tracy regrets letting her fling with Scott come between her and Ned. The back in town Lee and Gail hear Tracy and Scott arguing. Lee is disappointed with Scott and storms out. Shep accuses Charlene of stealing the Midvail newspapers. But later Charlene admits to Colton she did it to protect her boys. Bobbie and Tony file a police report about their car. Rico sends the car to the chop shop. Tracy apologies to Ned and he agrees to let her come to the wedding. Monica plans Dawn's shower. Wendy snatches Monica's gift to Dawn. Scott tries to get Lee to stay in PC and they sort of make peace. Dawn wants Decker to come to her wedding but he can't watch her marry Ned. Charlene can't find the newspapers articles she stole. 

July 19, 1990 - No Commercials - Dawn's surprise bridal shower at Monica's hotel room. Colton wants to confront Wendy with stealing the newspaper articles from Charlene. Decker tells him he will take care of it. Shep goes to Katherine to analysis the audio tape he has received. Wendy overhears them playing it. Katherine can hear bracelets clanking on the tape. Ned's bachelor party at a bar called “ Barnacles” Decker sees Wendy did not go to Atlantic City. Wendy jumps out of Ned's cake at the party. Monica present to Dawn contains the tape of Ned and Monica but luckily Monica gets to it before Dawn. Clayton and Gloria plan to leave PC right after Wendy gives them their money. Colton stops Decker from strangling Wendy in the park after her stunt. Shep breaks into Wendy's room at Kellys and takes her latest tape. Ruby gives Wendy a note “To meet at the Carousel”. Later Wendy is murdered.  

July 20, 1990 - No Commercials - Prep for Dawn and Ned's wedding at the Q mansion. Decker's find Wendy's body on the carousel and flees. A note is on the ground from Decker to Wendy to meet. Alan is worried that Scott has told Ned about the pendant. Tracy and Ashton share a moment with Ned before the wedding. Tracy gives Ned a gift. Shep finds Wendy's body and calls the police. Faison want to accompany Sean, Robin and Anna to the wedding. The guest begin to arrive for the wedding. Ned and Dawn's wedding goes as planned at the mansion. Robert arrives at Charlene's looking for Decker. Decker learns about the note and needs to get out of town as he will be the prime suspect for the murder. Robert searched Decker's room and takes a pad of paper and pencil into evidence. Anna and Sean are banking on “The Shake” to show up at the reception. Robert tells Monica that Wendy is dead. Decker steals money from Charlene and books a ticket to LA. Monica tells Ned about Wendy and Dawn overhears them mention their affair. She flees and Carla sees her right before she leaves the mansion. Dawn and Decker take off in a red Ferrari from the Q garage.

July 23-30, 1990:  7/23 (missed first half due to pre-emption), 7/24, 7/25, 7/26, 7/27, 7/30

July 23, 1990 - No Commercials - Dawn vows to never go back to PC. (Note: ABC News Interruption, first 20 minutes missing). Shep gives himself two days to solve Wendy's murder. Robert wants a sample of Decker's handwriting. Carla tells Monica and Ned she saw an upset Dawn right before she fled. Jennings give Sean a message from “The Shake”  He is not coming to the reception. He fears Faison. Frisco wants his badge back from Robert so he can find Decker. Shep and Katherine show up at Wendy's apartment to find Robert and Guy searching the place. Faison wants Anna to come back to Wyndamere with him as he has a surprise for her. Decker tells Dawn he is the number one suspect in Wendy's murder and that he knew all about Ned and Monica's affair. Dawn wants out of the car. When Decker refuses, she grabs the wheel and Decker loses control of the car.     

July 24, 1990 - No Commercials - Faison and Anna arrive at Wyndamere. Robert finds audio tapes in Wendy's room and order a gag order on the case. Monica wants to call the police on the missing Dawn but Ned stops her. Monica lies to the wedding guests and say Dawn is upstairs resting as she is ill. Dawn and Decker are both unconscious in the car. Simone wants Tom to spend the night with her but Simone gets called away to an emergency at a Chicago hospital. Monica and Ned let Sean in on the fact that Dawn is missing and want to hire Anna and Sean to find her. Robert finds the missing Midvail newspapers hidden in Wendy's room and later confronts Charlene. Faison asks Anna to marry him and move to Switzerland with him. To Anna's relief, Sean interrupts them with the news of a missing Dawn. Simone learns Harrison is behind getting her to come to Chicago. Charlene admits to stealing the newspapers. Colton tells Robert that Wendy was setting up Decker. Robert learns Dawn is missing. Decker wakes up in the car but Dawn is still unconscious.     

July 25, 1990 - No Commercials - Felicia goes back to work at the PI office with Anna. Dawn wakes up. Decker gets the wrecked Ferrari running. Shep goes to the PI office to fish for details for his story. The Qs ponder the fact that both Dawn and Decker left at the same time. Anna tells Felicia she is trying to get Faison to go away. Shep questions Drago about the murder in Midvail. Drago doesn't believe Decker is a killer. Dawn and Decker's pictures make Shep's evening news broadcast. While at a gas station, Dawn and Decker are spotted by the attendant. They flee and Decker drops the money in stole from Charlene. Decker is hoping that Dawn will change her mind about going back so he has been driving in circles. The Q's learn that Dawn and Decker are for sure together. Dawn and Decker take shelter at an auto junk yard trailer. Bobbie tells Tony she thinks Clayton was involved with Wendy.  

July 26, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna gets flowers and her engagement ring from Faison delivered to her house. Robert arrives at the  Q mansion to speak with Monica and Ned. Faison gets a fax telling him to dispose of Anna immediately. Carla blames herself for letting Dawn leave. Monica worries about all the things that tie her and Ned to Wendy. Lucy links Wendy to Green Meadows Spa and calls the TV station to speak with Shep. Dawn insists to Decker she is not going home. Dawn and Decker's luck goes from bad to worse when the Ferrari is stolen from the auto junk yard by Rico's man Nicky. Bobbie goes to Robert with her theory that Clayton knew Wendy. Anna shows Robert her ring. Anna arrives at Wyndamere but is informed Faison left abruptly. Ned wants Scott to find out what Robert found in Wendy's room. Decker thinks he and Dawn should go their separate ways.

July 27, 1990 - No Commercials - Ned thinks he and Monica should go on TV to appeal for Dawn's return. Robert questions Clayton about Wendy. Anna learns Faison has not really left PC. Robert orders a background check on Clayton. Scott sets up Robert to get him out of his office so he can search it. Lucy meets with Shep and tells him Ned and Wendy knew each other at Green Meadows. Bobbie learns Clayton is still running his baby scams. Anna flips out on Faison when she sees a portrait he had painted of them with Robin. Scott searches Robert's office. Dawn find a note from Wendy to meet at the carousel in Decker's pocket. Anna tells Sean and Robert she wants nothing more to do with Faison. Sean tells Robert about Ramando; the man that might be able to get rid of Faison for them. Ned goes on the news pleading for Dawn's return as he believes Decker kidnapped her. Dawn sees the broadcast. Faison leaves town. Scott tells Ned that Robert has nothing on him for the murder. Robert wants to get to Ramando. Shep is on to Ned's past as Ward. Dawn confronts Decker about the note. He wants to come clean with her about the night Wendy died.  

July 30, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna wants to go with Robert to find Ramando. Shep doesn't believe for a second that Decker kidnapped Dawn. Robert tells Anna that it would be better if he went solo to find Ramando. Decker tells Dawn about how he found out about Ned and Monica and how Wendy set him up. When Robert leaves town, Frisco will head up the Wendy case. Frisco and Anna question Ned again. Decker is not sure if he killed Wendy or not as he blacked out. Monica blasts Lucy for talking with the press. Decker tells Dawn that he killed someone in his past. Anna and Ned show up at the auto junk yard to search but come up with nothing. Tracy wants to know from Monica what is up with her and Ned. Robert says goodbye to Katherine at the airport. Decker tells Dawn about the Midvail murder. Ned and Monica need to get back Wendy's ledge that proves they were paying her off. The ledger is sitting on Charlene's kitchen counter in an envelope addressed to Decker Moss.

July 31 - August 6, 1990:  7/31, 8/1, 8/2, 8/3, 8/6

July 31, 1990 - No Commercials - Ned thinks Monica should try and get the ledger from Charlene's. Colton wants Frankie to reopen Body Heat for him. Ruby tells Frisco she saw Ned and Monica together outside of Kellys the night of the murder. Shep questions Gloria. Decker decides a disguised Dawn should go and get food for him at the bodega. Felicia tells Rico and Frankie about the shady Clayton talking with Anita. Frisco connects Wendy to Ned. Monica can't get her hands on the ledge at Charlene's. Dawn gets recognized at the Bodega by Carla. Rico tells Clayton to back off Anita. Frankie overhears them. Gloria leaves town. When Frankie comes nosing around the auto junk yard, Decker has no choice but to grab him. Decker thinks Frankie has lead Colton right to him. Dawn and Carla walk in on them arguing.  

August 1, 1990 - No Commercials - Ned wants Lila to invite Charlene and Colton to dinner at the Q's so he and Monica can get their hands on the ledger. Dawn pleads with Frankie and Carla to not tell anyone they saw them. She wants to stay with Decker. Bobbie hires a new baby-sitter for Lucas. Tom tells Steve and Audrey that he and Simone are back together. Harrison tries to put the moves on Simone in Chicago. Frisco hears from Colton about Lila's invitation and is suspicious. Bobbie warns Anita about Clayton again. Frankie and Carla agree to help Dawn and Decker. Harrison got the DNA test from Tom Jr early. Frankie wants Carla to get rid of Rico. Bobbie returns home to find no Lucas and no baby-sitter. Colton and Frisco bust Ned and Monica trying to steal the ledger. Frisco learns that Clayton and Gloria's names are also in Wendy's ledger. Bobbie finds Lucas with Clayton. 

August 2, 1990 - No Commercials - Bobbie throws Clayton out of the brownstone. Ned calls his lawyer as he and Monica are hauled down to the PCPD by Frisco. Katherine wants more information from Anna about Robert's latest case. Robert meets a local kid in San Cristo named King. He also gets his first glimpse of Electra. Gloria has workmen pack up her office at Green Meadows. Shep manages to pose as one of the workmen and gets his hands on Gloria's videotapes from the spa. Frisco questions Clayton about the ledger and decides to hold him for 48 hrs in the lockup. Robert meets Electra about Ramando. Monica comes clean with Frisco about her affair and the blackmail. Frisco releases Ned and Monica and promises he won't release the details to the press. Lucy makes a call to a sleazy reporter from the PC Gazette to meet her as she has a scoop for him. Shep gives Gloria's videotapes to Frisco. Katherine finds out Robert is in San Cristo. Monica wants to tell the Q's about her and Ned. Ned is admittedly against it. Lucy dressed as a nun meets with Gazette reporter in a church confessional and spills the beans about Monica and Ned.  

