Complete GH Episodes, 1990

Episode Breakdown

December 28, 1989 - January 4, 1990:  12/28 cm, 12/29 cm, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 [Episode Descriptions]

January 5-11, 1990:  1/5, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10, 1/11 [Episode Descriptions]

January 12-18, 1990:  1/12, 1/15, 1/16, 1/17, 1/18 [Episode Descriptions]

January 19-25, 1990:  1/19, 1/22, 1/23, 1/24, 1/25 [Episode Descriptions]

January 26 - February 1, 1990:  1/26, 1/29, 1/30, 1/31, 2/1 [Episode Descriptions]

February 2-8, 1990:  2/2, 2/5, 2/6, 2/7, 2/8 [Episode Descriptions]

February 9-15, 1990:  2/9, 2/12, 2/13, 2/14, 2/15 [Episode Descriptions]

February 16-22, 1990:  2/16, 2/19, 2/20, 2/21, 2/22 [Episode Descriptions]

February 23 - March 1, 1990:  2/23, 2/26, 2/27, 2/28, 3/1 [Episode Descriptions]

March 2-8, 1990:  3/2, 3/5 Jonathan tells Anna, Robert, Sean that he is Duke but they don't believe him. Julian is a step ahead of them in getting proof he is Duke, 3/6, 3/7, 3/8 [Episode Descriptions]

March 9-15, 1990:  3/9, 3/12, 3/13, 3/14, 3/15 Anna tells Coltin the truth about Olivia's death [Episode Descriptions]

March 16-22, 1990:  3/16 Robert & Katherine's wedding Day, Julian finds Duke at the cabin, they struggle for the gun and both are shot, Monica confronts Lucy, tells her she is divorcing Alan, 3/19 Duke dies in Anna's arms, Robert calls off his wedding, Frisco & Felicia returning from Paris, a mysterious man (Faison) is interested in Robin's crystal, Frisco sings "Lady of My Heart", 3/20 Monica decides to fly to Mexico to divorce Alan, Lucy resigns from the hospital before she is fired, 3/21 Felicia is kidnapped, 3/22 [Episode Descriptions]

March 23-29, 1990:  3/23 Sean arrrives in Paris to help Frisco look for Felicia, Robin decides not to go to Scotland with R&A, Lucy's plan keeps Alan from being ousted from ELQ, R&A are on plane when a strange storm hits, Casey the alien arises from spectacular laser display, 3/26 When Casey comes looking for his crystal, Robin & Olin think he is a repairman, Faison has rest of crystal, 3/27 Alan proposes to Lucy, 3/28, 3/29 Sean & Frisco rescue Felicia just as Faison had planned, Ned & Dawn arrive in Mx to try to talk Monica out of divorcing Alan, Casey learns about earthlings through TV [Episode Descriptions]

March 30 - April 5, 1990:  3/30, 4/2, 4/3 Casey steals a boat, Robin & Casey go to the library 4/4, 4/5 Frisco & Katherine sing together [Episode Descriptions]

April 6-11, 1990:  4/6 Anna finds the book on sex that Casey stole from the library, Robin & Casey search for the crystal on Spoon Island, Anna follows Robin, 4/9 cm, 4/10 cm, 4/11 cm [Episode Descriptions]

April 12-17, 1990:  4/12 cm, 4/13 cm, 4/16 cm, 4/17 cm [Episode Descriptions]

April 18-23, 1990:  4/18 cm, 4/19 cm, 4/20 cm, 4/23 [Episode Descriptions]

April 24-30, 1990:  4/24, 4/25, 4/26 Lucy & ALan's wedding, 4/27, 4/30 (missed few mins pre-emption) [Episode Descriptions]

May 1-7, 1990:  5/1, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4, 5/7 [Episode Descriptions]

May 8-14, 1990:  5/8, 5/9, 5/10, 5/11, 5/14 [Episode Descriptions]

May 15-21, 1990:  5/15, 5/16 Anna & Casey found by Faison, 5/17, 5/18, 5/21 [Episode Descriptions]

May 22-28, 1990:  5/22, 5/23, 5/24 Sean & Frisco are shot by Desiree when she follows Robin to the penthouse, 5/25, 5/28 Casey goes home, Sean out of surgery but touch & go, Felicia arrives at GH to see if Frisco is ok but doesn't reveal herself, Anna sees a reporter on the news "Shep Casey" who looks like Casey! [Episode Descriptions]

May 29 - June 4, 1990:  5/29, 5/30, 5/31, 6/1 Opening of Delafields, Frisco sings, 6/4 [Episode Descriptions]

June 5-11, 1990:  6/5, 6/6, 6/7, 6/8, 6/11 cm [Episode Descriptions]

June 12-18, 1990:  6/12 cm, 6/13 cm, 6/14 cm, 6/15 cm, 6/18 [Episode Descriptions]

June 19-22, 1990:  6/19 cm, 6/20 cm, 6/21 cm, 6/22 cm [Episode Descriptions]

June 25 - July 2, 1990:  6/25 cm, 6/26 (missed first 5 mins), 6/27, (6/28 no show due to Daytime Emmy's) 6/29, 7/2 [Episode Descriptions]

July 3-December 31, 1990

Expanded Descriptions

December 28, 1989 - January 4, 1990:  12/28, 12/29, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4

December 28, 1989 - Frisco and Felicia are in bed together and he says he wants to make an honest woman out of her. Katherine is worrying about Robert. Anna shows up at Robert's office and throws one of her long black gloves at him to get his attention. Anna tries to pressure him into questioning Olivia. He gives in and allows her to go question Olivia as long as she doesn't screw up his case against her. She tells him that she want because its too important to her that Olivia stay in prison the rest of her life. Colton has come to visit Olivia and tells her to never loose faith and promises to stand by her no matter what happens. Anna has shown up at the hospital to visit Oliva when Sean shows up to try and talk her out of it but he gets no where. Frisco and Robert are talking about Tracy's case at Robert's office, and Robert admits that he doesn't think she's the one who did it. Felicia then barges in all giddy to remind Frisco about their date with the Donely's. Frisco tells her he can't come and Felicia is upset but Frisco is able to shuffle her out of the office. Anna then charges into Olivia's room. Olivia agrees to cooperate, but she beats around the bush with Anna's questions. Anna tries to force Olivia to say that she turned her back on Victor because of what he did to Duke. Anna then tries to connect Olivia to the stealing of Lucy's car and the break in at Scott's apartment. Anna goes off the rails and starts to attack her but Colton breaks it up. Frisco and Felicia meet with Sean and Tiffany for lunch, but Frisco is really there to search the hotel for evidence on Tracy. Colton bumps into Terri on the way out of the hospital and she tells him she has an idea for him. Sean and Tiffany tell Felicia that they want to give her and Frisco a wedding but Felicia turns them down. Katherine tells Anna her and Robert plan on announcing their wedding date one minute after midnight. Robert and Frisco continue to work on the case and Robert thinks he finally starting to be able to tie it all together. Anna decides to make it her mission to keep Olivia off the streets. Robert and Katherine talk on the phone, unaware that the line has been tapped.

December 29, 1989 - Felicia, Frisco, and Terri try to convince Tony and Bobbie to go to the New Year's Eve party, but they turn them down because they want to spend it with BJ and Lucas. Katherine doesn't want to go the party and tries to make Robert feel the same way, but he insists that he has to go. Robert's aftershave is being laced. Dawn and Decker are setting up for a party at Wyndemere and Ned barges in and is not happy to see them together. Ned and Decker then fight and Dawn has to break them up. Sean and Tiffany are getting ready for the party with Robin. Robin fills them in on her plans with Rowdy. Anna then comes in ready to go and Julian stops by as well. Scott stops by with a gift for Lucy: lingerie. They then work on their scheme to get Alan to give him a job at ELQ by having her seduce him. Alan and Monica are arguing about why she want go to the party. Alan denys to Monica that he's sleeping with Lucy. She gets angry with him slaps him to wish him a happy new year. Bobbie, Tony, Frisco, Felicia, and Terri all toast each other and the new year. Colton then shows up and breaks his date with Terri so he can spend time with Olivia. Katherine is still getting no where in her attempts to stop from having to go to the party. Robert then does a Humphrey Bogart impression for Katherine. Lucy has succeded in seducing Alan and are drinking in bed together. Lucy continues with her and Scott's scheme to get Alan to make Scott chief counsel for ELQ. Robert uses the tainted aftershave. Bobbie and Tony discuss how happy they are together. Colton bumps into Amy and insults her. Monica is walking Iona around the hospital and Iona attempts to cheer her up. Everyone is at Decker and Dawn's "murder" party. Scott gets into Anna's business about her showing up with Julian Jerome. Frisco and Felicia try to figure out the mystery. Lucy parades around in some lingerie Alan has bought for her and continues pressing him about Scott. Lucy bails on Alan when Scott calls. Robert finally appears at the party and Anna drags him away. Rowdy and Robin are spending New Year's Eve together. Rowdy answers a phone call from a bandaged up Duke, and when he tells him Anna is out with Julian, he hangs up before tellins Robin and Rowdy is idenity. Sean and Tiff worry about Julian and Anna's involvement. Frisco can't find Felicia. A badged up Duke leaves wherever he is. Robert falls down the stairs at the stroke of midnight while a horrified Katherine screams.

January 2, 1990 - Tracy and Ashton are arguing at Duke's and Terri is running around giving everyone party favours. Alan shows up after Lucy dumps him. Scott shows up at the stroke of midnight and gives Lucy a kiss. Robert falls down the stairs at the Wyndemere party. Tiffany thinks he's faking, but Sean, Anna, and Katherine prove that he's not. Katherine starts crying that she knew something bad would happen. Frisco is able to get a pulse. At Duke's, Tracy is not happy to see Ashton go over and wish Terri a happy new year. Alan tells Tracy he plans to void her like the plague during 1990. Scott walks out on Lucy after an argument. Sean, Anna, Tiff, Frisco, and Felicia watch as the wheel Robert out of Wyndemere. Sean comforts a hysterical Katherine. Decker, Dawn, and Ned all argue while trying to clean up. Ned tells them that he thinks Wyndemere is cursed. Frisco and Anna arrive at the hospital with Robert and Monica meet them there. Sean, Felicia, Tiff, and Katherine show up soon after. Monica then comes out and tells them that Robert had a heart attack. Amanda Barrington talks Alan at Duke's and tells him be wary of Tracy. A drunk Tracy wanders over and starts to make a fool of herself but Ashton drags her away. Scott shows up and Alan offers him the job at ELQ. Robert goes into a code blue and Monica races to save him. Dawn and Decker are at Duke's club and he tells her not to worry about Ned. Tracy and Ashton dance. Anna sneaks into see Robert. Felicia and Tiff volunteer to go get everyone food. Frisco gets close to figuring out the case, while Sean and Anna comfort a devastated Katherine. Monica tells them that Robert died and Katherine collapses. Tiff calls the news station and breaks the news that Robert's died and then collapses into Sean's arms. Tracy tries to find out what Alan was doing with Scott. Ned comes into Duke's and announces the news of Robert's death. Scott runs to Lucy and tells her that their scheme worked. Monica takes Katherine to the morgue to view Robert's dead body. Anna and Felicia come back to a sleeping Robin.

January 3, 1990 - Tiffany and her news crew are at the station, which irritates Guy. Robert, Sean, Terri, Anna, and Felicia are all comforting Robin. Tony and Bobbie show up, and Bobbie tries to get through to Robin. Katherine meanwhile tries to comfort Jimmy and Mary. Bobbie tells Felicia she tried to contact Luke and Laura to let them know. Anna, Sean, and Frisco all show up at the police station. Frisco then tells them that he thinks Jimmy is behind it all. Scott charges into Kelly's and tells Tracy about Robert's "death". Amy, Monica, and Tom talk about it at the hospital. Katherine shows up and Monica apologises to her. Audrey tries to talk to Tom but he's not interested in hearing what she has to say. Rowdy comes by to visit Robin and Felicia. He tries to comfort her but she storms out. Katherine shows up to comfort Anna. Frisco is furious to learn Anna and Sean are going to let Jimmy go. Tracy panics when she hears Anna say that she thinks Tracy killed David. Terri, Bobbie, and Tony talk about Robert's "death". Audrey vents to Monica about the Tom and Simone situation. Tracy and Scott then show up at the hospital and Tracy wants to fake being sick to get out of her current situation. Sean brings Katherine home and they talk about the funeral arrangements. Jimmy panics when he realises one of his papers is missing. Frisco comforts a sobbing Felicia. Katherine and Sean come to the secret room and are met by a very much alive Robert.

January 4, 1990 - Alan shows Tracy the front page of the paper that has her face splashed acrossed it. Katherine rushes into the Donely's penthouse to reunite with Robert. The two of them, along with Anna, Sean, Frisco, and Tiffany, discuss how they are going to sue his "death" to their advantage. Monica is planning Dawn's birthday party and Tracy and Ashton are not happy. Lila has to force Alan, Ashton, and Tracy to remember that the day is about Dawn and not them. Tiffany is worried that she's going to lose her license over pretending that Robert is dead and its decided that Robin is going to go on a vacation with Felicia. Katherine then gets upset at the idea that Jimmy could be behind this. Amy and Lucy are fighting at the hospital about Lucy's interest in Alan, while Decker has come to visit Dawn while she's at work. Ned shows up and chases Decker off. Lucy sneaks into Olivia room and pledges to make her life a living hell if she doesn't keep her mouth shut. Lucy then hides from Alan. Ashton tries to impress Monica with his family loyalty but she's not interested. Ashton then admits to Monica that he and Tracy are the ones who messed with Dawn's birth certificate. Monica is then amused to see Tracy's face on the front page of the paper. Robert and Sean talk about then scheme some more and Robert hates having to put Katherine through this. Katherine arrives back at her house and tells Mary and Jimmy about the "funeral" plans. Anna barges into Olivia's room and tells her that she is now the police commisioner and tells her she is planning on arresting her the minute she can. Katherine visits with Jimmy and then calls Robert afterwards to report what he told her. Later, Frisco sneaks into the house and snoops around for information. Mary catches him, but he is able to cover and get out. Colton has run Anna out of Olivia's room and berates her for harassing Olivia. Dawn's birthday party starts getting underway with Dawn, Decker, Lila, Ned, Scott, Monica, Ashton, Tracy and Alan all in attendence. Frisco comes back to the penthouse to report what he found at Katherine's. Katherine then calls Robert to tell him goodnight.

