Complete GH Episodes, 1988

Thanks to my good friend Joan has GH episodes from 1981 through current time, we have been working on getting them transfered to dvd and described. Most  of these episodes do not have commericals.  Thanks to Lynda Walsh, who has started doing write ups for the 1988 time frame and has been a tremendous help in getting these episodes described and without her help this page would not be possible! Thanks Lynn!" 

Episode Breakdown

December 30, 1987 - July 7, 1988

July 8-22, 1988:  7/8, 7/11 Duke tells Anna that he slept with Olivia in NY, 7/12, 7/13, 7/14 [Episode Descriptions]

July 15-21, 1988:  7/15, 7/18, 7/19, 7/20, 7/21 [Episode Descriptions]

July 22-27, 1988:  7/22, 7/25 (counter on first 10-15 mins cm), 7/26 (cm), 7/27 (cm) [Episode Descriptions]

July 28 - August 3, 1988: 7/28 cm, 7/29 cm Outdoor location scenes for music festival begin, 8/1 Outdoor location scenes, 8/2 Outdoor location scenes, 8/3 Collette kidnaps Coltin & Felicia as Sean and Robert search for them, Lucy & Tony get amorous but are interrupted when he is called in to GH, Lucy then fantasizes about making love to Alan [Episode Descriptions]

August 4-10, 1988: 8/4 A haggard Robert and Sean search for Felicia as outdoor music festival scenes continue, 8/5 Music festival scenes continue, 8/8 Explosion at the music festival, 8/9 Anna & Duke get away from Olivia to a mountain cabin, 8/10 Duke & Anna wake up in bed together in their mountain hideaway, Anna tells Duke that she would like to have his baby, Sean and Robert tell Felicia that she is still in danger from the terrorists [Episode Descriptions]

August 11-17, 1988:  8/11, 8/12 Felicia and Tony believing Frisco is dead have an informal memorial ceremony at Frisco's grave in Quebec, with a long series of Frisco & Felicia flashbacks, 8/15 Robert follows up a tip on someone fencing the Aquarius diamond and is shocked to find Anna is the fence, 8/16 (5 min bad spot), 8/17 [Episode Descriptions]

August 18-24, 1988:  8/18, 8/19, 8/22, 8/23, 8/24 Duke & Anna tell Robin about wanting to have a baby [Episode Descriptions]

August 25-31, 1988:  8/25, 8/26 cm, 8/29, 8/30, 8/31 [Episode Descriptions]

September 1-7, 1988:  9/1 Victor finds out the truth about Olivia, 9/2 Monica & Tony operate on Victor after Olivia withholds his medication, 9/5, 9/6, 9/7 [Episode Descriptions]

September 8-14, 1988:  9/8, 9/9 Coltin remembers he killed Frisco!, 9/12, 9/13, 9/14 [Episode Descriptions]

September 15-20, 1988:  9/15, 9/16, 9/19 BJ drinks Lucy's nail polish remover (cm), 9/20 cm [Episode Descriptions]

September 21-26, 1988:  9/21 cm Monica makes love to Ned not knowing he is her nephew, 9/22 cm, 9/23 cm, 9/26 [Episode Descriptions]

September 27-30, 1988:  9/27 cm, 9/28 cm, 9/29 cm, 9/30 cm [Episode Descriptions]

October  3-10, 1988:  10/3, 10/4 missed begining, (10/5 no show baseball), 10/6, 10/7, 10/10 [Episode Descriptions]

October 11-17, 1988:   10/11, 10/12, 10/13, 10/14, 10/17 cm [Episode Descriptions]

October 18-21, 1988:  10/18 cm, 10/19 cm, 10/20 cm, 10/21 cm About :52 mins ea epi, deleted some commercials
[Episode Descriptions]

October 24-27, 1988:  10/24 cm, 10/25 cm, 10/26 cm, 10/27 cm
[Episode Descriptions]

October 28 - November 3, 1988:  10/28 cm, 10/31, 11/1 Olivia is shot, 11/2, 11/3
[Episode Descriptions]

November 4-10, 1988:   11/4, 11/7, 11/8, 11/9, 11/10 [Episode Descriptions]

November 11-17, 1988: 11/11, 11/14, 11/15, 11/6, 11/17 Cheryl admits to Robert that she was on the balcony [Episode Descriptions]

November 18-23, 1988: 11/18 cm Jake arrives to defend Anna, her trial begins, 11/21 cm, 11/22 cm, 11/23 cm [Episode Descriptions]

November 24-29, 1988:  11/24 cm, 11/25 cm, 11/28 cm, 11/29 cm [Episode Descriptions]

November 30 - December 5, 1988: 11/30 cm, 12/1 cm, 12/2 cm, 12/5 cm [Episode Descriptions]

December 6-12, 1988: 12/6, 12/7, 12/8 (missed first couple of mins pre-emption), 12/9, 12/12 [Episode Descriptions]

December 13-19, 1988:  12/13, 12/14, 12/15, 12/16 Robert shows Sean a bachelor party, a peeved Tiffany arranges to jump out of his cake, Robert meets Katherine Delafied, 12/19 cm reduced quality [Episode Descriptions]

December 20-23, 1988: 12/20 cm, 12/21 cm (missed first 2-3 minutes pre-emption), 12/22 cm, 12/23 cm [Episode Descriptions]

December 26-29, 1988: 12/26 cm, 12/27 cm, 12/28 cm, 12/29 cm [Episode Descriptions]

December 30, 1988 - January 6, 1989: 12/30 cm, (1/2 no show aired), 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6 Katherine's engagement party [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Episode Descriptions

July 8-22, 1988: 7/8, 7/11, 7/12, 7/13, 7/14

July 8, 1988 - No Commercials. Anna prepares for Duke's return home. Colton and Felicia return to the store only to find that it is still closed. It suddenly occurs to Colton that they could have been followed by the terrorists. They decide to check with the local police on any recent explosions in the area. Sean arrives home and is informed by Tiffany that Colton and Felicia are gone. Fran shows up at Anna's. Anna tells her that she believes Marty is dead. She asks Fran to make notes on any people Marty had contact with. The shop owner is jumped when he arrives to open the store. He is coached on what to say when Felicia and Colton arrive. Duke moves back into the house. Colton and Felicia arrive and question the store owner. They show him a picture of Frisco and the music box. He denies selling the box or knowing Frisco. Just then, the terrorists grab Colton and Felicia and drag them into the back room. Scotty tries to blackmail Lucy with pictures.

July 11
, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna lays out her plan to Duke on how to break the mob. Renovations are underway on the brownstone. Bobbie finds an unusual looking knob and puts it aside for the arts festival. Meanwhile, the two men holding Colton and Felicia try to take her music box. Just then Sean bursts in and frees them. They all escape before the police get there. Robert drops in on Cheryl to apologize for walking out on her. Sean tells Colton and Felicia that Kinley was murdered. Robert goes looking for Scotty after he talks to Cheryl. Sean and Colton speculate on whether or not the store owner was involved with the terrorists or not. Meanwhile, Felicia excuses herself to go to the ladies room. However, she never returns. She sneaks out and returns to the store. Sean becomes suspicious when she doesn't return so he asks the waitress. She informs them that Felicia left. They race back to the store. Sean finds Felicia and drags her out before she has a chance to speak with the store owner. The two men who attacked them are outside watching the shop and see them leave. Duke confesses to Anna that he slept with Olivia.

July 12
, 1988 - No Commercials - Victor and Olivia visit PC to see the newly decorated club. Olivia inquires about Duke's whereabouts. Angel informs her that Duke spent the night at home with Anna. Duke spends the night in Robin's room. Anna wakes early and tells Duke that she's going to NY on her own to check things out. Cheryl steps off the elevator and finds Olivia, Victor, and Duke having a meeting. Shortly after, Butcher calls and threatens Olivia if she doesn't pay him more money. Anna arrives in NY and immediately starts searching the apartment. After she drills a hole in the floor of the closet, she installs a camera. The camera is setup to record everything that happens in Duke's office. Olivia decides to stay in PC for a little while longer. She agrees to meet Butcher in the park. Lucy follows Butcher to the park and photographs him and Olivia together.

July 13
, 1988 - No Commercials - Colette breaks into Sean's penthouse and has to hide in the secret room when Tiffany and Prunella show up. Sean and Colton worry about how to disguise Felicia with her long hair. She decides to help them and cuts it. Prunella runs into Colette coming out of Sean's secret room. Sean, Felicia, and Colton head back to the store in their disguises. Colton sits outside the shop disguised as a panhandler. Sean and Felicia discover that the shop owner has been removed and replaced by a woman. Sean figures that she is one of the terrorists. He drags Felicia out of the store. They meet up with Colton and head back to the hotel. Sean gets the feeling they are being followed. They decide to return to PC at once. While Colton is packing, he notices a newspaper article of a terrorist bombing. Amongst all the rubble, there is a clear shot of a symbol painted on the wall of the building. Colton thinks it looks familiar for some reason. He begins having flashbacks to when he was stationed oversee with the Marines. On the plane ride home, he relives the horror of waking up in the middle of all that death and destruction. He tells Felicia about the bombing and how his friends all died but somehow he survived. Colton realizes why the symbol in the paper looked familiar. It is the same symbol that was painted on the wall of his Marine barracks.

July 14
, 1988 - No Commercials - Colton feels like there's something in the back of his mind that he can't remember about the bombing and that symbol. Anna keeps tabs on Duke's office by watching the tapes. Meanwhile, Victor sends one of his men up to PC to follow Olivia. He then learns that Anna has moved into the apartment upstairs. Colette shows up at Sean's to see what he learned in Quebec. He tells her that Kinley was killed but are interrupted when Tiffany arrives. Sean hustles Colette off to the secret room before letting Tiffany in. However, Tiffany smells the perfume and knows there is a woman in the penthouse. She wants to know who she is and where Sean's been the last few days. Sean finally pacifies Tiff and gets her out of the house. Colette comes out and kisses Sean before she leaves. Sean and Colton meet to discuss the case. Something jars Colton's memory and he remembers the symbol next to Leblanc's body when he was killed.

July 15-21, 1988:  7/15, 7/18, 7/19, 7/20, 7/21

July 15, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna remains in NY. Duke suggests that he join her but she declines. Robert and Guy search the computer for Butcher. Just then, Robert receives a phone call from Butcher. He tries to trace the call but comes up short. He and Guy come up with a plan to nail Butcher. The plan involves Sam dressing up as a hooker. He sends Sam out to the park with two hookers and bets Butcher that he can't pick out the cop. This ensures that Butcher will call Robert back and give them another shot at tracing the call. Back in NY, Anna dresses as a bag lady and heads down to the docks. She video tapes a drug deal. Scotty and Olivia both make plans to meet with Butcher. Butcher places a call to Robert and does pick out Sam as the cop. This time Robert succeeds in tracing Butcher's call. Robert races out to pick up Butcher. However, when the police arrive they find Butcher murdered.

July 18
, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna gets stuck between two crates and is nearly crushed when the crates are moved. Colton informs Sean that there was a medallion with the terrorist symbol next to Leblanc's body. He discovered it when Felicia was searching Leblanc for Frisco's wedding ring. Sean realizes that Felicia actually met with one of the terrorists posing as Leblanc. Robert checks Butcher's body for ID but finds nothing. The body, not to mention, the hotel room were picked clean. A shaken Olivia shows up at Duke's club. She seems very anxious to leave PC. Sean can't figure out how the terrorists always seem to be one step ahead of them. He wonders if the fire in the brownstone is somehow connected to the terrorists. While discussing the case they discover that CNALBEL and Leblanc are really one in the same. Just then Colette shows up asking them how Quebec was. Sean lies and tells her that it was a dead end. He asks Felicia for the music box but she refuses. He promises her that he will take good care of it. She finally agrees. Colette tries to follow Sean as he leaves but Colton holds her up. Robert hauls Scotty down to the station to ID Butcher. He then questions Scotty about where he was when Butcher was killed. Olivia returns to NY and heads straight for Duke's apartment. Anna invites her in for a chat.

July 19
, 1988 - No Commercials - Tiffany is upset over Sean negligence. She tells him the relationship is over. Tiffany informs Sean that she is going on a cruise by herself. He gets mad and tells her that she's going with him. After she leaves, Sean calls CNALBEL. He suspects it might be a front. So, he decides to book a flight to Washington. Colette discovers that Colton has been staying with Felicia when she arrives one morning and finds blankets on the couch. Tom brings a box of junk from the brownstone to the teen center. The kids inspect the contents of the box. A medallion with the terrorist symbol falls out of the box. The items are to be used for the art festival. Audrey resigns after an altercation with Alan.

July 20
, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke and Anna head back to NY. Duke remains in the dark about Anna's plan to take down the mob. Colton can't come up with a topic for his show. Meanwhile, Felicia is driving everyone at the hair salon nuts because she can't decide on a hair style. Duke and Anna arrive in NY. Anna heads straight for the closet to check on the camera. One of the terrorists breaks into Felicia's apartment looking for the knob that fell off the music box. Back at the hospital, everyone's in an uproar thanks to Alan. Louise fixes dinner for Tom at her place. Anna photographs Victor and two of the drug bosses while dinning in the club.

July 21
, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean and Tiff on their cruise. (Sound is muffled for about 5 min) Bobbie and Terry discover that Butcher was murdered. Anna tries to befriend Olivia in hopes that she may divulge information about the business. Scotty asks Lucy for help with an alibi for Butcher's murder. She reluctantly agrees. Shortly after, Robert arrives to question her. Unfortunately for Scotty, she blurts out that she took a call from Butcher while in Scott's office. Back in NY, Anna arrives at Olivia's gallery just in time to see her kissing Duke. She leaves without making her presence known to them. Cheryl arrives in NY. She informs Olivia of her decision to come clean with Robert. She's going to tell him about Julian. Before Cheryl leaves NY, she visits Julian's grave to say goodbye.

July 22-27, 1988:  7/22, 7/25 (counter on first 10-15 mins cm), 7/26 (cm), 7/27 (cm)

July 22, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke, Anna, and Olivia dine together at the club. Olivia storms out after Anna mentions Julian's death. Tiff wakes up to a note from Sean. The note says that he's left the cruise for an important business meeting and that he will catch up with the ship at the next port. Tiffany is furious. She calls Felicia to find out where Sean went. Felicia has no idea where he is. Colton and Felicia just happen to be discussing the case when Colette shows up. She questions them about Sean's absence and is skeptical when they tell her that Sean went on a cruise with Tiff. (slight tracking problem) Felicia contacts Anna in NY. The committee for the Arts Festival would like to hire the PI firm to oversee the security for the festival. Anna tells Felicia that she's busy in NY and gives the job to her. Sean arrives at CNALBEL and is introduced to the real Leblanc. Back in NY, Anna heads to the camera shop to have the film developed. Olivia follows her there. After Anna leaves, Olivia questions the sales associate about her. Colette turns out to be the leader of the terrorist group. She gives the order to eliminate Sean, Colton, and Felicia.

July 25
, 1988 - Commercials - Felicia and Colton try to figure out where Sean is. Meanwhile, Colette plans Sean's murder. She wants the pleasure of killing him all to herself. Simone arrives at the teen center just in time to see Louise kiss Tom. Leblanc tells Sean that there is a traitor in the WSB. He admits that he designed and built the music box himself. And that Frisco has hidden a microchip in the knob of the box. The microchip contains information on various terrorist groups and the WSB traitor. Leblanc asks Sean where the knob is. Sean explains that Felicia dropped the box when she fell down the stairs the night of the fire. Leblanc explains that Frisco's wedding ring is the only thing that will open the knob. Opening the knob any other way will destroy the contents of the microchip. Colette shows up at Felicia's just as Colton is about to kiss Felicia. She claims to have important info on the case but insists that they wait for Sean. Duke and Anna join Olivia and Victor for dinner. Olivia suspects that Anna has a camera with her. She searches Anna's purse while Duke and Anna dance. Olivia finds the camera and removes the film. Sean places a call to Felicia from Washington. Colette listens in on the call. He explains that he wants to meet with Felicia and Colton but doesn't divulge any information over the phone.

July 26
, 1988 - Commercials - Sean sets up a meeting with Robert. Then he calls Colton and Felicia and tells them to stay put. Felicia doesn't agree with that. So, she decides to go into the office alone. Shortly after, Colton bursts in the office. He insists that Felicia call Sean and ask him to meet them there. Robert gets a lead in the Butcher murder investigation. He questions a man who runs a newspaper stand across the street from the Butcher's hotel room. The man tells him that two people showed up at Butcher's room. One was a man in a dark suit. He knocked on the door a couple times and when no one answered he left. The other person was a very pretty blond woman. She entered Butcher's room but was only there for a minute or two. Robert learns that this woman did not park in front of the hotel. She left her car down the street a good distance from Butcher's room. Prunella arrives at Felicia's but no one is home. She decides to wait inside. Shortly after, Colette shows up. She is confused when Prunella tells her that Felicia is out. Colette suspects that they moved the location of the meeting. At the PI office, Sean informs Felicia and Colton of the knob and how to open. Robert discovers that Scotty was the man who showed up at Butcher's room but never went inside. Colette arrives at the PI office and informs the group that she found out about CNALBEL. Sean and Colton suspect that someone is watching them or perhaps listening to them. They head back to Felicia's and look around. Sean discovers the bug in the phone.

