Complete Original GH Episodes 1988

The GH 1986 episodes are good quality original episodes unless otherwise noted. Most of these episodes do not have commercials. Thanks to Lynda Walsh, who has started doing write ups for the 1988 time frame and has been a tremendous help in getting these episodes described and without her help this page would not be possible! Thanks Lynn!

Episode Breakdown

December 28, 1987 - January 4, 1988:  12/28, 12/29, 12/30, 12/31, 1/4 [Episode Descriptions]

January 5-11, 1988:  1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/11
[Episode Descriptions]

January 12-18, 1988: 1/12, 1/13, 1/14, 1/15 Scotty introduces himself to Lucy, 1/18 Grant kidnaps Anna when his botched attempt at kidnapping Robin is foiled
[Episode Descriptions]

January 19-25, 1988:  1/19, 1/20, 1/21 Robert returns to town to help find Anna, 1/22, 1/25
[Episode Descriptions]

January 26 - February 1, 1988:  1/26, 1/27, 1/28, 1/29, 2/1
[Episode Descriptions]

February 2-8, 1988:  2/2, 2/3, 2/4, 2/5, 2/8
[Episode Descriptions]

February 9-15, 1988:  2/9, 2/10, 2/11, 2/12, 2/15 Anna & Grant, Robert & Felicia, Duke, Lucy & Tony
[Episode Descriptions]

February 16-22, 1988:  2/16, 2/17, 2/18, 2/19 Robert goes into the house after Duke, it explodes, 2/22
[Episode Descriptions]

February 23-29, 1988:  2/23, 2/24 Grant takes Anna to a cabin in the mountains, 2/25, 2/26 Robert takes a helicopter to search for Anna, Duke & Julian are also on their way to the cabin, Tom & Simone's wedding, 2/29 cm
[Episode Descriptions]

March 1-4, 1988:  3/1, 3/2 (1 hr), 3/3 (1 hr), 3/4 (:57 mins) vcr clock off?
[Episode Descriptions]

March 7-11, 1988:  3/7 (:57 mins) vcr clock off?, 3/8, 3/9, 3/10, 3/11
[Episode Descriptions]

March 14-18, 1988:  3/14, 3/15, 3/16, 3/17, 3/18
[Episode Descriptions]

March 21-25, 1988:  3/21, 3/22, 3/23, 3/24, 3/25 Simone loses her baby
[Episode Descriptions]

March 28 - April 1, 1988:  3/28 Scotty sleeps with Bobbie, 3/29 Lucy & Tony, 3/30, 3/31, 4/1
[Episode Descriptions]

April 4-7, 1988:  4/4 cm, 4/5 cm, 4/6 cm, 4/7 cm Bobbi wants to divorce Jake [Episode Descriptions]

April 8-14, 1988:  4/8 Duke & Anna, Robert & Cheryl, 4/11 Robert & Cheryl, 4/12, 4/13, 4/14 Robert & Cheryl
[Episode Descriptions]

April 15-21, 1988:  4/15 Robert & Cheryl, 4/18 Robert & Cheryl, 4/19, 4/20, 4/21
[Episode Descriptions]

April 22-28, 1988:  4/22, 4/25 Justin Whalen as AJ, 4/26, 4/27, 4/28
[Episode Descriptions]

April 29 - May 5, 1988:  4/29, 5/2, 5/3 Lucy & Tony, 5/4, 5/5 John Ingle
[Episode Descriptions]

May 6-12, 1988:  5/6, 5/9, 5/10, 5/11, 5/12
[Episode Descriptions]

May 13-19, 1988: 5/13, 5/16, 5/17, 5/18, 5/19
[Episode Descriptions]

May 20-26, 1988:  5/20, 5/23, 5/24, 5/25, 5/26
[Episode Descriptions]

May 27 - June 2, 1988:  5/27, 5/30, 5/31, 6/1, 6/2
[Episode Descriptions]

June 3-9, 1988: 6/3 Duke sleeps with Olivia, 6/6, 6/7, 6/8 Duke & Anna flashbacks "Foolish Heart" plays, Lucy wants to be on the hospital board, 6/9 cm Robert visits Robin at camp
[Episode Descriptions]