August 3, 1990 - No Commercials - Carla brings Decker and Dawn food. Monica tells Ned she is telling the Qs the truth. Lucy is peeved that there is no article in the paper about Monica and Ned. Katherine finds Robert and installs herself in the motel room across from his. Faison gets orders to dispose of Anna. Anna does not wants Robin reading “The Alpine Express”. Katherine meets King. Lucy gets tossed out of Monica's meeting with the Qs. Lucy calls the Gazette reporter with more information. Monica tells the Qs about her affair with Ned. Alan attacks Ned. Robert puts on a disguise to meet with Ramando. Faison has one month to bring Anna into the organization. Katherine and King follow Robert. Ramando sees through Robert's disguise and with a little help from Katherine his cover is blown. Robert is taken into custody.  

August 6, 1990 - No Commercials - Gail comforts an upset Monica. King volunteers to try and find out where Ramando took Robert for Katherine. Dawn wants to stay with Decker as she believes he needs her. Shep wants Tiffany to go with him back to Midvail. Katherine comes up with a disguise so she can go to Robert in jail. Electra searches Robert's room and find Katherine in the closet. Electra tells Katherine she is trying to help Robert. Ghost Edward pays Lila a visit. Scott comes clean with Tracy about knowing about Monica and Ned's affair and not telling her. King agrees to take Katherine to Robert. Robin questions why Anna, Sean and Robert hate Faison. Anna almost tells Robin the truth.

August 7-13, 1990:  8/7 Robert, 8/8, 8/9 Robert, 8/10 Robert & Anna, 8/13

August 7, 1990 - No Commercials - King takes Katherine in to see Robert in jail. Simone is back in PC. Faison apologies to Anna for the portrait. With the 48 hrs up, Clayton wants out of jail. Frisco gives him a chance to come clean. Bobbie tells Clayton she is pressing charges against him. Robert learns he is on an execution list. Scott goes to Rico to help find Dawn and Decker. Electra tells Robert she will help him but he must do exactly what she says. Shep rubs Anna the wrong way at Delafields. Frisco sings at Delafields. The Hardys get the results of Tom Jr blood test and Harrison is the father. Harrison vows to not let Tom raise his son. Electra gives Robert a poison to simulate death so he can escape the execution.  

August 8, 1990 - No Commercials - Scott tells Ned he found someone to find Dawn without police involvement. Frisco questions Gloria. He accuses her of blackmailing her clients and he has the videotapes to prove it. She admits to blackmailing Wendy but did not kill her. Harrison consults a lawyer about custody. Dawn and Decker ask Carla to find a sample of Wendy's handwriting from Body Heat. Frisco checks on Gloria's alibi. A room service attendant clears both her and Clayton of the murder. Decker and Dawn hide when Rico's men follow Frankie to the trailer. Carla sneaks in to  Colton's office at Body Heat to get the handwriting sample.  

August 9, 1990 - No Commercials - Shep and Tiffany arrive in Midvail again. Day of Robert's execution, he has no choice but to trust that Electra's potion will work and drinks up. Carla has to cover when Colton almost catches her in his office. Decker and Dawn panic when they learn that Frankie left his camera with the film of them together at the bodega. Katherine tries to help Robert but finds him “dead” in his cell. Shep and Tiffany meet the strange locals at a motel in Midvail. The locals tell them to hit the road, but Shep is not going anywhere until he gets the full story about the murder there. Carla brings the handwriting sample to Dawn and Decker. Robert wakes up just in time to make his getaway. Frankie gets his camera back but the film is gone. Robert and Katherine make a break for it.  

August 10, 1990 - No Commercials - Dawn encourages Decker to go back and clear his name. Katherine and Robert onboard a plane back to Miami. Shep quizzes the mayor of Midvail about Decker. Carla wants to bring Colton to Decker. Katherine and Robert find the have a stowaway on their plane...King. Frankie strikes out when he tries to get the developed film back. It is too late, Rico has the pictures and has given them to Scott. Colton and Carla kiss for the first time. Robert arrives home with the news that Ramando will not make a move against Faison without the “Roman Gold”. Anna, Sean and Robert new mission is to find the 4 heads of the DVX that have 4 gold coins. Anna volunteers to go back to Wyndamere. Shep and Tiffany search the motel and find a sign in book with Wendy's name in it. Frankie tells Decker and Dawn that Rico called Scott. Anna arrives to see Faison and notices that he has one of the 4 coins in his watch. Scott and Ned arrive at the auto junkyard but only find Colton and Carla inside the trailer. Dawn and Decker have fled to the catacombs.  

August 13, 1990 - No Commercials - Felicia presses Frisco for information on Decker. Decker accidentally drops the note from Wendy when he and Dawn fled the trailer. Katherine introduces King to Angel and Mary. Colton claims he got an unanimous tip and that is why he went to the trailer. Sean and Robert go to Frisco with questions on the DVX heads. Anna agrees to marry Faison. Colton tells Sean, Robert and Frisco about the note. Decker backtracks to find the note but it is destroyed in the rain. Robert kisses Katherine in the elevator of Delafields. Dawn leaves the catacombs while Decker is asleep. Faison wants Anna to marry him in two weeks. Dawn shows up on the Q's doorstep.

August 14-20, 1990:  8/14, 8/15, 8/16, 8/17, 8/20

August 14, 1990 - No Commercials - Shep and Tiffany return to PC. Shep has doubts that Wendy was ever even in Midvail. Dawn can't force herself to go into the Q mansion and face Ned. Decker follows her and they leave again. Frisco wants to check the catacombs for Decker and Dawn. Shep tells Felicia of what her found in Midvail and asks for her help. Sean and Frisco come up empty handed in the catacombs. Ned tells Anna to question Carla and Colton as he is sure they are holding back information. Monica wants to talk with Carla before Anna. Decker and Dawn return to the catacombs. Monica tries to question Carla but she blows her off. Anna tells Robin the truth about Faison and her plan to marry him. Felicia agrees to help Shep prove Decker is innocent. 

August 15, 1990 - No Commercials - Ned confronts Frankie about what he knows about Dawn. Anna meets King. Robert wants to send King back but he wants to stay with Katherine. Carla tells Monica she has seen Dawn but she wants to stay with Decker. Anita goes to Bobbie for help. Felicia searches Colton's office to check Wendy's past schedule. Katherine takes King shopping. Monica tells Robert, Anna, and Sean about Carla's story. Felicia goes snooping in Monica's office to find Wendy's past medical file, thus proving that Wendy was not in Midvail. Felicia makes a copy for Shep. Lucy pokes a hole in Ned's alibi. Felicia has to cover when Frisco sees her at GH.   

August 16, 1990 - No Commercials - Felicia brings her information to Shep. Dawn is really beginning to fall for Decker. Lucy sabotages Ned's alibi for the night of Wendy's murder. Monica begins to doubt Ned. Frisco and Sean check on Monica's alibi. Anna postpones her wedding to Faison due to Robin. Frisco gives Monica the  good news that her alibi checks out. Shep gives Decker a shout out on his broadcast. Frisco is livid when he learns Felicia has been helping Shep. Anna rifles thru Faison's desk. Dawn thinks Decker should call Shep. Frisco confronts Felicia. Anna finds Faison's fan mail. Felicia and Frisco argue and Frisco walks out.  

August 17, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna tells Robert and Sean that she thinks Faison is using his faxed fan mail as a covert way of communicating with the DVX. Decker and Dawn make a break for it. Lucas's birthday party at the brownstone. Anna arrives at Wyndamere to snoop around again. Dawn wants to pawn her engagement ring to get money. Felicia goes into premature labor. Anna gets her hands on one of Faison's faxed fan letter. Dawn and Decker are almost caught at the pawn shop by Frisco. Anna, Sean, and Robert get word about Felicia. Frisco learns about Felicia being at GH. 

August 20, 1990 - No Commercials - Dawn sprains her ankle and needs crutches from GH. Felicia is in labor. Lucas's party winds down. Bobbie and Tony offer Anita a place to stay until she has her baby. The Jones' learn about Felicia. Frisco blames himself for fighting with Felicia. Lucy tells Ned that Dawn and Decker have been spotted. Decker hears about Felicia while he and Dawn are at GH. Faison shows up at GH. Frisco attacks Shep. Decker and Dawn arrive at the bus station. Jacques tells Faison he missed a fax. Jacques suspects Anna. Anna and Sean try and decode the faxed letter. Robert gets a copy to study. 

August 21-27, 1990:  8/21, 8/22, 8/23, 8/24, 8/27

August 21, 1990 - No Commercials - Everyone is worried about Felicia. Frankie upsets Rico by calling him selfish. Colton is frustrated with looking for Dawn and Decker. Sean tells Shep off for not working with the police in Wendy's murder investigation. Lucy goes to Amanda to try and get Ned ousted from ELQ. Charlene wants Shep to share the evidence that he has that proves Decker is innocent. Tracy and Scott meet with the cabbie that is Ned's alibi for the night of Wendy's murder. He can't be any help as his logbook is missing for that night. Tracy suspects Lucy. Lucy, dressed as a cleaning lady, busts into Robert's office to get something on Ned. Meg is disappointed when Harrison thinks of her as just a friend. Tom and Simone make love.  Colton tells Frankie and Carla about his past with Felicia. Tracy and Scott play cards in bed and they learn Amanda has called an emergency ELQ board meeting. Frankie tells Carla that she can do better than Rico. She should be with a man like Colton. Anita comes to stay with Bobbie and Tony. An in jail Clayton wants to meet with Rico. Colton vows not to make the same mistakes he made with Felicia with Carla.

August 22, 1990 - No Commercials - Tracy and Scott want to know what Alan knows about the ELQ boardmeeting. Anna, Robert, and Sean still can't crack Faison's code from his fan mail.  Dawn and Decker arrive at an old movie theater in West Virginia. They meet the owner of the theater, classic movie actress Madeline Markem. She employs Decker to fix the old movie projector. Ned presses Robert about what he is doing to find Dawn. Despite the drugs, Felicia's labor is not subsiding. Frankie goes to meet with Clayton behind Rico's back. He finds out Rico is involved in Clayton's baby racket. Madeline gives Decker and Dawn a place to stay. Anna runs the con with Faison that she wants to redecorate Wyndamere so that she can search his desk again. She takes photos of his papers. Dr Morgan is able to stop Felicia's labor but she is put on bed rest for the last three months of her pregnancy. Madeline offers Decker and Dawn jobs and a place to stay. At the ELQ boardmeeting, Amanda tells the board all about Ned's affair with Wendy. Amanda demands Ned's resignation. Tracy vows to get Lucy back if it is the last thing she does. Rico learns Frankie got to Clayton and sends one of his men after him. Anna breaks Faison's code. 

August 23, 1990 - No Commercials - Shep and Tiffany arrive in Midvail again. Shep confronts the locals with the fake Wendy Master's signature on the motel register. Decker tells Dawn about his circus days. The Midvail locals show Shep the newspapers but it is nothing Shep does not know already and he suspects they are protecting someone. Felicia is anxious to leave the hospital. Frisco wants to quit Decker's case, but Felicia doesn't want him to. Anna plans to get to the file on Faison's computer that he uses to encode his faxes to the DVX.  The DVX heads have lost confidence in Faison. Shep and Tiffany hear crying coming from an upstairs room in their room at the B and B. Anita goes into labor. While Decker talks in his sleep; Dawn takes notes.