July 27
, 1988 - Commercials - Duke and Olivia meet to discuss the prostitution bosses. Sean returns the bug to Felicia's phone. He plans to use it to feed them misinformation. Sean instructs Felicia and Colton to check all the phones at the PI office for bugs. In the meantime, he heads home to check the penthouse phones. Anna and Fran plan to meet for lunch in the city. Rudolpho informs Duke that the meeting with the prostitution bosses has been canceled. Duke is furious. Olivia tries to calm him down by inviting him to lunch. Duke declines her offer. Colton and Felicia come up with nothing at the PI office. They call Sean to let him know. He came up with nothing at his place either. Robert questions Lucy and discovers that she was lying for Scotty for some reason. She finally admits that Scotty wasn't with her at the time of Butcher's murder. Olivia searches Duke's apartment. She is nearly caught when Rudolpho comes in. She sneaks out the door while Rudolpho is in the bedroom. Fran tells Anna about a warehouse in NJ where the Carter mob stores their family records. Sean meets with Robert. He tells Robert what Frisco was working on when he was killed. Sean explains about the knob, the microchip, and the terrorist group. Sean calls Felicia and gives her false information. Colette overhears it, but she doesn't believe it.

July 28 - August 3, 1988:  7/28 cm, 7/29 cm Outdoor location scenes for music festival begin, 8/1, 8/2, 8/3

July 28, 1988 - Commercials - Sean returns to the cruise and surprises Tiff with breakfast. Robert clears his desk of all cases to work with Sean. Colette locates Felicia by placing calls to different locations. Felicia finally answers but Colette doesn't respond. Lucy informs Scotty of Robert's questions regarding the Butcher investigation. Sean, Felicia, and Colton, go over the plan. Sean tells them that he has enlisted Robert's help. They are going to set a trap for the terrorist using Frisco's ring. Meanwhile, the search continues for the missing knob. Finally, they track down the box of junk from the brownstone at the teen center. Unfortunately, the knob is not in the box. Tom tells them that the kids used some items for the arts festival. Robert asks Sam to impersonate Felicia. Colton and Felicia head over to the festival grounds. They check out the teen center booth for the knob. Back at Sean's, Colette eavesdrops outside the door. She hears him tell Tiffany that he may miss the festival because he and Robert have some business to take care of. Hearing that, Colette suspects they are up to something.

July 29
, 1988 - Commercials - Duke feels like he's being taken advantage of. None of the bosses take him seriously and they continue to cancel meetings. Sean and Robert outline the plan. Colton and Felicia are to go to the arts festival. Colton will broadcast his show live from the festival. At the same time, Felicia will head to the bank and retrieve Frisco's ring from the safe deposit box. Sam will be in the bank disguised as Felicia. Sam will leave the bank and go to the park to meet Sean. Colette sends her agents to tail Felicia. They follow her into the bank but fall for the switch and follow Sam out of the bank. Meanwhile, Felicia is supposed to go back to the arts festival. She shows up at the park instead. Robert and Guy are hiding in the bushes as Sean and Felicia (really Sam) argue over Frisco's ring under the bridge. Colette and her agents are there hiding as well. She spots Felicia coming down the stairs and immediately realizes it's a trap. Felicia realizes that she's been seen and takes off. But the damage is already done, and Colette sends her agents after Felicia. Robert and Sean don't yet realize what has happened. They soon discover that they're all alone. So they pack it in and head to the festival grounds. Back in NY, Anna sets up a meeting with Fran. As she hangs up, Duke bursts in and tells her to pack. Eventually, Anna calms him down and convinces him to stay. Anna meets Fran for lunch and then they head out to NJ. Fran leads her to the warehouse where the Carter mob hides there records. When they unlock the door, they make a gruesome discovery. They find a human skull. Fran screams and tries to run away but Anna calms her down.

August 1
, 1988 - No Commercials - Felicia returns to the festival. She locates Colton but he's in the middle of taping his show. She finally gets his attention by asking a question during the audience participation part of his show. A confused Colton continues to ask her questions in the hope that he will figure out what she's trying to tell him. During his commercial break, Colton runs over and asks her what happened. Felicia admits that she went to the park and was spotted. She thinks that the terrorists have followed her to the festival. She is correct. Colette and her agents are searching for Felicia as she speaks to Colton. Anna and Fran find the Carter family journals. They also discover journals from the Jerome family. Back at the festival, Colton grabs Felicia and tries to drag her to safety. She refuses to leave without the knob. Against his better judgment, Colton agrees to help her. They return to the teen center booth. Felicia discovers the knob on a sculpture just as the terrorists spot them. Colton drags her away before she can get the knob.

August 2
, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert and Sean arrive at the festival grounds. They suspect that the terrorists discovered Sam was only a decoy, and they have gone after Felicia. They split up and search the grounds for Felicia and Colton. Sean runs into Prunella. Felicia slips away from Colton and back to the teen center booth. She tries to break the knob off the sculpture but it won't budge. Colton finally catches up with her and drags her off when he spots the terrorists. Just then, Prunella runs into the terrorists knocking them to the ground. This gives Colton and Felicia time to get away.

Augist 3
, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna returns home to PC with the journals. Felicia and Colton hide out in symphony hall. The terrorists track them down there, so Colton uses himself as bait so Felicia can escape. Felicia refuses to leave without Colton and they are caught. Sean meets up with Robert. He tells him about Prunella's strange message. Neither can figure it out so they split up to search for her. Colette overhears the message but she can't make sense of it either. Duke is worried about Anna when she doesn't return to NY. He decides to try her in PC but is interrupted by Victor and Olivia. Duke becomes furious when Victor tells him that he hasn't rescheduled the meeting with the prostitution bosses. He tells Victor that he is going home to PC and will be back when the meeting is rescheduled. Victor goes ballistic and tells him that he can't run the family from PC. Sean and Robert have no luck finding Prunella so they head back to the teen center booth. That's where Sean saw her last. While there, Sean discovers the knob on one of the sculptures as it's about to be sold. Sean offers the woman $100 for it, but she refuses. He makes up a story about his sick mother and cons the woman out of the sculpture. Sean breaks the knob off and then asks that the sculpture be delivered to his penthouse. Finally, he runs into Prunella. She tells him that Colton and Felicia were being followed. She takes him to symphony hall. Sean informs Robert that he has the knob. Unfortunately, it's useless without Frisco's ring, which is now in the hands of the terrorists. Colette took it off Felicia when they were kidnapped. Olivia snoops around Duke's apartment. She plants a pair of sexy underwear in the bedroom.

August 4 -10, 1988:   Music Festival - 8/4, 8/5, 8/8, 8/9, 8/10

August 4, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna works on the ledgers for a while, then tells Olin that she's going back to NY. Prunella pays off a security guard to switch the Aquarius diamond for a fake. Sean believes that Colton and Felicia are still on the festival grounds. Colette threatens to kill Colton in hopes that Felicia will talk. Olivia pays Duke a visit. She inquires about his meeting with Victor. Robert, Sean, and the police search for Colton and Felicia. Colton manages to knock out the guards. However, on their way out Felicia falls and gets knocked out. Colton picks her up and tries to carry her to safety. Unfortunately, they have taken too much time. The terrorists catch up with them before they can escape. Suddenly there's a knock on the door. Felicia's still unconscious so they put her inside a trunk. They gag Colton and dress him up for the play. Finally, the terrorists open the door and Robert and Sean enter. They demand to search the place. Anna returns to NY. She finds the underwear that Olivia planted. Just then Duke and Olivia walk in. Anna asks Olivia if the underwear belong to her. Olivia is stunned that Anna would think that. She denies owning them or leaving them behind. Robert and Sean turn up nothing from their search. After they leave, Colette plants a bomb in the building.

August 5
, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean and Robert continue to search the festival grounds for Colton and Felicia. In the mean time, they are growing increasingly suspicious of Prunella. So Robert has her followed. Colette learns that Sean has the knob. She instructs one of her men to place a bomb in a camera case and leave it outside the jewelry exhibit. Sean receives a call from the kidnappers. They are willing to trade Colton and Felicia for the knob. When Sean hangs up, he tells Robert he's almost positive that it was Colette on the phone. Colton and Felicia escape. They steal some costumes and head out to find Robert and Sean. Colton thinks that the terrorists are targeting the dignitaries. Prunella shows up at the jewelry expo and the guard slips her the real Aquarius diamond. Colette discovers that Colton and Felicia have escaped. Colton and Felicia run into Prunella. They tell her to get a message to Sean.

August 8
, 1988 - No Commercials - Felicia, Colton, Robert, and Sean are all captured by Colette. There's a struggle and Robert gets away. He notifies Lewis of the bomb threat. They begin evacuating people in an orderly fashion as not to create mass hysteria. Meanwhile, Sean and Colette struggle over the detonator. Colette is accidentally shot by one of her partners. Colton breaks free and catches up with Robert. They search frantically for the bomb. Colette stumbles out onto the festival grounds. Greg and Christy see her and run to help her. Just then, Colton finds the bomb and tosses it down a stairwell seconds before it explodes. Greg and Christy are in the path of flying debris where they were helping Colette. They are both injured. Cheryl's injured as well. Just before the explosion, Robert threw her to the ground and covered her with his body. Through all the chaos, Sean and Felicia search for Colette. They find her with Greg and Christy. She's unconscious. Felicia tries to search her for Frisco's ring. Tony tries to save Colette. Felicia fears if she dies they'll never know what happened to Frisco. With nothing to do at the hospital, Colton and Felicia head back to the festival grounds to search for the ring. Prunella delivers the Aquarius diamond to a man in the park. Felicia finds Frisco's ring.

August 9
, 1988 - No Commercials - Felicia brings the ring to Sean at the police station. They decide to wait for Robert to open the knob. Cheryl wants out of the hospital. Back in NY, Anna checks on the camera. Duke catches her in the closet and questions her about it. She lies to him and says she saw a mouse run in there. Sean calls Robert at the hospital to check on Cheryl and Colette. Meanwhile, Colton begins having flashbacks of the bombing. Duke and Anna decide to go away to the cabin for awhile. Duke notifies Victor of their decision. Victor agrees. Olivia storms out of the office. After Duke and Anna leave, Olivia begins destroying the club. Victor comes out and yells at her to stop being jealous of Anna. She starts screaming at Victor. Suddenly, he grabs his chest. This shakes Olivia out of her tantrum. Robert receives a note from Prunella. She says she's going home to Australia. Sean unlocks the knob with Frisco's ring. On the microfilm are all the major terrorist groups and the locations of their headquarters all over the world. They also find a message for Felicia. The message say beware of sanctuary. Sean fears that Felicia's still in danger. He asks Colton to watch over her. Robert receives word that the Aquarius diamond has been stolen and replaced with a fake. Back in NY, Victor's man arrives with the Aquarius diamond. Olivia sneaks into Duke's apartment and discovers Anna's hidden camera.

August 10
, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna and Duke relax in bed. Anna wants to discuss her plans for taking down the Jerome family. Back in NY, Olivia apologizes to Victor. She explains that she doesn't trust Anna. However, she leaves out discovering the camera. Instead she points out the hole in the ceiling of Duke's office. And together they head upstairs to investigate. Victor discovers the camera in the closet. He's furious. Lucy discovers that Scotty stole money from the day care center. Victor confides in Rudolpho about the video camera. Robert questions Scotty about Butcher's murder. Duke pleads with Anna to go fishing. She blurts out that she wants to have his baby. Olivia heads to PC. She visits Cheryl in the hospital, and convinces Cheryl not to tell Robert about Julian. Victor is convinced that Duke has no knowledge of the camera. Robert arrives at the hospital and just misses Olivia getting on the elevator.

August 11-17, 1988:  8/11, 8/12 Frisco's funeral, 8/15, 8/16 (5 min bad spot), 8/17

August 11 - No Commercials - Anna and Duke are at the cabin. Olivia visits Cheryl in the hospital. Cheryl asks Olivia to leave. As she opens the door to leave, Robert steps into the room. Colette has regained consciousness. Felicia fears the truth, but Colton and Tony convince her that she needs to know. Victor is having doubts about Duke and Anna. He enlists Rudolpho's help. Rudolpho trusts Duke implicitly. And he doesn't believe Anna would betray her husband. Meanwhile, Anna reveals her entire plan to Duke, including the video camera in the closet. Duke can't believe that she would take that kind of risk. He wants to go back to NY immediately. Victor believes that Duke and Anna have betrayed him and that something must be done. Back at the hospital, Felicia worst fears are confirmed when Colette tells her that Frisco is dead. Felicia wants to know where his grave is. Colette reveals Quebec as the location. Robert and Sean berate themselves over Frisco's death. Colton begins having flashbacks of his time in the Marines. Olivia questions Victor about his plans for Duke and Anna. He tells her to mind her own business. Victor recalls Anna's past as a fence. He decides she will fence the Aquarius Diamond to prove her loyalty.

August 12 - No Commercials - Scotty convinces Lucy to steal from Tony to replace the $5,000 he stole from the daycare center. Robert and Sean work on solving the diamond theft.  Duke and Anna return to NY. Anna discovers that the camera has been tampered with. Anna begins telling Duke they have a problem but Duke isn't there. Suddenly Victor appears in the apartment. He questions Anna about her problem. She concocts a story about a cockroach in the closet. Victor offers to check it out for her but she declines. Anna tries to warn Duke but Victor sends him off to a meeting with the prostitution bosses. Victor suggests that he and Anna have a meeting of their own. At police headquarters, Robert and Sean have come up with no leads on the diamond theft. Robert is furious that Anna's not around to help them. Tony, Felicia, and Colton fly to Quebec to find Frisco's grave. Victor shows Anna the diamond. She knows immediately what it is. Victor plays dumb and asks her how to dispose of it. He explains that there are some people in the organization that doubt her loyalty to the family. This is a perfect opportunity for her to prove herself. Anna agrees to fence the Aquarius diamond. Felicia finally finds Frisco's grave. They have their own little memorial service. Olivia calls Robert and tips him off about when and where the diamond will be fenced. He flies to NY right away. Robert bursts in with the police and catches Anna in the process of fencing the Aquarius diamond.

August 15 - No Commercials - Duke returns to his office and finds Victor there. Duke's confused by the sudden turnaround of the prostitution bosses. He wants to know what Victor has done. Victor reveals his latest business venture. Robert takes the diamond off Anna and demands an explanation. Anna begs Robert to walk away and let her continue with what she was doing. He refuses. She explains that her cover will be blown and she and Duke will be killed if she doesn't return with the money. Robert explodes when he hears that Duke's involved. Back in NY, Duke is furious over Anna's assignment. He's shocked when he learns that Victor knows about Anna's past as a fence. Olivia discovers that Robert has gone to NY on business. Anna tells Robert about the evidence she's compiled on the Jerome family. She promises to reveal it all if he lets her go. Robert gives her the money and plans to meet her tomorrow in PC. She gives him the diamond. Felicia, Colton, and Tony return to PC. There is a man following them.  He followed them to Quebec, and now to PC. Olivia fumes when Duke won't tell her what's going on. Victor arrives looking for Anna. He's starting to think something went wrong. Suddenly Anna walks in carrying a brief case. Victor welcomes Anna back with open arms. Olivia can't understand how Anna didn't get caught. After Anna and Duke leave, she explodes. Victor tells Olivia to stay away from Duke and Anna. Anna tells Duke about Robert catching her. They determine that Olivia was his anonymous tip. Anna explains that Robert only let her go because she promised to give him everything on the Jerome family. Robert returns to PC. He shows Sean the diamond. Sean is shocked when Robert reveals that Anna was the fence.

August 16 - No Commercials; five min bad spot during episode - Robert arrives at the Lavery household to question Duke and Anna. Robert can't believe that Duke would place Anna and Robin in danger again. Colton thinks he recognizes the man who has been following him. He has more flashbacks of the explosion. Tony and Felicia discuss Frisco and how their going to move on with their lives now that he's gone. Anna and Duke outline their plan to Robert. He's furious with them but agrees to help with one condition. His condition is that Robin stay with him until it's over. Anna refuses. Guy tracks Robert down at Anna's. They caught the security guard who lifted the diamond from the festival. He reveals Prunella as his contact. Robert can't believe what he's hearing. Felicia plans a memorial service for Frisco to coincide with the awards ceremony. Frisco will be honored posthumously for his work breaking up the terrorist group. Felicia asks Colton to be there with her. The man following Colton has Colton's Marine dog tags.

August 17 - No Commercials - Tom gets reinstated. Felicia's nervous about accepting Frisco's award. Anna visits Robert to check on the diamond investigation. Anna tells Robert about the video camera and that someone found it. She suspects that's why Victor had her fence the diamond. It was a test. They discover that Prunella left NY the day after the diamond was lifted. She's now in the Bahamas with a companion. Robert tracks them down at the hotel. He catches Prunella, but she denies everything. Robert tells her that her companion was caught at the airport with another woman. She refuses to believe him until he drags the companion and woman back to the hotel. Anna and Felicia watch Colton's show and finish packing up the rest of Frisco's things. Colton reveals his true feelings for Felicia.