June 10-15, 1998: 6/10, 6/13 cm Duke visits Robin at camp, 6/14 cm Victor arrives, Duke picks up his things at Anna as he is going to NY, Anna avoids him, 6/15 cm
[Episode Descriptions]

June 16-23, 1988:   6/16 cm Robert & Cheryl visit Robin at camp, 6/17 cm Robert & Cherly picnic and stay over in sleeping bag, Felicia & Frisco flashbacks, Fire in brownstone, (6/20 no show golf), 6/21 :20 mins pre-empted, 6/22, 6/23
[Episode Descriptions]

June 24-30, 1988:  6/24 Felicia is still unconscious, Duke & Anna arrive in NY, 6/27 Duke & Anna get a call that Robin is missing from camp, they arrive at camp to look for her, Robert is in a helicopter, A man tries to steal the box from Felicia, Scotty forges Lucy's name on a check, 6/28 cm Felicia awakens, Robert & Cheryl and Duke & Anna look for Robin in the woods, she is found with a sprained ankle, 6/29, 6/30
[Episode Descriptions]

July 1-7, 1988:  7/1, 7/4 Big Fourth of July party on the docks, 7/5 Opening of Duke's Club, water floods the place, 7/6, 7/7
[Episode Descriptions]

July 8 - December 30, 1988

Expanded Episode Descriptions

December 28, 1987 - January 4, 1988:  12/28, 12/29, 12/30, 12/31, 1/4

December 28, 1987 - Jake argues with the adoption agency again about their taking he and Bobbie off the list for a baby. Sean and Tiffany in bed together. Sean reads another article about Herbert in the paper. Tiffany calls Cheryl to meet her at the studio. Dan asks Ruby to marry him. Tiffany and Cheryl agree to bury the hatchet. Tom invites Simone to mountain cabin for the weekend. Tom pushes her to get on with her life after Andy?s death. Bobbie breaks down at GH when she learns that she and Jake will not be getting a baby from the agency. Cheryl flirts with Sean all through a lunch date. Tiffany sets up Cheryl to back off. Amy calls Jake with the news that Bobbie went home crying. Bobbie is angry with Jake for not telling her about the agency?s decision and they argue. Jake thinks she is obsessed with having a child. Steve suspects that Tom plans to propose to Simone this weekend. Cheryl leaves a message for Alan. Victor Jerome pays a visit to the club looking for Duke. He is there to collect on the favor he did Duke.

December 29, 1987 - Quentin informs Edward and Lila that he is leaving the mansion. Anna tells Robert that she does not want Robert to pass on the commissioner job just because of her. Robert tells her he does not want to take the job. Victor wants Duke to take Caruthers out. Duke refuses but Victor tells him he has no choice and gives him the address of Caruthers?s hideout. Alan, Monica, and the boys have returned from a ski trip. Monica reminds that Alan that the HTI shareholder?s meeting is almost here and he needs the 12 million dollars. Alan tells Edward that Autumn wants a meeting with him. Anna notices that Duke and Angel are jumpy. Autumn asks Robert if she will ever be able to believe in her. Autumn wants a meeting Quentin as well. Now Quentin wants to wait to leave PC. Autumn and Robert have a romantic dinner but he has to admit the time is not right for them. At the cabin, Tom asks Simone to marry him but they agree to wait awhile to get engaged. Later on the docks, Robert is being watched. 