August 24, 1990 - No Commercials - Shep wants to get his hands on Decker's transcripts. Decker brings Dawn breakfast. Madeline learns the truth about Dawn and Decker in the newspaper. Tracy and Lucy get into a screaming match in the Q den. Dawn tells Decker about his sleep talking regarding his carnie friends. Madeline believing Decker and Dawn are in love and vows to protect them. Clayton's arraignment hearing. Clayton will be going to trial but he does get bail. Felicia is released from GH. Carla overhears Rico talking with Clayton about baby selling.  Frisco gives Felicia the “orientation” on her bed rest.  Tiffany and Shep strike out getting Decker's transcripts. Shep gets a mysterious note delivered to his door. Frankie breaks into Clayton's files. Colton finds Carla crying in the park. She tells him she does not love Rico. Frisco arrives at the Qs on official police business. Much to Lucy's dismay, Ned's alibi is corroborated and he is off the hook for Wendy's murder. Shep and Tiffany get a clue. 

August 27, 1990 - No Commercials - Colton wants to know what Carla is so scared off. Rico confronts Frankie about meeting with Clayton. Anna allows Robin to make a meeting with Faison as a way to get to his computer. Katherine wants in on whatever Robert is planning. Carla tells Colton her family's past with Rico. Colton wants to help her. Anita arrives at the brownstone with her new baby. Alan wants to help Bobbie find a great couple to adopt Anita's baby.  Robin arrives on Spoon Island to meet with Faison about her writing. Anna, Frisco, Sean, and Robert put their plan in motion and arrive on the island. They set up a plan to have Faison leave the house. Katherine and Robin invite Faison to Kellys. Katherine is worried when King shows up and asks to joins them. Anna hacks into Faison's computer and writes a letter to the DVX to request a meeting. Anna, Robert, and Sean barely make it out before Faison returns. The WSB crew have rigged it so they are now receiving all of Faison's faxes to the DVX.

August 28 - September 3, 1990:  8/28, 8/29, 8/30, 8/31 Faison is captured, Drago revealed as the killer, 9/3

August 28, 1990 - No Commercials - Shep reads over all of the transcripts and sees that all the evidence they had against Decker was circumstantial. Madeline learns Decker is wanted for murder but she still refuses to turn Decker and Dawn in.  Anna wants Frisco off the Faison case as he may learn about her past but Frisco insists he stay in. Shep and Tiffany go snooping around the upstairs room above theirs. Anna plants bugs in various Wyndamere rooms so that they can get pictures of Faison's DVX watch. Jacques is very suspicious of Anna. Decker reveals more of his past to Dawn. The locals of Midvail are protecting a mysterious woman. Shep gets information on Dwight and Loretta. Sean puts a plan in motion to bring Ramando to PC. Katherine is worried that would jeopardize King. Shep and Tiffany finally break into the upstairs room but it is empty.

August 29, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco waiting on Felicia hand and foot. (Note: glitchy picture) Robert shows Anna and Sean the copy of Faison's watch he had made.  Colton goes to Frisco for help for Carla's family. Scott goes back to Rico to keep search for Dawn and Decker. Katherine hates Robert's plan. Meg takes Simone to task for her treatment of Harrison.  Robert and Sean have a plan to meet the DVX at the airport for their meeting in PC. Carla is mad at Colton for going to Frisco. Ramando arrives at Robert's cottage and sees the surveillance of Faison. Ramando agrees to help them dispose of Faison. All they need to do is get the four gold coins. Ned gives Rico 24 hours to find Dawn and Decker. Scott offers his services to Alan regarding his adoption project with Bobbie. Robert gets word that Ramando wants King. King overhears them. Katherine will not hear of it.  Faison sends Jacque away and now Jacque and Frisco dressed as Jacque are set for a collision course at the airport.  

August 30, 1990 - No Commercials - Decker lies to Madeline. Katherine is worried as King is gone. Carla joins Colton for dinner. With their wedding tomorrow, Anna has to drug Faison to make the switch for the fake watch.  Rico gets a tip on Decker. Shep has a way to find out who the mysterious woman is. Frisco gets to the DVX agents first. Ramando gets his hands on King. Frisco brings the DVX agents to Delafields.  Katherine assures a worried King that he is staying with her. The drugs kick in just in time for Anna. She makes the switch. Both Colton and Ned learn that Decker and Dawn maybe in West Virginia. Dawn sees the paper with Ned's face splashed all over it. Sean wants Tiffany to come home. The DXV get King.

August 31, 1990 - No Commercials - Ned and Colton on the road to West Virginia. Tiffany is back in PC. Tiffany visits Felicia. Jacque warns Faison that Anna can't be trusted. Faison finds one of Anna's bugs. Robert and Sean pull guns on the DVX agents but they have King and get the upper hand. Dawn and Decker argue about whether he knew about Ned and Wendy's affair. Decker remembers what happened the night Colissimo died. He didn't kill him. Robert makes a deal with the DVX agents and gets the gold coins. Robin's essay contest at Delafields. Faison knows his watch is a fake. Robert has Faison right where he wants him. He gives him a 30-minute head start to get out of town before he sends Ramando after him. Frisco reads up on parenting. Colton and Ned get a tip that Decker and Dawn maybe at an old theater. Shep misses getting his hands on the murderer of Wendy Masters.

September 3, 1990 - No Commercials - Shep is thrown in jail. Dawn and Decker hide when Colton and Ned arrive at the theater. Madeline covers for them. Anna is not too thrilled when Robin wants to come with her to the PI office after school.  Robert wraps up the DVX case. Robert and Katherine get into a rip-roaring fight. They tear up the cottage. Shep calls Anna and tells her he may have found Wendy's killer. Felicia wants information from Frisco about Decker.  Robert gives Katherine her engagement ring back for safekeeping. Anna packs and leaves for Midvail. Dawn and Decker decide to go to Midvail to get proof of Decker's innocence.

September 4-10, 1990:  9/4, 9/5, 9/6, 9/7, 9/10

September 4, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna arrives at the Midvail jail to help Shep. Hitting a dead end, Colton and Ned return home. Frisco learns that Ned has been having Rico look for Dawn. Rico asserts his control on Frankie and Carla. The Midvail locals tell a very much alive Loretta that Drago has been in town. Shep makes a deal with Anna. Frisco questions Rico about his methods in looking for Dawn and Decker. Lucy talks with Charlene about babies. Ashton comforts a distraught Ned. Anna meets the Midvail locals. Rico wants Carla and Frankie to lay low. Frisco has Guy look into Rico's past. Drago cleans out his locker at WLPC. Carla tells Colton she can't see him anymore.

September 5, 1990 - No Commercials - Robert and Katherine in bed together but King interrupts them worried that Katherine did not come home last night. Anna and Shep work the case.  Dawn and Decker say goodbye to Madeline and leave for Midvail. Robert tells Katherine he has to go to DC and he wants her to come. Anita gives her baby up for adoption. Decker and Dawn work at a diner. Anna gets a break through in the case. Katherine gets an invitation to the Santo Moro embassy.

September 6, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna and Shep go to the coroner's office but Loretta's autopsy report was lost in a flood. Dawn and Decker arrive in Midvail. Decker calls home to tell Charlene and Colton he did not kill Colissimo but he needs to finds proof. Alan and Monica deal with AJ's failing grades since their divorce and Lucy sees them together. Colton tells Ned about Decker's call. Anna learns that the coroner's assistant Doug Fielding did Loretta's autopsy and that her body was cremated.  Drago learns Decker is going to look for proof of his innocence. Anna and Shep bust into the Midvail Hospital patient records and get a lead on Loretta. The locals clean out Colissimo's trunk. Lucy goes crying to Charlene telling her that Alan is having an affair. Dawn gets directions to the Creek Road Warehouse but Anna and Shep are already there. Anna finds letters with Colissimo's name on them that the locals missed.

September 7, 1990 - No Commercials - Colton goes to Frisco with the news that Decker called. Anna and Shep confront the locals with Colissimo's love letters from Loretta. Anna and Shep believe Drago killed Colissimo. Agent Ross interrupts Robert and Katherine in their DC hotel room. Frisco and Rico have lunch. Robert and Katherine go to the reception at the embassy. They meet General Stark and his boss El President Commargo. Dawn and Decker go to the warehouse looking for the carousel horse with the knife embedded in it. Anna and Shep meet Loretta and learn the truth. Anna calls Frisco to pick up Drago. Drago gets word he is about to be picked up and darts. El President Commargo collapses after being poisoned. Katherine is pegged to have done it. Decker calls Drago and tells him he is in Midvail.

September 10, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco tells Colton and Charlene that Decker was set up by Drago. Anna accuses Shep of grandstanding. He solved the case with a lot of help. Dawn insists she is not going back to PC and Ned. Commargo is rushed to the hospital. Katherine and Robert are detained. Anna learns Drago has taken off. Decker wants Dawn to face Ned as she can't run forever. Charlene wants Tiffany to do a TV appeal to warn Decker about Drago but Tiffany's hands are tided. Stark warns Katherine that if Commargo dies the punishment is death by hanging. (Note: Slight video jump but nothing is lost) Shep suspects Decker is headed to or already in Midvail. Frisco searches Drago's room.

September 11-17, 1990:  9/11, 9/12, 9/13, 9/14 Lucy tells the Q's that she is pregnant, 9/17

September 11, 1990 - No Commercials - Lucy catches Tracy doing business at ELQ while Alan is away. Ross tells Sean that Robert and Katherine never returned to their hotel room after the reception. Sean is on the next flight to DC. Commargo's poisoning makes the papers. Rico wants to teach Frankie a lesson. Tracy cuts Lucy off from the ELQ petty cash fund. Tracy wants Ned to sign over his ELQ stock to her….temporarily of course. Robert and Katherine are being held by Stark's men. Sean arrives in DC posing as a secret service agent. Stark releases Katherine and Robert. Harrison shows Meg his new condo. Carla tells Colton that if Commargo dies she could go back home. Tracy and Scott get down to business at ELQ. Ross tells Robert to drop the whole Commargo issue. Rico's men beat up Frankie. Stark shows up at Robert's hotel asking Robert to come with him.

September 12, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco “fixes” the TV so Felicia will not see the news and worry about Decker. Decker is antsy, as Drago has not shown up yet. Anna gets crime scene photos of Colissimo's murder. Shep and the locals go searching for the old carousel. Anna learns Dawn had been to town. Ned leaves for Midvail. Drago writes Decker's suicide note. Charlene and Colton go on the air with Tiffany to make an appeal to Decker. Both Meg and Harrison ask for time off from GH. Dawn is not so sure Decker should trust Drago. Shep and Anna arrive at Dawn and Decker's hotel room. Decker and Dawn go out the window. Drago arrives at the warehouse

September 13, 1990 - No Commercials - Stark and Robert go to Steve to bring Commargo to GH for medical treatment. Decker, Dawn and Drago search the warehouse. Stark requests Tony and Harrison to operate on Commargo. Carla wants to take the badly injured Frankie to GH but he insists no doctors. Dawn finds knives and the note in Drago's bag. Drago and Decker face off at the warehouse. Ned arrives in Midvail. Colton takes a look at Frankie. Frankie admits it was Rico's men who beat him. Robert and Katherine sit down with their calendars to set a new wedding date. Ned arrives at the warehouse.