August 18-24, 1988:  8/18, 8/19, 8/22, 8/23, 8/24

August 18 - No Commercials - Colton's introduced to Ripley, the man who's been following him. He feels like he knows him from somewhere but can't place him. Felicia goes back to work but Sean comes in and tells her to go get ready for Frisco's ceremony. Victor has arranged a luncheon in Anna's honor. Olivia bursts in with the newspaper article of Robert retrieving the Aquarius diamond. Victor questions Anna about this. He seems satisfied with her answer. Sean learns that Prunella was responsible for stealing the Aquarius diamond. Victor announces that Anna will rule the Jerome family in equal power with her husband. Olivia looses it and goes crazy. She barges into Duke's apartment while he's packing and refuses to let him leave. She announces that she pregnant with Duke's child. Ripley breaks into Colton's room. He finds a paper in the trash with a Greek word written on it. The translation of the word is sanctuary.

August 19 - No Commercials - Duke refuses to believe Olivia. Tiffany interviews Colton and Felicia after the awards ceremony. This drives Lucy completely insane. Olivia tells Duke that she's going to have the baby. Robert brings Prunella back to PC. He and Anna continue to fight over Robin's living arrangements. At the awards ceremony, Felicia announces her plans to start the Frisco Jones center for the performing arts. Ripley riffles through Colton's duffel bag. Prunella runs Kelly's while Ruby attends the awards ceremony. Anna feels ill and has to leave the ceremony. Alan takes her to the hospital to be examined. Colton has flashbacks while at the ceremony. Duke arrives late and learns that Anna left early. He arrives home to an empty house. Just then, Anna arrives and announces that she's pregnant.

August 22 - No Commercials - Robert thinks there is something wrong with Anna. Olivia tells Victor that she and Duke have come to an understanding. Duke tries to tell Anna about Olivia but is interrupted by Robin's call. Duke doesn't think Anna should continue with her investigation. Cheryl becomes upset when Robert wants to go check on Anna. Robert arrives at the Lavery's and is stunned to learn that Anna is pregnant. He's not happy with the situation. He can't believe they would bring a baby into this whole mob situation. Gregory donates the building for the Frisco Jones center. Felicia goes over to check it out. Cheryl becomes upset over Robert's reaction to Anna's pregnancy. She thinks Robert's still in love with Anna. Robert tells Cheryl about Duke and the Jerome family. When he steps out of the office, she discovers a drawing of Julian on Robert's desk. Colton goes to the library for a Greek to English dictionary. He's horrified when he learns the meaning of the word he keeps writing. It's sanctuary. Anna notifies Victor of the baby. He tells Olivia. She appears very calm and collected.

August 23 - No Commercials - Lucy freaks out over the morning paper. She thinks Tony should be on the front page not Colton. Colton is having a hard time concentrating. He tells Tiff that he can't do the show today. Tiffany assures him that he just needs to rest. He's been through a very traumatizing ordeal. He agrees. Sean cautions Felicia about getting into a relationship with Colton. Tom returns to work. Monica plans a dinner party to celebrate Tom's return. Sean donates the money for the new theatre. Felicia's worried about Colton. She goes to check on him after his show, but he wants to be left alone. Tony returns home just in time to hear Lucy say she's glad Frisco's dead. Tony grabs BJ and tells Lucy to be out before he gets back, then storms out. Felicia realizes she has feelings for Colton.

August 24 - No Commercials - Edward decides to invite Scotty to the dinner party. Alan comes in and announces that he's invited Lucy and Tony. Lucy catches Scotty stealing money from the daycare center again. Robin returns from camp. Duke and Anna tell her about the baby. She's thrilled. Robert arrives and still wants to take Robin out of the house. Lucy threatens to go to the police if Scott doesn't put the money back. Olivia shows up at Cheryl's and pushes her jealousy buttons. Duke and Robert continue to argue over Duke's involvement with the mob. Anna calms him down by giving him the ledgers for the Carter and Jerome families. Anna tells Robert to beware of Victor's daughter. Robert learns Olivia is Victor's daughter. Duke catches Olivia coming out of the elevator. He's furious and tells her to go back to NY. Robert tells Anna of Olivia's sudden friendship with Cheryl. Anna thinks it's to get at him. Robert visits Cheryl and tells her to stay away from Olivia because she's Victor Jerome's daughter. He doesn't want her involved with those people. Olivia stays in PC and stalks the Lavery's.

August 25-31, 1988:  8/25, 8/26 cm, 8/29, 8/30, 8/31

August 25 - No Commercials - Anna and Robin create a shopping list of baby items. Bobbie spends the day with BJ. Charlene drops by to bring some of BJ's things and Bobbie invites her to visit. Robin and Anna go shopping for the baby. Anna has an uneasy feeling that someone is watching them. Olivia's following them around. She overhears Robin saying how much she likes the lovebirds in one of the stores. Duke calls Angel to find out if Olivia went back to NY. Lucy breaks into Scott's room. Duke confides in Alan that he slept with another woman and she may be pregnant. Duke discovers that Olivia did not go back to NY and she's staying at the Port Charles hotel. Lucy finds the pictures and negatives that Scott has been using to blackmail her. She rips them up in front of him. Duke barges into Olivia's hotel room. He demands that she go to NY with him to have a pregnancy test. Scott's been following Olivia. He notices Duke and Olivia leaving her hotel room together.

August 26 - Commercials - Bobbie babysits for BJ. Colton sits alone at the studio trying desperately to remember something that will help him out of his torture. He doesn't understand the visions he's having. Rip continues to follow Colton. Duke takes Olivia to see the doctor that Alan recommended. Olivia emerges from the examination room with the doctor. He tells Duke there is no reason why she can't give him a healthy baby. Scott calls Lucy from NY. He tells her that he's been tailing Duke and Olivia all day. Robert arrives at the Lavery's. Anna lets him have it for putting her under surveillance. When he denies it, she becomes concerned. Anna explains that she felt as if someone was watching her all day. Robert decides to take Robin and Anna to the zoo. Anna feels stupid about her paranoia. Robert just tells her to keep her guard up. Back in NY, Duke asks Olivia what she plans to do about the baby. She tells him she's going to have the baby. Later that day, Scott pays Olivia a visit at her gallery. He blackmails her for $10,000. Robert brings Anna and Robin home. When they arrive, they find cage with two lovebirds sitting by the front door. Robin is thrilled. Her parents are suspicious. They try to figure out who would send something like this, and then they start calling all their friends. Nobody they know sent them. Anna figures that Duke sent them. When Duke arrives home, Robin thanks him for the birds. He doesn't know what she's talking about. Anna and Robert become concerned when Duke announces that he didn't send any birds. Felicia tells Colton that she has feelings for him. Unfortunately, he's half asleep and blurts out that he loves Ariel.

August 29 - No Commercials - Felicia questions Colton about the name Ariel. He explains the flashbacks he's having, but he doesn't know anyone named Ariel. Felicia's upset that he said he loved this woman. Sean calls Felicia but she's so upset she won't answer. She finally does answer but can't hide the fact that she's upset. Sean rushes out to check on her. Cheryl tells Tiffany that Robert's still in love with Anna. Tiff tells her she's nuts. Robert and Anna tell Duke about Anna's feeling that someone was following her. Olivia daydreams about Duke and their baby. Sean arrives at Felicia's. She tells him what Colton said. Sean thinks she should give him the benefit of the doubt after everything they've been through. Colton strolls around the docks and has visions of a woman. As he struggles with his past, Ripley appears. He tries to talk to Colton but Colton asks him to leave.

August 30 - No Commercials - Terry and Felicia go over the plans for the theatre. Bobbie and Tony discuss what happened with Lucy. Louise and Simone get friendly. Louise keeps inventing reasons to see Tom. Lucy still thinks she's going to get Tony back somehow. Felicia calls around to find Colton, but he's disappeared. Ripley hangs around the site of the Frisco Jones center. He asks Felicia a lot of questions about Colton. Lucy cozies up to Alan. Monica and Tony walk into Alan's office and find them in each others arms.

August 31 - No Commercials-  Colton snaps at Tiffany. He's having a hard time concentrating on his show. Anna's at Kelly's looking at baby clothes with the girls. Robert shows up. (slight audio problem for about 5 min) Victor announces to the family that Duke and Anna are having a baby. Tiffany tries to help Colton through his problems. Robert and Anna argue about the lovebirds. Olivia sneaks into Duke's bedroom and comes on to him. He tells her he despises her and only loves his wife. Colton loses control and destroys some crates on the dock. Felicia witnesses the end of it. Robert gives Anna a ride to the hospital for her check up. While they wait, Anna has another dizzy spell. Robert is concerned. Duke finds baby clothes in his drawers and realizes that Olivia planted them there for Anna to find. He also realizes that Olivia sent the lovebirds. Duke and Olivia argue. Victor shows up to find out what is going on. Duke informs him that he's going home and won't be back. After Duke leaves, Olivia is hysterical. She tells Victor that she's pregnant by Duke. Victor is furious. He vows to bring Duke back. Anna emerges from her examination and informs Robert that she will be spending the night in the hospital. He promises to watch Robin overnight. Anna apologizes for being a bother. Duke rushes to Anna's side when he learns that she's in the hospital. She assures him that she's fine. Colton and Felicia kiss and wind up in bed together.

September 1-7, 1988:  9/1, 9/2, 9/5, 9/6, 9/7

September 1 - No Commercials - Colton and Felicia are in love. He feels that whatever has been plaguing him is now gone. Olivia cries to her father about Duke. Victor vows to bring him back and make him take responsibility for Olivia and their unborn child. Back in Port Charles, Anna wakes to find Duke by her side. He informs her that he's done with the Jerome family. She cautions him that they might never be rid of the mob. Robin and Robert spend the night at Cheryl's. He shares his concerns, over who sent the lovebirds, with Cheryl. Victor tells his mistress Dimitra about Olivia's pregnancy. She warns Victor that Olivia is very dangerous. Duke confides in Alan about Olivia's pregnancy. Alan cautions him about telling Anna. Dimitra tells Victor that Olivia was seen meeting with the Carter mob just before Julian's death. Victor is horrified at the possibility that Olivia could have killed her own brother. Olivia shows up at Cheryl's and meets Robin. While Cheryl's in the shower, Olivia tells Robin that if the daddy lovebird dies or is taken away that the mommy bird will die. Anna is released from the hospital. Olivia returns to her hotel to find Victor waiting. He can barely contain his anger. When she asks what is wrong, he asks if she had anything to do with Julian's death.

September 2 - No Commercials - Olivia denies being involved in Julian's death. She's insulted that Victor would ever believe such a thing. Victor swears that he will kill her if he learns that she was involved. Monica decides to take a vacation by herself. Felicia suggests Colton see Tom Hardy. Maybe he can help Colton work through the visions that haunt him. Victor suffers a heart attack while fighting with Olivia. She withholds his heart medication in the hope that he will die. Felicia tells Sean about Colton's visions. Rip overhears them while lurking around the complex. Robin tells Anna about spending time at Cheryl's. After Anna goes to lie down, Robin tells Duke about meeting Olivia. Robin's very worried about her birds after what Olivia told her. So, she mentions it to Duke. He's furious. Duke tells Robin he has to go out and heads right for Olivia's hotel. When he arrives, Olivia is standing in the hall crying. She acts hysterical for Duke's benefit when she tells him Victor's having a heart attack. Victor tries to tell Duke something but he just doesn't have the strength. Duke has Victor rushed to the emergency room. In the emergency room, Duke lets Olivia have it for going near Robin and upsetting her. Anna's very concerned when she learns what Olivia said about the lovebirds. Victor manages to tell Duke that Olivia lies, as he's wheeled into surgery. Colton agrees to let Tom hypnotize him.

September 5 - No Commercials - Under hypnosis, Colton remembers going to the Greek Isles after his discharge from the Marines. Monica and Tony operate on Victor. Robert and Cheryl drop by Anna's. When Cheryl and Robin go into the kitchen, Anna asks Robert if he knew Olivia was at Cheryl's when Robin was there. She also tells him what Olivia said about the lovebirds. Robert is furious. He questions Cheryl about it. Just then, Duke calls from the hospital and tells Robert about Victor's heart attack. Robert learns that Olivia is with him. He rushes right over. Duke asks Alan to contact the doctor in NY. He thinks Olivia paid him off. Colton tells Tom he wants to stop the hypnosis. Tom convinces him to just take a little break. Robert threatens Olivia at the hospital. Robert is still upset when he reaches Cheryl's place. He wants to know why Cheryl would allow Olivia around his daughter. She gets mad and stomps off. Shortly after, Robert apologizes for losing his cool. Felicia and Colton dance in the park. Ripley watches them then he takes a picture out of his pocket. It's a picture of Ariel.

September 6 - No Commercials - Colton has another session with Tom. Duke informs Robert that he's out of the mob. Robert is furious as he needs on the inside. He orders him back to NY. Dimitra arrive at the hospital and confronts Olivia. Colton remembers meeting a woman in Greece. Alan informs Duke that Olivia was never actually tested in NY. Robert and Anna discover that Fran Woods and her children have disappeared. Robert places Sam undercover at the hospital. Olivia finally has the pregnancy test at GH. Colton remembers Ariel leading him to a church. Inside, he notices the Greek word for sanctuary written on the wall. Robert shows up at the hospital to talk to Duke. Duke admits that he slept with Olivia and now she claims to be pregnant. The test is negative but Olivia sneaks in and switches the results. However, Dimitra witnesses her doing it and changes them back. Colton remembers that all of Ariel's friends had tattoos of the terrorist symbol. Later that night, Ripley sneaks into Tom's office and listens to the tapes of Colton's session.

September 7 - No Commercials - Alan talks to Tony about the divorce. Monica goes to the spa for two weeks. Anna attempts to knit something for the baby. Robin's worried about her lovebirds. While at the spa, Monica meets a man almost half her age. Duke learns the results of the pregnancy test. He head over to Olivia's to give her the news. Duke tells Olivia that she's not pregnant. She refuses to believe him. He threatens to kill her if she comes near his family again. Later that night, Anna threatens Olivia in the ladies room at Duke's club. Olivia storms out.

September 8-14, 1988:  9/8, 9/9, 9/12, 9/13, 9/14

September 8 - No Commercials - Anna goes to the hospital for another check up. Lucy shows up at the brownstone early in the morning to find Tony and Bobbie in their bathrobes with BJ. Felicia jumps out of bed with Colton to rush home and meet her grandmother. Lucy begs Tony to talk but he refuses. Mariah greets her granddaughter with raised eyebrows when she notices her disheveled state. Anna runs into Olivia at the hospital. She tells her not to waste her time going to NY to find Duke that he will be back soon. Tom encourages Colton to continue with his sessions. He reluctantly agrees. Scotty learns that Olivia is Victor Jerome's daughter. Colton remembers being in the church with Ariel. They're participating in the ti-chi session. Suddenly Colton becomes very agitated. He remembers seeing flashes on the walls of the church, then disturbing images of death and destruction. He's afraid to continue. Anna visits Victor and meets Dimitra. She assures Victor that they will remain with the family in Victor's time of need. After she leaves, Victor asks Dimitra to find proof of Olivia's involvement in Julian's death. Tom puts Colton back in a trance. He remembers himself being arrested by the military police. They grab Ariel too. When Colton resists, they lift Ariel hair and reveal the tattoo behind her ear. He can't believe that Ariel is a terrorist. Dimitra informs Victor that Olivia's not pregnant. Colton is told that he's been given mind altering drugs by the terrorists. Suddenly, he spots a tattoo on one of the MP's. He realizes that they're not Marines at all but in fact the terrorists. He tries to get away, but they catch him and drug him. As he starts to fall, he grabs the curtain in front of him. He's astonished to find that he is in the church. Just before going out, he sees the Greek word for sanctuary written on the wall.

September 9 - No Commercials - Duke tells Robert that Olivia's not pregnant. Colton decides to take the day off from his sessions with Tom in order to attend the opening of the Frisco Jones Center. Tom shows up at Kelly's after Colton cancels his session. Tom convinces him to continue or risk his future with Felicia. They return to the hospital. Under hypnosis, Colton remembers the continuous injections he was given. He is shown pictures of a man and Ariel and told that they are traitors and must die. He can't see the man's face clearly. Felicia is worried because Colton is late for the opening of the Frisco Jones Center. Just then, Colton remembers that his code name for his mission is sanctuary. Suddenly, Tom realizes what this means and he tries to calm Colton down. Colton becomes violent and attacks Tom. He runs out of the hospital still in a trance. Tom catches up with him on the docks. He tries to talk him out of his trance.
     Meanwhile, Felicia learns from Robert, that Colton is on the docks with Tom. She heads down there to pick Colton up. Olin takes Robin home but someone is watching them. When Anna and Duke arrive home, they notice the cover is off the bird cage. Duke goes to replace it and realizes one of the birds is dead. Anna and Robin come into the living room. Before Duke can stop her, Robin runs up to the cage and notices the dead bird. She starts to cry and says, “now the other one will die too” Anna and Duke try to comfort her. Back on the docks, Colton's remembering the rest of his mission. He's at a warehouse when Ariel and a man walk in. Colton jumps out with his gun drawn. Ariel screams for him to stop but he shoots them anyway. He walks over to the bodies but Ariel is not there. Colton takes him dog tags off and places them near the body along with his gun. He rolls the body over and realizes its Frisco. Colton is horrified. He screams that he killed Frisco Jones just as Felicia arrives.