December 30, 1987 - No Commercials - Tony and Lucy eat breakfast together and are interrupted when Tony receives a call from Amanda Barrington; she is on her car phone. Lucy is jealous of Amanda and her car phone. She tells Charlene that soon she and Tony will be living that life, when Tony is made chief of staff. Tom and Simone snuggle in bed at the cabin. Jake and Bobbie continue to fight. Bobbie wants to try adoption again, but Jake feels like that's all she thinks about. He feels now is not the right time as they are having enough problems trying to get along. Amanda arrives at the hospital for a meeting with Tony and runs into Alan Q. They discuss Autumn and the loss of the Q fortune. Alan is optimistic that they will bounce back. When Monica arrives, they discuss HTI business. Monica is concerned that Alan could go to jail over some shady dealings. He owes HTI 12million, and can't pay it back. Simone wants to go skiing; she has bought a new snowsuit for the occasion, but Tom whines that it's too cold outside, and he can think of more fun things to do inside. Grant rents a rundown house in Port Charles. He empties an envelope on the table containing photos and newspaper clippings of Robert.
     Autumn has invited Alan and Quentin to her hotel room. They run into each other in the hallway of the hotel, unsure why each is there. They both begin knocking on Autumn's door. She opens the door and invites them in. Autumn would like to discuss money with them but they are too busy arguing with each other to listen. After Autumn receives a disturbing phone call, she abruptly ends the meeting and asks them to leave. Lucy walks into Tony's office as he is concluding his meeting with Amanda. Tony leaves to do rounds so Lucy invites Amanda to lunch. Lucy thinks lunch is going quite well, that is, until Monica shows up and Amanda invites her to join them. Monica agrees under the guidelines that they not discuss the hospital.
     Grant contacts his lawyer and tells him he is in Port Charles and he wants money from his trust. The lawyer, a family friend, agrees and reminds him about taking his medication. Grant agrees, then hangs up and throws away his medication. Jake tells Bobbie he received a call from a friend to go to South America and help the homeless. He wants her to sell the brownstone and go with him. Bobbie tells him that she loves her life and her job and can't just pack up and leave. Lucy arrives home to find Angel and Charlene in the kitchen, Angel is there to pick her up for their date.

December 31, 1987 - No Commercials - Duke and Angel are at the club preparing for the New Years Eve bash. A box with miniature snowmen arrived at the club, neither Duke nor Angel knows why. They decide to use them as table decorations for the party. At the PI office, Robert, Anna, and Felicia discuss the evening festivities. Robert has asked Felicia to be his date for the evening, she accepts. Autumn's ex shows up at her hotel room and professes his love, then asks her to go away with him. She is skeptical at first, but eventually agrees. Edward, Alan, and Quentin discuss Autumn's odd behavior at the meeting, and are interrupted when Monica arrives and announces that they are going to Duke's. Jake and Bobbie are still fighting and Jake refuses to go to Duke's. Scotty asks Felicia out for the evening, but she turns him down.
     Just before closing up for the day, Robert receives another letter from the snowman. He shrugs it off, but Anna is very unsettled by it. Grant purchases a guard dog, from the kennel, named "Satan." Alan calls Autumn's hotel room and is told she has checked out. Autumn stops by the PI office to say goodbye to Robert. He tries to talk her out of leaving with her ex. He tells her the guy is only after her money, but she goes anyway. Robert arrives at the brownstone to pick up Felicia and is amazed that she is actually ready. Scotty overhears Bobbie telling Terry that she is going to Duke's alone. He decides to check the place out. The residents of Port Charles congregate at Duke's to ring in the New Year. Anna asks Duke about the table decorations, (snowmen) he tells her he doesn't know where they came from. Anna informs Robert, but again he doesn't seem concerned. Jake sits alone in the brownstone and toasts the New Year at midnight, and then he leaves Port Charles.

January 4, 1988 - No Commercials - The E.R. is thrown into chaos as the blizzard hits Port Charles. Tom and Simone are snowed in up at the cabin. Terry tries to reach Jake in South America, but has no luck. Ruby arrives at the brownstone to give Bobbie support, but they just end up fighting. The hospital calls and asks Bobbie to come in as they are shorthanded. Jake's clients are starting to call the brownstone in earnest. Scotty offers to help out with some of the urgent cases. Alan and Quentin arrive at Cheryl's office and are informed that Autumn is giving them 50mil each. Tiff and Sean go to the brownstone so she can get clothes. They find out about Jake and Bobbie from Terry. Later the duo discusses how a marriage like that could fall apart and wind up fighting themselves. Jake calls home but Scotty answers. When Bobbie tries calling back she is informed Jake is in a meeting and can't be disturbed. Alan tells Monica about the 50mil that Autumn left him, and she reminds him of the 12mil he owes HTI. Sean and Tiff make up and snuggle in bed. Tom proposes to Simone and she accepts.