September 14, 1990 - No Commercials - Harrison tells Simone he wants full custody of his son. Lucy consults a doctor about what would be the best time to try and get pregnant. Drago catches Dawn at the top of the scaffolding. Monica tells the Qs about Drago. The locals put on a mock carnival to distract Drago. Simone learns Meg and Harrison are married. Lila tells Lucy she will not be able to understand what Monica and Tracy are going through until she has children of her own. Simone tells Tom about Harrison. Drago sees the very much alive Loretta giving Decker his chance to ambush him. Lucy lies and tells the Quartermaines she is pregnant. Ned pushes Drago off the side of the scaffolding and has to decide whether to save Decker or not.

September 17, 1990 - No Commercials - Ned saves Decker. Alan arrives home and Tracy tells him about the baby. Decker is reunited with Loretta. Ned wants to take Dawn home but she refuses to go with him. Ned wants Decker out of Dawn's life forever. Alan confronts Lucy about the baby. Lucy tries to seal the deal but Alan gets called away. Anna reminds Dawn that the Qs do care about her. Decker makes peace with the locals. Shep decides to hold his story for a few days. Dawn tells Decker she has no feelings for Ned. Monica and Tracy get the word that their kids are all right. Tracy tells Alan about Lucy and the ELQ petty cash fund. Ned decides to go home and wait till Dawn is ready to talk. Lucy strikes out with Alan again. Dawn decides to return to PC tomorrow with the others.

September 18-24, 1990:  9/18, 9/19, 9/20, 9/21, 9/24 cm

September 18, 1990 - No Commercials - Tony learns Harrison and Meg are married. Robert is staying at the Delafield's penthouse as the cottage is trashed. Decker visits Felicia. Dawn shows up at Monica's hotel room. Dawn tells her that the only reason she came back was for Decker. Alan and Scott meet with Bobbie to talk about the adoption project for Tiffany's on-air segment. Scott believes Lucy is up to something. Robert wants Colton to fly to DC. Robert wants Tony and Harrison to make sure Commargo really needs to come to GH as he is not a popular leader and comes with a lot of baggage. Frisco tells Katherine he is nervous about being a father. Dawn moves to Kellys. Decker returns home. Lucy has an appointment with Kyle and asks him to lie for her if Alan asks about the baby. Alan and Bobbie are interviewed by Tiffany. Colton wants to know what Decker's feeling are for Dawn (Dawn and Decker flashbacks)

September 19, 1990 - No Commercials - Ned tells Shep that if his broadcast interferes with his reconciliation with Dawn, he will be facing a liable suit. Stark hires Anna and Sean for security at GH for Commargo. Anna gets a package from Ramando confirming that he has taken care of Faison. Alan resigns from ELQ. Tracy nominates herself to take over but Ned gets the presidency. Shep files his report but gives Anna no credit for helping him. Frankie tells Carla it was Rico's men who beat him. Ned agrees to return to ELQ and he wants his stocks back from Tracy.  

September 20, 1990 - No Commercials - Dawn visits Meg. Harrison and Tony conclude that Commargo should come to GH. Carla rejects Rico's proposal. Alan falls asleep on Lucy. Dawn and Meg have a heart to heart about her feelings for Decker. Charlene and Decker learn Lucy is pregnant. Dawn asks Audrey if she can come back to GH. Charlene doubts Lucy is pregnant.  Lucy cozies up to Tony but he shuts her down. Rico is not taking no for an answer when it comes to his proposal to Carla. Simone gets served. Rico rapes Carla. Ned show up at Dawn's room at Kellys

September 2, 1990 - No Commercials - Sean, Anna, and Robert are having a hard time concentrating with all the distractions at the Delafield's penthouse. Frankie learns Rico raped Carla. Ned and Dawn talk. She somewhat understands about his relationship with Monica but Wendy is another story. Shep tells Decker about a magazine article he has been asked to write and he wants Decker's permission. Anna arrives to talk with Carla and she thinks that Frankie called the police about the rape. Ned thinks that Dawn and Decker slept together while on the run. Rico threatens Carla. Katherine is worried that Robert is getting involved in another dangerous mission. Robert is disappointed that Katherine will be gone for two weeks. Shep wants Anna to write the article with him on Drago/Decker. Despite Anna's denials. Shep puts it together that she is Daphne from Sinclair's books. After Decker brings Dawn a hot fudge sundae, they kiss and she wants to make love.

September 24, 1990 - With Commercials - Frisco learns Commargo is coming to PC. Charlene collapses at Body Heat. Ned regrets accusing Dawn of sleeping with Decker. Decker turns Dawn down as he is sure she is confused about her feelings. Monica diagnosis's Charlene with an angina attack. Carla arrives at GH to be there for Colton. Sean, Robert, and Anna plan for Commargo's arrival. Stark meets with Rico. Stark is counting on Commargo's death so he can take control of Santo Moro. Rico learns Colton has been tapped to fly Commargo to PC. Tracy brings a new business proposal, a Montana land deal, to Ned at ELQ. Dawn tells Monica she is getting an annulment.  Frisco and Robert tell Colton his passenger tomorrow will be Commargo. Tracy wants to consult with Cheryl Stansbury as Edward used to trust her. Rico tells Carla about Commargo coming to PC.

September 25-28, 1990:  9/25 cm, 9/26 cm, 9/27 cm, 9/28 cm

September 25, 1990 - With Commercials - Tom confronts Harrison about his shame of a marriage.  Lucy is still trying to get Alan in the sack so she can get pregnant. Meg tells Simone about Tom's little visit to Harrison. Charlene is still having chest pains. Tracy spots Dawn meeting with a lawyer, Eric Nash, to get an annulment. Tracy goes to Scott for information about Cheryl. They end up making love in his office. Bobbie tells a suspicious Tony that Lucy is pregnant. Lucy meets with a doctor at a sperm bank. Sean visits Felicia and she asks him to be the baby's godfather. Lucy jets out when the doctor at the sperm bank recognizes her and wants to meet Alan. Harrison wants his custody hearing moved up. Thanks to Scott, Lucy meets Ashton's friend, Gunther. Dawn tells Decker that after she gets her annulment she and Decker can be together.

September 26, 1990 - With Commercials - Colton leaves to get Commargo in DC. Stark maps out Commargo's death. Robert and Anna plan to stall a security system on the closed off 8th floor of GH. After one last ditch effort to get Alan into bed, Lucy puts plan B in action and calls Gunther. Ned gives Dawn their wedding album to help her remember what they had together. Ned learns she has filed for an annulment. Lucy invites Gunther over to the Q mansion. Robert, Anna, and Sean go over security with Stark. Stark informs them that a private nurse will be installed in the room next to Commarrgo. To flex his power over her, Rico shows Carla a picture of her mother in prison. Bobbie is going to NYC to meet with a contact from an adoption agency that Alan arranged. Lucy and Gunther make plans to meet later at his hotel room. Cheryl is about to leave the adoption agency.

September 27, 1990 - With Commercials - Commargo arrives at GH. Frankie tells Colton that Rico raped Carla. Tom learns the adoption hearing has been moved up. On Stark's orders,  Rico switches carbon monoxide with oxygen canisters for Commargo's surgery. When Anna questions him, Stark insists it is his paranoia to use the canisters he brought in. Meg quits GH. Rico has Frankie and Carla locked up at one of Rico's properties. Colton searches for them and gets the clue that Frankie left behind at the apartment. Commargo has a seizure

September 28, 1990 - With Commercials - Tony treats Commargo. Cheryl learns that ELQ is eager to speak with her. Frisco and Robert gets stuck baby-sitting Lucas. Colton finds Frankie and Carla. Bobbie arrives in NYC and meets with Cheryl. Tony informs Stark that Commargo needs surgery immediately. Monica will step in for the awol Harrison. Stark wants a swiss bank account from Commargo but he is too weak to tell him. Commargo cannot die until he gets it. Rico knows Colton has found Frankie and Carla. Lucy shows up for her tryst with Gunther but when the lights are turned on seems she has slept with Scott instead. Colton tries to find Robert and Anna for help. Rico pulls a gun on Colton right in front of Anna at GH.

October 1-4, 1990:  10/1 cm, 10/2 cm, 10/3 cm, 10/4 cm

October 1, 1990 - With Commercials - Lucy is livid with Scott. Commargo's surgery gets underway. Rico gets Anna's gun and she realizes Rico is working with Stark. Stark throws Commargo's private nurse under the bus and shots her right in the operating room. Stark takes control of the 8th floor. Stark refuses to let Anna call Sean and Robert. Sean and Frisco find Frankie beat up in the alley behind Delafields. Anna learns the truth about the tanks. Lucy insists to Scott she is already pregnant and it's  Alan's. A worried Alan and Tom go to the 8th floor via a service elevator and get ambushed by one of Rico's men. Sean and Frisco arrive with Frankie at GH.

October 2, 1990 - With Commercials - Alan and Tom meet Stark. Cheryl arrives back in PC and looks around the old penthouse apartment. Frisco and Sean have no idea who is running the show on the 8th floor. Sean gets a message from Stark. Commargo's surgery continues. Lucy, Tracy and Scott learn Alan has been taken hostage. Shep follows Cheryl to the PC hotel bar. Sean wants Frisco to go home to Felicia. Shep takes Cheryl back to his place and they make love. Decker and Dawn are worried about Colton and Monica. Stark wants the 9th and 10th floors of GH cleared. 

October 3, 1990 - With Commercials - Commargo has made it through surgery. Anna questions Tony and Monica about the shooting in the operating room. Robert arrives at GH. Anna comes up with the plan to drug Stark. Lucy spills the beans about the hostage situation to Charlene. Charlene has another episode. Amy charms her way into a GH drug room. Colton frees himself from a locked linen closet. Anna's plan to poison Stark backfires. Colton ambushes a guard and gets his hands on a gun. Robert sends word to Stark that an operating room is needed for Charlene. Rico finds Colton gone. To bring Colton out, Rico takes Charlene and Decker hostage. Colton gets to a walkie and learns about Charlene and Decker.

October 4, 1990 - With Commercials - Cheryl slips out of Shep's room. Colton defies Robert's orders. Stark agrees to let Monica operate on Charlene. Tiffany and Shep get word that a story is happening at GH. Cheryl arrives at ELQ to meet with Tracy and Scott. BJ's birthday party at the brownstone. ELQ offers Cheryl a job. Ned gets his annulment papers. Shep comes sniffing around GH for a story. Tiffany is reunited with Cheryl. Robert tells Robin that Anna is involved in a hostage situation. Ned confronts Dawn about the papers. Charlene makes it through surgery. Cheryl meets Lucas at BJ's party. Shep crashes the party looking for Tony and learns Cheryl is Tiffany's sister.

October 5-11, 1990:  10/5 cm, 10/8 cm, 10/9 Showdown at GH, 10/10 Showdown continues, action at GH, guns blazing, 10/11 Rescue is complete

October 5, 1990 - With Commercials - BJ misses her parents on her birthday. Colton is using the air ducts to move around the hospital. He hears that Stark is after a Swiss bank account. Scott acting as Simone's lawyer asks for a postponement for the custody hearing. Commargo regains consciousness. Colton gets word to Anna. Wanting to help her mom, Robin plots a “rescue plan” with Rowdy and King. Carla insists she is not going back to Santo Moro with Rico. Simone gets her postponement. Charlene is awake after surgery. Frisco busts up Robin's “rescue plan” but does allow them to come to GH with him. Colton gets to Commargo to warn him about Stark.  