September 12 - No Commercials - Duke and Anna try to Calm Robin down. Tiff asks Robert where Colton is. Robert tells her that Felicia went to get Colton on the docks. Felicia hears Colton say he rolled the body over and saw Frisco's face. Colton's racked with pain and anguish. He asks if he killed Ariel and if he will hurt Felicia. He questions everything in his life. He's devastated when he realizes that he has to tell Felicia. Tom cautions him against that until they can figure all this out. Felicia returns to the brownstone and runs into Tony. He asks if she's ok. She tells him she's not feeling well, and is going to lie down. Felicia grabs some keys from her apartment and leaves. Back at the Lavery's, Duke suspects that someone got in the house. He instructs Olin not to tell Robert. Felicia arrives at the PI office and takes the gun from Sean's drawer. Robert finds Tom and tells him that Felicia went to the docks looking for Colton. They rush out in search of Felicia. She's at Colton's apartment holding a gun on him threatening to kill him. Colton begs her to shoot him. She can't do it. Robert and Tom burst in just as Colton's about to kill himself. He confesses to killing Frisco and waives his rights. Robert arrests him. Tom accompanies Colton to the police station. Robert takes Felicia home. Olivia pays off the man she hired to kill the bird.

September 13 - No Commercials - The whole town is in an uproar over Colton's confession. Tony barges into Felicia's apartment with the morning paper. He wants to know if it's true. No one can believe that Colton could do such a thing. Tiffany burst into Robert's office. She demands some answers. Robert tells her that Colton gave a signed confession and if convicted the penalty is death. Rip learns about Colton from Prunella. Anna asks Robert to take Robin to the zoo to cheer her up. When Robert asks what's wrong, Anna tells him about finding the bird. Charlene arrives at the police station and begs to see her son. Colton tells his mother he did it. He asks her to walk away and forget about him. Robert asks Felicia to come down to the station to answer some questions. Tom asks Steve for some advice. Prunella overhears Rip talking on the phone in Greek. Edward suggests that Scotty defend Colton. Robert question Colton but is frustrated by his answers. Suddenly, Guy comes in with Felicia. Rip is on the phone when he announces that Colton didn't kill Frisco.

September 14 - No Commercials - Melissa feels foolish for Believing in Colton. Bobbie cautions her that it could be a mistake. Robert and Cheryl take Robin to the zoo. Robin is depressed. When Robert asks what's wrong, she announces that the bird dying was no accident. She believes that someone came in the house and did it. Duke visits with Victor and meets Dimitra. Amy blabs that Duke is with Victor to Olivia. So she decides to visit Victor. Tom's in a fowl mood and barking at everyone. He wants to help Colton but is bound by his doctor's oath. Robert tells them he forgot a business meeting and has to leave. Olivia tries to visit Victor but Duke drags her away. Victor instructs Dimitra to follow them. She overhears Duke threaten to kill Olivia. Tom drinks himself into oblivion. Louise comes in to take him home. Dimitra pleads with Victor to let her tell Duke about Olivia being involved with Julian's death. Robert waits for Duke in his office. When Duke arrives, Robert tells him he knows that someone was in the house. He tells Duke he's taking Robin out of the house tomorrow. Olivia shows up at Cheryl and asks for forgiveness. She tells Olivia to get lost. Duke goes into Robin's room while she sleeps. He sits on her bed and apologizes to her for what happened to her bird. He tells Robin that her daddy is going to come tomorrow to take her with him for awhile. Olivia hires Tim to do another job. Robert talks about Anna in his sleep.

September 15-20, 1988:  9/15, 9/16, 9/19, 9/20

September 15 - No Commercials - Cheryl brings Robert breakfast in bed. Scotty visits Colton but Colton refuses his help. Mariah asks Felicia to take a cruise around the world with her. Felicia's not sure but she agrees to think about it. Robert receives a call from Guy that two WBS agents are on their way.  Olivia tries to visit her father but Dimitra refuses to let her in. However, Olivia cons her way in when Victor's doctor shows up. She gives her father a box of chocolates which he proceeds to throw across the room. Tom and Felicia meet at Kelly's. Felicia begs Tom for information on Colton. He tells her that he's unable to divulge anything without Colton's permission. He does tell her that Colton wasn't lying when he said he loved her. Ripley is ordered back home to Greece by his father. Olivia barges into Cheryl's office. She's upset over her father's rejection. Unfortunately, Cheryl has no sympathy for her and tells her to get lost. Olivia threatens to reveal Cheryl's big secret to Robert. Tiffany visits Colton. He admits his guilt and refuses her help. Later that night, Olivia sneaks into Cheryl's office. She puts a picture of Cheryl and Julian in an envelope addressed to Robert, and then pays Tim to place it at Sean's doorstep. Ripley cleans out his apartment but leaves a box addressed to Sean.

September 16 - Commercials - Tony is harassed by reporters at the hospital. Sean finally returns. He can't believe what's going on with Colton and heads straight to Felicia's. Sean tells Felicia that he will get to the bottom of Colton's story. At the Lavery's, Duke tries to tell Anna something but is interrupted when Robert and Cheryl arrive. Anna is furious when she learns that Robert and Duke have decided Robin's living arrangements without consulting her. Duke tries to explain but Anna snaps at him. Robert gets a call from Sean and has to leave. Prunella cleans out Ripley's apartment and finds the box for Sean. At the station, Robert lets Sean read the police report. Sean doesn't buy any of it. He still believes Colton is innocent. Prunella arrives at Sean's with the box. Sean and Robert are hesitant to open the box. Felicia goes to visit Colton. She asks him if he killed Frisco. He admits to killing him. Felicia gets up and walks out. Back at Sean's, they discover a duffel bag in the box. When they open the bag, they find Colton's dog tags and a machine gun. Felicia leaves for her cruise. BJ drinks nail polish remover when Lucy's supposed to be watching her. She and Louise rush BJ to the hospital.

September 19 - Commercials - Sean pleads with Robert not to process the gun and tags yet. He needs more time to examine the evidence. Robert grants him the time. They grab the evidence and head down to the PI office. Robin calls her father to remind him that there's a letter for him at Sean's. Cheryl catches Robin opening her father's mail. She sends Robin to the kitchen for something. Meanwhile, Cheryl's curiosity gets the best of her and she opens the envelope. She horrified when she sees the picture of Julian. She immediately starts tearing it up. Cheryl hides the evidence under the couch cushion just as Robert comes in. Tony gets word that BJ was rushed to the hospital. When he arrives, Simone tells him that BJ's in a coma. Prunella shows up at the PI office. She tells them about the phone calls Ripley made and the fact that he spoke Greek. Sean asks her to track down the flight he took when he left PC. Robin and Cheryl cook a Greek meal for Robert. He asks Cheryl about the letter. She tells him it was junk mail. After Cheryl leaves, Robert finds the pieces of the picture. He starts to put them together but then pushes them aside.

September 20 - Commercials - Robert brings the shredded picture to the station with him and has the lab put it together. Anna wanders around in Robin's room. Duke finds her and asks if she's ok. Anna questions him about Olivia. He finally tells her about Olivia claiming to be pregnant. Sean tells Robert that he has discovered Ripley's father is a retired general named Gastineau. Olivia crank calls the Lavery house. Anna knows it's her and yells at her. Anna arrives at Robert's office. She wants to know why he didn't tell her about Olivia claiming to be pregnant. Robert gets the feeling there have been more threats since Anna's not screaming for Robin to move back home. Of course, she denies it. Duke catches Olivia on the phone planning something. He tells her that Anna knows everything including the fake pregnancy. Olivia asks Duke to help her run the family. He refuses. Sean visits Colette. He learns that Ripley was recruited as an explosives expert by the terrorists. Anna and Robert go over the Carter and Jerome ledgers. Scotty barges in yelling about some new evidence in Colton's case. Sean contacts Robert and gives him the info about Ripley. He plans to return to the prison tomorrow to see Colette again. Olivia plans to unite the Jerome and Carter families. Robert learns that it's Cheryl and Julian Jerome in the picture.

September 21-26, 1988:  9/21, 9/22, 9/23, 9/26

September 21 - Commercials - Tony learns that BJ is going to be okay. Olivia shows up at the hospital to see Victor. However, Victor's been released. Sean returns to the prison to see Colette and learns she escaped. Victor rents an estate just outside of town. He plans to recuperate there with Dimitra by his side. Victor receives proof that Olivia was behind the death of her brother. Sean visits Colton in jail again. He asks him if he remembers meeting Ripley before? Colton thinks so but he's not sure what this has to do with anything. He tells Sean to leave and not come back. Sean is adamant about helping Colton. Olivia finds Victor. He informs her that he has proof of her involvement in Julian's death. Olivia still denies it. Victor is livid. He vows to make her pay. Tom visits with Colton. He begs him to fight for his life. Tom tries desperately to make Colton see it wasn't his fault. Sean goes to Greece.  Monica's flirtation with Ned, he kisses her in the stables.

September 22 - Commercials - Monica wakes up next to Ned the next morning at the Green Valley Spa. She has slep with Ned, not realizing he is her nephew. Tony asks Charlene to watch BJ when she's released from the hospital. Anna wants to spend more time with Robin but Robert doesn't feel the Lavery house is safe. He tells Anna to pick Robin up from school and then go over to Sean's with her. He wants her to spend time with Robin. Cheryl calls for Robert but he refuses her call. When Anna asks him about it, he tells her he doesn't want to discuss it. Sean calls from Athens. He's going to meet with General Gastineau. Cheryl tries to see Robert at the station but they won't let her in. She doesn't know what's wrong so she heads to Sean's looking for Robin. When she gets there, Cheryl looks under the cushion for the picture. She discovers that it's not there just as Anna and Robin come in. A few moments later, Robert arrives. Anna excuses herself. Robert hands Cheryl the picture. She's devastated when she sees it all back together. Tony puts all of Lucy's things out on the porch and has the locks changed. Lucy moves into the Port Charles hotel. She asks Scotty to represent her in the divorce, but he refuses. Sean meets with Ripley's father but gets nowhere. Cheryl tries to explain herself to Robert but he won't even listen. He tells her that he will never trust her again. Rip pleads with his father to save Colton's life. His father refuses to let him talk to Sean. Anna returns home to find a package by her front door. She opens it and finds a doll with the head ripped off.

September 23 - Commercials - Sean gets a visit from a friend of Ripley's. He's told to meet him in the park. Sean believes it's a setup, so he takes the friend with him. Back in PC, Duke suggests to Anna that they bring Robin home. Anna refuses. Cheryl goes to Olivia's hotel room to confront her. Olivia admits that she sent the picture to pay Cheryl back for rejecting her when she needed a friend. Cheryl attacks her. Duke assures Anna that Olivia will be out of their lives soon. Olivia arrives at the hospital. She asks Amy to contact Victor's doctor for her, While Amy has her back turned, Olivia changes the time of Anna's appointment from 1pm to 2pm. Cheryl pays Victor a visit. She tells him that Olivia is out of control. She asks if there is anything he can do about her. He informs Cheryl of Olivia's involvement in Julian's death. Cheryl is stunned. Victor tells her there's nothing he can do but there is something she can do to avenge Julian. Cheryl can't believe her ears. Victor is asking her to kill his own child.
     At the hospital, Anna arrives for her appointment but is told the appointment isn't until 2pm. She has to pick Robin up from school at 2:30. Olivia overhears her tell the doctor that she made arrangement for an officer to pick Robin up. When Sean arrives in the park, he is met by General Gastineau and some immigration officials. They are sending Sean back to the US. Suddenly, Ripley appears. He goes against his father's wishes and tells Sean that Colton did not kill Frisco. Sean and Ripley head back to PC. Duke learns of Olivia's plan to unite the two families from Rudolph. He leaves a message for Robert. Olivia shows up at Robin's school in disguise. When Robin comes out she tells her that Robert sent her. Robin's teacher is hesitant to let her go. Anna receives a call at the hospital from Olin. Robin's teacher called to check on the woman picking Robin up. Anna's concerned and tells her not to let them leave the school.

September 26, 1988 - reduced sound from about :5-:12 mins - Lucy listens in as Amy and another nurse gossip at the nurse's station. Amy gets snarky with her and Lucy calls her a “motor mouth”. Robin's teacher tells a frantic Anna about the woman who picked up Robin after school. Anna calls Robert and asks him if he had someone pick up Robin? He doesn't know anything about it and points out that Robin would not have gone off with someone she doesn't know. Anna is horrified as she realizes that Olivia took Robin! She tells Robert that a madwoman has her daughter! Robert assures her he will take care of it and he will get Robin back! Robin is sitting in the park talking to Olivia in disguise. Olivia is pretending to be a police officer. Robin innocently asks her if she knows Sam? Olivia lies that sure Sam is a great “guy” (Sam is a woman).
     Over at the Q's, the new AJ is seen as Monica arrives home as Edward & Lila are talking. Lila advises Monica to ignore Edward's comments as his eyesight is failing and Monica is looking ravishing (cue flashback to Ned). Charlene is grieving over Colton's trouble and cries on Tony's shoulder. Later, Lucy rages at Charlene for getting Tony to kick her out and change the locks.
     Back at the Scorpios, Sam tries to get the pregnant Anna to sit down and relax. This doesn't last as she jumps up when Duke enters to tell him that Olivia has Robin and if anything happens to Robin she will never forgive him. Guy arrives with an update on the APB and asks for a current picture of Robin to release. Robert heads over to see Cheryl and asks her for a picture of Olivia. When Tiffany arrives, Cheryl tells her that she was once in love with Julian Jerome. Tiffany asks if she ever told Robert? She says no that she was worried about losing Robert, and now she has. Tiffany tries to reassure her but Cheryl tells her that Olivia has taken Robin. Duke arrives to see Robert and asks if he also believes that Olivia took Robin? He says he isn't sure. Sam calls and tells him that Anna took off. Anna heads to the park where Duke soon finds her.
     Olivia takes Robin to a haunted house and allows her to become separated from her. Robin becomes very afraid and calls out for “Gene”. The guy running the haunted house takes off his scary mask and reassures her. Robin soon arrives back at the penthouse to everyone's relief, having no idea she was kidnapped. Robert takes off to track Olivia while Robin fills Duke and Anna in on her adventure.

September 27-30, 1988:  9/27 cm, 9/28 cm, 9/29 cm, 9/30 cm

September 27, 1988 - Commercials - Melissa and Greg head down to the courthouse for Colton's sentencing. Sean returns with Ripley. Bobbie and Terry arrive at the Jones house to baby-sit BJ so Charlene can go to the sentencing. Tom decides he will break his oath and reveal the information from Colton's sessions. Ripley reveals the truth about Frisco's death. However, Robert isn't sure whether it's enough to stop sentencing. Robert tells Sean that Robin was kidnapped yesterday for a couple of hours. Robert wants the US attorney to ask for a continuance. Sean brings Ripley to the prison to see Colton. He tells Colton that he was in the warehouse the night Frisco was killed. Colton doesn't believe him. Rip continues with the story telling Colton he didn't shoot Frisco. Colton tells them without proof; he's still going to plead guilty. Charlene visits Colton before sentencing. She pleads with him to fight for his life. Scotty is granted a continuance. (muffled sound for about 5min) Robert asks Sean to have Frisco's body exhumed. He wants to find out which direction the bullets came from.

September 28, 1988 - Commercials - Tony and Bobbie discuss Colton's case and the new evidence. Anna threatens to kick Duke out if he doesn't come clean with her. She's fed up with Robert and Duke trying to run her life. Anna's scared for Robin's safety. Duke promises Anna that he will go see Robert and tell him everything then he's going to take his family out of town. Anna is against running away. Olivia tries to merge the Carter and Jerome families. Neither side will agree to it without Victor's blessing. Duke tells Robert he wants out of the business. Robert needs more info before he will let him go. Robert heads over to Anna's. Tony has a dizzy spell during surgery. Robert shows up at the Lavery's. Anna is furious. She wants to know what he's doing about Olivia. As soon as Robert's out the door, Anna makes a reservation on the shuttle to NY. Victor plays the pathetic old man card when Duke visits. Duke assures him that he's taking care of everything. Victor tells him to forget about the family. He is releasing him from his obligations to the family. Anna shows up at Olivia's gallery. She dumps the decapitated doll on Olivia's desk. Of course, Olivia denies everything. Olivia pushes Anna. Suddenly, Anna doesn't feel to well. When she arrives at the airport, she contacts her doctor at GH. The doctor tells her to come in immediately. Duke reports back to Robert on Victor's sudden change of heart. With Duke's curiosity aroused, he agrees to stay in.