January 5-11, 1990:  1/5, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10, 1/11

January 5, 1990 - No Commercials - Day of Robert's funeral. Felicia is having a hard time playing along with rouse of Robert's death. Sean, Tiffany, Anna and Robert meet at the penthouse to go over the plan for the funeral. Mourners arrive for the funeral service. Olivia is scared of being released from GH and having to go straight to jail. Felicia drops Robin off at Katherine so she can see Robert. Robin helps Robert search for the bonds at the townhouse. Olivia tries to get Alan to let her stay at GH for one more day. Robert's funeral begins. Katherine and Frisco sing. Katherine has to stop Mary from inviting everyone back to the townhouse thus blowing Robert's plan. Robert, while searching for the bonds, does find a semi-destroyed mini-tape near the fireplace. Julian pays his respects to Anna. Olivia makes a break for it at GH but Colton catches her right outside and he refuses to let her run. Jimmy tells Katherine he is staying in PC.Robert puts the mini-tape back together. It is the tape of David admitting to Jimmy how he killed Tucker.   

January 8, 1990 - No Commercials - Sean, Frisco, and Anna return to the penthouse after the service and are confused when Robert is not there. Robert disguised as Vladimir at Katherine's townshouse. Decker suggests to Monica that she buy Ned's share of Wyndamere. Alan wants Lucy to move into their apartment tonight. Amy tells Alan that Olivia is missing.  Anna, Sean and Frisco show up the townhouse and meet Vladimir and learn about the mini-tape. Anna learns Olivia is missing. Lucy tells Scott she is moving into Alan's apartment. He wants her to reconsider or he sends the “Victor loves Lucy” pendant to the PCPD. Lucy refuses and Scott puts the pendant in the mailbox at GH in an envelope addressed to Anna. Olivia returns to her room at GH. Anna arrives and Olivia is taken into custody. Sean and Frisco make dubs of the mini-tape. Robert pays Katherine a late night visit. Lucy trying to get the pendant out of the GH mailbox. Anna tells Olivia the charges against her will stick this time. Robert's plan to rattle Jimmy seems to be working.  

January 9, 1990 - No Commercials - Colton visits Olivia in jail. Anna tells both of them that there is no way Olivia will make bail. Colton is called on a GH emergency and will miss Olivia's arraignment. Lucy still trying to bust into the GH mailbox. Decker tries to convince Tracy to buy Ned's stake in Wyndamere. After seeing Decker try to kiss Dawn, Ned is ready to punch his lights out. Ned and Dawn argue. Sean gives Katherine a pin that is really a tracking device. He wants her to get Jimmy to wear it. At the arraignment, Olivia pleads not guilty and requests bail. Anna takes the stand and recounts Olivia's crimes. Dawn defends Decker to Monica. Ned makes plans to go to NYC to try sell Wyndamere. Frisco and Sean trying to get Jimmy to crack. Despite Tom testimony that Olivia should not be released on bail, Olivia gets bail in the amount of one millions dollars       

January 10, 1990 - No Commercials - Monica tells Ashton that his secret of telling her about Tracy and he going to St. Louis is safe with her. Anna is furious that Olivia was granted bail. Scott gloats while Lucy fishes around the PCPD for the letter. Anna talks to the press. It is revealed Julian paid off the judge to get Olivia bail. He wants to set Olivia up when he kills Duke. Olivia gets word that Colton is going to try and raise the money for her bail. Tracy plays dumb when Monica confronts her about her trip to St. Louis. (Note: short 2 sec. audio drop out during the scene) Lucy busts into Anna's office at the PCPD and gets the letter Scott sent back. Tracy confronts Ashton about ratting her out to Monica. Monica goes to Sean for help in tracking Walt down. Lucy packs her things and discovers Scott never send the real pendant to Anna. She and Scott argue but they end up in bed together. Lucy blows off Alan. Julian steps up to assure Colton can get bail money for Olivia.   

January 11, 1990 - No Commercials - Olivia thanks Colton for believing in her. Jimmy is beginning to crack. Anna thinks Frisco should search for the bonds in Jimmy's old office at GH. Sean tries to get Colton to see that Olivia is just using him. Ned is back with the news that he is not going to sell Wyndamere after all. He and Dawn patch things up. Frisco with the help of Monica set Jimmy up thus driving him just a bit more insane. Colton promises Olivia that he will get the bail money somehow. Colton's loan comes through with the help of Julian's associates. Anna puts Olivia on around the clock surveillance. Jimmy removes a vile of poison from a hiding place in his room at the townhouse.

January 12-18, 1990:  1/12, 1/15, 1/16, 1/17, 1/18

January 12, 1990 - Frisco, Anna, Sean are tracking Jimmy O'Hurley. Anna and Sean are in a motel room getting ready to make contact with Jimmy.  Robert (disguised as Vladimir) gets Katherine and Mary out of the Katherine's house. Jimmy gets a disturbing phone call from Anna using a voice disguising device. She knows he killed David McCallister for the bonds and then poisoned Robert. She wants money or she goes to the cops. She tells him to meet her at the motel with the money.  Lucy and Scott in bed after making love. He is mad that she is considering moving into Alan love nest apartment. ELQ is in trouble with Tracy's possible indictment for the David McCallister murder. Robert (disguised as Vladimir) and Katherine visit Iona at GH. Sean thinks that Anna should back of Olivia. Anna refuses. Jimmy on route to the motel takes a detour to the docks. Frisco is tracking him as he is bugged with a pin like tracking device. Jimmy realizes and destroys the device. Jimmy runs into Katherine who tries to keep the plan in play but he sees right through her. Alan offers Monica a diamond watch. She refuses it calling it a bride. Lucy and Alan argue about their “arrangement”.  She presses him to divorce Monica but all is forgotten when Alan gives her Monica's rejected watch.  Robert knows Jimmy is aware he has been set up.  Jimmy returns to Katherines. Mary finds the bonds Jimmy was hiding at the house.  Jimmy surprises her. She is now in danger.

January 15, 1990 - Jimmy threatens Mary with the same poison he “killed” Robert with.  He starts to crackup and confesses to everything.  The police arrive outside. Katherine gives Robert the slip and makes it inside to help Mary. Lila tells Tracy she thought Larry was jealous of her relationship  David McCallister, this gives Tracy on idea to frame Larry and get herself of the hook. Standoff with Jimmy continues. Tracy literally runs into Jennings giving herself a black-eye. Katherine gives the police a way into her house to capture Jimmy. Tracy begins her frame of Larry. Katherine distracts Jimmy. Tracy  shows up at GH claiming that Larry gave her a black eye in a fight about his jealousy of David. Monica does not believe her for one second. Harrison treats Tracy. The team moves in on Jimmy. Vladimir is revealed as Robert.

January 16, 1990 - Tracy's lawyer Scott shows up at GH. Alan shows up at Scott and Lucy's apartment to see Scott. Lucy ends up seducing him. Robert cracks Jimmy and he is taken into custody. Lucy pressures Alan for information on the Dermestenate investigation. Alan wants her to move into their love nest apartment. He doesn't like the idea of her living with Scott. Tracy tells her “story” to Harrison and Scott. Robert calls GH and tells Monica to tell Tracy she is free of all murder charges. O'Hurley is in custody. Monica lets Tracy twist in the wind a little longer. Tracy gets hauled down to PC headquarters and is set free. Larry realized Tracy tried to frame him. Felicia who was with Robin in hiding during this whole Jimmy fiasco brings Robin back to PC. Robin is then reunited with Robert. Robert reinstated as PC commissioner. Robert wants Anna to back off of Olivia, he is on the case. Scott returns to the apt and tells Alan and Lucy Robert is alive and Tracy is off the hook. Sean tells Monica that Walt is in Pittsburg. Tracy confronts Monica about letting her twist in the wind all this time. Felicia is happy that the O'Hurley case was Frisco's last on the PC force. He is retiring. Robert wants to set a wedding date with Katherine

January 17, 1990 - Charlene is worried Colton is throwing away everything for an out on bail Olivia. All of PC learns Robert is alive. Frisco and Felicia set the date for a Valentine's Day wedding. Anna wants information from the WSB about Olivia's new lawyer. Tiffany suggests Anna plan an engagement party for Robert and Katherine. Felicia wants Frisco to be sure he wants to retire from the force. He is assures her he is. Tom gets a letter from Simone. She doesn't want any contact with him anymore. Charlene tries to get through to Colton about Olivia. He is dead set on helping her. Anna, Sean and Tiffany plan Robert's engagement party. The Jones toast Frisco and Felicia.

January 18, 1990 - Katherine makes Robert breakfast in bed at the cottage. The mob informs Julian that they want him to take over for his father. Lucy discovers that Olivia is living at Charlenes. They argue. Dawn lies to  Alan for Monica and tells him she went to a convention. She actually went to see Walt in Pittsburg. (Tracy paid Walt to steal the Dermenstante formula and now Monica needs Walt's confession to nail Tracy) Anna and Julian meet at Kellys. Tracy tells Scott if she is implicated in the formula theft he will go down with her. Monica gets Walt's confession on tape. Anna invites Julian as her date for the engagement party. Lucy suspects Scott is hiding the diamonds and they were not turned over to the police as her claimed. Olivia tries to apologies to Robert; he is not buying it. Scott wants Lucy to stay out of Alan's bed. Scott re-hides the diamonds. Monica returns and gives Alan the proof on Tracy. Alan tries to apologies to Monica for believing her, Dawn and Ned were behind the theft. She is not ready to forgive and forget. Julian gets a phone call telling him Duke is on his way back to Port Charles.

January 19-25, 1990:  1/19, 1/22, 1/23, 1/24, 1/25

January 19, 1990 - Robert and Katherine take a bubble bath together. Olivia pushes Colton to go to the party at Dukes. He wants to go to dinner with her instead. Alan apologizes to Dawn and she accepts. Alan wants her to move into the mansion. Alan, now not needing Scott's services anymore as he knows the truth, gives him the boot. Decker tells Lucy about the party tonight at Dukes. She is ticked she was not invited. Dawn presses Monica to forgive and forget. She believes Alan is sincere. Monica is not so sure but agrees to go to the party with everyone. Engagement party in full swing. Decker, who is bartending, breaks away and sneaks into Scott's apartment to look for the diamonds. The WSB arrive at the party wanting to speak with Frisco. Bobbie and Tony have dinner at home. Katherine and Frisco sing at the party. They are a big hit. Terri offers them a permanent gig at Dukes. Decker almost caught at Scott's. He does however see the location of the diamonds and slips out unnoticed. At the party, Monica notices Lucy's bracelet as the one Alan tried to give her. WSB offers Frisco a job. He turns them down.

January 22, 1990 - Monica tells Dawn and Ned that Tracy is guilty. Ned is livid. Alan sets the trap for Tracy. He is being super nice to her. The old guard at the WSB (Anna, Robert and Sean) are very suspicious if the new WSB. Katherine suggests they just ask them what they at going in PC. Frisco and Felicia in bed. Tracy kicks Scott to the curb. Lucy works Decker for the inside scoop on the Q's. Decker gets his hands on the diamonds. Old guard of the WSB meets the new guard for a chat. Terri books Frisco and Katherine again at Dukes. Alan play's Walt's confession for Tracy. WSB pretends to leave town as to not arouse any suspicions. Only Anna is onto their plan.

January 23, 1990 - Olivia is missing. Alan gives Tracy a choice. Prison or she resigns from ELQ as co-chair. ELQ cocktail party is in full swing. Prep for Katherine and Frisco's gig at Dukes. Anna finds out Olivia is missing and flips out. Tracy has no choice and has resign at the party. Alan hires a chief counsel for ELQ and it's not Scott. Monica makes sure Tracy knows it was her who found the proof that she stole the formula. Olivia turns up back at Charlenes. Claims two mob enforcers are following her and she wants to know why.  Katherine forced to skip Duke's performance as she now has to fly to DC to testify in the O'Hurley case. Frisco performs solo. Scott tells Lucy he did not get ELQ job. Lucy doesn't seem to care and Scott throws her out of the apartment. WSB still courting Frisco for a new assignment. He walks out on them. He is still not interested.

January 24, 1990 - Tom packing up his apartment. There are too many memories of Simone there. Robert shows up in DC to be with Katherine. WSB presses Frisco to reconsider. Katherine wants to give up touring and be a stay at home wife. Robert doesn't want her to give up her career. Tom wants Audrey to leave him alone when it comes to Simone. Felicia is afraid Frisco will be bored with no career. WSB meets with Frisco again. This time they show him a file on why he must take this assignment. Unknown as of yet what it contains. Harrison and Tom face off at the hospital. Bobbie learns from Harrison that the reason Simone left Tom was that baby might be his.

January 25, 1990 - Monica confronts Alan about the watch he gave Lucy. She wants Dawn to move into the mansion. They agree to work on their problems but then Alan gets a call from Lucy. Monica invites Dawn to move in. She accepts. Lila talks to ghost Edward. Lucy and Alan at new apartment. Colton wishes Felicia well in her upcoming wedding to Frisco. Frisco agrees to think about working again for the WSB. Decker learns the diamonds he stole are glass. Quartermaine family dinner to welcome Dawn. Frisco lies to Felicia. He now has her believing he was spotted by a concert promoter and is going on tour. They agree to move up their wedding to the next day so he can leave. (In reality he leaves on his WSB mission) Alan ditches Lucy. Frisco is in.

January 26 - February 1, 1990:  1/26, 1/29, 1/30, 1/31, 2/1

January 26, 1990 - Prep for Frisco and Felicia Wedding. Robert is suspicious of Frisco story and invites him to a drink at Dukes so they can talk. Bobbie gives Felicia something old for her wedding day. Robert and Sean question Frisco. Olivia wants Colton to talk to Sean about the men from the docks. Tracy gives Dawn books on manors. She is Q now she should start to acting like it. Colton shows up at Sean's penthouse right before the wedding. Frisco and Felicia's Wedding. Olivia then suggests a night on the town for Colton and her. Tracy attacks Ashton for turning on her and she believes ratting her out about the formula to Monica. Frisco gets a message from the WSB during his wedding reception that he must report for his assignment ASAP. Frisco and Felicia cancel their honeymoon. Dawn and Decker dance at Dukes together. Felicia and Frisco leave town.