January 5-11, 1988:   1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/11

January 5, 1988 - No Commercials - The snow has stopped and the hospital is back to normal. Felicia finds another letter from the snowman on Robert's desk. Robert walks in and scares her as she is already jumpy. Robert continues to brush the letters off, but Felicia is very concerned. Somewhere in Port Charles, Grant is writing another letter to Robert, and is interrupted by his landlord. Grant wants the key to the basement door. Felicia is filing paperwork and asks Robert what she should do with the snowman letters, Robert jokes she should frame them. Robert gets a call from Steve, Tom and Simone have not been heard from as they are snowed in at the cabin. Steve is concerned and would like Robert to call the State police. Robert and Felicia decide to celebrate that Tom and Simone have been rescued. As they are heading out of the office a potential client stops them. The man is looking for his dog. He wants Robert to investigate the owner of the kennel where he purchased the dog. Robert is reluctant, but takes the case anyway.
     He and Felicia pick Robin up at school and then head to the kennel. Robin falls in love with the six puppies that are for sale. Robert checks out the owner and decides he's not at fault. Robin doesn't want to leave without a puppy, but Robert doesn't think Anna would like a puppy without first some family discussion. Grant is upset when his money doesn't arrive on schedule. He needs the money to pay for Satan. Grant contacts his lawyer to find out where the money is. He then arrives at the kennel and almost runs into Robert, Robin, and Felicia. Robert has to bribe his daughter with hot chocolate and some fun in the snow to get her to leave. Grant tells the owner he doesn't have the rest of the money for Satan yet, but the owner lets him take the dog for a walk anyway. They go for a walk in the park and spy on Robert, Felicia, and Robin playing in the snow.

January 6, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke and Anna don't want to get out of bed, it's too cold out. Robin comes in and jumps into bed with them. She doesn't have school because the furnace broke at school. Robin decides now would be a good time to press mommy about a puppy. Puppy talk is interrupted when Angel calls and tells Duke to come to the club. Duke lies to Anna and tells her he must go to the club to go over taxes. Scotty meets with one of Jake's clients, Frank Walker, who is the victim of a hit and run. Anna senses that Duke is worried about the phone call from Angel, so she asks him about it. He tries to distract her with breakfast at Kelly's. Dan proposes to Ruby again, but she declines saying they shouldn't rush into anything.
     Felicia brings Scotty to Kelly's to meet Anna. Felicia thinks Anna can help him with the hit and run case. After Scott leaves, Anna begins to question some of the customers. She is able to get a partial license plate number. Anna runs the number through the computer and gives the police the information. The police are able to track down the driver and arrest him. Back at Duke's club, he is worried about Jerome's threat. He tells Angel he wants to tell the police about it. Angel tries to discourage him, as it will be more dangerous for both of them. Just then, two of Jerome's thugs walk into Duke's club.

January 7, 1988 - Partial episode, continued on next dvd, Commercials - Lucy is nervous as she wants to be named the head of the daycare center. Robin visits the puppies at the kennel before school. She gives Mr. Marsh (owner) a picture she drew of the puppies. Grant's money has arrived, and he calls the kennel. He is informed that Satan won't be ready until the afternoon. The vet is coming to give him his last shots. Lucy reflects on her childhood with Charlene. Alan meets with Cheryl; he wants her to play the stock market for him. He wants to double the 12mil he owes hti, but he only has one day to do it. Edward walks into his office mumbling about women and finds Lila sitting at his desk. Lila is waiting for Lucy, they are going to lunch. Edward notices his computer is on and asks Lila if she did it. When she says no, he realizes somebody has been in his office.

January 7, 1988 - Partial Episode continued fromr previous dvd, Commercials - Grant arrives at the kennel to pay for Satan. While he and Mr. Marsh talk Grant notices a picture of puppies on the wall and learns that Robin drew it. Robin drew the picture to thank Mr. Marsh for letting her visit the puppies every afternoon after school. When Grant hears this he decides today is the day, and he will grab Robin at the kennel. Robin arrives as usual after school, shortly after, Grant arrives. He goes in to grab Robin but is interrupted when Filomena comes looking for Robin. She is not feeling well and wants to get home. In their rush to leave, Robin drops her scarf.