September 29, 1988 - Commercials - Sean drops in on Cheryl. He wants to know why Cheryl disappeared from Robert's life. Robert and Robin arrive at home. She's glad their alone as she wants to talk to him. Robin thinks her father treats her like a baby. She wants him to be honest with her and tell her what's going on. She knows the woman who picked her up wasn't a cop. Duke becomes concerned when he can't find Anna. He gets a call from her doctor asking where she is. The doctor tells Duke that Anna called but that was over two hours ago and she still hasn't shown up at the hospital. Duke learns that Anna may be miscarrying. He rushes right over to the hospital. Sam shows up at Sean's to watch Robin. Meanwhile at Cheryl's, Sean learns that Cheryl lied to Robert. Anna finally arrives at the hospital. Tiff tries to talk to Robert about Cheryl. (sound muffled for about 5min) The doctor examines Anna. She decides that she's in no immediate danger. Tony changes his will and writes Lucy out. Duke brings Anna home and tucks her in on the couch. He wants to know why she went to NY. Suddenly, Robert arrives. He and Duke start bickering. They stop for Anna's benefit. Robert tells Anna about the talk that he and Robin had. He can't believe how grown up his daughter is. Bobbie plans to move into Tony's place to take care of BJ. Duke has a problem at the club and has to leave. Anna asks Robert to stay and talk about Cheryl. He tells her that Cheryl lied and that he can't trust her anymore. Anna points out that he's a bit stubborn. It took him six years before he would even listen to anything Anna had to say. While sitting alone, Cheryl remembers Victor's words. She grabs her gun and calls the airport. She can't make a reservation as the airport is closed due to the storm.

September 30, 1988 - Commercials - Alan calls to say that he found Ned and he's bringing him home. Back at the police station, Scotty tells Colton that Frisco's body is being exhumed as they speak. Colton's furious that he wasn't consulted first. Scotty knew that he wouldn't allow them to go through with it. Sean gets a tip about the case. He sends Tiff and her crew over to the courthouse to cover the story. Cheryl and Robert make up. Sean interrupts them to inform Robert that two WSB agents are on their way with Frisco's autopsy results. Tom will not let Colton die for something he didn't do. He's adamant about breaking his oath to save Colton. The autopsy report indicates that Frisco was shot from behind. It also reveals that the bullet didn't come from Colton's gun. However, Colton may still face execution for conspiracy. Tom shows up and refuses to let Colton hang. Colton agrees to release the tapes of his therapy sessions. Sean discovers that the dates on the report don't match with the WSB's account of what happened. He believes they are hiding something. The charges against Colton are dropped and he's free to go. Monica daydreams about her affair with Ward (Ned) Olivia shows up at the hospital and overhears Anna's doctor saying that she could lose the baby if she has any more stress. Scotty gets a job in the DA's office following his victory in Colton's case. Olivia contacts Tim for another job. Colton asks Sean to find Felicia. Monica arrives home and is introduced to her nephew Ned. She's speechless when she discovers that Ned and Ward are one in the same.

October 3-10, 1988:  10/3, 10/4 missed begining, (10/5 no show baseball), 10/6, 10/7, 10/10

October 3, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna frantically waits by the phone. She can't locate Robin or Robert. Duke arrives home and Anna tells him that Olivia may have taken Robin. Just then, Robert and Robin come in carrying pizza. Robert tells them that Colton is free. Ned arrives. Monica is horrified when she realizes that Ned is Ward. Robin wants to know when she can come home. Robert and Duke continue to argue about Olivia. Olivia and Dino overhear Rudolpho tell Duke about the summit. Olivia decides to use the info against Duke. Tom tries to convince Colton that he was brainwashed. Colton doesn't believe that he has a chance with Felicia anymore. Duke gets a call from Olivia asking him to come to NY. Meanwhile, Robert asks Anna about the doll with the broken neck. Monica's rattled by Ned's presence. She tells him to leave. Anna has a bad feeling about Olivia's call. Olivia calls Tim for another job. Colton gets a call from Felicia.

October 4, 1988 - No Commercials - Olivia plans to give Duke a false date for the summit. Colton returns to his show, and gets heckled by some fans. Victor has a ck up. He's recovering nicely. However, he asks that the doctor withhold that information from Olivia. Olivia tells Duke that she's over him. Duke knows better. He believes she's up to something. She does tell him that she set up a meeting between the Carter's and the Jerome's. Duke's furious. Scotty tells Lucy that Bobbie has moved in with Tony. Lucy runs out of the hospital threatening to kill Bobbie. Colton tapes his final show. Olivia convinces Duke to go through with the meeting. His condition is that Victor gives his blessing. Lucy shows up at Tony's and pushes her way past Bobbie. Colton tells Sean that he spoke with Felicia. (Reduced quality audio and video for about 5min) Olivia daydreams about Duke. Colton gets a new job. Sean and Tiff set their wedding date.

October 5 - No show due to baseball

October 6, 1988 - No Commercials - Cheryl shows up at Anna's. She wants to know how Anna convinced Robert to forgive Cheryl. Meanwhile, Robert and Duke talk about the summit. Anna and Cheryl plan a night out for them and the men. Shortly after, Cheryl arrives at Robert's office and informs him of their dinner plans. The foursome head to Duke's for dinner. In the middle of dinner, Robert suspects there is something wrong with Cheryl. She finally admits that she learned Olivia was behind Julian's death. Robert doesn't tell Duke for fear that he will run out and kill her before the summit.

October 7, 1988 - No Commercials - Tony continues to take medication for headaches. Robert cks on his daughter then tells Cheryl that he's not going to do anything about Olivia. Cheryl becomes furious when Robert jokes about it. She wants Olivia punished for killing Julian. Robert wonders if it's justice she wants or revenge. Tiff asks Cheryl to be the maid of honor. She agrees. Tony agrees to let Bobbie take BJ to Chicago to visit her grandfather.

October 10, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna has a check up. Meanwhile, Duke meets with Robert. Robert asks him to wear a wire to the meeting. Tim tells Olivia he wants out of the latest job. She threatens to kill him if he backs out. He agrees to do the job. Colton snaps at Tom when he tries to talk to him about Felicia and Ariel. Robert has all the major crime bosses followed from their homes. Olivia calls Duke and asks him to come to her hotel. Robert and Guy listen in. Just then, Anna walks in and hears Duke and Olivia. She's furious with Robert for not telling her about this. Robert tries to make her understand that Duke is a key player in taking down the mob. He finally convinces her to stay out of it and go home. Tim snoops around outside the Lavery home. Robert and Lewis discover that Duke has been set up. They warn him to get out of there. Robert places a call to the hotel room and gives Duke a cover to get out. Duke promises Olivia that he will be back. Anna arrives home. She showers and heads to bed. As soon as the lights go out, Tim puts a poisonous snake in through the open window. Duke arrives at Robert's. The trio soon discovers that Olivia was trying to distract Duke and keep him away from home. They rush over to the Lavery's thinking Anna is in trouble. 

October 11-17, 1988:  10/11, 10/12, 10/13, 10/14, 10/17

October 11, 1988 - No Commercials - Olivia waits anxiously for Duke to return. Dino doesn't believe that Duke is coming back. Meanwhile, Robert and Duke are stranded at the station. Robert is furious. Duke decides he will walk. He has to get home to Anna. They finally get a car and rush over to the Lavery's. Tim knocks over a rake outside Anna's window. It's enough to wake her though. She turns on the light just in time to see the snake slither under the bed. Terry and Colton share a drink and commiserate with one another. Anna grabs her gun from the nightstand. Suddenly, the snake starts up the side of the bed. Anna fires once missing the snake. Robert and Duke arrive just in time to hear the gunshot. They burst into the bedroom. Robert steps up and fires, killing the snake. Duke and Anna believe Olivia is responsible. Robert makes Duke call Olivia so she doesn't suspect anything as Duke never returned. Anna warns Robert that he better take care of Olivia soon, or she will. Robert shows up at Olivia's hotel. He threatens her. Olivia goes crazy after Robert leaves. She destroys her room. Monica pleads with Ned to speak with his father. Robert returns to the Lavery's and informs them of his meeting with Olivia.

October 12, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean and Tiffany have breakfast in bed. They are interrupted when she receives a hysterical phone call from her producer. The woman thinks someone is trying to kill her. Tiffany begs Sean to help her friend. He agrees and places a call to the DA's office. Sean learns that Scotty is prosecuting the case. Larry schedules an appointment for Ariel with Tony. She wants to cancel it but Larry demands that she keep it. Lucy and Tony begin divorce proceedings. Lucy cries to Amanda.

October 13, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert's frustrated when he can't figure out what happened at Anna's. Meanwhile, Duke waits on Anna hand and foot. He's driving her crazy. Just then, there's a knock at the door. It's Olivia. Duke refuses to let her in, but Anna invites her in. Olivia tries to explain why the meeting never took place. Then she informs them of her meeting with Robert. Olivia shares her suspicions with them about Robert's knowledge of the meeting. Tiffany and Cheryl shop for the wedding. Monica arrives to examine Victor. She tells Dimitra that Olivia is questioning his competence. Duke notifies Robert that Olivia showed up at the house. Duke decides that he's getting out of the mob once and for all. He suggests that they leave the country. Anna refuses to run. Duke wants to meet with Robert but insists on being present. Victor tells Dimitra that with any luck Cheryl will take care of their problem with Olivia. Olivia is in the hallway and overhears the conversation. Robert informs Duke and Anna that the snake was extremely poisonous. Duke wants to take Robin and Anna and go away. Robert agrees that would be best. Anna is adamant that she will not be pushed out of her home. Robert arrives at Cheryl's. He assures her that he will pin Julian's murder on Olivia. Just then she gets a call, it's Olivia. She wants Cheryl to come to NY. When Cheryl refuses, she threatens Robert.

October 14 1988 - No Commercials - The Quartermaines plan a party for Lord and Lady Ashton. Ariel tries desperately to get out of going to the Quartermaine party. Cheryl calls Olivia at the gallery but she's not there. Charlene asks Colton to escort her to the Q party. Colton is horrified when he runs into Ariel and discovers that she is Lady Ashton. He walks out of the party.

October 17, 1988 - No Commercials - Robin wants to have a party at Sean's. Anna brings Duke breakfast in bed. She feels very optimistic now that Robert's investigating Olivia. Cheryl tells Robert to stop investigating Julian's murder. He's confused by her sudden change of heart. She tells him that she's afraid of Olivia, and is concerned for his safety. Olivia meets with the Carter family. Duke calls Olivia to ck on the date of the summit. One of the mob bosses is an informant for Victor. He's keeping Victor apprised of the situation. Meanwhile, Victor is planning a big surprise for his daughter. Duke drops in on Cheryl and Robert. He demands to know what info Robert has on Olivia. Olivia decides to have the summit in PC on the night of Victor's birthday. Cheryl heads to NY. She's followed onto the plane. Olivia and Cheryl meet at the gallery. They argue and Olivia threatens her. Cheryl is upset when she leaves Olivia so she decides to visit Julian's grave. Tiffany and Sean announce their wedding plans. Julian appears at the cemetery and Cheryl faints.

October 18-21, 1988:  10/18 cm, 10/19 cm, 10/20 cm, 10/21 cm - About :52 mins ea epi, deleted some commercials

October 18, 1988 - Commercials - Colton's mood hasn't improved since discovering Ariel at the Q's party. He tells his business partner that he can't work on the Aphrodite any more. Meanwhile, the party at Sean's is being held up due to Cheryl's absence. Since Robin is getting antsy, they decide to start without Cheryl. Just then, Cheryl comes to in the cemetery. She becomes hysterical when she discovers that Julian is holding her. Back at Sean's, Robert assures Anna that Duke knows how to handle Olivia. Dino reports back to Olivia that Maxie is an informant for Victor. He was overheard telling Rudolpho about the real date and time for the summit meeting. Olivia orders Dino to silence Rudolpho. Julian brings Cheryl back to his hotel room. She starts hurling accusations at him about faking his death. Julian explains that he was set up to get killed. Victor found out about it too late and Julian was shot. He decided to use that to his advantage and get Julian away from NY. Julian heads out for some brandy to calm Cheryl. After he leaves, she tries to call Robert but has no luck. Cheryl is forced to spend the night in NY with Julian. Rudolpho places a call to Duke's. He tells Angel he's being followed but it's very important that he speak with Duke. Angel calls Duke. Robert takes Anna home and tucks her into bed per Duke's orders.

October 19, 1988 - Commercials - Tom visits Colton. He's curious about Colton's behavior at the Q party when he saw Ariel. Tom wonders whether Lady Ashton is the same Ariel that Colton met and fell in love with while in Greece. Rudolpho arrives at Duke's. Angel contacts Duke at home and asks him to come to the club. Rudolpho attacks a delivery man while anxiously awaiting Duke's arrival. When Duke arrives, he finds Rudolpho slumped over at the bar. Rudolpho utters a few syllables before he dies. Unfortunately, not enough for Duke to figure out what he meant. Duke immediately calls Robert. Robert arrives with backup. He begins questioning Duke and Angel. Robert orders an autopsy as he believes Rudolpho was murdered. Robert, Sean, and Duke try to decipher Rudolpho last words. In the meantime, Robert reveals Olivia as Julian's murderer. Duke is stunned. That is until he finds out about the threatening phone calls placed to his wife. And there was a little matter of a doll with a broken neck. Duke becomes enraged and threatens to kill Olivia. Robert and Sean stop him. They convince him that she's more useful alive right now. Forensics proves that Rudolpho was murdered.

October 20, 1988 - Commercials - Colton confronts Ariel. Cheryl returns and overhears Duke making funeral arrangements for Rudolpho. She asks him about it. Duke tells her that Rudolpho was killed. Also, that Robert has been looking for her. Colton accuses Ariel of lying to him and turning him into a terrorist. She assures him that she didn't know, and that she loved him very much. Duke visits Victor with the news about Rudolpho's death. He learns that Victor knows about the summit meeting. Julian contacts Cheryl at the club. Then he visits his father. Victor orders his son to stay hidden until the summit meeting. He will play his trump card at the meeting, but only if Julian stays hidden from Olivia. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to convince Victor that Duke's against the family. Cheryl shows up at Julian's hotel room. She finally has to tell him about her relationship with Robert. Olivia hires Tim for another job.

October 21, 1988 - Commercials - Robert arrives at the club to see Cheryl. On his way to her penthouse, he walks right by Tim. He questions her about her trip to NY. Robert thinks she's keeping something from him. He believes that it has something to do with her kidney. Suddenly, the power goes out. Robert heads downstairs to check things out. Tim has cut the power to the penthouse. Robert doesn't find anything so he heads back upstairs. Monica and Ned kiss in the boathouse. Cheryl inadvertently gives Robert a clue about the date of the summit. He contacts Sean then heads out. Olivia plans Duke's demise.

October 24-27, 1988:  10/24 cm, 10/25 cm, 10/26 cm, 10/27 cm

October 24, 1988 - Commercials - Anna prepares for her doctor's appointment. Robert calls Duke about Rudolpho's message. He and Sean deciphered the message. Cheryl moves into Tiffany's while the power remains out at the penthouse. Tim decides to back out of his latest job, but Olivia won't let him. Cheryl runs into Tim as she's leaving her penthouse. He asks her for a key to the elevator. She unknowingly hands hers over. When Duke arrives at Robert's, Robert explains that the summit will be on Victor's birthday. Duke has to find out the location for their plan to work. Anna leaves the hospital with a clean bill of health. She heads over to Robert's office. Meanwhile, Duke is on his way to the club. Robert believes that Cheryl is hiding something, so he has her tailed. Shortly after, Anna arrives at the PCPD. Robert informs her of the plan to take down the mob. Duke shows up at the club and heads up to his office. Tim has already started cutting through the elevator cables when Duke arrives. Cheryl visits Julian at his hotel room. She refuses to tell him who set him up. She advises him to speak with Victor. Anna shows up at the club to see Duke. They stay for awhile. Just as their about to leave, Duke gets a phone call. He urges Anna to go on ahead. He will catch up with her. Anna gets on the elevator alone. Suddenly, the cable breaks sending the elevator plummeting to the basement. Duke hears Anna scream and rushes to the basement. Robert admits to Cheryl that he's been having her followed.

October 25, 1988 - Commercials - Cheryl is furious over Robert's admission. However, he questions her about her presence in a hotel room. Cheryl claims that she's protecting him and his family. Duke races to reach Anna. He finally reaches her just as she's coming around. With all the chaos, Tim manages to sneak out. Angel notifies Robert of the accident. Robert and Cheryl head over to the hospital to meet them. Anna fears for her baby's life. By the time Robert reaches the hospital, he's already convinced himself that it wasn't an accident. Tim calls Olivia. He informs her that Anna was the victim instead of Duke. Robert notifies Sean of the accident. While at the hospital, Cheryl admits that she gave her elevator key to the electrician (Tim). Robert doesn't like the sound of it. So, he heads over to the club with Sean to ck it out himself. At the club, Robert discovers that the elevator cables were cut and the safety mechanism was disengaged. Back at the hospital, Anna starts having severe abdominal pains. Duke tries to reassure her that everything is okay, but in the end she loses the baby. Robert launches an all out search for Tim. Meanwhile, Cheryl returns to Julian's hotel room. She discovers that he's gone. Robert calls the hospital to check on Anna, and learns that she lost the baby. Duke and Anna mourn the loss of their baby.

October 26, 1988 - Commercials - Bobbie returns from her trip to Chicago. Tiffany believes that her sister is behaving rather strange. Tiff thinks she's still hiding something from Robert. She urges Cheryl to come clean with Robert or risk losing him. As soon as Tiff leaves, Cheryl takes off. Victor learns of Anna's accident. He's furious and doesn't believe for one second that it was an accident. Cheryl arrives at Victor's hysterical. She tells him that Julian's dead. He tries to calm her down by explaining that Julian's gone and she has to move on. He becomes upset when he realizes that Cheryl knows the truth about Julian. Now he doesn't know what has happened to his son. Victor sends some of his men out to find Julian. As Cheryl is leaving Victor's, she is kidnapped.