January 29, 1990 - Robert visits Charlenes to tell Olivia that her trial starts in 3 weeks. He pulled some strings. Tiffany reads a fax in Sean's office about him purchasing “The Wellington Collection” (A set of rare Chinese porcelain) from a man named Gregory Austin who is bringing it to PC by boat. A mysterious figure is tracking the collection as well. Olivia freaks out about possibly going back to prison. Julian tells his associates her will be ready when Duke arrives back in PC. Olivia meets with her lawyer to discuss possible postponement of the trial. Robert and Sean check into Frisco's story. It seems legit. Julian gets called to Sean's apartment and almost fired for days missed on the job. Anna convinces Sean to give Julian another chance. Anna wants to work Julian for information on Daniel Lung. Olivia's attorney tells Colton her freedom hinges on his testimony. “The Mysterious figure” is reveled as Jonathan Paget. He meets Gregory Austin on the boat carrying “The Wellington Collection”  He wants to buy the collection and then he will carry about the transaction with Sean. Olivia sees Julian with his associates on the docks. Robin is elected 7th grade class president. Robert finds out about Sean's possible purchase of the Wellington Collection. Katherine wants to commit to one last show and then retire. Once again Robert is not wild about her giving up her career after they are married.

January 30, 1990 - Charlene and Decker bring Lucy a housewarming gift at her new apartment.  They are amazed and suspicious at her lavish furnishings Tiffany tries to persuade Alan and Monica to do a TV interview about the Quartermaines. Audrey wants to Alan help with Steve. Bobbie pushes Harrison to do the right thing for his baby. Decker shows up at the Q's to return an earring she lost at Dukes. Tracy tries to pawn some clothes at Wyndams and gets in a fight with Lucy. Tom thinks Bobbie is taking Harrison's side over him. Alan gets nowhere trying to talk with Steve on Audrey's behalf.  Scott shows up at Lucy's apartment. Alan and Monica convince the other Q's to be on Tiffany's TV program. Tracy and Scott have drinks at Dukes. She wants to team up again. He was his doubts. Alan bails on Lucy but they make plans for Friday night after the Q family TV taping. Tiffany plans for a live show with the Q's. only they don't know it yet.

January 31, 1990 - Katherine leaves for her final concert performance. Olivia gets a message to Julian to meet her. Sean gets a fax from Jonathan Paget. He will be bringing the collection to him and he will require security. Colton agrees to see Tom for a mental evaluation about his prior brain washing. But Tom believes Olivia is playing Colton and refuses to give him a letter of clean mental health. Charlene and Olivia face off. Katherine announces to the press she is retiring from touring. Mary thinks it is a mistake . Robert and Anna are suspicious of Paget. Paget is revealed as Duke after extensive plastic surgery. Julian meets with Olivia. She wants his protection and help to get her acquitted. He tells her to forget it. She chose Duke over her own family.  He can't forget that. Anna is assigned to security for the Paget/Wellington deal. Katherine's performance is a smash hit.

February 1, 1990 - Colton goes to Steve with his complaint against Tom and gets his letter. Alan and Lucy rendezvous and new apartment. Bobbie tells Olivia she resents what she is doing to Colton. Olivia then meets with George (one of her father's former associates) and asks him for help. She needs an acquittal and then she can take over for her father. Anna takes off on Sean to attend to Robin. Paget (aka Duke) dreams of being reunited with Anna. Dawn tells a shocked Amy she is Monica's daughter. Alan lies to Lucy about the upcoming Q family TV program and tells her he has a business meeting. Anna helps Robin with class president speech. Julian plans to kill Duke and frame Olivia for it. Anna then bails on the security deal for Paget/Wellington Collection to attend Robin's speech at school.

February 2-8, 1990:  2/2, 2/5, 2/6, 2/7, 2/8

February 2, 1990 - Prep for Tiffany's show “At Home With The Quartermaines”. Sean adds Julian's name to the security team to unload the Wellington Collection. Charlene warns Lucy about getting involved with a married man. Lucy learns Alan lied about his business meeting. The Q's learn the show will be live. Anna suspects Sean may be up to something. He wants her to trust him. Right before the taping of Tiffany's show, Tracy makes some nasty remarks about Dawn and she flees. Monica learns Dawn is missing right before the camera rolls. Alan and Monica start arguing. Monica attacks Tracy. Tracy slaps Ned. Tiffany has lost control of the show. Robin's class president speech is called off (boiler broke at the school) and Anna does make it the docks in time to unload the Wellington Collection. Lucy tells Decker she wants to strangle Alan and lets a hint slip about Monica and Ned prior relationship. Decker's interest is peaked. Monica calls Decker looking Dawn. He goes to look for her. Tracy shows up at Scotts and so does Lucy. Paget finds out Julian is on the security team. Dawn gets drunk at a dive bar and dances it up. Ned and Decker find her. Anna meets Paget in his cabin for the first time.

February 5, 1990 - No Commercials - Tracy shows up at Scott's apartment. Paget pulls a gun on Sean and Anna when they arrive to inspect The Wellington Collection and he wants there Ids. Sean asks Julian and Anna to leave. He will handle things. Alan dodges Lucy's phone call. Tracy vows to break up Ned and Dawn. Tracy wants Scott to help her get back into ELQ. Lucy barges in on them. Tracy and Scott team up. Sean moves the collection to be checked thoroughly. Sean agrees to have Anna return as security coordinator for the collection on Paget's insistence. Ned and Dawn at the bar. Ned is trying to convince her to return home with him. Scott inspects the diamonds he hid in his apartment light fixture. Ned brings Dawn home. Alan sneaks downstairs to call Lucy. Tracy interrupts him and tells him Lucy showed up at Scotts. He is not too happy.

February 6, 1990 - Monica makes it clear to Tracy she is staying behind in the west wing when the family move to the east wing. Tracy is livid. Alan questions Lucy about what she was doing at Scotts. Decker pays a visit to Lucy at GH. He wants to know more about Monica and Ned. She is not talking. Lucy covers with Alan and tells him she was following Tracy to Scott. She was concerned they are plotting against him. Larry and Ned discuss his intentions toward Dawn. Tracy shows up at Scott's again to brainstorm about the two of them ousting Alan from ELQ. Scott suggests Tracy try and be nice to Ned and Dawn as part of their plan. Alan shows up and almost catches Tracy there. Lucy has to cover for two sick teachers in the daycare center. Bobbie is not happy that she has to leave BJ and Lucas with Lucy's care. Alan and Scott almost come to blows. Ned and Dawn play a Palm Beach weekend. Tracy apologies to Dawn as part of Scott's plan.  Lucy attacks Bobbie and Monica and Amy defends her. Tracy visits Decker for help in breaking up Dawn and Ned. He agrees to think about it. Monica almost walks in on Lucy and Alan. Lucy tosses Alan out of her office. Decker breaks into Scott's apartment and finds the “Victor Loves Lucy” pendent.

February 7, 1990 - Katherine last concert performance in NYC. Robert sneaks into her hotel room as a bellboy to surprise her. Anna and Paget meet again. He apologizes to her for being rude. Charlene walks in on Colton and Olivia. Sean inspects the collection. Anna gets a message from Robert saying the Austin checked out but she should keep on eye on Paget. Robert's surprise to Katherine includes flowers and champagne. Harrison confronts Tom about his job performance. Tony returns to PC after his medical convention. Bobbie is thrilled to return to work. Katherine is miffed Robert feels the need to investigate Sean's dealings. Sean knows too and he is mad Robert and Anna don't trust him. Paget and Anna rub each other the wrong way. Tom tells Colton that although he got his letter if called to testify he will tell the truth about Olivia. Olivia meets an old associate of hers, George, on the docks. She wants to take over for her father. She urges them to back her and not Julian. Katherine and Robert are beginning to have trust issues and he returns to PC with things unresolved. Julian notices Paget.

February 8, 1990 - Julian pegs Paget as Duke. Robert trips the alarm at Sean's warehouse to test security. He then questions Paget. Sean resents Robert's interference. Charlene and Decker visit Lila at the mansion. Lila suggest Decker be hired as a mechanic for the estate but he turns her down. Dawn and Monica return from big shopping spree (Note: This is the first appearance by Dawn #2 Lisa Fuller) Tract visits Ned at ELQ. Ned agrees to put her on his team so that Alan will not use his inexperience against him. Tracy does have a great business mind. Olivia is building allies against Julian. Robert tells Anna about his problems with Katherine. Sean continues his inspection of the collection. Paget invites Sean, Tiffany, and Anna to dinner at Dukes. Tracy snoops in Ned's office. Julian puts Paget under investigation. Julian has also set it up to appear that the mob organization seems like they are on Olivia's side. With Robert's prodding, Anna agrees to dinner with Paget. Colton and Olivia plan dinner as well. Paget plans to give Anna her favorite  flowers at dinner tonight and then she will know that he is really Duke.

February 9-15, 1990:  2/9, 2/12, 2/13, 2/14, 2/15

February 9, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna and Robin preparing for dinner with Jonathan Paget, Sean and Tiffany. Anna puts her foot down about Robin wearing makeup. Ned and Dawn have a romantic dinner on a private jet heading to Palm Beach. Tracy and Ashton have drinks at Dukes to discuss Ned's future. Anna and Robin join Paget for dinner. Colton and Olivia have a night out at Dukes. Olivia introduces herself to Paget and finds it weird that he is nervous around her.  Robert breaks into Paget's room on the ship and sees a fax about “taking care of Sean Donnelley”.  Paget leaves dinner with Anna and Robin abruptly. Decker wants money from Tracy before he will put a plan in motion to break up Dawn and Ned. Olivia and Anna get into a war or words in the ladies room of Dukes. Paget gets back to his room and knows someone was snooping around. Colton and Olivia make love. Anna thinks it is strange that Robin took a fast liking to Paget. Paget packs to leave his room on the ship.   

February 12, 1990 - No Commercials - Olivia and Colton in bed the next morning. Robert is looking into Paget. Robin wants to take Paget up on his offer to show her around the ship but she learns he was left. Sean is livid as the Wellington Collection deal is not complete and Paget is awol. Colton tells Charlene if she can't get along with Olivia then they will move out. Sean thinks Robert is behind Paget leaving. Robert tells him about the fax and that he has been investigating Paget. He is shocked to find out that Paget seems to have been born yesterday (No background information on him at all). Robert goes with Sean to his warehouse. Bobbie want Charlene to come and work for her and Tony at the brownstone. Olivia meets with her lawyer and he suggests a plea deal. Olivia is adamantly against it. Anna questions Olivia about her conversation with Paget at Dukes. Sean and Robert show up at the warehouse and Sean learns Paget and Angel moved the collection without his authorization. Julian wants Paget investigated. Olivia is planning on buying her jury for her trial. Paget rents out Duke's apartment at the club. 

February 13, 1990 - No Commercials - Tony and Harrison get into it over the resident rotation schedules. Anna reads Paget the riot act for bringing Robin to Duke's apartment without her consent. She learns Terri is moving back to the brownstone and Paget has rented the  Duke's old apartment. Katherine returns early from her concert tour. She walks in on Robert and Sean arguing. Bobbie defends Harrison to Tom. Anna gets wrapped up in her memories of her and Duke in the apartment. An angry Sean tracks down Paget at the apartment. Paget tells him he discovered that one of the Wellington collection vases was missing and he moved the collection to the apartment for it's security. Simone is back in PC. She has taken a suite at the PC hotel. Robert and Katherine talk about their upcoming wedding. Paget plants the idea that Julian may have stolen the vase but in reality he has the vase and hides it behind the wine cellar at Dukes.  

February 14, 1990 - No Commercials - Valentines Day in PC. Dawn and Ned in Palm Beach. Lucy demands Alan ask for a divorce but he tells her can't as it is Valentine's Day. They make plans to meet later at the apartment. Scott invites his old secretary Loretta over to his apartment. Dawn and Ned entertain Ned's socialite friends. Alan has to cancel his and Lucy's plans when he returns home to find Monica has planned a Valentine's dinner for them. Tracy crashes in on Ashton and Terri's date at the disco. Scott gets Loretta all liquored up and fishes around for information about the DA's case against Olivia. After getting ditched by Alan, Lucy goes to Charlenes'. Decker insists he and Lucy go out for Valentine's Day. They end up at the same disco Tracy and Ashton are at. Ned puts the brakes on when Dawn suggests they make love. Decker steals a key to Lucy's apartment.    

February 15, 1990 - No Commercials - Lucy tries to cozy up to Scott until she learns Loretta spend the night. Anna takes Robin for a checkup at GH and runs into Paget. He wants to spend time with her but she turns him down at every turn. Colton regrets not letting Olivia run when she wanted to. At Lila's request, Decker agrees to look at one the old sport's cars at the Q's. Later Decker plans for Lucy to be out of her apartment so he can snoop around. Sean and Austin show up Paget's apartment with questions about his credentials. Decker searches Lucy's apartment and finds a photo of Ned from Green Meadows. Ned and Dawn entertaining Ned's friends in Palm Beach. Julian associates report back that they have nothing on Paget and Paget overhears Julian's plans. Anna thinks Paget may have a mob connection.  

February 16-22, 1990:  2/16, 2/19, 2/20, 2/21, 2/22

February 16, 1990 - No Commercials - Katherine and Robert have a dinner party to announce their wedding date. Julian has a meeting with his fathers associates. Paget plans to infiltrate the meeting and listen in. Katherine asks Anna and Robin to stand up for her in the wedding. Paget meets Colton and learns he is involved with Olivia. Olivia meets with her lawyer about jury selection and her appearance in court. Paget gets in position to spy on Julian's meeting. Tiffany asks Katherine for an interview. Robert warns Anna to be careful where Paget is concerned. Paget is spooked when Terri hints that she needs something from the wine cellar where Paget hide the Wellington vase. Julian shows up just as Paget is moving the vase.

February 19, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna and Angel almost catch Paget and Julian in the wine cellar. Julian grills Paget about what he is doing in PC. Paget lies to him and tells him he is involved in a money laundering scheme and asks him to join. Ned and Dawn on the plan back from Palm Beach. Julian is now convinces Paget is Duke. Paget re-hides the vase in Duke's old office. Ned wants Dawn to plan an ELQ boardmember cocktail party. Colton finds Olivia packing a suitcase to go on the run and they argue. He later convinces her to stay and she apologies. Paget has a dream of how it will be when Anna learns the truth.  