January 8, 1988 - No Commercials - Alan is still fretting over the money he had Cheryl invest for him. Apparently, he does not have the stomach for the stock market. Anna, Robert, and Felicia are all at the PI office. Anna has just invited the two of them for dinner at her house. Robin and Filomena arrive and Anna notices that Robin doesn't have her scarf. Robin thinks she forgot it at the kennel, but Robert thinks she stashed it behind the counter so she would have to go back. Felicia calls the kennel to see if they found it, neither Marsh nor the trainer have seen it, but their guest has. Grant is sitting in the waiting area with Satan, and the scarf. He waves the scarf in Satan's face so he will pick up Robin's scent. Back at the PI office, Robert is trying to warn Anna about Scotty.
     Anna defends Scotty, she thinks he's charming and tells Robert that maybe Scotty has changed. A moment later, she receives some flowers. The flowers are from Scotty. At the hospital, Bobbie and Terri discuss Scotty. Terri thinks Scott is moving in on Bobbie way too fast. Bobbie disagrees, but doesn't realize that she just received a letter from Jake. Scotty is up to no good. He keeps the letter and doesn't tell Bobbie. Cheryl and Alan are in Edward's office watching the stock market, and it doesn't look good. The market will be closing soon and Alan has lost almost all his money. At the last second, Cheryl gets back his $12 million and makes him an additional 12million.
     Robert and Anna are sharing a glass of wine when Sean arrives with mail for Robert. It's another letter from the snowman, and it was delivered to Sean's penthouse. Felicia has taken Robin to the kennel to get her scarf. Robin runs in and right past Grant. Grant is there to pick up Satan, but can't believe his good luck. He tries to grab Robin, and for the second time gets interrupted. This time it's Felicia, who unknowingly, foils the kidnapping. Later that evening, Robert sits on the couch with Robin and looks at a photo album. Robin asks him, "Do you think I'll ever get married?" Robert thinks his daughter will get married some day but doesn't think she should rush it.
     After Robin goes to bed, Anna and Felicia want to discuss the latest snowman letter. Robert continues to brush off the letters and tells the girls there is nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Grant is teasing Satan with Robin's scarf and the dog is becoming increasingly violent. At the same time, Robin wakes up, frightened and upset, and runs into her fathers arms. She tells her parents that she had a nightmare and couldn't find them. Robert and Anna comfort and sooth their frightened daughter.

January 11, 1988 - No Commercials - Bobbie becomes furious when she walks into Jake's office and finds Scotty talking to Jake's clients. Grant buys chain link fence and begins installing it in his basement. Back at the Lavery house, Duke gets a call from Victor. Victor is calling in his favor, he wants Caruther's dead. Anna walks in and overhears Duke on the phone. She begins to question him about the call. Duke says he has to go to New York on club business. They argue a bit as Anna thinks he is lying to her. After Duke leaves, Sean shows up with a present for Robin. It's a stuffed dog. Anna tells him he shouldn't spoil Robin like that. Sean can tell that she is upset and he wants to know why. Anna tells him about Duke's odd behavior and sudden trip to New York. She thinks he is hiding something. Grant has finished putting up the fence in his basement. The basement is slowly transforming into a prison cell and he stops to admire his work.
     In New York, Duke visits Victor and tells him he won't kill Caruthers. Victor tells him he has until the end of the week to get the job done. After that his family will suffer the consequences. Sean visits Cheryl, and brings her a teddy bear. The reason for his visit is purely professional. He wants Cheryl to invest some money for him. Bobbie eventually decides to let Scotty use Jake's office. Duke arrives home with a gift (blanket) for his wife. He also wants to take her back to Scotland where they had their honeymoon. The sooner the better he insists. Now Anna is really suspicious. While admiring his handiwork, Grant realizes that the basement window could cause him some problems. So he paints over it.

January 12-18, 1988:  1/12, 1/13, 1/14, 1/15, 1/18

January 12, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert has breakfast at Kelly's. He and Ruby discuss Scotty and agree that he will never change. Lila and Edward are concerned about Alan. He could go to jail over the missing money from HTI. Meanwhile, Anna and Felicia are getting very little accomplished at the PI office. Robert phones in to say he will be late. He is at police headquarters checking on the snowman letters. Monica is at HTI early to get ready for the board meeting. Tiffany arrives and starts asking a lot of questions. Monica has it in for Alan, and wants to see him go to jail. Alan comes in and begs her, on his knees, not to send him to jail. Back at the PCPD, Lewis starts hounding Robert about the Commissioners job. Robert informs him he has a job, and is only here to check on the snowman letters.
     A short time later, Anna arrives to see what Robert has found out. The lab can't find as much as a fingerprint. Then Lewis gives Robert an idea, he checks the computer to see if any other cops have received letters like this. Robert and Anna head back to the PI office. Felicia is there reading a letter from Frisco when Sean walks in. Sean doesn't want to interrupt but Felicia tells him to stay. Robert arrives with a list of cops who have received similar letters to his. He is now convinced that there is nothing to worry about. However, Sean is not convinced. Meanwhile, Grant sits in his newly transformed basement, singing Frosty the snowman, writing more letters.