October , 1990 - With Commercials - Katherine returns home. Frankie wants Frisco to train him to help with Robert's rescue plan. Stark gets no information from the conscious Commargo. Tiffany shut Shep down when he wants to go on the air with his GH story. Stark removes Tony as Commargo's doctor. Frisco trains a group of police cadets, that includes Frankie, as “the cat squad” to save the hostages. Stark requests a helicopter and jet from Robert. Monica and Alan try to warn Commargo about Stark. Monica gets shot in the leg. Colton makes it to Charlene's room. Ned meets with Cheryl at Delafields. Katherine notices Cheryl. Alan takes care of Monica. Tony lies to Stark that he gave Commargo a sedative. Frisco has 12 hours to get the cat squad up to the 8th floor.

October 9, 1990 - No Commercials - Rico suspects Colton is just lying in wait to make his move. Anna gets instructions from Colton regarding the “cat squad”. Scott finds Lucy's home pregnancy tests. Monica tells Alan about thinking Lucy was blackmailing her. Decker manages to loosen a vent door for the squad while Amy creates a diversion. Alan suspects Lucy may be lying about being pregnant. Scott tries to get Lucy to admit she still has feelings for him.  Scott covers when Tracy finds him outside of Lucy's bedroom. Rico finds out Colton is using the air vents to get around the hospital. Rico fires shots into the vent. Colton's walkie talkie is broken. Stark learns that the group has been communicating with Colton. Rico finds a door to get into the vent.

October 10, 1990 - No Commercials - Sean and Robert are worried when they lose all contact with Colton. When everyone hears a gunshot, Carla gets hysterical thinking Rico has killed Colton.  Stark accuses Robert of going back on his word. Frisco sends his squad in early. Katherine checks in on Robert. The cat squad gets into the vents. Colton and Rico play cat and mouse on the 9th floor. Commargo gives Stark his Swiss bank account number to verify. Colton takes out the elevator guard. “Cat Squad” put gas into the vents to simulate a fire. Madness breaks out on the 8th floor. Stark's men fall back. Robert catches them in the elevator trying to make their escape. Rico is still hot on Colton's trail. They come face to face with guns drawn.

October 11, 1990 - No Commercials - Colton and Rico face off.  Frankie gets stabbed trying to help Colton. Carla shoots Rico. Tony and Dawn tend to Frankie. Shep is in the lobby with a camera crew. The Qs learn that the hostage situation has come to an end. One of the cat squad, Remy, offers to stay with Frankie for the night. Carla wants the location of her mother from Rico but he dies without telling her. Anna is reunited with Robin. Lucy is not a happy camper when Alan brings Monica to stay at the Q mansion.  Shep interviews Colton. He claims he shot Rico not Carla. It's Robin's birthday and all she wants is dinner with just her parents. Carla is worried about being prosecuted for shooting Rico.

October 12-18, 1990:  10/12 Robert & Anna help Robin celebrate her 13th birthday, 10/15, 10/16, 10/17, 10/18

October 12, 1990 - No Commercials - Katherine has a romantic evening waiting for Robert but he can't stay. Katherine tells him that Cheryl is back in town. Tom returns home to Simone. Sean welcomes Cheryl back to PC. Carla learns that Commargo had nothing to do with her father's death. Robert and Anna have dinner with Robin. Robert has a hard time excepting that Robin is growing up. Cheryl and Shep join Sean and Tiffany at Delafields for dinner. Frankie is restless in the hospital. Carla has a bad dream about Rico. Robert returns to the penthouse to continue his night with Katherine. Cheryl tells Tiffany and Sean that she has taken the job at ELQ

October 15, 1990 - No Commercials - Cheryl and Shep wake up in bed together. Sean serves Tiffany breakfast in bed. Shep wants to know more about Cheryl's past. Frisco shares his theory with Anna that Colton is lying about Rico's shooting.  Carlin, a sleazy reporter from the Gazette, fishes around Amy for the skinny on Colton heroics at GH. Katherine takes Robin shopping for a dress for a school dance. Carla wants to set the record straight about the shooting. Anna, Sean, and Frisco question Colton. Carla admits to shooting Rico. Robert sees Cheryl at Wyndams.

October 16, 1990 - No Commercials - Tracy tells Scott that Alan has doubts about Lucy being pregnant. Alan wants Lucy to have an examination by Kyle. Dawn apologies to Monica. Ned tells Scott he is contesting the annulment. Dawn finds Decker asleep at Charlene's bedside. Kyle confirms to a surprised Alan that Lucy is indeed pregnant. Meg takes Decker to task for avoiding Dawn. Dawn reams Ned for dragging his feet where the annulment is concerned. Ned wants to wait the 20 days he is allowed by law. Tracy “congratulates” Lucy on her pregnancy. Dawn tells Decker that on Oct. 26th she is a free woman and she wants to get married to him right then. Decker tells Dawn that he loves her.

October 17, 1990 - No Commercials - Dawn and Decker make wedding plans. Carla gives her statement to the police. Frisco and Anna conclude that Rico's death was self-defense but it will be up to Robert to make the final decision. Lucy concludes that the baby will need her wing so Tracy and Ashton need to be out of the mansion by Nov. 30. Lucy plan on buying the mansion for Alan. Charlene thinks Decker should go back to school. Ashton goes through Lucy's calendar to see why Nov. 30 is so special. Scott tells Tracy that on the 30th Lucy is getting the Jerome diamonds. Anna puts her foot down when Robin puts on an inappropriate dress for a school dance. Colton wants to go with Carla to Santo Moro to look for her mother. Scott, Ashton, and Tracy take a look at Lucy's diamonds at the PCPD. They decide to run an ad to find the real owner of the diamonds so Lucy does not get them. Lucy tells Alan she plans buy the mansion. Anna visits Felicia. Frankie gives Frisco the files he stole from Clayton's office.

October 18, 1990 - No Commercials - Colton and Carla make the PC Gazette headlines. Shep brings Cheryl flowers. Colton tells Carla they won't be going to Santo Moro. Robert's hands are tied when it comes to Clayton's files.  Frankie finds Carla is gone. Colton goes to search for her. Robert hopes to find Rico's name in Lucas' file. Cheryl overhears Robert taking to Tony. Colton finds Carla back at her apartment. Frankie accuses Carla of shutting out Colton. Robert finds Dr. Perry in Clayton's files but his phone is disconnected. Tony suggests Robert find him through the national registry. Robert decides to pay the doctor a visit.

October 19 -25, 1990:  10/19, 10/22, 10/23, 10/24, 10/25

October 19, 1990 - No Commercials - Cheryl and Ned celebrate her taking the job at ELQ. Frisco agrees to help Anna out with Robin'sdramatics. Decker gets his job back at Delafields. Cheryl wishes Katherine happiness with Robert. Posed as a man looking to buy a baby, Robert infiltrates Dr. Perry's office. Dr. Perry turns him down but Robert does get a look-see at his files. Frisco keeps on eye on Robin at the school dance. Robert leaves his number just in case Dr. Perry changes his mind. Rowdy is jealous when Robin shows up at the dance with another guy. Cheryl decides not to take an apartment at the brownstone. 

October 20, 1990 - No Commercials - Tracy and Scott's ad in the paper is causing pandemonium at the PCPD. Lucy sees the ad and flips out. Tracy wants Ned to face the fact that is marriage will be over on Friday. Lucy learns Scott has been nosing around the diamonds. Carla is looking at murder one, when DA wants to press charges against her for Rico's death. Lila visits Charlene and learns of Dawn and Decker's wedding. Lucy confronts Scott about the ad. Robert doesn't like Cheryl and Katherine getting chummy. Carla goes to Charlene as she needs to find the out of town Colton. Charlene calls Colton who has went to Santo Moro. Scott tries to pin the diamond ad in the paper solely on Tracy. Lucy tells Ashton that if he fingers Tracy as the one that placed the ad she will let him stay in the mansion. Scott tries to wrangle the bill for the ad out of Tracy. Charlene gives Decker a ring to give to Dawn. Decker asks Dawn to officially marry him.

October 23, 1990 - No Commercials - Tom tells Simone he has to leave town. Simone is upset as the custody hearing is rescheduled for tomorrow. Dawn shows Monica her ring. Katherine gives Decker his back pay to help out his pocketbook.  Ned and Cheryl find Scott and Tracy messing around in his office. Scott gets his hands on the diamond ad receipt and gives it to Lucy. Cheryl does not want Tiffany to treat her with kid gloves. Monica refuses to let Lucy buy the mansion. (Note: Video jump during the scene) Ned vows to show Dawn the kind of man Decker really is. Monica leaves the mansion to go back to the hotel. Tom brings Simone's mother to PC to tell everyone the truth about the baby not being Harrison's.

October 24, 1990 - No Commercials - Robert learns that Tracy, Scott, and Ashton were looking at the diamonds at the PCPD. Shep gets an idea for a new story on the Jeromes. Simone chews her mother out. Meg turns on Harrison. The Qs attend Cheryl's “welcome to ELQ” party at Delafields.  Lucy learns Scott lied about snooping around her diamonds.  Tiffany and Robert see Cheryl kiss Shep at the Delafield bar. Simone cuts all ties with her mother. Frisco sings at Delafields. Shep thinks Cheryl was just putting on a show at Delafields to make Robert's jealous.

October 25, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco tells Carla that the DA will not make a decision on her case until he talks to Colton. Ned learns Wyndamere is for sale again as it was seized by the government after the whole Faison debacle. Decker moves in with Dawn at Kellys. Decker is worried about providing for Dawn. Decker bails on a dinner that Monica is throwing for them and tells Dawn he has to work a double shift at Delafields. Tom thinks Harrison's license should be revoked. Harrison wants to leave town with Meg but she wants nothing to do with him. Colton is back in PC and has brought Carla's mother with him. Dawn turns down money from Monica. Decker wins a motorcycle in a card game. Ned attacks Decker on the docks. Felicia sends Frisco's heart racing with a false alarm. Carla and Colton kiss. Tom informs Simone that Steve is firing Harrison.

October 26 - November 1, 1990:  10/26, 10/29, 10/30, 10/31, 11/1

October 26, 1990 - No Commercials - Decker decides it is not a good idea to go with Dawn to the courthouse. Frisco sets up a nursery for the baby. Tiffany thinks Cheryl is trying to make Robert jealous with Shep. Robert thinks Cheryl is in town to make trouble. Sean visits Felicia. Ned and Dawn’s day in court. Anna thinks Robert should bring in Scott and question him about Victor’s diamonds. Dawn testifies and gets her annulment. Robert finds the serial number on the inside of the diamond pouch. Cheryl reconsiders and takes the apartment at the brownstone. Felicia sees the nursery early. Perry calls Robert claiming he can find him a baby after all. Ned learns Dawn and Ned will be married tomorrow. Dawn misses the note that Decker left at their apartment. Decker leaves town.

October 29, 1990 - No Commercials - Robert sets the trap for Dr. Perry. Cheryl moves into the brownstone. Anna tries to connect the diamond pouch to Victor Jerome. Since she will be working at ELQ, Amanda Barrington goes to Robert to check into Cheryl’s background. Dawn learns that Decker received a bonus check from Katherine. Robert questions Cheryl. Monica angers Dawn when she checks on Decker’s bonus check with the bank. Ned finds Decker’s note to Dawn and steals it. Katherine is concerned about why Robert is being so hard on Cheryl. Perry backs out of meeting with Robert. Kyle pays a house visit to Felicia. Frankie tells Dawn he saw Decker take off on a motorcycle. Ned puts Decker’s note in his safe. Robert orders a SCC and background check on Cheryl. 