February 20, 1990 - No Commercials - Katherine tries to get Robert involved with the planning of the wedding but he is preoccupied with work. Olivia arrives in court and is surrounded by the press. Anna helps Katherine with some wedding plans. Lila tells the Q's about hiring Decker to fix an old Ferrari she wants to give to Ned. Julian meets with Paget on the docks. They cover when Robert and Anna show up. Lucy notices that the photo of Ned is gone. Dawn planning the cocktail party for ELQ. Lucy accuses Scott of stealing the Ned photo. Katherine makes Robert get involved in their wedding plans. Decker leaves for Green Meadows Spa.   

February 21, 1990 - No Commercials - Lucy impersonated Monica to hire a PI from the Elm Street Detective Agency to take photos of her and Alan. Lila is admitted to GH after taking a fall at the mansion. Decker arrives at Green Meadows and meets Wendy and hints at needing a job. Tracy blames Monica for Lila's fall. Simone tells her mother to butt out of her life and that she is staying in PC. Harrison thinks that Lila may need surgery. Meg flirts with Harrison. The PI Lucy is going to hire wants to be paid upfront. She offers him her jewelry against his fee.  Decker fishes around for information on Ned and winds up getting a job at the spa. The Q's rally around Lila's hospital bed. Even ghost Edward pays her a visit. Steve tells Lila the truth about her condition. She has to decide on surgery or be in a wheelchair.  

February 22, 1990 - No Commercials - Lucy gets served in the Olivia Jerome trial. The Q's worry about Lila. Lucy gets Alan to come to the apartment with the news that she got served in Olivia's trial. Tracy and Scott have a heart to heart about Lila. Lucy seduces Alan just in time for the photographer to get some juicy pictures. Anna and Julian have dinner at Dukes. Later Katherine and Robert join them. Julian makes a scene with Olivia, who is having dinner with Colton. Robert tries to pry some answers out of Anna about what she suspect between Julian and Paget. Scott gets served too in the Jerome trial. Julian wants his associates to get Duke's file from the clinic where he had his plastic surgery. Anna and Robert theorize about Paget and Julian. Paget leaves a message for Anna.

February 23 - March 1, 1990:  2/23, 2/26, 2/27, 2/28, 3/1

February 23, 1990 - No Commercials - Paget decides to wait to tell Anna the truth until he knows it is safe. Lila is having a hard time deciding about having surgery. The ladies at the spa are hitting on Decker but he is not interested. The only lady he is interested in is Wendy who can give me information. Anna gets flowers with a mysterious note to meet at the waterfront park if she wants a vase for them. Dawn tells Meg that she and Ned have not slept together. Decker scores some information about Ned from Wendy. Decker breaks into Gloria's office to find the security tapes the spa keeps. Anna finds the Wellington vase Paget left for her at a local flower stand and she buys it. Decker gets his hand on the tape of Ned and Monica at the spa. Anna gives Sean the Wellington vase. Sean suspects Paget had the vase the entire time.  Sean and Anna find a note inside the vase saying Julian is your enemy stay away. Anna recognizes the handwriting as Dukes. Paget learns Anna bought the vase as planned. Julian steals the key to Paget's apartment.

February 26, 1990 - No Commercials - Monica is upset with Harrison as scheduled Lila for surgery even though she has not made up her mind yet. Anna wants to go and see Paget alone but Sean doesn't think that is such a good idea. Paget finds Julian in his apartment. Julian covers. Sean insists on going with Anna to Pagets'. Simone gets flowers from Tom. Simone asks Steve to rejoin the GH staff. Harrison explains to Alan and Monica about Lila and the surgery list. Anna confronts Paget about the note and he denies writing it. Bobbie helps Tom and Simone get to celebrate their anniversary. Julian has Paget meet his associates and assigns Paget a bodyguard. Anna can't shake the feeling that Paget is Duke. Tom and Simone have a romantic dinner right in the GH co-ed lounge much to Harrison's dismay. Anna calls Agent Carver from the witness protection program. Anna gets a package (a toy jack in the box) with a threatening note.  

February 27, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna tells Robert about the packages she believes are from Olivia. Robert doesn't believe Olivia has a motive to send them. Charlene finds evidence in the trash. Lila gets a motorized wheelchair as she has decided against surgery. Lucy and Alan plan to meet later. Sean pays Paget for the Wellington Collection. Robert has to leave for Albany. Anna is angry Robert will not pick up Olivia and question her about the packages. Ana decides to go with Katherine and Robin to make wedding plans in NYC. Anna has an ulterior motive for going. Anna wants to meet Agent Carver about Duke. Steve tells Monica she has been invited to speak at a medical conference. Olivia's jury selection resumes. Paget wants Sean to pay for the Wellington collection in cash if possible. Tracy and Ashton spy on Lucy.   

February 28, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna goes to see Agent Carver. She wants answers about the warehouse fire. She is convinced he knows more than he is saying.  Scott find out Emil is going to testify at Olivia's trial. Decker is back in PC. Carver tells Anna that Duke's death was staged but they lost him at the airport. Terri sings at Dukes. Monica leaves for the convention. Lucy tells Scott she is scared to death to testify. An agent sees Terri sing and offers her a record deal. Decker loses the tape from Green Meadows  thanks to Charlene. Paget drugs his bodyguard so he can meet Sean alone. Anna tells Robin she is going back to PC but she can stay in NYC with Katherine.   

March 1, 1990 - No Commercials - Olivia's trial begins today. Sean gives Paget the cash for the Wellington Collection. Decker realizes that Charlene has the tape from the spa . Anna returns to PC. Paget shows Julian the money they are going to “launder” Julian insists Paget go to the courthouse with him. After getting Colton out of the way, Julian's associate drugs and kidnaps Olivia from the courthouse. A frantic Decker looks for Charlene. Colton learns Olivia is awol. Anna surprises Paget at the courthouse. Olivia wakes up in a looked room. Anna and Paget make plans to meet at the cabin. Decker learns Charlene returned the spa tape to her video store. Paget ditches his bodyguard. 

March 2-8, 1990:  3/2, 3/5, 3/6, 3/7, 3/8

March 2, 1990 - No Commercials - Robert is back in PC. He questions Colton about Olivia. Robert learns Guy gave Anna the keys to the squad car. He thinks she is going after Olivia. Decker goes to the video store to search for the tape. An armed Julian arrives at the cabin ahead of Anna. He pulls a gun on Paget. Anna arrives just as Paget admits that he killed Duke. Ned surprises Dawn at Wyndamere and proposes.  Anna takes Paget into custody. Later they return to the PCPD and she wants Paget booked on murder. Decker gets the spa tape back. Robert questions Julian about why he followed Paget to the cabin. Paget is arrested and put in a cell.  

March 5, 1990 - No Commercials - Colton searches for any leads on Olivia. Julian puts a plan in motion. Robert, Sean, and Anna question Paget. He insists he is Duke. Harrison tries to put the moves on Simone in the co-ed lounge. Paget recaps the last few months. Robert is not buying his story. Anna breaks down. Colton goes to Robert with his hunch that Julian kidnapped Olivia. Anna searches Paget's apartment and finds a photo of herself and Robin. Simone puts Tom off. Robert wants to gets in contact with Duke's doctor to confirm his story. Under duress Paget's doctor is forced to tell Anna that Paget is not Daniel Lund and therefore not Duke. Robert orders Paget be moved to a federal prison to await trial in Brazil.  

March 6, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna gets another package in the mail. Katherine and Robin return from NYC. Robert insists Robin stay with him as Olivia is still out there. Anna tells Robin about Paget being the one that killed Duke. Lucy pressures Alan to get a divorce, he blows her off. Tracy and Ashton infiltrate the PI agency, that Lucy used to get pictures of her and Alan, as Scotland Yard agents. Lucy discovers that the pictures have been accidentally delivered to the Q mansion. Terri is conflicted about whether to take the record deal or not. Scott gets Emil's location. Katherine's wedding coordinator is a spy for Julian. She gets a sample of Anna's handwriting for Julian's plan. Scott meets with Emil and agrees to pay him off again for his silence. Tracy gets her hands on the pictures of Alan and Lucy. Paget warns Robert that Julian will try and kill Anna and Robin if they get in the way of his plan. Lucy goes to the Q mansion to try and get the pictures back and learns Tracy already has them. 

March 7, 1990 - No Commercials - Charlene brings Anna the planted evidence that Olivia is sending the packages. Tracy blackmails Lucy about the photos. She wants Alan's ELQ secrets. Tracy wants Ashton to have a father/son chat about ELQ. Lucy knows Decker stole the picture of Ned from her apartment and she wants it back right now. Dawn tells Decker she is engaged. Anna tells Colton about Olivia sending her packages and about Paget. Ashton and Ned have that chat. Scott pays Emil and finds out even more about the night Alan and Lucy dumped Victor's body. Lucy overhears them and confronts Scott. Terri sings at Dukes. Colton gets into a physical fight with Julian. Julian's associates planning on getting Paget out of prison. Terri announces she has a record deal.  

March 8, 1990 - No Commercials - Colton convinces Tiffany to run a story on Olivia. Paget gets a the forged letter from Anna. Lucy searches Scott apartment for the diamonds and Scott catches her Alan arrives at ELQ to find Tracy in his office. Scott reminds Lucy that after 6 months the diamonds the PCPD have are hers. Colton goes on the air with Tiffany. Tracy shows up at Scott's with Champaign and they get cozy.  Lucy and Alan make plans to meet at the apartment. Julian tells Olivia that Duke is alive. Julian's associates try and bust Paget out of prison but the Paget gets free and is able to sound the alarm.  

March 9-15, 1990:  3/9, 3/12, 3/13, 3/14, 3/15

March 9, 1990 - No Commercials - The PCPD come to Paget's rescue but believe he was trying to escape.  Colton still holding out hope Olivia will show up at the courthouse. Julian learns his plan went south. Olivia fools her captor and manages to escape. Paget can't proof it was Julian's men who tried to break him out of prison. Paget will be transferred to maximum security cell. Just as the court is about to declare Olivia a fugitive of justice, she burst into the courtroom waving a gun. Julian in the crowd shoots her in the back and flees. A dying Olivia tells a confused Anna that “she should go to Duke..he is in the prison now”. The PI Lucy hired sells the pictures to the press. Olivia is rushed to GH but it is to late, she dies. Anna tells Paget that Olivia has been shot. She is starting to believe that he is really Duke and they kiss.  

March 12, 1990 - No Commercials - Colton falls apart at Olivia's bedside. PCPD learn Olivia' gun was not even loaded. Julian plays dumb and heads to GH. Anna admits that she is still in love with Duke. Sean finds the gun that killed Olivia in the courtroom. Anna and Duke believe that Julian was for sure behind Olivia's kidnapping. Robert walks in on Duke and Anna kissing. Duke finally convinces Robert that he is the real deal. Robert wants to put Duke in a safehouse.  Bobbie tells Julian that Olivia is dead. Colton physically goes after Julian at GH. Anna tries to talk to Colton. Colton tells a worried Julian there will be a autopsy on Olivia. Anna tells Robin that Paget is Duke. Julian believes there is no way the police can tie him to the gun. His associated want to run but Julian insists on staying in PC. Robert does not want Katherine to know about Duke just yet.   

March 13, 1990 - No Commercials - Robert puts a plan in motion to get Duke out of the country. The press fishes around Colton for a story on Olivia. Robin goes on a school field trip and finds a strange piece of glass. Julian strikes out on getting the results of Olivia's autopsy from Harrison. Anna and Robert suspect Katherine's wedding coordinator is a spy. Robert plans to get Anna and Duke to the cabin on his wedding day as no one will expect it as Anna and Robin are in the wedding.  Robert and Anna drop false information to Julian's spy.  Katherine feels that Robert is pulling away from her and is hiding something. Harrison wants Colton to take a medical leave from GH. Lucy gets herself invited to the ELQ cocktail party. Guy gets the news that Julian's fingerprints are on the gun that killed Olivia.  

March 14, 1990 - No Commercials - Decker's car breaks down and he and the back in town Monica catch a ride on a PC Gazette newspaper truck back to the mansion. Julian goes to the PCPD looking for information. Anna stalls him. She and Sean lie to him and tell Julian a cop's gun killed Olivia. Anna invites Julian to Robert's wedding as her date as part of Robert's plan. Bobbie offers Simone her old apartment at the brownstone back. The ELQ cocktail party starts. Scott tries to warn Lucy about the pictures in the paper. Monica sees that Lucy and Alan have made headlines. Anna lies to Colton about who's gun killed Olivia. Monica makes a scene at the ELQ cocktail party. Simone moves into her and Tom's old apartment. Tom and Simone reminisce. Ned finds an upset Monica at the gatehouse and Dawn sees them hug through the window.    

March 15, 1990 - No Commercials - Katherine thinks Robert wants to back out of the wedding. He tells her Duke is alive and he has a plan to get Duke, Anna and Robin out of PC and he wants to use their wedding as a cover. Charlene scolds Lucy for getting involved with a married man. The press is hounding Lucy so she wants to stay with Charlene for a few days. Lucy decides to tell her side of the story to the press. Dawn tells Monica she is engaged. Monica tells Dawn she is getting divorced. Tracy thinks Alan's scandal is the perfect opportunity for Ned to gain control of ELQ. Katherine and Robert have a get together at Anna's as it is the day before the wedding. Anna meets with Colton and trusts him with the truth. Lucy confronts the PI about selling the pictures and pays him more to set up Tracy. Alan tries to get Monica to change her mind about the divorce. Lucy tells her side of the story to the press. Everyone toasts Robert and Katherine.

March 16-22, 1990:  3/16 Robert & Katherine's wedding Day, 3/19 Duke dies, 3/20, 3/21, 3/22

March 16, 1990 - No Commercials - Katherine gets flowers from Frisco and Felicia who can’t be at the wedding as they are on Frisco’s tour. Robert says goodbye to Robin at the Sean’s penthouse. Anna gives Olin the day off. The warden at the prison gives Duke  a prison guard uniform to sneak him out of the prison. Anna and Robert talk about their big days and how they will miss each other. The warden tips off Julian to Robert’s plan for Duke. A reporter comes to Q mansion for Monica’s side of the Lucy/Alan scandal. Colton slips into the back door of Kellys. Katherine gets her hair and makeup done. Robert arrives at Julian’s apartment at Kellys. No Julian but Colton was waiting for him. Robert and Guy find evidence that Julian knew Duke was alive. Duke arrives at the cabin to find Julian there. They struggle with Julian gun and two shots go off. Dawn believes Ned is using Alan and Monica’s problems to further his career at ELQ. Monica and Lucy have a chat. Mary gives Katherine a necklace. Robert arrives at the cabin and find Julian dead but no sign of Duke. Duke arrives at Anna’s. Duke collapses in Anna’s arms.