January 13, 1988 - No Commercials - Angel arrives at the Lavery's with a letter for Duke. The letter is from Victor, and is actually a calendar showing the time for Duke is running out. He must kill Caruthers by the end of the week. Robert and Felicia are at the PI office. Robert wants her advice on the puppy for Robin. Felicia thinks he should talk to Anna first. Robert still doesn't know what to do so he invites Felicia to dinner. However, she is having dinner with Tony and Lucy. Anna and Robin arrive home to find Angel at the house with Duke. Anna becomes suspicious again and questions Duke. Duke changes the subject by suggesting they go away for the weekend. He builds a fire and the three of them sit on the floor and discuss the weekend getaway. They decide on skiing, and Anna and Robin make fun of Duke because he can't ski. Grant is in his basement working on his jail for Robin. He talks to Satan and decides that he will grab Robin Friday night after her dance class.
     Robert meets with Amanda Barrington about a job. He is interrupted when Mr. Marsh calls from the kennel. There is only one puppy left and it's the one Robin wants. Mr. Marsh wants to give Robert one last chance to buy the puppy. Robert tells him he will come by and look at it. When Robert arrives, he is convinced he will not take the puppy, but then he notices a picture of puppies on the wall. Mr. Marsh tells him Robin drew the picture and gave it to him as a gift. Robert resolve begins to weaken, and Mr. Marsh runs in back and gets the puppy. Once he puts the puppy in Robert's arms it's all over. Robert arrives at the Lavery's and surprises both Robin and Anna with the puppy. Robin is beyond happy, but mom is not. Robin says she doesn't want to go skiing now as she can't leave her puppy. They decide to stay home.

January 14, 1988 - No Commercials - Monica is out of town, so Alan invites Cheryl to dinner. Sean and Tiff have breakfast at Kelly's. Cheryl tracks Sean down at Kelly's. She wants to meet with him about his investments over dinner. Sean wants to keep this relationship professional but Cheryl has other ideas. Sean agrees to lunch in her office and Tiffany goes ballistic. There is an article in the morning newspaper about Scotty helping some homeless people. Felicia and Bobbie are very impressed with Scotty, but Tiffany doesn't trust him. Simone is in a panic about her parents coming to dinner at the Hardy's. Felicia decides to recommend Lucy head up the daycare center. Bobbie is extremely opposed to the idea. A letter arrives from Jake, Scotty steals it and steams it open.

January 15, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke and Angel dive behind the bar as a strange man enters the club looking for Duke. They think he is a hit man sent by Victor. Back at the PI office, Robert and Anna discuss the latest snowman letter. Robert, as usual, brushes it off. He then retrieves a box of disguises from the closet. Robert informs Anna of his plan to catch the thief who is hitting Amanda Barrington's hotel. Across town, Grant is gearing up for the kidnapping. He tells Satan that today is the day; he will grab Robin after her dance class. Angel offers to kill Caruthers for Duke, but Duke refuses. Duke makes plans to go to New York and see Victor, but has to change them when Anna calls and informs him she is going out of town on a case with Robert. Duke swings by the PI office to discuss their scheduling problem. Anna becomes suspicious when he says he doesn't want Robin left alone. The duo fight and Robert tries to mediate. Eventually, Anna decides to stay home.
     At the Lavery home, Grant is waiting in the bushes as Filomena and Robin arrive. Robin rushes in and phones her friend. While she is talking, the line goes dead (Grant cut it). Moments later, Grant knocks on the door. He poses as a telephone repair man to gain access to the house. He pretends to check the phone and then grabs Robin. As Robin struggles to get away, Grant pushes Filomena and she hits her head on the desk. She is knocked unconscious. Grant is about to leave with Robin when Anna arrives.