October 30, 1990 - No Commercials - Lucy is worried that a Jerome heir will pop out of the woodwork and steal her diamonds. Dawn is confidant Decker will show up at city hall but still asks Shep to go and look for him. Harrison insults Meg. Colton meets with the DA about the case against Carla. The story sways enough for the DA not to press charges against Carla. Robin has a study date with Craig. Colton gets worried when he learns Decker did not come home last night. Lucy gets a hot tip on the old Harrington mansion that Victor Jerome used to stay. Robin gets invited to a the Halloween catacomb party. Robin lies to Anna to be able to go. Harrison informs Simone that if he goes down so does her mother. Shep tells Dawn that Decker left town. Ned finds out where Decker has gone.

October 31, 1990 - No Commercials - Katherine and Cheryl both come up with the same Halloween costume. Colton files a missing person’s report on Decker. Frisco gets called into work at the PCPD. Cheryl and Shep get dressed up as Samson and Delilah. Scott finds Lucy goes snooping around the Harrington mansion. Anna can’t find any proof that the diamonds were Victor’s. At the Harrington mansion, Scott finds the Jerome family bible and gives it to Lucy but keeps a page of it for himself. Felicia, dresses up in a clown costume, gets locked out the brownstone.

November 1, 1990 - No Commercials - Delafield’s Halloween costume party. Perry calls Robert for another meeting so Robert is off to Pennsylvania. Alan learns Lucy is looking into the old Harrington mansion. Lucy fakes a fainting spell. Tracy thinks Scott is conspiring with Lucy. Scott gets a lead from the bible page on an Evan Jerome and he and Tracy decide to find him together. Sean learns Robert has ordered a background check on Cheryl. Sean and Tiffany are afraid he will find out about Cheryl’s baby. Robert arrives at Perry’s office. Scott and Tracy go looking around the Harrington mansion. They find letters addressed to Evan Jerome. In the catacombs, Robin’s friends hold a séance to evoke the spirit of Victor Jerome. Felicia busts it up. Perry puts Robert off. The cops show up at the Harrington mansion thanks to Lucy. Tracy covers. Scott has to go Berlin to find Evan. Felicia goes into labor. Robert returns.

November 2-8, 1990:  11/2 Felicia goes into labor at the Halloween party, 11/5, 11/6, 11/7, 11/8

November 2, 1990 - No Commercials - Delafield’s Halloween costume party continues. After a call from Felicia saying she is locked out of the brownstone, Frisco rushes back. Frankie convinces Dawn and Meg to go to the Delafield Halloween Party. Frisco rushes Felicia to GH. Sean confronts Robert about his background check on Cheryl. Frisco and Felicia run into some traffic and decide to walk to the hospital. Ned’s plan to spend the evening with Dawn backfires. Robert tears into the wrong “Delilah”. Felicia in labor.

November 5, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco is driving Felicia fussing over her at the hospital. Delafield’s Halloween costume party continues. Bobbie returns home. Alan flakes out on taking Lucy to Delafields. Tony puts a plan in motion to keep Frisco out of Felicia’s hair. Sean checks on Cheryl after the scene Robert made at Delafield’s. Tracy tells Ashton about her and Scott breaking into the Harrington estate. Scott arrives in Berlin to look for Evan Jerome. Sean, Tiffany, Anna, and Robert head over to GH for the birth. Frisco meets his baby daughter. Scott has some problems with the language barrier in Berlin. Cheryl and Shep make love.

November 6, 1990 - No Commercials - Robin comes clean with Anna about lying to her. Bobbie busts in on Shep and Cheryl’s morning. Robin learns that Felicia had her baby. Katherine tries to help King with his studies. Robert fills Bobbie in about his plan to trap Perry. Anna wants Robert’s help with Robin. Bobbie and Cheryl discuss her time with the adoption agency in NY. Sean apologizes to Shep. He thinks he is good for Cheryl. Amanda reveals to Cheryl that she was the one that ordered the background check on her. Robert has a talk with Robin. Charlene and Dawn want Anna and Sean to find Decker. Charlene calls Loretta in Midvail but she lies to her saying that she has not seen Decker. Cheryl gets an unexpected visit from her psychologist.

November 7, 1990 - No Commercials - Cheryl’s psychologist reveals that the police are looking into her past. Tracy asks Cheryl about the Jerome family. Lucy learns Scott is in Berlin and suspects he is back stabbing her. Scott fishes around for more information an Evan Jerome. Steve informs Harrison of his AMA hearing in Washington and fires him. Sean, Tiffany, Robert and Katherine visit the baby. Meg apologizes to Simone. The Hardy’s invite her to dinner. Scott gets a lead on Evan. Tony and Frisco have a brotherly talk about their father. Robert reveals to Katherine about the police report he had run on Cheryl. Felicia and the baby are releases from the hospital. Lucy tries to fish around Frisco about what he found at the Harrington mansion the other night.

November 8, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco and Felicia return to the brownstone to a welcome home party. Scott meets Evan “Edge” Jerome. Robin sweet-talks Anna to let her go and see Frisco and Felicia’s baby. Frisco and Felicia name the baby. Bobbie and Tony have a potluck dinner. Frisco and Felicia announce the baby’s name. Scott strikes out on convincing Edge to come back to PC with him. Cheryl gets overwhelmed and leaves the room when BJ and Lucas gives her gifts for her birthday. Tiffany tells Bobbie about Cheryl losing her baby. Edge reconsiders and joins Scott on the flight back to PC.

November 9-15, 1990:  11/9, 11/12, 11/13 cm, 11/14, 11/15

November 9, 1990 - No Commercials - Robin is seriously embarrassed by Anna when she comes to her school. Scott and Edge arrive in PC. Carla wants Colton to go with her to Santa Moro as he is getting a medal for his heroism in the hostage crisis. Felicia tells Anna that Robin is really upset with being grounded as it prevents her from auditioning for a Xmas dance show at school. Scott explains to Edge how he has to go about getting him the Jerome diamonds. The very suspicious Edge gives Scott 12 hours to get him the diamonds. Lucy puts a down payment on the Harrington estate and she meets with an architect. Anna considers letting Robin audition. Even though his mother wants him to return with her to Santa Moro, Frankie wants to stay in PC. Colton and Carla visit the baby. Anna lets Robin audition. Scott learns Edge is gone from the hotel. Anna is very impressed with Robin’s dance moves at the audition. Someone is collecting press clippings about Frisco and Felicia. After showing off her moves, Anna meets Edge at Robin’s dance class.  

November 12, 1990 - No Commercials - Robert invites Katherine to his police convention. Anna discusses with Robin her past as a dancer. Edge overhears Scott call him a “lowlife”. Cheryl steals a picture of Robert and Lucas from Bobbie’s photo album. Robert wants Anna to watch King for a week while he and Katherine are away. Anna refuses and yells at Robert for talking her for granted. Anna tells Olin she feels her life lacks direction. Bobbie wants to go after Perry and is angry Tony and Robert won’t give her more information about him. Scott gives Edge some video equipment to keep him busy. Scott begs for more time to get Edge the diamonds. They agree on Nov. 30 as the new deadline. Edge and Anna meet again on the docks. With Katherine now not going with him, Robert delays leaving to be with her for the one more night.

November 13, 1990 - With Commercials - Alan is livid when he learns that Lucy put a down payment on the Harrington mansion and he is canceling the check. Meg gets Harrison’s condo in the divorce settlement. Monica suggests Dawn move in with Meg. Scott learns that Ned has Dawn’s note. Tracy gets Victor Jerome old lawyer’s, Broxton, address for Scott. Lucy tries to con Scott into putting up the cash for the down payment on the Harrington estate. Alan reconsiders and tells Lucy he is letting the check go through. Scott meets with Broxton about the diamonds. Frisco tells Felicia that he booked the hospital chapel to christian the baby. Meg and Dawn’s condo has funny tasting water. Felicia thinks Frisco is not being honest about his father.

November 14, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco and Felicia plan the christening. Bobbie tells Tiffany that Cheryl has been avoiding Lucas. Anna helps Robin with her dance routine. Edge learns that Delafields is the hot spot in PC. Dawn moves into the condo. Edge and his video camera find Anna at Delafields. Anna wants him to stay away from her with the video camera. Bobbie overhears Tony saying Perry used to have a small clinic in Delaware. Frisco asks Anna to be the baby’s godmother. Broxton tells Scott the paperwork is almost done for the diamonds. Edge leaves music video tapes for Robin to help her with her dance routines. 

November 15, 1990 - No Commercials - Mariah arrives for Maxie’s christening. Bobbie learns Cheryl lost her baby right when she adopted Lucas. Frankie wants Dawn to sit for a photo session for his portfolio. Cheryl thinks that Ned wanted to work at the brownstone with her in hopes of seeing Dawn at the christening. Maxie’s christening in the hospital chapel. A mysterious women shows up at the back of the chapel. Ned tries to talk with Dawn and tell her the truth about Decker. The mysterious women turns out to be Frisco’s stepmother, Rita. She tries to offer her congratulations and a present. Frisco rejects it.

November 16-21, 1990:  11/16, 11/19 cm, 11/20 cm, 11/21 cm

November 16, 1990 - With Commercials - Realizing it was a mistake to come, Rita and Tony say goodbye. Felicia presses Frisco about why he made a scene at the hospital. He reveals that Rita had an affair with his father while his mother was still alive. Ned gives Dawn the note he had forged from Decker. Bobbie gets Perry’s phone number. Tony tells Bobbie that he had an affair with Rita as well. Party at the brownstone after the christening. Tony presses Frisco to talk with Rita before she leaves town. Bobbie impersonates Cheryl and calls Dr. Perry’s office. Dawn breaks down after she reads Decker’s letter. Frisco tells Rita that he is glad his father is dead. Rita pleads her case but Frisco walks out.

November 19, 1990 - With Commercials - Edge meets Dawn at a club. Meg tells Ned he should move on as Dawn wants nothing to do with him. A fellow resident of Meg and Dawn’s condo is hospitalized with headaches.  Frisco checks out the tapes Edge left for Robin. Rita offers to help Tony out at GH. Ned finds Dawn and Edge at the club and gets into a bar room brawl. Edge puts the brakes on when Dawn wants him to spend the night. Tony gives Rita’s gift to Felicia. Tony is concerned at Bobbie’s strange behavior. Sean is concerned when Tiffany tells him that she told Bobbie about Cheryl’s miscarriage. Dr. Perry is preparing to leave town.

November 20, 1990 - With Commercials - Lucy thinks Edge is a cameraman following her around for the TV show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Privileged”. Rita shows up at the brownstone to bring Tony the vitals on his patient. Tony wants to spend the day with Bobbie. Scott gets a copy of Victor’s will that leaves everything to Evan. Steve is spread thin now that Harrison is gone. Anna is a bit miffed when Edge show up at Robin’s dance audition. Tiffany wants to interview Bobbie about her helping to arrange open adoptions. Broxton, shows up at Cheryl’s office. Lucy wants to volunteer at the GH food drive…well sort of. Tony and Bobbie spend the day together in the park. Robin gets a solo in the Xmas dance show. To cover, Scott tells Lucy that Edge works for a blooper show. Lucas has an insulin reaction on the docks.