March 19, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco phones Katherine from Belgium to wisher her and Robert the best. Anna tries to go for help for Duke but he insists it’s too late. He dies in her arms just as Robert arrives. The bridesmaids give Katherine something new, borrowed and blue. A frantic Anna wants Robert to go to Katherine. Frisco sings “Lady On My Arm” at his show. Anna tells Robin about Duke. Robert arrives at the church and he and Katherine call off their wedding. Sean, Tiffany and Robert arrive back at Anna’s. Faison tells Desiree that he has found the little girl who has another piece of the crystal and her name is Robin.  Desiree new mission is to find Frisco in Europe. Robert tells Frisco about Duke. Frisco tells him he and Felicia are coming home. Katherine starts to questions Robert’s commitment to her. Robin’s crystal starts to glow. Desiree gives Faison the report on Frisco. Faison wants access to Spoon Island where Robin found her half of the crystal. Frisco cancels his next concert.

March 20, 1990 - No Commercials - Monica tells  Ned and Dawn she is for sure going to divorce Alan. Lucy gets an advanced copy of her story to the tabloid type magazine. Steve tells Alan that some of his patients have lost confidence in him. Monica goes to Scott and asks him the quickest way to get a divorce...he tells her to go to Mexico. Lucy quits at GH before she is fired. Dawn tries to talk Monica out of going to Mexico. Tracy wants Ned to kick Alan while he is down. Tracy meets Scott for drinks. Tom takes Rowdy and Robin to lunch. Lucy intercepts a message from Dawn to Alan about Monica leaving for Mexico. Lucy stalls Alan so he is sure not to get to Monica in time to stop her.

March 21, 1990 - No Commercials - Desiree is in PC to find out who owns Spoon Island. She enlists Scott's help. Frisco arrives back to his apartment in Paris to find Felicia gone. Dawn rushes to GH to warn Alan about Monica leaving. Frisco starts to worry when still no Felicia. Alan tries to stop Monica at the airport but she has him thrown off the plane. Frisco starts searching for Felicia. Lucy plants the idea in Alan’s head that it was Tracy who hired the PI and sold the pictures of them. With Ned planning an ELQ board meeting to oust Alan, Lucy breaks into his office and steals the names of all the ELQ board members. Frisco learns Felicia was seen getting into a car with two gentlemen. Dawn makes Ned promise that there will never be any secrets between them. Faison has Felicia.

March 22, 1990 - No Commercials - Katherine working on a new song to get her mind off Robert. Anna and Robert return from making Duke’s funeral arrangements. WSB agent Ross arrives at Frisco’s apartment but swears he does not know what happened to Felicia. Lucy forges some ELQ board members telegrams. Desiree meets with Dawn and Ned and they agree to think about letting Desiree’s boss rent Wyndamere on a month to month basis. Frisco hides the fact that Felicia is missing from Tony and Bobbie. Katherine visits Anna. Anna decides that she and Robin will take Duke’s body back to Scotland for burial. Robert wants to go with them. Frisco comes clean with Sean about Felicia being kidnapped and Sean tells Bobbie and Tony. Sean leaves for Paris.

March 23-29, 1990:  3/23 Casey the alien arrives, 3/26, 3/27, 3/28, 3/29

March 23, 1990 - No Commercials - Robin thinks she should stay in PC and not go to Scotland with Anna. Robert tells Katherine about Felicia. Sean arrives at Frisco’s apartment in Paris and learns Frisco has been back in the WSB for some time now. Tom visits Anna and volunteers to stay with Robin while Anna is away. Tracy makes sure she has a front row seat for the ELQ board meeting to oust Alan. Lucy tries to get Alan to relax before the big meeting. Frisco and Sean return to his apartment to find a masked man going out the window. Anna and Robert leave for Scotland. Frisco and Sean lose the masked man. Scott tells Lucy she has screwed up his chance to get into ELQ as council. Lucy sends telegrams from the boardmembers to ELQ to save Alan from getting the boot. Alan tells the board he loves Lucy and intends to marry her. A bad storm hits PC leaving behind a mysterious man (Casey Rogers) in the Lavery’s backyard.

March 26, 1990 - No Commercials - Sean and Frisco search for Felicia. Sean wants to go back to WSB Agent Ross. Anna and Robert arrive at the hotel in Scotland. Casey trips the alarm at the Lavery’s . Anna reminds Robert not to forget about Katherine’s feelings. Frisco and Sean meet with Ross. Casey hides out in the garage and Olin and Robin mistake him for an alarm repair man. Robert and Anna learn Frisco has been working for the WSB. Robin thinks that Casey can tell her about her crystal and invites him to dinner. Robin sees Casey sneak back into the garage. Frisco and Sean get a tip on Felicia and head to the Chateau Marguerite Winery. Robin thinks Casey is homeless.

March 27, 1990 - No Commercials - Sean and Frisco arrive at the winery and take a look around. Scott goes ahead and lets Desiree signs the lease on Spoon Island. Ned tells Tracy to back off. Alan asks Lucy to marry him. Colton gives Dawn a carousel music box that used to belong to Olivia. The Q’s learn of Alan and Lucy’s engagement. Sean and Frisco tussle with men at the winery. Dawn asks Decker to fix the broken music box. Lucy offers Scott her diamonds in exchange for the pendant that Scott is holding over her head. No dice as Scott wants the ELQ council job and she is in a position to help him get it. Alan and Lila have a heart to heart. Tracy is worried Lucy knows about some skeletons in Ned’s closet. Sean and Frisco run from the guards at the winery and get trapped.

March 28, 1990 - No Commercials - Robin taking care for Casey. Dawn’s carousel music box brings back strange memories for Decker. Scott refuses to be on Ned’s team. Casey helps Robin with her algebra homework. Katherine spills her guts to Colton about her disappointment with Robert. Dawn thanks Decker for fixing the music box. Dawn insists on going to Mexico with Ned to find Monica and try one more time to get her to change her mind about the divorce. Wendy shows up at the Q garage looking for Eddie (Decker). He lets her keep believing he is the very rich Eddie Ashton. Faison arrives in PC. Katherine has dinner with Robin, Olin and Tom. Robin sneaks food to Casey. Robin is really starting to believe her crystal is magic.

March 29, 1990 - No Commercials - Robin agrees to take Casey to Spoon Island. Felicia wants to know why she has been kidnapped. She tries to cozy up to her captor. Sean and Frisco try to break out the locked trap door. Frisco comes up with the idea to blow the lid.  Ned and Dawn arrive in Mexico to try and get Monica to reconsider the divorce. Decker keeps up the rouse that he is Eddie Ashton. Lucy and Charlene bust in on Decker at the Q gatehouse. Casey watches TV while Robin is at school. Sean and Frisco rescue a very drunk Felicia. Sean finds a WSB bug. Alan tells Lucy not to worry about Monica not going through with the divorce. Dawn sees a moment of closeness between Monica and Ned. Wendy tries to seduce Decker. Olin walks in on Casey. Robin has to stop her from calling the cops.

March 30 - April 5, 1990:  3/30, 4/2, 4/3, 4/4, 4/5

March 30, 1990 - No Commercials - Tony and Bobbie visit Robin with the news that Frisco and Felicia are returning soon. Felicia passes out once Sean and Frisco get her back to the Paris apartment. Bobbie and Tony invite Robin and Casey to dinner at the brownstone. Desiree tells Faison that their plan to set up the WSB for Felicia’s kidnapping has worked. Sean however doesn’t believe that the kidnapping was done by the WSB. Anna and Robert call Robin from Scotland. Casey calms a crying Lucas much to Bobbie’s surprise. Frisco thinks twice about telling Felicia the truth about the WSB. Robin sees Casey do some deaf defying feats with BJ’s toys. Robert and Anna reminisce after spreading Duke’s ashes. Sean, Frisco and Felicia are on a plane back to PC. Anna tells Robert she will always hate Faison for what he did to them. Casey makes Robin’s crystal glow.

April 2, 1990 - No Commercials - Faison arrives at Wyndamere. Casey tells Robin he is from a planet called “Luminia”. Frisco and Felicia arrives home to a welcome home party at the brownstone. Faison wants security and surveillance for Spoon Island. Casey tells Robin why it is important for him to get to Spoon Island. Frisco tells Felicia about Duke. Colton considers buying the local health club. Felicia sees Colton and tells him how sorry she is about Olivia. Casey goes to Kellys to find a way to get himself over to Spoon Island. Frisco tells Felicia he will not be going back on tour he is content to stay in PC. Casey tries to steal a boat to get to the island but his plan goes bust. The kids interrupt Bobbie and Tony’s evening. Robin has lunch with Frisco and Felicia. Robin tells Casey that Larry Ashton may be able to take them to the island on “The Aphrodite”. Felicia agrees with Frisco to stay in PC.

April 3, 1990 - No Commercials - Wendy while looking for Eddie meets his father Larry at the Q mansion. Faison’s assistant, Jacque, spots Robin on the docks. Decker lies to Wendy and wants to take her out on the town to keep her busy. Lucy learns Monica is the one that owns the Q mansion. Tracy tells Lucy she better bring her the goods on Alan or he learns about the photo spread. Robin asks Ashton to take her and her “science teacher”  Mr. Rogers to Spoon Island. He agrees but not till Friday. Harrison visits Simone and the baby. Casey and Robin do some research at the library. Harrison makes Tom get the wrong idea about his visit to Simone. Decker has to cover again with Wendy when Lucy mentions Dawn. Decker tells Wendy he is engaged to Dawn but it is a business arrangement. Lucy thinks Wendy looks familiar. Simone refuses to have a DNA test done on the baby. Robin learns Casey reads by scanning. Casey checks out a book on sex. Jacque gets Robin’s address for Faison. Lucy presses Alan to get the mansion from Monica in the settlement. Wendy learns Decker has been lying to her.

April 4, 1990 - No Commercials - Colton visits Katherine at the recording studio. Anna and Robert return from Scotland. Jacque tells Faison about Robin. Sean and Frisco fill in Anna about the WSB case in Paris. Anna agrees with Sean that it does not sound like the WSB was involved in the kidnapping. Robin dresses Casey in Robert’s clothes and they are almost caught. Robert finds Katherine at the recording studio. Robin tells Anna and Robert that she wants to be a detective. Anna is worried that Robin will learn a secret from her past. Sean meets with Desiree

April 5, 1990 - No Commercials - Sean has a meeting with Desire about selling the Wellington Collection. Anna has a flashback of meeting Faison for the first time. Frisco, Felicia, Robert, Katherine, Sean and Tiffany have dinner at Dukes with Anna and Robin. Desire tells Faison that the hook is baited when it comes to Sean. Ned, Monica and Dawn on a plan back to PC. Decker asks for an advance on his salary from Angel. Katherine and Frisco sing Katherine’s new song “Straight To My Heart” Anna has another flashback of when she accepted a job in the DVX. Dawn tells Ned the truth about her adoptive family. She asks him point blank if her ever slept with Monica. Wendy finds a picture of Ward/Ned and Dawn at the gatehouse. Decker gives Wendy a ticket to Bermuda telling her that he will join her in a few days as he is going to break his engagement to Dawn. Robert and Katherine’s plan for a quite evening at the cottage are dashed by police business. Ned tells Monica about Dawn asking about them Wendy overhears there conversation. Wendy turns down Bermuda and breaks things off with Decker. Frisco assures Felicia that she will still pursue his music career (Note: glitchy picture throughout the scene) Sean tells Anna to forget about “the dead” Faison. 

April 6-11, 1990:  4/6, 4/9 cm, 4/10 cm, 4/11 cm

April 6, 1990 - No Commercials - Katherine makes Robert breakfast at the cottage. Luckily Casey is no where to be found; as Anna finds Robin in the garage. Anna finds the Casey’s sex book and thinks it is Robins. They have an awkward talk. Robert avoids Katherine’s question about why he and Anna broke up. Casey makes it to Spoon Island. Anna and Robin go to beauty salon. Anna thinks an article by the author P.K. Sinclair sounds very familiar to her own past. Faison requests information on Robin’s family. Desire inspects the Wellington Collection but Sean is not ready to sell just yet. Ashton and Robin head for Spoon Island. Anna learns Robin lied to her. Robin finds Casey in the island. They start searching for the other parts of the crystal. Faison learns that Anna is Robin’s mother. Anna arrives at Wyndamere to look for Robin.

April 9, 1990 - With Commercials - Anna meets Desiree and finds Robin. Robin tries to leave the crystal for Casey but Desire picks it up. Luckily Anna gets it back. Sean hates Tiffany’s idea to do an “at home with the Donnellys” for her show.  Anna is tired of Robin believing her crystal is magic and tosses it in the trash on the docks. Dukes is heavily damaged after it is flooded when a water main breaks. Robert suggests her and Katherine go away together. Anna grounds Robin. Robin sends Casey to go after the crystal. A homeless person named Sadie fishes the crystal out of the trash thinking she can sell it. Casey searches for the crystal. Robert and Katherine say goodbye to Robin. Robert is worried after he noticed some clothes missing from his closet as one of the pockets had his badge in it. Frisco tells Felicia he is fine with being a “house husband”

April 10, 1990 - With Commercials - Robin cons Rowdy into helping search for the crystal too. Wendy contemplates renting a room at Kellys. Alan tries one more time to get Monica to reconsider the divorce. Tracy is worried that it is just a matter of time before Monica tosses her and Ashton out. Tracy has a fit when she sees Ned and Dawn’s engagement announcement. Alan leaves the Q mansion. Rowdy sees Sadie with the crystal. Sadie hides the crystal in Kelly’s ice chest. Tracy and Ashton got to ELQ and learn that the telegrams where made up by Lucy. Meg thinks Dawn has a little crush on Decker. Wendy pays a visits to Ned at ELQ. Rowdy tells Robin that Sadie has the crystal but he struck out getting it from her. Charlene suggests a family dinner between the Simpsons and the Qs at her house. Wendy lets Ned know she knows all about his past with Monica. Charlene invites the Quartermaines to her house. Wendy takes a room at Kellys.