October 27, 1988 - Commercials - Colton is working on the Aphrodite when suddenly Ariel appears in the doorway. She asks to speak with him. Robert learns Tim's identity. He has Guy question everyone who came in contact with him. Tiff begins to worry when she can't find Cheryl. When Robert arrives at the hospital, Tiffany questions him. He hasn't heard from Cheryl. Robert visits Anna. He tries to comfort her and agrees to bring Robin in to see Anna. Anna becomes agitated when Robert lets it slip that the elevator accident was no accident. Julian calls Maxi and inquires about Olivia. Maxi tells him to stay away from Olivia. Robert assures Tiffany that Cheryl probably went to NY to deal with a client. Robert asks Tiffany to run a picture of Tim on the nightly news. Anna and Duke break the news to Robin about the baby. Julian learns that his sister was behind the ambush that almost killed him. Tim hides out in a bar and waits for his money. He ducks out of the place when he notices his face plastered on the news. However, the bartender already noticed him and called the police. Just then, Olivia man walks in with the money and a gun. Tim returns for his money. Robert bursts in and arrests Tim. Anna is overheard threatening to kill Olivia if she had anything to do with her losing the baby.

October 28 - November 3, 1988:  10/28, 10/31, 11/1, 11/2, 11/3

October 28, 1988 - Commercials - Cheryl tries to escape her kidnappers. Meanwhile, Julian emerges from the shadows to confront Olivia. Robert interrogates Tim. Tim refuses to talk so Robert threatens him with a murder charge. Cheryl demands to know why she's being held against her will. Her kidnappers are less than thrilled by her demands and refuse to tell her anything. After Olivia gets over the initial shock of seeing Julian, she plays the loving sister role to the hilt. Suddenly, Julian turns on Olivia. He confronts her about the shooting that nearly killed him. Tom walks into Anna's room and overhears her threaten to kill Olivia. Olivia finally admits to Julian that she was the mastermind behind the shooting. He can't believe his ears. She tries to explain that she was setting Duke up to die. Julian doesn't believe her. He wants to know what happened to his sweet loving sister. Victor runs into Duke at the hospital. He offers his condolences and then tells Duke when and where the summit will take place. Simone tries to help Anna through her grief. Olivia outlines her plan for uniting the two families, to Julian. He refuses to be part of it, until Olivia tells him that Cheryl has been kidnapped. Olivia threatens to have her killed if Julian refuses to go along with the merger. Julian jumps Dino and takes his gun. He demands to know where Cheryl is. Duke tells Robert about the summit but he refuses to be involved. Robert finally convinces him to go. Tim and his attorney discuss his options for freedom. When Robert questions him again, Tim is ready to give Olivia up.

October 31, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean and Tiff arrive at the police station. They are concerned about Cheryl's disappearance. Robert doesn't have time to worry about Cheryl as he questions Tim. Back at the hospital, Anna becomes furious when a tuxedo is delivered to the hospital for Duke. She realizes that he's going to the summit. (Video problem for about 2min.) Robert catches Sean up to speed with Tim's confession. Olivia pays Cheryl a visit and informs her that she's going to die. Julian leaves Dino tied up and goes after Cheryl. Robert contemplates telling Duke about Tim's confession before he walks into the meeting. Meanwhile, Olivia is informing the family members that her brother Julian is alive. Cheryl escapes her kidnappers. Anna overhears Robert telling Duke about Tim's confession. She also hears him tell Duke that the elevator accident was meant for him. Duke and Robert organize police support. The family members begin to arrive for Victor's party. Olivia arrives and begs for her father's forgiveness, He gives it. Olivia is furious that Julian hasn't shown up yet. Julian finds the hotel room where Cheryl was being kept. However she's already gone. With Robert and Duke focusing on the summit, Anna sneaks undetected out of the hospital. Victor's party is in full swing by the time Sean and Tiff discover that Anna is missing. Suddenly, Olivia's hotel door swings open and Anna steps in pointing a loaded gun.

November 1, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna threatens Olivia at gun point. Robert and Guy monitor the party from the hotel. Meanwhile, Sean, Tiffany and hospital staff scours the hospital for Anna. Sean is unable to reach Robert. Cheryl waits on the balcony of Olivia's hotel room while Anna informs Olivia that Tim confessed. Sean reaches Robert to tell him that Anna is missing. Just then, Robert realizes that Anna knows about Olivia and has gone to kill her. Meanwhile, Olivia is on her knees begging for her life. When suddenly there's a knock at the door. (Julian) Olivia takes the opportunity to grab Anna's gun. They struggle for the gun while Julian goes out the side door and onto the balcony where he finds Cheryl. She's pointing a gun into the room. He grabs the gun just as she fires causing the shots to ricochet off the brick wall. Duke races up the stairs to Olivia's room. At the same time, Robert and Sean hear the shots while in the elevator. Duke arrives just in time to find Anna standing over Olivia's body. Sean and Robert arrive a moment later. Cheryl is hysterical so Julian picks her up and helps her down the fire escape. He picks up a shell casing on his way down. Robert calls the rescue and asks Duke to return Anna to the hospital. Meanwhile, Guy bursts in to Victor's party and arrests everyone.

November 2, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert sends Sam back to the hospital with Anna. Robert has his men search Olivia's room for evidence. While there, Sean finds a bullet lodged in the wall, Robert digs it out. Olivia is taken into surgery. Robert questions a possible witness. The police find an earring out on the balcony. Julian takes Cheryl to a safe house in the mountains. They hear a report of the shooting over the radio. Cheryl believes that she shot Olivia. Back at the police station, Duke barges into Robert's office. He demands to know why he can't see his wife. He and Robert argue. Duke returns to the hospital. Julian talks Cheryl out of going to Robert. Robert learns that Olivia has made it through surgery but has lapsed into a coma. He runs a check on the gun Anna was holding and learns that it wasn't hers. The gun she had was unregistered and untraceable.

November 3, 1988 - No Commercials - Olivia survives through the night. Tony has another dizzy spell while in surgery. Scotty snoops around the hospital. Victor is released from jail. Lucy moves in with Amanda. Scott blackmails the attorney handling the St. John case. Tony's going to be admitted into the hospital for tests. Victor calls the hospital to check on his daughter. Julian shows up to see Victor. Colton takes AJ for a tour of Lord Ashton's yacht. Scotty is appointed to prosecute the St. John case.

November 4-10, 1988:  11/4, 11/7, 11/8, 11/9, 11/10

November 4, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert finally lets Duke in to see Anna. He informs Anna that she's the prime suspect. Back at police headquarters, Scotty pays Robert a visit. He takes great pleasure in telling Robert that he's going to nail Anna to the wall. Meanwhile, Anna tries to convince Duke that she's innocent. Duke wants to know why she left the hospital in her condition. Anna admits that she heard Robert tell Duke about Tim's confession. Colton runs into Ariel at the hospital, while she's there to see Tom. Sean and Tiffany try to distract Robin by taking her to the zoo. However, she catches on and wants to know why she's getting the special treatment. Sean and Tiffany make a tough decision to postpone the wedding. Cheryl returns from NY. Robert arrives at the hospital to question Anna. He cautions Anna to get an attorney. She refuses. Anna tells Robert that Olivia wrestled the gun away from her and pushed her out of the room. He questions her about the gun she was holding. Anna admits that she went home first to get her gun before coming to the hotel. She is shocked when Robert informs her that the gun she picked up off the floor wasn't hers. Robert tells her that he sent Guy to her house to retrieve her gun. Scott confronts Robert at the hospital. Robert promises him that he won't be prosecuting this case. Robert explains to his daughter that Anna won't be coming home right away.

November 7, 1988 - No Commercials - Olivia starts to come out of her coma. Anna is becoming concerned that Robert hasn't called to let her know what's going on. Meanwhile, a helpless Robert makes a gut wrenching decision to arrest Anna. He sends Guy around to pick up Anna and charge her with attempted murder. Anna is thrilled when the doctor agrees to release her. However, her excitement doesn't last as Scotty shows up to antagonize her. Julian visits his father. Victor feels guilty about what has happened to Olivia. Robert and Sean try to come up with something that will save Anna. Guy arrives at the hospital and arrests Anna. Duke barges into Robert's office. He's furious and wants to know why Anna was arrested. Robert checks to make sure Anna's okay. She's furious with him. Robert receives a call that Olivia has come out of her coma and wants to speak with him. He has Guy put Anna in his office to wait. Robert is devastated when Olivia tells him that Anna shot her. He is left with no choice but to charge Anna with attempted murder.

November 8, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke barges into Robert's office. He's furious with Robert for arresting Anna. Sean tries to point out that Robert had no choice in the matter. Robert tells Duke to go home. Anna is processed and placed in a holding cell. Cheryl becomes hysterical when she learns of Anna's arrest. Duke walks in just as Robin hears of Anna's arrest. He tries to explain it to her but she refuses to listen to him. Robin blames him for not protecting Anna. She wants to see her father. Tiffany and Cheryl argue over where Cheryl's been. Robert and Sean discover that the earring they found on the balcony of Olivia's room wasn't purchased in Port Charles. Tiffany and Cheryl show up at the police station. While filling them in on the case, Sean pulls out the earring. He tells them that the owner was probably on the balcony the night Olivia was shot. Cheryl's face drains of color when she spots the earring. Robert questions Anna. They hash out the details of that night. Anna contends that she went home to retrieve her gun first. When he questions her about the balcony, her response is that she didn't know there was one. Robert promises Anna that he will clear her.

November 9, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke arrives at the police station. He informs Robert that Robin knows about Anna and refuses to listen to anything he has to say. Robert assures Duke that he will explain everything to Robin. Robert heads over to the Lavery's to see Robin. At the same time, Duke visits with Anna. He tells her about Robin's reaction to the news of Anna's arrest. Robert explains to Robin that he's responsible for arresting Anna, and that Duke had nothing to do with it. Cheryl isn't sure if she shot Olivia or if Anna did. Meanwhile, Scotty tries to deny Anna bail. Robin apologizes to Duke. Shortly after, Duke finds sequins in Anna's drawer where she keeps her gun. He doesn't think much about it at the time, but gives them to Olin. Robert returns to Cheryl's. He apologizes for his rude behavior. Cheryl receives a call from Julian while Robert's there. She tells him to meet her at her office in an hour. Robert heads back to work. Cheryl's worried that Robert will eventually learn who owns the earring that was found on the balcony. Colton tries to reach Felicia on the ship. Anna's attorney attempts to convince Anna to plead temporary insanity. Anna refuses. Robert and Scotty go at each other. Robert promises to get Scotty thrown off the case. Unfortunately, the DA stands behind Scotty. Cheryl runs to Julian begging him to leave town. She has to tell Robert the truth and doesn't want Julian caught in the crossfire. Anna is denied bail thanks to Scotty. Duke slugs Scott in the court room and has to be restrained by Robert and Sean. Julian spies on Robert and Cheryl while on the docks. Duke attempts to reach Jake, but has no luck.

November 10, 1988 - No Commercials - Victor and Dimitra visit Olivia in the hospital. While there, Victor is served with a summons from Robert. Robert and Sean go back to Olivia's hotel room. They discover some sequins in the carpet near the bed. Robert calls the forensic team back to the hotel. Victor learns that Olivia's prognosis is grim. Robert has the sequins tested to see if they match Olivia's dress. Meanwhile, Sean forces Robert to step out on the balcony to get some air. While out there, Robert makes a discovery. There is a chip in one of the bricks on the balcony. He has the forensics people back to check it out. Robert questions Victor and Dimitra. He believes they are lying. They police find a shell casing under the balcony. Robert believes his only hope is to return Anna to the scene of the crime. He hopes it will jog her memory.

November 11-17, 1988:  11/11, 11/14, 11/15, 11/6, 11/17

November 11, 1988 - No Commercials - Reporters harass Victor and Dimitra as they leave the police station. Sean informs Guy of Robert's plan to bring Anna back to the scene of the crime. Robert arrives to get Anna. He walks in while Robin and Duke are visiting Anna. After hearing his plan, Anna agrees to accompany Robert back to Olivia's hotel room. Cheryl is desperate to reach Julian. After exhausting all avenues, she reaches out to Victor. He tells Cheryl he has no idea where Julian is. Robert, Anna, and Sam arrive at the hotel. They attempt to reenact the events of the night Olivia was shot. Suddenly Anna remembers something. She had forgotten that there was a knock at the door which enabled Olivia to grab the gun and push Anna into the hall. Robert is encouraged by the new information. He now realizes that the third person had to be out on the balcony. Anna is still skeptical about the new lead. Armed with this new information, the trio head back to the police station. When they arrive, Sean is there to greet them. Robert reveals his new lead. They're interrupted when Cheryl calls.

November 14, 1988 - No Commercials - Bobby receives a call from Jake. Anna reveals the new evidence to Duke. Just then, Sean arrives to give them an update in the case. Anna asks Sean to look out for Robert. Meanwhile, Robert visits with Robin. She pleads with him to get her mother out of jail. Robert promises her that he's close to solving the case and clearing Anna. Cheryl decides it's time to tell Robert the truth about the night Olivia was shot. Julian threatens to turn himself in if she goes to Robert. Cheryl agrees to keep quiet. Back at the Lavery's, Duke arrives home. He and Robert begin arguing when Robert learns that Duke has been keeping evidence from him. Duke found sequins in the drawer where Anna keeps her gun. Olin retrieves the sequins and gives them to Robert. Robert calls Sean for help, and then heads off to meet Cheryl for dinner. Meanwhile, Julian visits with his father. Victor tells him to leave and go back to the west coast where he will be safe. Anna is attacked by some inmates.

November 15, 1988 - No Commercials - Sam heads off to NY to question witnesses. Colton runs into Tom on the docks. He tells him that Felicia has broken things off with him. Scotty appears as a guest on a morning talk show to discuss Anna's case. While in NY, Sam finds the jewelry shop that sold Cheryl's earring. Colton asks Sean for information on Ariel. Sean agrees to look into it. Sean is suddenly called away when Sam needs backup. Colton stays behind on the computer to wait for the info. Scotty steals a copy of Tony's will for Lucy. Colton finally learns the truth about Ariel. Sean threatens the jewelry store owner unless he can come up with a receipt for those earrings. Miraculously, the owner has come up with a receipt. Sean and Sam head back to PC with the information.

November 16, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke arrives at the courthouse and is bombarded with questions from the press. Meanwhile, Cheryl watches on the television. Robert shows up at the hospital to check on Olivia's condition, Monica informs him that she's still critical. Sean arrives and tells Robert that the earrings were sold to Julian Jerome. He decides that he can't hold off any longer on checking out Cheryl. Just then, Tiff shows up at Cheryl's office to pick her up. Cheryl's reluctant to go to the courthouse. Jury selection begins for Anna's trial. Robert checks out the hotel where Julian was staying. He shows Cheryl's picture around and learns that she was there visiting someone. Upon further investigation, Robert learns that Victor Jerome owned the hotel where Julian had been staying. Meanwhile, Julian is meeting his father for lunch. Robert decides to pay Victor a little visit. Julian just barely makes it out the back door before Robert comes in. Robert questions Victor about the hotel, but Victor tells him nothing. Cheryl runs out of the courtroom. Sean arrives at Robert's office and tells him about Cheryl.

November 17, 1988 - No Commercials - Cheryl shows up at the police station to talk to Robert. She can't live with herself any longer. Cheryl turns the missing earring over to Robert. She finally admits that she was the one on the balcony the night Olivia was shot. Cheryl remembers firing her gun but doesn't know where the shots went. She, of course, leaves out the part where Julian grabbed the gun and redirected her shots. Robert asks her to take him through all the events of that evening leading up to and including Olivia's shooting. Cheryl explains about her kidnapping and how she escaped. He asks about Anna's part in the shooting. Cheryl has to tell him that she saw Anna threatening Olivia with the gun and then tell her she should die for what she had done to their family. She informs Robert that she fired her gun twice and ran down the fire escape not knowing whether she hit anyone. When Robert asks about the second person on the balcony, Cheryl lies and says she was alone. Cheryl is surprised when Robert tells her to go home and get some rest. However, as soon as she's out the door Robert puts a tail on her. Alone in his office, Robert reflects on his relationship with Cheryl, knowing that it's over. He will never forgive her for letting Anna and his daughter suffer this way. Later that day, Robert informs Sean that Cheryl was the one on the balcony that night. But he doesn't believe that she gave him the whole story.

November 18-23, 1988:  11/18 cm, 11/21 cm, 11/22 cm, 11/23 cm

November 18, 1988 - With Commercials - Anna begins having nightmares about the shooting. She wakes startled. Meanwhile, Robert assigns Sam to keep an eye on Cheryl. Sean questions Robert's decision to let Cheryl go after she freely admitted to being on the balcony, the night Olivia was shot. Jake returns. He runs into Bobbie at the brownstone. Jake tells Bobbie that Duke contacted him in South America. He knows its something to do with Anna but he doesn't know what. Bobbie fills Jake in about the shooting and Anna's involvement. Anna is harassed by some of the prisoners. Duke barges into Robert's office. (Audio's gone for about 20 min) Jake consults with Anna's attorney. Anna is thrilled by Jake's presence and asks that he and Karen be co-counsels. Robert has Cheryl's phone tapped. Sean's furious with Robert for letting Cheryl remain free while Anna's in jail. Meanwhile, Anna's trial begins. Sean and Robert need more time to build their case. So, Sean tells Jake to ask for a continuance. Unfortunately, he can't give Jake any reason for it. Robert learns that the shell casing found under the balcony came from Cheryl's gun. Julian contacts Cheryl. She agrees to meet him on pier six. Duke confronts Robert about the new evidence. When Robert won't tell him what it is, he decides to sneak into Robert's office and find out for himself. He discovers the notes about a meeting on pier six.