November 21, 1990 - With Commercials - Bobbie and Tony rush to the docks but Cheryl has taken Lucas already. Katherine is planning a special Thanksgiving for Robert. Frisco is a nervous nelly about Felicia taking the baby out to Kelly’s. Lucas is fine as Cheryl knew how to care of him as diabetes runs in her family. Frisco is upset that Rita is still in town and working at GH. Everyone is helping with the food drive at Kellys. Tiffany interviews Bobbie on WLPC’s “PC Today”. Bobbie gets some harassing phone calls on the air. Bobbie learns Perry is gone. Bobbie tells Tony she will not be home on Thanksgiving. She and Tony argue about her priorities. Bobbie leaves for Pennsylvania. Tony invites Rita to Thanksgiving.

November 22-27, 1990:  11/22 cm Thanksgiving, 11/23 cm Bobbie discovers Lucas is Cheryl's baby and flips out, 11/26 cm, 11/27

November 22, 1990 - With Commercials - Thanksgiving Day in PC. Anna is not too happy when she learns Robin invited Edge to dinner. Ruby serves the homeless at Kelly’s .Tom thinks Steve may retire as COS. Lucy wants to serve duck instead of turkey but Charlene brings a turkey with her. Lucy is peeved when Monica and Scott show up at the mansion for dinner. Meg and Jessie join the Hardy’s for dinner. Steve announces at dinner that Tom has been promoted to ACOS. Lucy babbles on to the Q’s about buying the Harrington estate and renovating it by Xmas.  King and Katherine arrive at Anna’s for dinner. Scott stops by the Hardy’s for dessert. Alan gives a toast in the Q tradition. Tony learns Bobbie lied to him about her plans.

November 23, 1990 - With Commercials - Thanksgiving continues. Robert returns and shows up at Anna’s.  Bobbie arrives at Perry’s office and sees moving men taking the last of the boxes out. Katherine whisks Robert away for their Thanksgiving plans. Tony tells Rita about Bobbie’s stubborn refusal to let the Clayton/Perry connection go. Bobbie finds a receipt for Esther Gibson (Perry’s receptionist) in the garbage. Tony tells Robert about Bobbie going to find Perry. Bobbie gets Esther’s address and shows up at her apartment. Robert and Katherine have a romantic Thanksgiving dinner. Esther comes clean with Bobbie and gives her Cheryl’s file. Katherine proposes to Robert

November 26, 1990 - With Commercials - Tony gets Rita a room at the PC Hotel. Robert declines Katherine’s proposal. Katherine shows Robert her plans to leaves town on an extended world tour. She is leaving tomorrow. Felicia shows Frisco the baby gift she accepted from Rita. Felicia thinks Frisco should make peace with Rita. Robert and Katherine say goodbye. Tony bends Rita’s ear about his problems with Bobbie. Katherine asks Mary to stay in PC to help run Delafields with Angel. Robert tells Sean that he and Katherine broke up. Frisco learns that Tony is fitting the bill for Rita’s hotel room. Katherine tells King all about all the things he has to look forward to in Europe. (Note: Edie Lehmann’s final scene)

November 27, 1990 - No Commercials - Bobbie returns home. Edge asks Anna out to dinner but she turns him down. A very upset Mary tells Anna about Robert and Katherine breaking up.Tony is disappointed when Bobbie does not come clean with him about where she hd been. Ned’s bar room brawl makes the rag paper. Tracy and Scott learn it was Edge that Ned got into the fight with at the bar. Dawn recaps to Meg her night out with Edge. Anna checks on Robert. Bobbie tells Ruby about Cheryl being Lucas’s birth mother. Ruby thinks Bobbie should come clean with Tony. Bobbie wants to burn Cheryl’s file but Ruby convinces her to put it in the safe at Kellys. Anna changes her mind on dinner with Edge.

November 28 - December 4, 1990:  11/28 Frisco sings at a club, 11/29, 11/30, 12/3, 12/4

November 28, 1990 - No Commercials - Lucy meets with decorators for the Harrington mansion. Tom tells Tony he is thinking of asking Rita to join the GH staff. Tracy is worried that Lucy will discover who Edge really is. Tiffany tells Cheryl about Katherine and Robert breaking up. Edge meets Frisco. Lucy learns that Edge and Scott have been spending a lot of time together. When Bobbie doesn’t feel like a night out on the town, Tony takes Rita out to Delafields. Frisco performs at Delafields. Bobbie goes rummaging from Cheryl’s apartment and finds the photo of Robert and Lucas that Cheryl took. Frisco wants Sean and Anna to look into Rita’s past. Cheryl notices someone has been snooping in her apartment.

November 29, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna is going on another date with Edge. Cheryl wants to make Tony and Bobbie dinner. Lucy comes to the brownstone looking for Scott and she spills the beans to Bobbie about seeing Tony with Rita the other night. Tracy tells Ashton she is worried about Scott’s motives where Lucy is concerned. Lucy confronts Scott with the fact that Edge could be a Jerome. Anna and Edge have dinner.  (Note: ABC News Brief Interrupts the Scene: 4 minutes lost) Cheryl and Shep wrap up their evening with Tony and Bobbie. Scott stonewalls Lucy and gets all lovey dovey with her. Bobbie blows off Tony. Anna wants Edge investigated. Edge wants to know from Scott about Anna’s past history with the Jerome's

November 30, 1990 - No Commercials - Edge gives Scott an ultimatum. Rita finds Tony spent the night at GH. Scott tells Edge the sorted history of Anna and the Jerome's. Scott flips out when Edge tells him he is not going to claim the diamonds. Robert confronts Bobbie about her going to Perry’s office. Lucy arrives at the PCPD to collect her diamonds but Robert refuses to give them to her until the end of the business day. Bobbie tells Tony the truth about her trip but stops short of what she learned about Lucas. Scott tricks Lucy to miss the 5pm deadline to retrieve her diamonds. Anna reveals she knows Edge is not Evan Jerome but an impostor.   

December 3, 1990 - No Commercials - Monica invites Alan to dinner with her and Dawn. Edge reveals to Anna that he is Eric Jackson and that Evan Jerome was a druggie who used to work for him. Scott learns that he was taken in by Edge too. Lucy misses the 5pm deadline. Edge has to face the music with Robert but with the Broxton not wanting to press charges Edge is a free man. Robert gives Scott and Broxton 48 hours to find the real Evan Jerome. Alan brings Kyle to examine the very “distraught” Lucy to make sure the baby is okay. Bobbie and Tony get romantic. Scott tells Tracy that Edge is an impostor. Dawn introduces Edge to Monica. Robert wants to see Cheryl in his office tomorrow.

December 4, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna working on finding the legitimate heir to the Jerome fortune. Tracy decks Edge for bring an impostor. Edge tells her that Evan is more than likely dead and that is why he though he could get away with the fraud. Scott stops paying for Edge’s hotel room. Thinking that she is in cahoots with Lucy, Tracy wants Ned to get rid of Scott from ELQ. Edge still hopes he still has a chance with Anna. Felicia returns to work at the PI office and brings the baby. Tony releases Mr. Bridges, a fellow tenant of Meg and Dawn’s condo, but he is still baffled by what made him sick. Anna tells Frisco not to trust Edge. Sean gets information on Rita. Dawn poses for pictures for Frankie’s portfolio. Ned and Tracy plot to break Scott’s lifetime contract with ELQ. Edge fishes around Scott for information on Dawn. Felicia invites Rita to the brownstone insisting Frisco is over his grudge. Sean gives Frisco his report on Rita.

December 5-11, 1990:  12/5, 12/6, 12/7, 12/10, 12/11

December 5, 1990 - No Commercials - Rita joins the Jones family for dinner. Cheryl is questioned by Robert about what she knows about any missing Jerome’s. Frisco pretends that it doesn’t bother him that Rita is at the brownstone. Tony notices the picture of Robert with Lucas is missing. Scott catches Lucy snooping in his apartment for his 10 diamonds. Shep airs his broadcast about the diamonds. Cheryl buys a diamond ring similar to Katherine’s engagement ring. Frisco shows Felicia the file on Rita that she is a high-class hooker. Felicia sets him straight. Lucy arrives at Broxton’s office and learns that the real Evan Jerome is on flight to PC. Broxton tries to blackmail her. Bobbie recognizes the number on the diamond pouch as Cheryl’s adoption case file number.

December 6, 1990 - No Commercials - Alan and Monica get notifications of an ELQ board meeting. Lucy stakes out the airport for the Jerome heir. Bobbie tells Tony she booked a ski resort vacation for them and the kids, but he can’t go. Bobbie is terrified that Cheryl already knows that Lucas is hers. Mary visits Robert at his office. Monica learns from Tracy and Ned that it is Scott’s lifetime contract that is up for debate at the meeting. Monica angrily confronts Ned about Decker’s letter. Edge gives Frankie some money for better equipment for his photography. After pretending she had a gun, Lucy gets detained at the airport. Dawn links the two people that have been admitted from her condo with the same symptoms and tells Tony. Broxton gets confirmation of Evan’s death. He wants the pouch but doesn’t care about the diamonds. Robert wants to have Katherine’s engagement ring split in two and made into earrings for Robin. Dawn agrees to another photo session with Frankie. Bobbie is leaving without Tony for the resort. Lucy gets the diamonds but the IRS shows up and confiscate them. Tony confronts Bobbie  about running away.

December 7, 1990 - No Commercials - Robert hands the diamonds over to the IRS. Shep gets his hands on the diamond pouch for his newscast and hands it over to Broxton. Bobbie is relived that no Jerome heir was found and does an about-face about getting out of town. Scott tells Tracy that Lucy didn’t get the diamonds. Alan tells Lucy he is not fitting the bill for all the debts she racked up regarding the Harrington mansion. Bobbie learns that Broxton has the diamond pouch. The ELQ board meeting is canceled. Robert is suspicious of Broxton. Alan tells Lucy he was a fool to marry her and it’s over. Scott gets an urgent SOS from Lucy. Shep walks in on one of Cheryl’s little Robert fantasies. Bobbie breaks into Broxton’s hotel room but he catches her.

December 10, 1990 - No Commercials - Shep confronts Cheryl when he thinks she has been with someone else. Bobbie comes up with a cover story about her working for hotel security with Broxton but he is on to her. Cheryl explains to Shep and he seems to buy it. Bobbie covers with Tony. Robert wants Shep to return the diamond pouch but he learns that Shep gave it to Broxton. Anna and Robert walk in on Robin with Craig. When he suspects her mind is somewhere else, Shep walks out on Cheryl. Robert decides to go to NYC to retrace Broxton’s footsteps before Victor’s escape from prison.