April 11, 1990 - With Commercials - Rowdy goes back to Sadie to try and get the crystal. Olin and Robin arrive home to find the alarm going off again and call the alarm company requesting Casey Rogers. Ned learns that Wendy is staying in town. Casey is getting weaker. Lucas is ill and Bobbie and Tony are worried. The alarm company lets Anna know they have never heard of Casey Rogers. Wendy joins the health spa and meets Colton. Tracy tells Scott about the telegrams so they can nail Lucy to the wall together. Ned and Dawn go to Wyndamere and Ned is not happy with the changes that have been made. Anna questions Robin about Casey. Casey flees when Tony sees him at Kellys. Anna goes to Sean about Robin’s rebellion like behavior. Frisco tries to talk to Robin. Robin finds Casey on the docks and he tells her he thinks the crystal is at Kellys. Before Robin can get to it the crystal it is transported into a cooler going to GH. Scott goes to Lucy about the fake telegrams but he is not going to turn her in. Wendy steals Colton’s wallet at the club but later returns it to his house and she finds out Decker lives there too. Sean tells Desiree he will not be selling the Wellington Collection to her.

April 12-17, 1990:  4/12 cm, 4/13 cm, 4/16 cm, 4/17 cm

April 12, 1990 - With Commercials - Frisco baby-sits BJ as Bobbie is busy with a sick Lucas. Alan is not too happy when he gets the estimate of Lucy’s plan for their reception. Lucy decides they should elope. Decker finds Wendy in his living room. Colton invites Wendy to the Q/Simpson dinner tonight. Dawn wants to take Monica out to dinner. Frisco gets a little tired up with BJ. Tony presses the GH lab for Lucas’s test results. The Qs join the Simpson’s for dinner. Decker gets uncomfortable when the Qs press him about his days as a carnie. Later Decker tells Lucy to keep her mouth shut when it comes to Wendy. Ned confronts Scott about the Wyndamere lease. Casey goes back to Spoon Island and this time gets into the house. Frisco’s dinner is a bust, so Felicia makes BJ a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Desiree finds the very sick Casey in the Wyndamere foyer and he collapses . Dawn and Ned discuss their wedding plans. Security toss Casey back on the docks. Lab results at GH go haywire due to the crystal’s energy.

April 13, 1990 - With Commercials - Robin asks Rowdy to check on Casey as she is grounded. He finds Casey in the catacombs. Anna admits she has been a little hard on Robin. Casey tries to trade Robert’s badge to a fisherman for a trip back to Spoon Island. The fisherman calls the cops on him just as Casey flees. Decker confronts Wendy for showing up at his house. With GH’s lab in disarray, Mercy gets Lucas’s blood results to process. Ned panics when Wendy books a doctors appointment with Monica. Alan and Lucy postpone their wedding due to Alan being busy at GH. Faison learns of the break in that occurred and rips into Desiree. Robin sneaks out and finds Casey on the docks. Rowdy calls Anna for help. Faison shows up at Sean’s penthouse and threatens him. Anna finds Robin and the in bad shape Casey in the catacombs. Ned pays Wendy to leave PC. Casey is admitted to GH.   

April 16, 1990 - With Commercials - Robert and Katherine return from New Orleans. Harrison and Alan treat Casey. They are puzzled as he is a 30 year old man dying of old age. Faison can’t find any information on Casey. Robert and Katherine arrive at GH. Robin refuses to give anyone any information on Casey. Katherine tells Frisco and Felicia that she wants to buy Dukes from Terri and open it as a showcase for Frisco and herself. Anna and Robert talk to Tom about Robin. Robin tells Sean that only the crystal can save Casey. Robin learns the crystal is in the GH lab. Anna and Robert find her tearing up the lab to find the crystal. Robin is admitted to GH. Sean toys with Faison. Faison wants Desiree to leave Sean to him. Sean searches for information on P.K. Sinclair. An orderly gives the crystal to Amy as a gift.

April 17, 1990 - With Commercials - Colton signs the paperwork to buy the health club. Colton hires Wendy. Tracy fakes her enthusiasm for Dawn and Ned’s upcoming wedding. (Note: First day of the fourth actress to play Dawn- Jennifer Guthrie) Lucy pushes Alan to get married today but Alan is too busy with his patient Casey. Scott wants the telegrams from Tracy that Lucy sent to ELQ. Decker wants to know what Wendy is up to. Monica tells Lila that she can stay on at the mansion but Tracy is out. Colton renames the club “Body Heat”. Charlene suggest to Lucy that she and Alan get married at her house. Wendy puts together two threatening notes. One for Monica and one for Ned.

April 18-23, 1990:  4/18 cm, 4/19 cm, 4/20 cm, 4/23

April 18, 1990 - With Commercials - Katherine renovating Dukes. Harrison and Alan have tested Casey for every disease known to man and are still baffled. Casey tells Robin that the crystal is still near. Robin tells Anna the truth about the crystal and Casey. Wendy secretly leaves the letter for Monica at GH. Robin learns Amy has the crystal. Anna lets Frisco in on Casey/Luminia. Robin gets the crystal back. Ned sees the still in town Wendy and she tells him she is staying in PC and will return his money. He tells her to keep it. Monica gets Wendy’s note and books a flight to Vermont. Ned turns down Lucy’s invite to her wedding. Robin brings the crystal to Casey. The “lightshow” begins just as Frisco and Anna enter his hospital room.

April 19, 1990 - With Commercials - Frisco and Anna think Casey is running some kind of scam, but Casey begins to convince them that he is indeed an alien. Anna and Frisco decide that if they let the GH staff know they will never learn the truth. They decide to break Casey out the hospital. Lucy plans her wedding dress. Monica arrives at Green Meadows to see Gloria. But Gloria won’t see her. Felicia sees Robert about her “Casey Rogers theory”. Robert gets complaints about the dogs at Wyndamere. Frisco busts Casey out of GH. Casey tells Anna about the crystals on Spoon Island. He must get them and return home. Robert investigates Wyndamere and gives Desiree a warning about the dogs. Alan lets Robert know that Casey is missing. Monica snoops around Green Meadows and learns Lucy was a recent guest there. Anna keeps Robert in the dark about Casey. Robert puts a guard at Anna’s door.

April 20, 1990 - With Commercials - Anna has to explain everything about Casey to Olin. Frisco helps hide Casey when Sean arrives. Faison working on his next book. Anna and Frisco throw Robert off with a false tip on Casey. Casey teaches Frisco about the security system on Spoon Island. Frisco looks into submission techniques at a local pet shop to deal with the dogs. He covers when Felicia sees him. Casey tells Anna that in the wrong hands the crystal can be dangerous. Sean arrives to see Faison. He knows Faison is P.K. Sinclair. Frisco arrives on Spoon Island and makes it past the security fence but the dogs eventually trip him up and his is run off the island. Sean tries to make a deal with Faison for the Wellington Collection in exchange for information on Faison’s plan. Robert confronts Anna about what she was doing the day Casey disappeared from GH. Anna has to lie to him. Robin gets upset when she sees Anna and Robert argue. They later smooth things over with her.

April 23, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna and Robin try and get rid of Felicia so Casey can come out of the garage. Sean wants to know why Faison is so fascinated with the porcelain dog in the Wellington Collection. Sean tells Tiffany that the dog make be a fake. Lucas’s fever is still going up. Robert finds out Katherine bought Duke’s club. Katherine shows Robert some of the changes that she has made. Frisco arrives back at Anna’s garage and tells Anna be failed and he was spotted on the island. Simone checks in on Lucas. Faison continues work on his book. Anna asks Sean for help on finding out if Faison is indeed dead. Sean offers to go to Washington and do some digging. They agree not to tell Robert. Sean wants Anna to avoid Spoon Island. Sean makes background information on Desiree disappear. Tiffany wants answers from Sean. Sean packs the Chinese porcelain dog for his trip. Bobbie is frantic when she can’t get Lucas to wake up and she and Tony rush him to GH.

April 24-30, 1990:  4/24, 4/25, 4/26 Lucy & ALan's wedding, 4/27, 4/30 (missed few mins pre-emption)

April 24, 1990 - No Commercials - Monica returns from Green Meadows. Ned tries flirting with Wendy to keep her quiet. Lucas is at GH. Tony, Simone and Alan are running tests on him but they do not know what is wrong  yet. Decker gives Dawn a ride to GH. Monica leaves a message for Lucy to meet as she thinks Lucy is the one who left her the blackmail note. Bobbie is frantic as Lucas is transferred to ICU. Lucy confronts Scott as she thinks that he told Monica about her sending telegrams to the ELQ board members. Monica walks in on them kissing. Monica agrees let Alan and Lucy stay at the Quartermaine mansion.Tony and Frisco trying to contact Bobbie’s adoption lawyer Clayton. Ned hitting on Wendy relentlessly. Gloria from Green Meadows finds Wendy and accuses her of double-crossing her. Lucy tells Alan she wants to get married tomorrow. Decker has another carnival flashback. Charlene questions him about what is wrong. Harrison and Tom press Simone for a DNA test for Tom Jr. Frisco volunteers to track down Clayton. Bobbie flips out on Tony. Felicia questions Frisco about if he wants kids.

April 25, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna explains Lucas’s condition to Casey. Tony still has no idea what is wrong with Lucas. Robert and Katherine visits Bobbie at GH. Clayton finds Frisco going through his files when he returns to his office. Clayton lies but agrees to try and contact the birth mother after Frisco threatens him. Monica tells the Q’s she is letting them all stay in the mansion and she and Dawn are moving out. Lucy planning her wedding reception at the PC Hotel. Robert meets with Desiree. Anna visits Bobbie and Tony at GH. Anna asks Frisco about the book “The Alpine Express” and later buys a copy of the book. Felicia buys a home pregnancy test. Robert hits a dead end with his inquiries into Desiree. Dawn tells Decker she is moving out. Lucy invites Desiree to her reception. Clayton calls Frisco and tells him he could not find the birth mother and then burns the file. Simone tells Bobbie and Tony that Lucas has juvenile diabetes. Robert suspects Anna is keeping something from him. Anna starts reading the book. Lucy invites Robert and Katherine to her reception. 

April 26, 1990 - No Commercials - Lucy stressing over her wedding day. Lucy’s dress arrives. Faison insists Desiree attend Lucy and Alan’s reception. Sean calls Anna with the news that Faison is for sure dead. Lucy opens her dress box to find a red mess and she has no back up plan. Tracy is livid when Scott tells her that all that ELQ telegrams have been shredded accidentally by Scott’s “secretary”. She knows he did it. Alan insists Lila stay home and not attend the wedding. Monica and Dawn say goodbye to Lila. Gloria and Wendy make a deal. Alan and Lucy’s Wedding. Sean has porcelain dog from the Wellington Collection authenticated. Katherine and Anna discuss the details of her reopening Dukes. Scott blackmails Alan for the chief council position at ELQ. Monica and Dawn check into the PC Hotel. Casey gives Anna details about Spoon Island as she is going there tonight.

April 27, 1990 - No Commercials - Alan and Lucy’s reception at the hotel. An armed Anna heads out to go over to Spoon Island. Clayton arrives at GH and Bobbie reads him the riot act. Desiree meets Sean/Tiffany and Katherine. Anna arrives on Spoon Island and Faison sees her on his surveillance cameras. Gloria meets Clayton to talk about a new business deal. Frisco gets a call from WSB Agent Ross to meet in the park. Alan confronts Lucy about Scott blackmailing him. Anna sees a copy of  “The Alpine Express” on Faison’s desk. She confronts him about writing a book about their past together. Lucy is angry with Scott for blackmailing Alan. Felicia learns she is pregnant. Robert and Katherine duck out of Alan and Lucy’s reception. Robert suspects Anna went to Spoon Island when he sees her on the docks. Frisco meets Ross and wants his WSB badge back so he can protect Felicia. Felicia overhears their conversation.

April 30, 1990 - No Commercials. Note: ABC News Brief - GH joined already in progress ( a few minutes lost)/ Anna refuses to tell Robert anything and blows him off. Frisco gets his badge back but Ross tells him that the WSB did not kidnap Felicia. Harrison tells Robert about seeing Casey with Anna and Frisco at GH. Frisco tells Anna he is back in the WSB. Felicia is packing to leave town, Simone spots her pregnancy test but promises to keep it a secret. And angry Robert shows up at Anna demanding the truth. Anna suggests Frisco take Casey to her cabin as Robert will find him if he continues to stay with her. Katherine spends the night at the cottage with Robert. Casey and Frisco leave for the cabin. Felicia leaves a note for Frisco and leaves as well.

May 1-7, 1990:  5/1, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4, 5/7

May 1, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco and Casey arrive at the cabin. Anna confronts Sean about telling her Faison was dead. Anna tells Sean about “The Alpine Express” being all about her past life as an agent. Anna and Sean decide not to tell Robert about Faison being alive. Frisco quizzes Casey about how the words Luminia, Port Charles, and Annihilation all fit together. Dawn and Monica unpacking at the PC hotel. Dawn is upset when she can't find the carrousel that Decker repaired for her. Colton drops Alan and Lucy off at the Q mansion after their reception. Decker has the carousel. Alan and Lucy's wedding night. Clayton and Gloria want in on Wendy's blackmail of  Ned and Monica. Anna arrives at the cabin and gives Frisco Felicia's note. Frisco wants to clear things up with Casey before he goes after Felicia. Decker sees Wendy putting the moves in Ned in the PC hotel lobby. Sean's deal with Faison is shown in a flashback. Anna makes an appointment with Tom. Harrison overhears.  

May 2, 1990 - No Commercials - Harrison questions Anna about Casey. Steve berates him for harassing her. Felicia arrives in Texas and tells Mariah she does not want Frisco to know. Anna goes to Tom for help to get Harrison to back off. She tells him all about Casey. Charlene find Dawn's carousel in Decker's closet. Lucy has her first Q family breakfast. Tom is having a hard time believing Anna. Anna insists she and Robin come to the cabin to stay with Casey so that Frisco can go after Felicia. Sean researches a stolen Air Force file. Robert is suspicious of Anna and Sean's dealings. Robert gets the air force file case number to do some digging into what Sean may be up to. Wendy's steals Colton's keys. Lucy has a meeting with the Q staff. Charlene plants the carrousel back at the Q mansion but Ned sees her. Robert drops in just as Ann and Robin are leaving for the cabin. Robert wants Katherine to go to Washington with him. Frisco realizes Casey is missing.   