November 21, 1988 - With Commercials - Sean and Anna are hassled by the press outside the courtroom. Anna asks for Duke, but no one knows where he is. Just then, Duke is mobbed by reporters, as he leaves the PCPD. Cheryl waits on the pier for Julian, while Robert watches from his hiding spot. Cheryl informs him that she told Robert everything about the night Olivia was shot. Sean tries to reach Robert but learns he is out following up a lead. Tiffany learns of Cheryl's involvement in Olivia's shooting. She feels so guilty over it that she tells Anna everything. Just as Julian is trying to convince Cheryl to leave with him, Duke shows up and the duo scatter. Robert is furious as Cheryl and Julian both get away. However, Cheryl was shot in the process. She and Julian return to the safe house. Cheryl wants to call Robert but Julian convinces her not too. He tells Cheryl that Robert set her up. Duke returns to the club to get his gun. Meanwhile, Robert meets with Anna and tells her that Julian's alive. Duke pays Victor a visit. He tells Victor that he knows Julian is alive but threatens to kill him if he doesn't come forward and clear Anna. Robert arrests Duke after he threatens Victor at gun point. He confiscates Duke's gun and lets him go.

November 22, 1988 - With Commercials - Duke visits with Anna. He tells her about Julian. Duke doesn't trust Robert and wants to find Julian on his own. Anna pleads with him to let Robert handle it. Duke refuses. Meanwhile, Robert receives a summons to testify for the prosecution. Jake asks for a continuance, but the judge denies it. Sean stays behind to work on the computer. Tom testifies at Anna's trial. Robert checks in with Sean. He learns that the sequins found at Anna's match the ones found in Olivia's hotel room. Just then, Robert's called to testify. Duke returns to NY to try and find Julian. He questions several mob members but gets nowhere. Robert and Jake introduce new evidence into the case. At the conclusion of Robert's testimony, Anna's trial breaks for holiday. Robert discovers that Dimitra's purse had black and silver sequins.

November 23, 1988 - With Commercials - Cheryl's wound is becoming infected. Julian wants to get a doctor to take a look at her leg. Cheryl's scared and doesn't want him to leave. Robert obtains a search warrant for Victor's house. Julian attempts to care for Cheryl on his own. But soon decides he must go for help as her fever has set in. Robert arrives at Victor's with the search warrant. He agrees not to search the place if Dimitra hands over the outfit she wore the night of the summit. Lucy pays a visit to Jake. She tells him of Bobbie's affair with Scotty. Jake's become furious and throws her out. Julian is stopped going into the drugstore. He shows the cop a fake ID and gets away. Robert has Cheryl's apartment searched for any clothes with sequins. Julian returns with Cheryl's medicine. She has become delirious from the high fever. Jake confronts Bobbie about her affair with Scott. The pair argues and then kisses. Robert, Sean, and Tiff argue over Cheryl's involvement in Olivia's shooting.

November 24-29, 1988:  11/24 cm, 11/25 cm, 11/28 cm, 11/29 cm

November 24, 1988 - With Commercials - Bobbie wanders around in a state of shock after her run in with Jake. Meanwhile, Duke visits with Anna. He tries to reassure her that this nightmare will be over soon, and she can go home to Robin. Just then, Robert stops by. He and Duke continue to argue about Anna's case. Robert informs Anna that he has a plan but it involves Monica. So, he wants to speak with Monica before revealing any more information. Back at the safe house, Cheryl's fever finally breaks. She's confused when Julian starts discussing their future. Jake stops in to Kelly's for a bite to eat. He and Ruby discuss Bobbie's behavior. At the same time, Bobbie tells Terry that she wished Jake had never come back. Larry finally admits to Ariel that he's in financial trouble. During Duke's visit with Anna, she begs him to make peace with Robert. He only promises to return later. Robert solicits Monica's help to catch the real killer. Cheryl and Julian discuss turning themselves in. Julian talks her out of it by convincing her that it won't help Anna. Duke and Anna have thanksgiving dinner in prison. Robert arrives with a TV. He wants Anna to see the news bulletin that Tiff is running. Tiff releases a story that Olivia has come out of her coma and will reveal the real killer. The story, of course, is a lie.

November 25, 1988 - With Commercials - After the news release, the hospital is surrounded by reporters. Robert places his people in and around the hospital to wait for the killer to make a move. Monica's concerned that Robert's plan could go wrong and someone could get to Olivia. Victor learns of Olivia's condition. He wants to go to the hospital but Dimitra talks him out of it. Jake convinces Bobbie to talk through their problems. Cheryl hides the gauze pads so Julian has to go out. Meanwhile, Robert leaks a new story about giving Olivia a truth serum. Victor calls the hospital to ck on Olivia. While Julian is out, Cheryl leaves the safe house. Meanwhile, Dimitra slips out of the house. Jake's temper is threatening to ruin Anna's case. So, Bobbie tries to calm him down. Jake and Bobbie kiss. Just then, Scotty walks in. He provokes Jake and the two start throwing punches. Someone sneaks into the hospital and knocks out a guard. They cut the oxygen supply line to Olivia's bed.

November 28, 1988 - With Commercials - Jake has a meeting with Duke and Anna. He tries to prepare them for the worst in the event that Robert's plan fails. Back at the hospital, Robert rushes to the oxygen supply closet. He finds his officer down, but no sign of the killer. They discover that one of the nurses was chloroformed outside the staff entrance. Tony falls down the stairs at home. Robert questions the nurse that was attacked. Unfortunately, she can't tell him much as she was attacked from behind. Jake preps Anna to testify. Just then, Robert arrives with bad news. He has to tell Anna that he lost the suspect. Julian returns to the safe house and discovers that Cheryl is gone. Just then, Cheryl stumbles in. She's hysterical because she wants to help Anna but she can't make it to town with her bad leg. Jake and Bobbie share a glass of champagne on their wedding anniversary. Duke visits with Robin. Julian and Cheryl learn that somebody made an attempt on Olivia's life. Julian believes the whole thing is a setup put in place by Robert.

November 29, 1988 - With Commercials - Bobbie calls Gregory from the courthouse. Lucy lurks around the corner and overhears her on the phone. Duke and Anna are furious when they learn that Robert has left town. Duke tries to track him down. All he learns is that Robert has gone to NYC. Victor and Dimitra try to figure out who shot Olivia. Dimitra learns Julian's whereabouts. She calls the Lavery's and leaves a message for Duke telling him the location of the safe house. While Julian and Cheryl are arguing, she blurts out her true feelings for Robert. Anna's trial resumes with Anna taking the stand. When court breaks, Olin gives Duke the message about the safe house. She also tells him that Robert came to the house with the police and removed something from the bedroom before heading to the airport. Duke rushes out of the courtroom. Anna gets back on the stand and recounts her story from the night Olivia was shot. Duke arrives at the safe house to find Julian and Cheryl.

November 30 - December 5, 1988:  11/30 cm, 12/1 cm, 12/2 cm, 12/5 cm

November 30, 1988 - With Commercials - Duke confronts Julian. He threatens to shoot him unless he agrees to come back to the police station. Meanwhile, Prunella stumbles upon a witness to the shooting. Robert returns from NY with a new lead. He tells Sean and Guy that they found hairs in the drawer where Anna keeps her gun. The hairs don't belong to either Anna or Duke. Sean argues that they need more. Just then, Prunella storms in with her so called witness. The witness saw a lady with dark hair sneaking out of the hotel after Olivia was shot. Lucy tells Jake about Bobbie's affair with Gregory. Again, Jake throws her out. The police sketch artist comes up with a drawing of Dimitra based on the witness's description. Suddenly, in walks Duke with Cheryl and Julian. Jake walks in on Bobbie and Gregory kissing. Robert questions Julian and puts Cheryl in a police lineup. She's not fingered as the shooter.

December 1, 1988 - With commercials - Duke informs Anna that Cheryl and Julian will be testifying. Scotty barges into Robert's office demanding an explanation on the new witnesses. Shortly after, Robert visits with Cheryl. She tries to talk to him about their relationship, but he wants no part of it. As far as Robert's concerned it's over. Anna's concerned that Cheryl and Julian's testimony could do more harm than good. Victor reads an article in the morning paper saying there are two mystery witnesses in the case. He believes them to be Cheryl and Julian. When Victor leaves the room, Dimitra straps a gun to her leg. Robert tries to convince Scott to drop the charges against Anna due to recent evidence. He refuses. A duffel bag is delivered to Robert's office. He sends it to the lab to be analyzed. Just then, Robert receives a call notifying him that his suspect got on a plane headed for PC two hours ago. Suddenly, there's an explosion at the courthouse. Dino appears and takes Cheryl hostage. Dimitra draws her gun but Sean rips it from her hands. Dino drags Cheryl out of there and up to the roof. Court is recessed until further notice. Meanwhile, Dimitra begs them to let her go to the roof and talk to Dino her son. Robert catches up to Dino and Cheryl. He tries to talk Dino down but has no luck.

December 2, 1988 - With commercials - Ned invites Colton to a surprise party for Ariel. Back at the courthouse, Anna learns that Cheryl was taken hostage. Sean talks Guy into letting Dimitra up to the roof to talk to Dino. Unfortunately, Dino thinks Robert's trying to trick him. So, he threatens to throw Cheryl down the stairs. Suddenly, Dino pulls out a grenade. Sean sneaks around behind Dino and grabs the bomb. It falls on the staircase and Cheryl is able to get away. Robert runs up the stairs and he and Dino fight over the gun while the bomb lays on the stair next to them. Robert finally wrestles the gun from Dino. He picks up the bomb and throws it only seconds before it explodes. Dino and Dimitra are taken into custody. Robert comforts Cheryl after her ordeal. Then he escorts her to the courtroom. Due to the recent events, all charges against Anna are dropped. Anna wants some answers from Robert. So she and Duke head to Robert's office. Jake asks Bobbie if she's having an affair with Gregory. She walks out on Jake. Robert and Sean go out to celebrate solving the case.

December 5, 1988 - With commercials - The Q's throw Ariel a surprise party. Duke punches Scotty out at the police station. Colton and Ariel dance at her birthday party. Terry and Bobbie argue about Jake. Scotty shows up at the Q party. Anna returns home to Robin. Bobbie has to decide between a divorce or giving up her life in PC and going to Uruguay to be with Jake. Colton storms out of Ariel's party. The Lavery family is together at home once again.

December 6-12, 1988:  12/6, 12/7, 12/8 (missed first couple of mins pre-emption), 12/9, 12/12

December 6, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean suggests Tiff not mention Cheryl in front of Robert. She promises, but when Robert comes down for breakfast, she starts in about her sister. Robert gets up from the table and walks out. Cheryl calls Anna and asks to see her. Anna's reluctant but she agrees. When Robert comes back, he informs Sean that he's moving out. He finally lets out all his pent up frustrations about Cheryl. Meanwhile, Anna meets with Cheryl. She's furious with Cheryl for not coming forward sooner. Anna tells Cheryl to stay away from her and her family, Robert included. Shortly after, Robert shows up at Anna's to see how she is. Anna tells him about her encounter with Cheryl. Anna feels bad about the way she laid into Cheryl, and thinks Robert should forgive her. Robert thinks she's being awfully generous after what she's been through. Robert refuses to forgive Cheryl for what she did to his family. Tiff walks in on Cheryl and Julian. She gives Julian a piece of her mind. Julian leaves Cheryl with her sister. As he steps off the elevator, he runs into Robert. Robert tells Julian to get out of town and take his girlfriend with him. Tiff believes that Robert and Cheryl will get back together someday. Sean informs her that Robert will never forgive that kind of betrayal.

December 7, 1988 - No Commercials - Alan tries to convince Edward to get in on Lord Ashton's business deal. Colton continues to try and track down Felicia. He finally receives a post card from her. Cheryl learns that Robert is out of town. Anna sits in the nursery and cries. She and Duke try to work through their grief. Colton decides that he needs to know how Felicia feels. So, he begins calling all over to try and find the cruise ship. Victor visits Dimitra in prison. He doesn't understand how she could keep his son from him. Victor decides to make up for lost time with his son. But when he visits Dino, he finds that Dino isn't interested in a father son relationship. Duke and Anna are being harassed by reporters, so Duke unplugs the phone. Cheryl receives flowers from Julian. She's upset and wants to leave town. Just then, Julian calls and invites her to dinner. Colton learns that Felicia's ship will be in Sydney, Australia on Friday.

December 8, 1988 - No Commercials - Ariel receives a mysterious phone call. A man tells her she is to wear the emerald. She lies to Larry about the phone call. Scotty invites Lucy to lunch. Ariel retrieves the emerald. Tony asks Bobbie to be BJ's legal guardian if anything happens to him. He wants her consent to legally change his will. Ned confronts Larry about his business deal with Alan and Edward. Larry receives a file on Sean. Bobbie and Lucy fight in the hospital. Tom asks Ariel to try hypnosis. She refuses. Lucy and Scotty have lunch together.

December 9, 1988 - No Commercials - Colton shows up at Sean's to tell him he's going to Australia to find Felicia. Sean and Tiffany have been invited to a dinner party by Lord Ashton. Robert visits the Lavery's. Robin's going to be staying with him while Duke and Anna are out of town. Robert asks where Duke is. Anna's not sure. Meanwhile, Duke arrives at Victor's place and confronts Julian. After Duke leaves, Julian calls Cheryl. She agrees to meet him. Robert heads to the hospital to oversee the transfer of Olivia to the sanitarium. Ariel goes to a club. Ned shows up and tries to take her home. She refuses to leave. Colton makes travel arrangements to go to Sydney. Then he receives a call from the travel agent saying that Felicia and her grandmother left the ship in Fiji. When Duke arrives home, he tells Anna that he went to see Julian. Robert runs into Cheryl at the hospital. He refuses to forgive her for what she did to Anna. Larry discovers that Ariel is at a club on the waterfront. Cheryl tries to talk to Robert, but he doesn't care to listen. Suddenly, Julian walks in. Sean receives a call from the new head of the WSB. He wants to meet with Sean. Colton shows up at the bucket of blood and finds Ariel dancing. There is someone snapping pictures of her. Colton tries to stop it but winds up getting caught holding Ariel when Larry walks in.

December 12, 1988 - No Commercials - Robin takes the baby blanket away from Anna and puts it away. The WSB blackmails Sean into helping them. Colton and Larry fight. Anna's concerned about Robert. Tiff decides to move back to the brownstone until the wedding. Robin and Robert arrive at Sean's. Sean tells Robert about Tiff moving out. Robert decides to go for a walk. Sean agrees to read Robin a bedtime story. Anna calls Sean's. Robin answers. When Anna asks about Robert, Robin tells her that Robert went for a walk. Anna's worried and decides to go out looking for him. Victor and Julian visit Olivia at the sanitarium. Robert runs into Cheryl on the docks. Cheryl pleads with Robert to forgive her. She points out that Holly and Anna weren't perfect but he forgave them. Robert resents her comparing herself to Anna or Holly. Anna overhears him tell Cheryl she's not in their league. Cheryl walks away. Anna shows up. She tells Robert that she's worried about him. She tries to make him realize that Cheryl was the first person to get through to him after he lost Holly, and that maybe he should give her a break. Robert takes Anna home. Olivia wakes from her Coma. Sean sneaks over to Tiffany's and slips into bed with her. She throws him out. Larry takes Ariel's necklace. He removes the emerald and places it in the dragon bone.

December 13-19, 1988:  12/13, 12/14, 12/15, 12/16 (only last :10 mins), 12/19 cm reduced quality

December 13, 1988 - No Commercials - The WSB contacts Sean for an update on Colton and Larry. Sean's interrupted when Robert comes downstairs. Just then, Tiff walks in ranting about the morning paper. She becomes hysterical when she learns they have to change the location of the wedding. Amidst all the chaos, Robert informs Sean that he needs a place of his own. Sean tries to talk him out of it. But Robert is insistent. Sean and Tiff leave Robert in charge and head out to get their marriage license. Shortly after their departure, Cheryl arrives for her dress fitting. Sean and Tiff return. Robert tells Sean that he can't be his best man. Sean is furious. He informs Robert that he's not going to get his own way, and if he wants to retain this friendship he better be at the wedding. Robert decides that Cheryl isn't worth ruining a friendship. He agrees to stand up for Sean. Meanwhile, the WSB instructs Sean to bug the Quartermaine mansion. Julian asks Cheryl to go back to NY with him. Sean arrives at the Q's. After hearing of their wedding woes, Lila offers the Q house for the festivities. Sean bugs the house while he's there.