December 11, 1990 - No Commercials - Dawn has another photo shoot with Frankie. Frisco tells Sean that Felicia has taken Maxie and left him but Sean quickly realizes he is lying. Felicia thought Sean should be punished for helping Frisco look into Rita’s past and not telling her but Sean is too smart for them. Despite Lucy’s protests, Alan moves into the guest bedroom. Lucy calls Scott. Tom asks Rita to join the GH staff. Another case comes in to GH from Willow Shores (Meg and Dawn’s condo complex) After talking with Lucy, Ashton tells Tracy and Ned that Lucy has a savior in Scott for all her bills. All of the Quartermaines including Lucy get telegrams to be at an important ELQ board meeting. Dawn is drinking a ton of tap water at the photo shoot. At the board meeting, Scott tells the Qs he is resigning from ELQ.

December 12-18, 1990:  12/12, 12/13, 12/14, 12/17, 12/18

December 12, 1990 - No Commercials - With Bobbie tied up with adoption business, Tony invites Rita to Delafields. Scott and Lucy meet in the Q boathouse. Scott wants Lucy to dump Alan as he still loves her. Shep apologies to Cheryl. Tracy and Alan are at each other throats. Jennings informs Alan he has seen lights go on at the boathouse. Scott tosses his ten diamonds in the river. Alan almost catches Lucy and Scott together at the boathouse. Felicia and Frisco have their first night out without the baby. Still after the diamond pouch, Bobbie meets with Broxton. Scott gets a bank loan to get Lucy’s out of her financial problem. Edge takes the not feeling well Dawn home from Delafields. Anna believes Edge is cozying up to Dawn as he thinks she got a huge settlement from Ned. Back at his hotel, Broxton tries to put the moves on Bobbie. Rita sees Bobbie leaving the hotel room.

December 13, 1990 - No Commercials - Shep gets a scoop on people from Willow Shore getting sick. Rita tells Tony she is staying in PC. Edge offers Frankie a job helping him shoot his video he is planning with Frisco. Shep checks with Tony and Tom on the Willow Shores condo sickness cases. Tony takes a sample of the water at the condo to analyze. Shep takes Rita to lunch to ask a few questions about the condo sickness. Edge is making expensive plans for the video shoot. Dawn is getting sicker. Cheryl gets a monogrammed baby shirt with the name “Robbie” on it. Dawn passes out. Tony brings the water sample to GH for testing. Bobbie makes plans to see Broxton.

December 14, 1990 - No Commercials - Rita sees Bobbie again outside Broxton’s hotel room. Scott packs up his office. Edge, Anna, and Felicia find Dawn unconscious in her apartment. Felicia makes a phone call to Decker. Lucy tells Alan she has a plan to pay back all her debts. Dawn is brought into the ER. Broxton partner, Carmichael, switches the vials of water at the lab. Anna warns Edge to leave Dawn alone. Tony wants to question Broxton. Tracy finds out Alan wants the chairmanship of ELQ back  and is taking back the voting share he gave to Monica. Bobbie sneaks out the back when Tony and Rita arrive at Broxton’s hotel room. Rita secretly snatches Bobbie’s earring that she dropped on the floor. Tracy reveals that she really cared for Scott but it is over between them. Ned arrives at GH but Monica refuses to let me see Dawn. Decker is back.

December 17, 1990 - No Commercials - Dawn throws Decker out of her hospital room. Decker now knows that Ned got to the note he left. Alan convinces Ned to go home after a scene with Decker. Frisco wants to know from Felicia why she knew where Decker was and never said anything. Bobbie searches for her earring. Bobbie sees Cheryl taking Lucas home from Kellys and freaks out on her. Frisco and Tony have a little chat with Decker. Felicia finds out what the forged letter contained that Ned gave to Dawn and tells Decker. Decker now needs prove that Ned was the one that forged the letter.  Shep and Cheryl get in a fight. Decker tries again with Dawn. Decker vows to prove that the letter she got was not his. Rita sends Tony a letter and encloses Bobbie’s earring.   

December 18, 1990 - No Commercials - Colton and Carla are back from Santa Moro. Decker surprises Ned who has gone to Dawn’s apartment is looking for the letter. Decker gets both letters. Lila is getting the mansion for Xmas. Alan wants to know why Scott resigned from ELQ. Scott tells Alan he doesn’t want anything from him and gives Alan the Victor/Lucy pendant. Frankie tells Decker he is going to be working with Edge. Lucy insists to Alan that she has changed. Decker is very suspicious of Edge. Colton admits to Decker that Body Heat is not making money anymore. Decker tells Colton he had made some high risk investments and they paid off. Decker and Edge meet officially. Anna links Carmichael and Broxton. Anna wants Robert to return to PC as soon as possible. Ashton proposes to Tracy.

December 19-24, 1990:  12/19, 12/20, 12/21 cm, 12/24 cm, Christmas at GH, (no show aired 12/25)

December 19, 1990 - No Commercials - Decker insists on seeing Dawn at GH but she wants to see only Edge. Robert returns and lays out to Anna and Sean what he learned in NY about Broxton. Robert still needs to find out what the number on the diamond pouch means. Scott needs an office for his new private practice. Bobbie offers him Cheryl’s apartment at the brownstone as she might be moving out. Decker shows Dawn the letters (Note: glitchy picture) and reads the real one to her. Dawn tells him there is someone else. Robert sees Broxton and Bobbie together. Scott spills the beans to Cheryl that Bobbie thinking that she would want to move out of the brownstone. Anna, Robert, and Sean meet with the GH staff about the Willow Shores epidemic. (Note: Slight audio hum during the scene) Cheryl tells Tony about the apartment and how Bobbie flipped out on her. Dawn shows Monica Decker’s letter. Decker wants Edge to stay away from Dawn. Bobbie sees Rita and Tony together at the PC hotel.

December 20, 1990 - No Commercials - Tiffany and Cheryl go Christmas shopping. Cheryl tells her that she may be leaving the brownstone. Bobbie tells Ruby she thinks that Tony is seeing another woman. Cheryl tells Tiffany about all her problems with Bobbie. Tony confronts Bobbie about her actions toward Cheryl. Tracy turns down Ashton’s proposal of marriage. Thanks to Lucy, Scott gets accused of shoplifting at Wyndams. Bobbie apologies to Cheryl. Scott tells Lucy that it is just a matter of time before Alan learns the truth about the baby. Tony and Rita take carpet samples etc. from Willow Shores to run at the GH lab. Cheryl packs up her apartment. Shep wants Cheryl to move in with him until he finds a bunch of Xmas presents addressed to Robert. Broxton and Carmichael see that other samples have been taken from the condo complex.

December 21, 1990 - With Commercials - Anna and Robert invite Carmichael and Broxton for drinks at the PC Hotel. Robin is very nervous Christmas dance recital.Tiffany learns that Shep has quit WLPC. Cheryl tries to talk Shep out of leaving. All of Tony’s samples from the condo are clean. Robert gives Robin her earrings. Cheryl checks into the PC Hotel. Bobbie busts into Broxton’s hotel room. Decker makes no progress with Dawn. Felicia tells Decker that Dawn just needs some time. Broxton finds Bobbie in his room just as she finds his files and the pouch. Broxton wants Bobbie to get Tony to stop his investigation on Willow Shores or he tells Cheryl that Lucas is hers. Shep says goodbye to Sean and Tiffany. Robert gives Anna and Robin tickets to “The Nutcracker” in NYC on Christmas Eve night.  

December 24, 1990 - With Commercials - Decker goes all out on Xmas this year with his good fortune. BJ gives Frisco a Xmas card she made. Colton thinks Decker has gone overboard. Dawn is sad she has to spend Christmas in the hospital. GH Christmas Party. Frisco invites Rita back to the brownstone after the party. Tony dresses up as Santa. Colton’s business woos at Body Heat dampen his holiday. Steve reads the Christmas Story.  Charlene wonders if Dawn can find it in her heart to forgive Decker. Bobbie tries to get Tony to not put in extra time on the Willow Shores case. Carla and Colton get engaged. Tony gives Bobbie her present. Frisco gives Maxie her first Christmas ornament. Frisco opens BJ’s Xmas card and it contains Bobbie’s earring and note to Tony. Alan and Monica set up Christmas for Dawn in her hospital room. Dawn gets a present from Decker.

December 26-31, 1990:  12/26 cm morning after Christmas, 12/27 cm, 12/28 cm, 12/31

December 26, 1990 - With Commercials - Steve tells Tony that more residents of Willow Shores have been admitted. Frisco shows Felicia the letter that was addressed to Tony. Frisco thinks Bobbie is having an affair. Tiffany tells Robert that Cheryl is missing. Robert wants Guy to do a thoroughly background check on Broxton. Monica asks Dawn if she is interested in Edge (Note: Very glitchy picture during the scene)  Bobbie tells Broxton she is not making any ground on getting Tony to stop investigating Willow Shores. Dawn tells Felicia that it is over between her and Decker. Sean and Tiffany search for Cheryl and then she steps off the elevator at GH. She has been in NYC with friends for Christmas. Frisco gets his hands on Rita’s fingerprints to compare them with the ones on the earring.Tiffany thinks that Shep found out that Cheryl is still hung up on Robert. Sean confronts Robert with the same notion.

December 27, 1990 - With Commercials - Alan has a family meeting and Lucy is not invited. Colton meets Scott with the idea that he has to sell Body Heat. Lucy calls Scott to come over to the mansion asap. Alan announces that he is setting up a trust fund for the baby. Tracy hates the idea and vows to prove that Lucy’s baby is not Alan’s. Decker sends Dawn a TV and VCR with all the movies they screened at the old movie theater when they were on the run. Lucy learns about the trust fund. Colton tells Frisco and Felicia they are engaged. Tracy tells Lila she wants what is rightfully hers…she wants to be involved at ELQ. Decker insists that Dawn is spending New Years Eve with him. Edge tells Frisco he did not come up with the financing for the music video. 

December 28, 1990 - With Commercials - Frisco and Felicia join Tony and Bobbie for breakfast at Kellys. Tiffany and Cheryl go shopping for dresses for New Years Eve. Robert is informed that several relatives of the residents affected by the Willow Shores epidemic want to go to the press. Frisco gets the fingerprints results and their a match for Rita’s. Broxton and Bobbie meet on the docks. Bobbie covers when Tony finds her snooping in his office. Sean leaves town on business. Robert finds Frisco’s fingerprint evidence. Robert does not want Frisco and Felicia confronting Rita or Bobbie with the evidence. Tiffany hears Cheryl talking about “her son” to a Wyndams store clerk. Cheryl and Tiffany argue and Cheryl backs into a table injuring herself. Broxton tells his associate to take care of the water problem but leave Scorpio to him. Robert gets the Rita Lloyd file that Sean did for Frisco. An injured Cheryl packs her bags and collapses. 

December 31, 1990 - With Commercials - Note: Very slight audio hum through the episode. New years party at Delafields. Tiffany is worried about Cheryl and heads to GH just in case she turns up there. Robert asks to join Bobbie, Tony and Rita for New Years at Delafields. Robert picks up Rita at her hotel room. Tiffany tells Tom about Cheryl’s delusional state. Scott tells Colton his options regarding Body Heat. Edge tells Frankie that the music video with Frisco is canceled. Decker convinces Dawn to spend New Years Eve with him in her hospital room. Edge overhears that Decker has come into some money. Cheryl regains consciousness and manages to get dressed for the party. PC rings in 1991. Cheryl arrives at Delafields and collapses in Robert’s arms and he rushes her to GH. Alan tells Tiffany that Cheryl’s condition is very serious.

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