May 3, 1990 - No Commercials - Simone tells Harrison she has scheduled the blood test for the baby. Air Force Intelligence visits Tony looking for Frisco. Frisco find Casey in the car wanting to go to Spoon Island. Frisco agrees to take him. Anna and Robin arrive to a empty cabin. AF Intelligence arrives in Texas to talk to Felicia. Ned gets into a physical fight with Decker after Ned accuses him of stealing the carousel. Charlene is very worried about Decker. Mariah calls the cabin and talks with Anna about the AFI men who visited Felicia. Faison is having the grounds on Spoon Island excavated to look for the crystal. Frisco and Casey arrive on the island. Simone's mother arrives in PC at Harrison's request. Harrison roots around through Tom's files and makes a copy of Anna's file. Charlene and Colton find Decker's knife work in the locker room of Body Heat. Anna and Robin return home and get Frisco's message about going to the island. Frisco gets tired up with security on the island. Harrison shows up at Anna's house and tells her he knows everything.  

May 4, 1990 - No Commercials - Harrison threatens to call the cops on Anna. Robert and Katherine go to the WSB headquarters in DC. Robert meets with Ross. Casey saves Frisco's butt on the island. Anna makes a deal with Harrison to stall for time. Sean meets with an art forger in DC to make a replica of the porcelain dog from the Wellington Collection. Sean notices Katherine at bar in DC and sneaks out the back. AFI pay Harrison at visit. Frisco and Casey make their way to Wyndamere (Note: low audio level during the scene) Casey bypasses the alarm. Sean meets with Lars “Swede” Hanson about what happened 13 years ago in the WSB. Robert breaks into the file room at the WSB but finds the file Sean was researching empty. Casey lifts Faison's half of the crystal. Anna arrives on the docks just as Frisco and Casey return to the mainland. Anna wants Casey to go back to the cabin. Sean tells Lars he is guilty of treason. Faison discovers the crystal is gone. Robin mistakenly gives the AFI Casey's location. 

May 7, 1990 - No Commercials - Tom arrives at his office to find the AFI agents have sealed his files. Robert arrives at the Lavery's and Robin tells him everything about Casey. Robert is having a hard time believing her but agrees to go to the cabin. Sean learns Robert was in DC snooping around. Faison learns Frisco was on Spoon Island and sends his men after him. Casey tells Anna and Frisco that only one part of the crystal was on the island. Tom warns Anna that the AFI are on there way to the cabin. By the time Robert arrives, the cabin is surrounded. Frisco creates a diversion and with Robert help, Anna and Casey are able to escape. They take Frisco WSB phone so they can remain in contact. Anna learns Casey lied about no more of crystal being on the island so that Frisco would be able to go to Felicia. Frisco explains everything to Robert. Sean gets a message from Faison. Robert tells Harrison to back off. Not heading the warning, Harrison call the PC Herald. Anna and Casey find a place to stay for the night. Robert wants Robin to stay with Olin's family.

May 8-14, 1990:  5/8, 5/9, 5/10, 5/11, 5/14

May 8, 1990 - No Commercials - Faison accuses Sean of stealing the crystal. Anna and Casey lay-low in a barn outside of town. Harrison's cover story of an alien escaping from GH hits the newsstands. Faison tells Sean he knows Lars is still alive and that San never had him killed. The press is all over GH. Harrison implicates Anna. Robert confronts Harrison about talking to the press. Anna and Casey are forced to flee the barn when a farm hand shows up. They hear that Casey has made the papers. Frisco tells Ross he should be focusing on Faison. Robert holds a press conference  at GH. Robert covers for Anna. Anna calls Robert and tells him she is taking Casey to a safe house.   

May 9, 1990 - No Commercials - Charlene is worried as Decker has been gone for 24 hours. Anna and Casey find a cottage outside of town. Sean gets his fake porcelain dog and installs a bug in it. Frisco gets the idea to sent Lucy and Ashton to Spoon Island to photograph everyone there so they can get an ID on Faison. Tony learns the truth about Frisco being back in the WSB. “The Aphrodite” arrives at Spoon Island. Lucy and Ashton claim Desire invited them. Desire meets with Sean to obtain the porcelain dog. Robert confronts Sean about the AFI file. Dawn offers to go look for Decker. Ned agrees to meet with Wendy (Note: video issues with the scene) Ashton gives Frisco the camera. Sean listens in on the bug in the porcelain dog.  

May 10, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco wants Ross's help to find Felicia. Casey learns about “showering” from Anna. Frisco develops the pictures Ashton took. Dawn and Colton find a dazed Decker on the docks. Wendy seduces Ned in the steam room at Body Heat. Anna explains “romance” to Casey. Felicia meets with the AFI agent to grill him about what he wants with Frisco. Wendy and Ned are almost caught by Colton and Dawn. Decker covers for Ned after he sees him with Wendy in the steam room. Frisco learns Felicia is indeed in Texas. Frisco and Ross look at the pics. Anna has a nightmare about Faison killing Robert.    

May 11, 1990 - No Commercials - Tiffany is worried that Sean is mixed up with the WSB again. Frisco gets no pictures of Faison from Ashton's camera. Faison continues the excavation at Spoon Island. Robert wants a background check on Lars Hanson. Casey learns about the bonds between parent and child. He considers destroying the crystal so there will be no more danger for Anna. Frisco shows the pictures to Robert. Tracy learns Scott is the chief council for ELQ. Frisco visits Robin. At a diner, Casey and Anna are recognized. Sean gets his hands on Frisco's photos and takes the ones that show Desire holding the porcelain dog. Anna and Casey head to the catacombs. Anna realizes they left the WSB contact phone at the diner. Frisco realizes some of the photos are missing. Faison finds the third part of the crystal on Spoon Island. 

May 14, 1990 - No Commercials - Anna needs to go back to the diner and get the phone. Faison learns about the photos Ashton took. Katherine asks Frisco to sing at the opening night of Delafields. Lucy invites Sean and Tiffany to diner at the Q's.. Ross gets his hands on the WSB phone from the diner and knows Frisco gave it to Anna. Frisco stalls when confronted by Ross. Robert ties the photos to the Wellington Collection. Sean drops one of the photos he stole while visiting Robin at Olin's relatives. Robert and Frisco pay a visit to Sean. They are surprised when Sean produces the porcelain dog. Faison sends Desire to stay at the PC hotel. Robert and Katherine in bed. Casey and Anna get a raft to take them to Spoon Island.

May 15-21, 1990:  5/15, 5/16, 5/17, 5/18, 5/21

May 15, 1990 - No Commercials - Colton confronts Decker with the knives he found at Body Heat. Ross and Frisco talk aliens and the mysterious man on Spoon Island. Monica calls the Q mansion to speak to Alan about the boys but Lucy blows her off. Lucy's Q party in honor of Tiffany is a bust. Monica shows up to speak with Alan. AJ is upset about the divorce and Alan needs to go to his boarding school and speak with him. Lucy is peeved. Mariah calls Frisco with the news that Felicia received a bouquet of dead flowers. Frisco senses that someone has broken into his apartment. Frisco wants Ross to send some WSB agents to keep on eye on Felicia in Texas. Decker's behavior is worrying Charlene. 

May 16, 1990 - No Commercials - Olin finds the photo of Desire that Sean dropped. Casey and Anna make it to Spoon Island.  Unfortunately Faison finds them immediately. Katherine is keeping busy with the Delafield's renovation. Tom wants his files unsealed. Decker warns Wendy to stay away from Ned. Colton questions Wendy about the tension between her and Decker. Wendy learns Decker has the Ned and Monica tape from the spa. Casey is growing weaker. Casey insists if Faison tries to use the crystal it will annihilate the earth. Sean visits Robin again. 

May 17, 1990 - No Commercials - Ross's agents arrive in Texas dressed as cowboys to keep on eye on Felicia. Frisco  can't get a warrant to search Wyndamere. Robert gets nothing on Lars Hanson. Faison shows Anna his latest book cover. Faison tells Anna it is up to her if Casey lives or dies. Wendy steals the tape of Monica and Ned from Decker. Wendy leaves a message for Monica but Ned intercepts it. Frisco sees Sean with Desire. The two WSB agents are driving Felicia crazy. Ned meets with Wendy in Monica's place. Frisco wants Dawn to file a complaint against Faison so he can get a search warrant. Robert starts reading “The Alpine Express”. Faison assembles the crystal.   

May 18, 1990 - No Commercials - PC goes dark. The town is flipping out thinking it is an alien invasion. Scott and Lucy get trapped in a GH elevator together. Casey finds an unconscious Faison and Anna on the floor near the crystal. Casey restores the power to PC. Robin thinks that this means Casey went home. Anna explains to Faison why she needs to help Casey. A half naked Scott and Lucy make their exit from the elevator right in front of Alan. Anna makes a deal with Faison for Casey to return home. In the commotion of the blackout, a knifing incident involving Ned happens on the docks. Robert arrives at Wyndamere and pulls a gun on the very much alive Faison.   

May 21, 1990 - No Commercials - Sean and Dawn find Ned . He is okay. He did not see his attacker but suspects Decker. Robert is not about to let Anna make a deal with Faison. Katherine visits Robin. Ned tries to pass off the attack as a robbery. Decker threatens Wendy again to stay out of Ned's business. Scott acts as Ned's lawyer while the PCPD investigate. Anna explains her plan to Robert. Robert wants to know what is Sean's involvement with Faison. Sean tells Desire not to delude herself into thinking that Faison cares about her. Robert meets Casey. Wendy finds Decker's gloves at the scene of Ned's knifing. Robert sees the power of the crystal for himself. Robert makes a deal with Faison.

May 22-28, 1990:  5/22, 5/23, 5/24, 5/25, 5/28 Casey goes home, Shep Casey" arrives

May 22, 1990 - No Commercials - Alan gives Lucy the cold shoulder over her elevator scene with Scott. Colton reads about Ned's stabbing attack and questions Decker. The Qs rally around Ned after the attack. Wendy gives Ned the glove, thinking that he can use it over Decker's head as he saw them together at Body Heat. Tracy sees Scott kiss Lucy. Colton learns that Decker is an expert knife thrower. Monica finds out that Wendy as the tape of her and Ned. Colton meets with Tom about Decker. Dawn finds Decker's glove in Ned's coat pocket. Wendy wants $25,000 from Monica for her silence. Monica learns that it was never Lucy that sent the first note to her. 

May 23, 1990 - No Commercials - Robert tells Anna about why he doubts Sean. Dawn returns Decker's glove. With their business concluded, Sean wants to know what Faison is still doing in PC. Monica pays off Wendy. Ned goes over the night of the attack with Frisco again. Robert sees the porcelain dog at Wyndamere. Wendy creates a ledger of her payments. Gloria wants Wendy to keep working Ned. Decker confronts Ned about the glove and just what Ned was going to do it. Sean's bugging equipment is damaged so he has no idea Robert and Anna are in trouble. Casey tells Robert and  Anna that there is a fourth piece to the crystal. it could be inside the porcelain dog. Frisco takes a look around Sean's secret room in the penthouse. He finds Faison's messages to him. Faison busts open the Sean's fake porcelain dog  and no crystal. Robert sees Sean's planted bug. 

May 24, 1990 - No Commercials - Knowing he has been duped, Faison orders Jacque to get the real dog from Sean. Lucas coming home from GH. Sean fixes his bugging equipment. Robert tries to hide the bug, but Faison finds it and destroys it. Anna cozies up to Faison to help Casey. Casey comes up with a way to get help from Frisco. Jacques tries to take care of Desire but she winds up escaping. Tiffany worries about Sean. Frisco gets Robert's message to get the dog to Wyndamere. Robin sees the photo Sean dropped and leaves Olin's families place. Frisco confronts Sean at the penthouse and gets the dog. Robin arrives at the penthouse and so does Desire. Desire pulls a gun demanding the dog. Sean tries to talk her down but two shots ring out.  

May 25, 1990 - No Commercials - Both Sean and Frisco are shot. Sean is seriously injured. Desire flees. Robin finds the 4th piece of the crystal. Frisco follows Desire. Tony and Bobbie have a heart to heart. Frisco stumbles back to the brownstone after losing Desire. Tony and Bobbie rush him to GH. Tiffany is frantic as Sean arrives at GH. Faison toasts Casey's imminent return home. Guys message to Robert on his walkie talkie blows Robert's plan sky high. Faison learns Frisco was trying to get the dog. Felicia gets word that Sean has been shot. Lewis is still trying to get a hold for Robert. Faison accuses Anna of double crossing him. Robin arrives on Spoon Island. Mariah returns to the hacienda and Felicia is gone. Felicia boards a plane back to PC. Robin gives Casey the fourth and final piece of the crystal. 

May 28, 1990 - No Commercials - Robin tells Anna and Robert that Sean has been shot. Sean goes into surgery at GH. Faison introduces himself to Robin as PK Sinclair. Katherine arrives at GH to comfort Tiffany. Mariah calls Frisco with the news that Felicia has taken off. Casey says tearful goodbye to Ann, Robert and Robin and goes home. Sean makes it through surgery. Robert wants Faison to get out of town. Anna and Robin return home. Faison is not ready to leave town just yet. Robert arrives at GH and tells Frisco he is off the case. Felicia arrives back in PC. Anna sees the evening news with the new anchor man that looks very familar, Shep Casey.

May 29 - June 4, 1990:  5/29, 5/30, 5/31, 6/1 Opening of Delafields, Frisco sings, 6/4

May 29, 1990 - No Commercials - Robin goes back to school. Shep is staying at Kellys. Felicia is back in PC but no one has seen her yet. She is at Kellys and hides in Shep's room. Frisco meets with Ross and tells him his mission is not over. Rowdy tells Robin that the kids at school are talking about her and “an alien”. Shep pumps Felicia for information about her friends. Frisco meets PK Sinclair and accuses him of kidnapping Felicia in Paris. Frisco wants Faison out of PC. Anna meets Shep Casey. Robert holds a  press conference at GH about the alien case. Katherine is having a hard time with Robert's priorities. Anna arrives home to find Robin with Faison. Robert is anger with Frisco for going to Spoon Island. Colton spots Felicia at GH trying to sneak into see Sean. He offers her a place to stay as she is not ready to talk to Frisco. 

May 30, 1990 - No Commercials - Felicia staying with Colton at Charlene's. Wendy plays Ned and tells him a bogus story about Decker attacking her and trashing her room. Dawn tries to get through to Decker. Colton tells Felicia about Decker's problems. A glove similar to the one Decker wears shows up in the evidence room at the PCPD. Lucy tries to smooth things over with Alan. Scott tells the Qs that Decker tried to kill Ned. Lucy tells Colton and Charlene that Decker is abut to be arrested. Ned sleeps with Wendy. Tracy and Ashton want Lila to fire Decker. Felicia and Decker talk about old times. Colton finds the matching glove in Decker's closet and confronts him. The PCPD arrive to take Decker in for questioning.  