December 14, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke and Anna relax and enjoy the cabin. Meanwhile, Robert agrees to attend the party that Cheryl is throwing for Sean and Tiff. Robin and Robert go house hunting. Larry hires a PI. He learns that Colton was in Greece for a short time after he left the marines, and that he and Ariel had an affair. Larry decides to call Colton and invite him over. Duke convinces Anna to go ice fishing. She eventually gets bored and heads back to the cabin, leaving Duke to fish on his own. Robert isn't having much luck with the realtor. Just then, she discovers a quaint little cabin for rent. It's in the woods and quite secluded. Robin thinks it's cute and asks if they can go see it. Robert thinks seclusion is just what he needs, so he agrees to take a look. Duke arrives back at the cabin soaking wet. When Anna asks what happened, he declines to answer. He finally admits that the ice cracked and he fell in. Robert and Robin love the little cabin, and he rents it.

December 15, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert tells Olin about the cabin. She offers to stay with Robin at Sean's, while he gets everything settled at the new house. Sean drives Ariel home after the party. Meanwhile, Cheryl and Tiff talk about Robert and the party. Once home, Ariel calls for a taxi and sneaks out of the house. Colton believes Ariel is still lying to him. He fears that he might hurt her. So, he calls Tom and asks to talk. Ariel meets with Darius, who asks her to take pictures of any strangers that come in contact with Larry. Sean returns to find Robert moving out. After Robert leaves, Sean monitors the bugs at the Q-mansion. He learns that Ariel has called for a taxi and snuck out of the house. Sean contacts the WSB to let them know that Ariel's on the move. After talking with Tom, Colton arrives home to find an envelope slipped under his door. The envelope has a picture, of Ariel in fatigues with a gun, in it. Colton goes ballistic, and runs out. Robert settles into his new home. He calls Sean and offers to host his bachelor party. Meanwhile, Ariel arrives back at the Q's. She tries to sneak back in, but is grabbed from behind. The anger on Colton's face scares Ariel. She's never seen him like this. The duo argues and is interrupted when Ned shows up. Colton disappears into the night. Ned questions Ariel about Colton.

December 16, 1988 No Commercials. Lucy is angry with Scott as their plan to catch Bobbie in the arms of another man. Scott tells her that Gregory Howard is still in PC so their PI still has a chance to catch them. Gregory wants one last evening with Bobbie as friends. Anna nurses a sick Duke. Robin thinks that Robert ordered a grand piano delivered for her at the cottage. Tiffany is teed when a stripper and a giant cake arrives at Robert’s cottage for Sean’s bachelor party. Bobbie and Gregory have dinner. She insists it is to say goodbye. Later, Colton tells Sean he is convinced that Arielle is a terrorist. Robert throws Sean a bachelor party at his new cottage. He rolls a large cake into his living room. Suddenly, Tiffany jumps out of the cake. Robert is disgusted. He tells her that she just ruined years of tradition. Bobbie and Gregory have dinner together. Back at Robert's, the party is in full swing. Everyone's standing around the piano singing Irish songs. Robert thinks the Irish songs are to depressing and starts to sing an Australian song. Just as he starts, he passes out. Some of the guys carry him up to bed, while the others finish the song in his honor. In the middle of the night, Robert awakens abruptly to the sound of music. He thinks it's the alarm clock so he tries to shut it off. When that doesn't work, he throws it on the floor. He tries to get out of bed and falls on the floor. Robert manages to stumble to the top of the stairs. He finds a woman playing the piano in his living room. In his drunken state, he yells at her to stop. The woman, Katherine Delafield, stops playing long enough to see that there is a half naked man yelling at her from the top of the staircase. Robert's confused when she threatens to call the police if he doesn't get out of her house. He kindly informs her that it's his house and he is the police.

December 19, 1988 - With commercials; reduced quality episode - Colton tells Sean that Ariel is lying to him and that she's still a terrorist. Sean asks him to back off from his anger for a bit. Colton is afraid that he's still brainwashed to kill Ariel. Robert guest doesn't believe that he's a policeman. When he finds his pants, he shows her his badge. Unfortunately, she still doesn't believe him and threatens him with a candlestick. She wants to know why he's in her house. He puts his pants on and tells her he signed a two year lease with the realtor. Robert is extremely hung over and doesn't want to fight. He heads to the kitchen for some ice and coffee. Sean asks Colton for the picture of Ariel. He wants to show it to somebody. Robert wanders around his house looking for a copy of the lease he signed. He finally produces it. It turns out that this is his landlady Katherine Delafield. She can't believe that the realtor rented out her house. Robert tells her she's welcome to spend the night in a nice hotel but he's going to bed. She is outraged by his arrogance and storms out. Katherine is forced to return when her car won't start. Robert tells her she's welcome to spend the night in front of his fire. He drags a mattress downstairs for her. Robert discovers the mystery of the piano when he learns that Katherine is a concert pianist. Meanwhile, Sean's at his wits end with Colton. He's about to be married and is worried that Colton is losing control and might try to kill Ariel.

December 20-23, 1988:  12/20 cm, 12/21 cm (missed first 2-3 minutes pre-emption), 12/22, 12/23 cm Sean & Tiffany's wedding

December 20, 1988 - With commercials - Robin and Anna arrive at Sean's for their fittings. Anna and Cheryl decide to bury the hatchet for Sean and Tiffany's sake. Back at the cabin, Robert decides to wake his guest by playing the piano. She jumps up and starts yelling at him. Sean comes downstairs hung-over. He sneaks, past all the girls, out of the house. Cheryl wants to speak to Robert before the wedding, so she goes to his new house. Bobbie informs Tony that she and Gregory were caught together. He realizes that Lucy is behind the whole thing and assures Bobbie that he will take care of it. Robert cooks breakfast for him and Kate. They discuss the living arrangements. She wants her house back but Robert's not willing to leave. While their arguing, Cheryl shows up. The three argue and Kate throws Cheryl out. Scotty gets his hands on the pictures of Bobbie and Gregory. Sean pays Tom a visit. He needs his advice on the situation with Colton and Ariel. Robert attends the wedding rehearsal at the Quartermaines. Kate arrives to apologize to Robert and Cheryl and to propose a compromise. She needs to practice at the cottage during the day while Robert's working. Then he can still live there. Robert tells her that he will think about it.

December 21, 1988 - With commercials; missed first 2-3 minutes for preemption - Tom and Sean discuss Colton's reaction to the picture of Ariel. Robert calls in sick. Katherine shows up to practice and finds Robert on the couch. Robert receives a call from Robin. She concerned that Robert won't show up tomorrow to see her perform. He promises he will be there no matter what. Kate makes up a bed for Robert in front of the fire and makes him some soup. Sean finds Colton at Kelly's. Colton informs him that he went to NY to clear his head. Sean suggests that he pay Tom a visit. Sean is concerned that Colton is spinning out of control. He follows him to the hospital and witnesses a confrontation between Colton and Ariel. Colton runs out of the hospital. Sean follows him. He finds the picture of Ariel tacked to a tree with bullet holes in it. Robert falls asleep while Kate practices.

December 22, 1988 - With commercials - Robin and Anna arrive at the Jones Center for her show. They try calling Robert but can't get a hold of him. Robin's upset. She thinks her daddy's not coming to the show. Tiff and Sean wake up in bed together. Tiff tells him the wedding is off when he makes fun of her because she gave in and slept with him before the wedding. Sean thinks Tiff is just joking until she grabs her stuff and runs downstairs. He runs after her wrapped in the comforter. He tries to apologize but she won't listen. Robert shows up with his tux, only to learn that the wedding is off. Sean begs Robert to fix this. Robert runs after Tiff, but she wants nothing to do with either of them. The Quartermaines prepare for the wedding. Alan is giving the bride away since her parents are not attending. Tiffany calls Monica to tell her the wedding is off. Back at the Jones Center, Duke and Robert both arrive for the show. Robert tells Anna and Duke that Tiffany called off the wedding. Meanwhile, Cheryl is yelling at Tiffany for being so selfish. When Sean arrives, the pair argues. Finally, Tiffany realizes how foolish she's being. She apologizes to Sean and the wedding is back on. He calls Robert to tell him. Robert and Sean arrive at the q's. Alan gives them the latest on hurricane Tiffany. The guests begin arriving. Sean meets Tiffany's parents when they show up for the wedding. Sean decides he must speak to Tiffany before the wedding. He agrees to talk through the door, so he won't see her. Everything is going well until Tiffany asks about the honeymoon. When Sean doesn't respond, she knows something is wrong. He agrees that they will have a honeymoon, just not right now. Tiffany tells him the wedding is off again. Bobbie arrives at Tony's and finds him unconscious on the floor. She calls the ambulance. Sean is at the end of his rope. He tells everyone to back away from the door, and then proceeds to kick it in. He grabs Tiffany and sends everyone downstairs. He tells Tiffany that he will drag  her kicking and screaming down the aisle if he has too.

December 23, 1988 - With commercials - Tiffany kicks Sean in the leg as he drags her down the aisle. The wedding finally takes place and Tiffany becomes Mrs. Sean Donnelly. The paramedics arrive and transport Tony to the hospital. Sean apologizes to Tiffany. Lucy goes on a shopping spree. Meanwhile, Tony is rushed into the ER. They have to operate on him but need Lucy's consent. Finally, they decide to go ahead without Lucy. Charlene tracks her down at Wyndams. She tells her about Tony, and they rush to the hospital. Lucy is furious that they started surgery without her consent. She calls her attorney. Cheryl gives Robin a Christmas present and explains that she's leaving town. Robert hears them talking and walks in. Cheryl informs him of her decision to leave town. Tony survives the surgery but could be left with brain damage.

December 26-29, 1988:  12/26 cm, 12/27 cm, 12/28 cm, 12/29 cm

December 26, 1988 - With commercials - Larry and his captain discuss the dragon bone and how to get Edward and Alan involved. Sean and Tiff lounge in wedded bliss. Until, Sean gets a call from Larry. Larry wants to meet. He has a business proposition for Sean. Robin tells Duke that they should have another baby. She thinks it would help Anna out of her sadness. Lucy is thrown out of the ICU by Steve, after creating a commotion inside Tony's room. Anna makes an appointment with Dr. Collins. Tiffany gets a letter from Cheryl. She's very upset when she learns that Cheryl left town. Sean meets with Larry. Larry grabs Sean's interest when he shows him the dragon bone and the emerald necklace. (Reduced audio for a few minutes) Larry asks Sean to recruit Colton. Bobbie visits with BJ and Charlene. Lucy walks in and starts a fight. Charlene finally throws Lucy out. Anna meets with Dr. Collins. She is devastated when she learns that she and Duke can't have anymore children.

December 27, 1988 - With commercials - Robert arrives at Anna's with the morning paper. The picture of Bobbie and Gregory is plastered all over it. They head over to the brownstone to lend Bobbie their support. Bobbie is being hassled by reporters. Amanda throws Lucy out of her house. Colton refuses to help Sean when he learns that Ariel could be involved. Meanwhile, Anna and Robert arrive at the brownstone. They help Bobbie escape the press to go visit Tony. Sean convinces Colton to join him with the investigation.

December 28, 1988 - With commercials - Sean continues to monitor the bugs at the Quartermaines. Robert calls Anna to request Olin's services. Just then, a painting is delivered to the cottage. Robert opens it and discovers it's a portrait of Katherine. He calls her ask about it. Bobbie receives a summons to appear in court for a custody hearing on BJ. She calls Robert for help as she needs character witnesses. Robert assures her that he and Anna will be there for her. Anna, Duke, and Robin arrive at Robert's. Robin takes Duke for a walk down to the lake. While they are out, Robert tells Anna about the hearing for BJ. She agrees to go with him. Anna tells Robert that she can't have any more children. Kate shows up at the cottage to see the painting. She meets Robin and agrees to give her piano lessons. Sean and Tiff open their wedding presents. Robert and Anna go to the custody hearing. Robert testifies on Bobbie's behalf and then leaves. He arrives home to find Robin and Kate playing the piano. Meanwhile, the court has ruled to take BJ away from Bobbie and Lucy and make her a ward of the state. Anna can't let that happen. She and Duke offer to take BJ in until Tony is well enough to take her.

December 29, 1988 - With commercials - Robert arrives home to find Kate playing the piano. Colton catches Ariel with Darius. He accuses her of having a lover. They argue while Sean watches. Back at the cottage, Robert and Kate argue over the painting. She wants it over the fireplace, but he doesn't want it at all. Anna and Duke are awarded temporary custody of BJ. Robin is excited to learn that BJ will be staying with them. Charlene stops by with some of BJ's favorite toys. Anna tells Charlene that she is welcome to visit BJ anytime. Sean and Colton discuss the treasure hunt. Larry asks Ariel about her father. She refuses to tell him anything. Bobbie visits with Tony. She tells him about the custody hearing. Just then, Tony squeezes her hand.

December 30, 1988 - January 6, 1989:  12/30/88, 1/3/89, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6

December 30, 1988 - Commercials - Tony is unconscious after his first brain surgery. Bobbie tells Steve that Tony squeezed her hand. Sean and Colton looking at a scroll for Lord Ashton's “Quest” for an ancient dragon bone. Arielle goes through Larry's things; she finds a dossier on Colton. Monica questions Alan about investing in Larry's quest. Sean wants Colton to investigate Arielle. Monica makes a house call in a blizzard. Alan suggested Ned go with her. Their car breaks down and they get trapped in a motel in the storm. Introduction of Dr. Harrison Davis to consult on Tony. Harrison suggests a second surgery for Tony. He insults Bobbie. Tom stands up for her. Simone and Harrison know each other...they met at a conference in England. Tom is suspicious. Arielle tells Colton about the dossier…Larry knows about their affair in Greece. Harrison nixes Bobbie assisting in Tony's surgery again due to her personal relationship with him. Arielle confronts Larry about why he is investigating Colton. He explains and they make love.

Janary 3, 1989 - No Commercials - Snowstorm hits PC. BJ staying with Anna and Duke. Duke and Robin go sledding. Arielle has a dream about Colton. Colton however is confused by her actions. He meets with Sean at Kellys. Harrison Davis berating the surgical staff in a test run for Tony's surgery. Bobbie is in now to assist. Alan is worried about a missing Monica and Ned. They have been gone 3 days. Ned is hitting on her relentlessly. She rebuffs him. Simone and Tom fight about their possible new house and loan from her parents. Harrison wants answers from Simone about why she left England without a word to him. Arielle lies to Larry and he catches her. Monica and Ned return to PC. Larry is suspicious about what went on between them. Ned tells Larry off. Tom wants the truth from Simone about Harrison. Anna meets Duke's new female assistant (Hilary Bates) for the club . Arielle's Quebec flashback She meets a mystery man (Darius) on the docks. Sean is there spying on her taking pictures.  Harrison Davis is rubbing all the GH staff the wrong way. Alan is relived Monica is home but is suspicious of her and Ned. Sean wants a trace on Arielle's “mystery” man.

January 4, 1989 - No Commercials - Charlene, Terri and Colton wait in cafeteria during Tony's second surgery. Scott comforts a worried Lucy. A helicopter carrying Katherine lands in Robert's cottage front yard. They argue but she is there to practice piano for 6 hours per their deal.  She gets the cottage during the day and he at night. Power goes out and he makes her dinner as she is forced to stay. Simone and Tom argue again. She blames him for everything. Lucy breaks down in worry over Tony.  Scott defends Lucy to Terri. The power outage also interrupts Tony's surgery until back up generator kicks in. Simone kicks Tom out of their home. He is going to bunk with his parents. Lucy prays for Tony (slight tracking problem on tape - 3 seconds or so) Tony pulls through the surgery however he may be blind. GH staff is snowed in together. Audrey, Alan and Larry all are forced back to GH by road conditions. Katherine has to stay on Robert's couch. Both she and Robert can't sleep and they share a few drinks. She tells him about her archeologist boyfriend Paul. They have a long distance relationship.

January 5, 1989 - No Commercials - PC digging out of massive snowstorm. Robin is excited about snow day. Robert thinks Katherine should take a break from practicing the piano. Helicopter arrives at the cottage carrying Katherine's boyfriend Paul. He is jealous of Robert. Sean fills Anna in on Tony's surgery; he is expected to make a full recovery. Anna is getting attached to BJ. Larry also has a dossier on Sean. He is almost caught by Arielle. Larry suggested they get cozy with Sean and Tiffany and suggests dinner with them. Arielle finds the dossier. Katherine and Paul arrive back at her house to a relived Mary. Paul is perplexed about Katherine and Robert's arrangement regarding the cottage. Paul gives Katherine an engagement ring and wants to plan a party. Sean instructs Colton to listen to bug tapes he set up at the Q's. Sean and Tiffany have dinner with Larry and Arielle. A mysterious figure (Darius) breaks into Robert's cottage eyeing Katherine's portrait picture. Robert interrupts him. Darius clocks Robert and gets away.

January 6, 1989 - No Commercials - Robin and Katherine practicing for her piano piece at the engagement party. Robert tells Katherine about the cottage break-in. Charlene and Scott find a sleeping Lucy in GH lounge. She is worried about Tony. Scott invites Lucy to the engagement party. Steve is worried about Tom and Simone. Audrey convinces Tom to go to the party. Robert installs a security system and a forensic team goes over the cottage. Sean arrives. Robert and he find a rare coin in the bushes outside. Katherine and Paul's engagement party.  NOTE: ABC News Brief slightly interrupts this episode (Right when Robin is getting ready to play the piano) Tony wakes up. One of the servers at the party puts poison into one the champagne glasses.

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