May 31, 1990 - No Commercials - Decker gets into a fight in the holding cell of the PCPD with another inmate. Shep drops in on Anna and Frisco fishing around for information on aliens. Charlene gives Felicia the cold shoulder. Frisco agrees with Anna that Shep looks a lot like Casey. (Note: Glitchy picture throughout scene)  Colton goes to Anna for help with Decker's case. Colton tells Frisco he has been in contact with Felicia but he will not tell him where she is. In the lineup, Ned won't finger Decker as his attacker in the knifing. Ned instead picks a kid named Frankie out of the lineup. Colton smells a rat. Felicia visits Sean at GH. Charlene shuts Frisco down when he comes looking for Felicia. Decker is released and returns home. Anna finds an old file with the name “Casey Rogers” on it in her garage.   

June 1, 1990 - No Commercials - Robert makes it to Delafields for opening night. Felicia is miffed at Colton for telling Frisco he had seen her. Opening night at Delafields. Anna and Robert visit Sean at GH. Tiffany shows them the envelope Sean left before he was shot. Colton and Felicia argue about her running away from her problems. Anna tells Shep she had a background check run on him. Frisco performs at Delafields. Colton meets with Frankie, the kid Ned fingered for his stabbing attack. Colton posts his bail. Sean wakes up with Tiffany at his bedside. Frisco's encore. Felicia turns up in the audience and he learns she is pregnant.  

June 4, 1990 - No Commercials - Delafields is a huge hit. Frisco makes breakfast for Felicia. He and Felicia air out their differences. Shep pushes Anna's buttons. Katherine resents Anna and Robert's closeness. Sean is not out of the woods yet. Shep interviews GH personnel about the alien. Robert questions Jacques and Faison about Desire's whereabouts. Robert wants to stay with Anna and Robin until Desire is found. Tiffany catches Faison in Sean's room at GH. Robert spends the night at the Lavery's. Anna and Robert agree that their next move against Faison they will do together.

June 5-11, 1990:  6/5, 6/6, 6/7, 6/8, 6/11 cm

June 5, 1990 - No Commercials - Monica learns Dawn wants to get married at the Q mansion. Ned explains to Wendy why he let Decker off the hook. Colton is worried that Decker will find out that he bailed Frankie out. Monica threatens to throw Lucy and Alan out of the mansion if Dawn can not get married there. Felicia tries to get some answers from Decker. Colton finds Frankie. Alan is upset at Scott for spending so much time on Ned's personal problems. Colton hires Frankie at Body Heat. Decker threatens Wendy. Shep gets an audio tape left on his doorstep at Kellys.  

June 6, 1990 - No Commercials - Monica tells Ned and Dawn that they can get married at the mansion. Shep looking into the knifing. Felicia doesn't like Frisco treating her with kid gloves just because she is pregnant. Shep goes on the air saying that he is committed to uncovering the truth when it comes to Ned's knifing. Ned threatens Scott that he had better cover his butt or he is done at ELQ. Frisco wants Shep source for his suspecting that Ned's fingered the wrong man. Decker finds out Colton bailed Frankie out and gave him a job.    

June 7, 1990 - No Commercials - Lucy presses Alan to go after Ned. Tracy asks Ned why he is spending so much time with Scott. Tracy warns Lucy to back off Ned. Katherine find Shep snooping around Delafields. Robin visits Sean with Anna and Robert. Thanks him for saving her life. Sean needs Monica's help. Tracy grills Scott about what he is helping Ned with. Alan sends Scott to Alaska on ELQ business to trip Ned up. Lucy has a meeting with Ned and Dawn about the wedding. Kitchen knives are missing from Delafields. Robert suspects Sean is running a scam to leave GH before he can answer any of Robert's questions.  

June 8, 1990 - No Commercials - Robert and Anna confront Monica about moving Sean. Faison gets word that Desire has been found dead in Bangkok. Sean owns up to a deal with Faison to Anna and Robert. Decker gets in a knife fight on the docks in front of Meg and Dawn. Sean claims he set up Robert to find out Anna was a double agent. Wendy blackmails Monica for more money. Faison wants to know all about Shep Casey. The knives from Delafields are found in Decker's hand...he claims he was having them sharpened. Dawn stands behind Decker. Robert and Anna vow to take Faison down. 

June 11, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco and Felicia visit Sean. Katherine hears Robert muttering in his sleep about Anna. Robert ducks Katherine's questions. Audrey finds it strange that Simone's mother and Harrison are together at Kellys. Tom wants to run his own separate DNA test on Tom Jr. Guy tells Frisco that Desire had been found dead. Sean vows to never lie to Robert and Anna again. Sean, Robert and Anna learn Desire killed herself. Frisco does not want to be shut out of the case. Felicia meets with her new doctor. Kyle Morgan. Simone's mother surprises her. Not believing Desire committed suicide, Robert leaves PC for Bangkok.

June 12-18, 1990:  6/12 cm, 6/13 cm, 6/14 cm, 6/15 cm, 6/18

June 12, 1990 - With Commercials - Tracy tells Ned that Alan sent Scott out of town. Colton gets a lawyer for Frankie. Frankie blows off the first meeting though. Decker punches Colton. Tracy wants the truth from Ned. Gloria gives Wendy a deadline to get $100,000 from Monica and Ned. Ned confronts Alan for sending Scott out of town. Lucy, Monica, and Tracy meet to plan Dawn and Decker's wedding, but Tracy is only interested in finding what Lucy knows about Ned. Ned learns Colton bailed out Frankie. Colton meets Carla after he tracks down Frankie. Charlene learns what Colton did and confronts him. Frankie meets his lawyer. The lawyer wants Ned to help her reenact the crime on the docks. Carla insists on paying Colton back for Frankie's bail money.  

June 13, 1990 - With Commercials - Sean can go home from GH tomorrow. Katherine avoids Anna. Shep meets Wendy about what she knows about the knifing. Ned and Dawn go to docks so Ned can participate in Frankie's lawyer reenactment of the night he was attacked. Ned trips up. Carla asks Lucy for an advance on her salary. Anna talks to Tom about her strong dislike of Shep. Shep and Wendy get a front row seat for Ned's reenactment. Felicia wants Decker to confide in her. Shep thinks Wendy may have made the audio tape he was sent. Sean and Anna look thru all their old cases. Faison learns Robert was in Bangkok. Faison wants a letter to be delivered to Robin. Robert breaks his deal with Faison.   

June 14, 1990 - With Commercials - Sean is released from GH. Robert is back with no information except that Desire committed suicide. Ned, Dawn, and Ashton meet PK Sinclair to terminate the lease on Wyndamere at the end of the month. Alan and Lucy make plans to go Delafields. Tracy calls the PI from the Elm Street Detective Agency to meet. Kyle Morgan asks Monica out. Sean tells Tiffany about his betrayal. Robin gets her letter from Sinclair with an offer to help her write a book on Casey. Lucy wants to team up Decker. Robert meets with the WSB to have them bring in Faison. Anna confronts Faison about Robin's letter. The WSB believe Faison is dead. They will not make a move against Faison until Robert comes up with proof of him being among the living.  

June 15, 1990 With Commercials - Tracy arrives at Delafields to meet the PI. Felicia arrives to see Frisco's show. Robert refuses to reveal his source to the WSB. Faison wants Anna to see that they have a future together. Robert learns of Faison's letter to Robin. Shep is working Tracy's last nerve at Delafield's bar. Alan and Monica exchange jealous glances while out with their perspective dates. Katherine and Frisco sing. Robert and Anna arrive at Delafields and Katherine overhears them talking about going after the man on the island. Katherine tells Robert there will not be a wedding between them.  

June 18, 1990 Note: No opening or closing credits, no cm. Katherine tells Robert there will be no wedding between them as she suspects he is still in love with Anna (Note: Glitchy picture in the beginning of the scene) Sean tells Anna that he wants to go to Ross and turn himself in to save them all. At Delafields, Lucy gets to PI Curry first and promises him more money to not tell Alan the truth. Tracy is livid when Curry fingers her and not Lucy as the one that paid him to take the pictures. Ned and Dawn dance the night away at Delafield. Katherine walks out on Robert. Tracy is mad with herself for letting Lucy win this round. Robert tells Anna that Katherine called off their engagement. Shep meets with Frankie’s lawyer. Felicia tries to be a friend to Decker. Katherine returns to Delafields and she tells Frisco that she and Robert are finished. Anna pushes Robert to go back and try and get Katherine to change her mind.

June 19-22, 1990:  6/19 cm, 6/20 cm, 6/21 cm, 6/22 cm

June 19, 1990 - With Commercials - Colton tells Frankie his court date has been set. It is Frisco's birthday as well as Frisco and Felicia's anniversary. Mary is heartbroken about Katherine and Robert breaking up. Robert is not too happy when Anna and Robert get invited to Spoon Island by Faison. Felicia is planning a big birthday party for Frisco. Anna thinks the invite to Spoon Island is the perfect opportunity to get something with Faison's fingerprints on it. Wendy wants more money from Monica. Alan is puzzled about why Tracy wanted him to meet the PI. Lucy smoothes things over. Ned is worried Scott will not be back in time for his knifing trial. Carla wants Frankie to keep Colton away from their apartment. Anna and Robert arrive on Spoon Island to a lavish lunch. Robert tries to explain his actions to Katherine. Sam is going to be that acting police chief while Guy is out of town. Faison sees Anna snag his lighter at lunch.  

June 20, 1990 - With Commercials - Wendy feeding Shep information on Decker and Ned. Felicia sets up a surprise birthday party at Delafields for Frisco. Only Frisco has set up a separate surprise for his and Felicia's anniversary at a moroccan restaurant. Monica asks Ned if he is up to something regarding the knifing. While he waits with Felicia, Frisco gets mixed up with a family recipe stealing situation at the restaurant. Ned confronts Wendy about talking to Shep. Ned wants Scott back in PC asap but Scott is snowed in. Felicia saves Frisco's butt just as the PCPD show up at the restaurant. Frisco and Felicia salvage their night.    

June 21, 1990 - With Commercials - Robert gets the fingerprint report back on Faison's lighter. The prints come back as belonging to Harry Steinfield; a long dead WSB agent. Robert decides to go to DC to look into Harry. Sean insist he go with him. Sam heads up the PC carnival planning meeting to benefit the PCPD. Carla tries to resign at the Q mansion but Lucy convinces her to stay. Robin gives a her final speech of the school year and Faison shows up. Robert and Sean dig up Harry Steinfield at a DC cemetery. Sam asks Decker to repair the broken carousel for the carnival. Anna tries to talk with Katherine. Robert and Sean learn Harry's body has had his hands cut off and they find a cigar case inside the casket with the initials “CF” on it.   

June 22, 1990 - With Commercials - Robert is more determined than ever to get Faison. Faison books a table at Delafield for he and Anna. Wendy volunteers to work at the carnival. PC citizens help clean up the docks for the carnival. Faison invites Anna to dinner. Robert has a new plan. He wants to sent Anna, Sean and Robin on vacation so that they are safe while he goes after Faison. Decker working to fix the carousel. Shep gets another audio tape delivered to him. Anna and Robin leave PC for the Caribbean. Shep's newest broadcast insinuates that a certain PC bartender knifed Ned. Decker and his old carnie pal Drago are reunited and Decker tells him his nightmares are happening again. Faison shows up at Delafields but instead of Anna he find Robert waiting for him with an arrest warrant.

June 25 - July 2, 1990:  6/25 cm, 6/26 (missed first 5 mins), 6/27, (6/28 no show due to Daytime Emmy's) 6/29, 7/2

June 25, 1990 - With Commercials - Faison is brought into the PCPD. Decker and Drago discuss his past. Scott is back from Alaska. Ned tells Scott he will be withdrawing all charges at Frankie's trial. Ned wants Scott to get Sinclair out of his house. Frisco is back on the case and learns Sinclair is in fact Faison. Now he and Robert just have to prove it. Dawn reams Shep for his broadcast. Colton and Frankie break it up, when Decker attacks Wendy. Scott meets with Faison about vacating Wyndamere. Scott agrees to find him a new house. Frisco comes up with a disguise to get himself onto Spoon Island to get some fingerprints from Faison. Robert allows Faison to work on the rewrite of his book in his cell.   

June 26, 1990 - No Commercials. Note: Premption during first 5 Minutes - Shep quizzes Decker about why someone would want to set him up. (Note: Glitchy picture throughout the scene) Figuring that while Faison is in lookup is his shot, Frisco dressed as a nerd shows up at Wyndamere. Frankie's day in court. Ned wants to drop the charges against him but the judge does not let him off so quick. Felicia comes to Frisco rescue at Wyndamere. Rico shows up at the courthouse. The case against Frankie is dismissed.  

June 27, 1990 - No Commercials - Ned sets his and Dawn's wedding date for 3 weeks from today right on Tiffany's news broadcast. Rico is upset her was not informed about Frankie's situation. PC carnival begins. Scott flirts with Tracy and Ashton is a little jealous. Wendy flips out on Ned when she learns he has set the date with Dawn. Rico wants to know Colton's motives for helping Frankie and Carla. The DA has some questions for Colton. 

June 28, 1990 - No Commercials - no show due to Daytime Emmy's  

June 29, 1990 - No Commercials - Frisco and Robert find that no prints were found on any of the ones Frisco took while he was at Wyndamere. Carnival continues. Dawn sees Decker harassing Wendy. Rico meets Colton and tells him that he and Carla are very much together. Faison uses a pen in Robert's office. Frisco wants to see if he can get prints from it. Colton catches up with Drago and quizzes him if Decker has said anything to him. Frankie quits Body Heat. Someone is following Colton. Faison is released but the press are all over him. They want to know more about PK Sinclair. Colton is knifed in the leg while closing up the carnival. 

July 2, 1990 - No Commercials - The press is all over Faison. Colton finds Decker's necklace on the ground next to him. Wendy demands more money from Monica. Dawn asks Monica to give her away at the wedding. Frisco, Felicia, and Wendy find the injured Colton. Felicia finds the necklace in his hand. Colton begs her not to give it to the police. Charlene learns about Colton. Robert finds the links to the broken necklace on the ground of the midway near where Colton was found. Robert and Sam question Decker. Shep questions Wendy about the knifing. Decker visits Colton. Colton knows he didn't stab him. Decker tells Ned he knows all about his affair with Wendy and that he would not put it past Wendy to try and kill Dawn and set him up for it.

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