January 18, 1988 - Commercials - Robert calls Felicia to take Anna's place on the case. Sean arrives at Duke's for dinner with Tiffany. He stops to talk to Duke as Tiffany is late. Duke is concerned about Robin and Anna. He has been calling the house and can't get through. Meanwhile, Grant puts Robin down and begins fighting with Anna. Robin runs into the kitchen and puts Jigs out the back door. She then hides in the kitchen closet. Grant finally knocks Anna out and goes looking for Robin. When he can't find her, he takes Anna instead. All is quiet at the Lavery house, too quiet. A very frightened Robin comes out of the closet. She walks into the living room and sits on the floor near Filomena. While sitting on the floor, she discovers a ring that looks like a skull with red eyes. The ring belongs to Grant. Tiffany arrives at Duke's to find Sean having a drink with Cheryl.
     Anna finally comes to in Grant's little cage. Grant goes downstairs to talk to Anna. Anna is very confused as she doesn't know Grant or why she is being kidnapped. Grant takes a step closer to the fence and Anna finally recognizes him, although, she still doesn't understand why he would do this to her. Jigs is found by a woman and returned to the kennel. Mr. Marsh calls Duke to say he has the puppy. Grant introduces Satan to Anna. Duke tells Sean about the puppy and the two become very worried. They race out of the club to check on Anna and Robin. In the meantime, Anna tries to pick the lock with a safety pin. Unfortunately, Grant and Satan catch her. Grant becomes upset when she won't throw the pin over the fence. He becomes hysterical when he realizes that his ring is missing.

January 19-25, 1988:  1/19, 1/20, 1/21, 1/22, 1/25

January 19, 1988 - No Commercials - Grant returns to the Lavery's to look for his ring but is interrupted when Duke and Sean arrive. Robin puts the ring in her pocket when she hears someone outside. Duke and Sean come in and find Robin and Filomena on the floor. Sean races out to the neighbor's to call the ambulance but stops when he senses that someone is outside hiding. Both Robin and Filomena are taken to the hospital. Filomena dies at the hospital and Robin is so traumatized she can't speak. Sean tells Lewis that someone was lurking outside when they arrived at the Lavery's. He thinks it was the snowman, and that Anna was kidnapped.
     Meanwhile, Anna is looking for a way to escape Grant. She then begins tormenting him with the possibility that he made some mistake, and Robert will get him. Grant becomes upset and slaps her. Then he tells her his plans for revenge against Robert and why. Back at the PI office, Sean and Tiffany search Robert's office for clues as to where he is. Lewis has a guard placed outside Robin's hospital room. Duke believes that Victor is responsible for the kidnapping. He visits Robin and tells her he has to go away for a couple of days. Olin comes in to visit Robin and is shocked by her condition.

January 20, 1988 - No Commercials - Scotty intercepts another letter from Jake and is on his way to the kitchen to steam it open when he runs into Terry. Simone checks on Robin. She is sleeping, but having terrible nightmares. Lewis asks when he can talk to Robin. He is desperate as Robin might have information on Anna. Sean and Tiffany continue trying to contact Robert. When Robin wakes she is still unresponsive and now she refuses to eat. Tiffany is at the penthouse waiting for a call from Felicia or Robert when Cheryl comes in. Cheryl tells her that Scotty knows where Felicia is. They run out to find Scotty and miss Felicia's call. An agitated Robin drops Grants ring, on the floor, while thrashing around in bed. She jumps out of bed to retrieve it but the nurse comes in and ushers her back to bed. Robin then overhears an orderly say Filomena is dead. She becomes very upset and starts to cry. Tiffany and Cheryl find Scotty and he tells them where Felicia is. He calls and asks for Robert or Felicia but they are not listed under their real names. However, Felicia is in the office and hears that someone is looking for them. She calls Tiffany to find out what is going on. Tom is showing Robin pictures of her parents to bring her around. She tries to speak when she looks at the picture of Robert, but freaks out at the sight of her mother and Duke.

January 21, 1988 - No Commercials - Scotty runs into Bobbie in the park and tells her about Robin and Filomena. In Grant's basement, Anna is still looking for a way out when she realizes there is a window. She can hear children playing outside. Robert finally arrives at the hospital with Sean and Felicia. He talks to Tom about Robin's condition. Robin responds for a moment and hugs Robert but then turns away from him. Anna is faking an illness to get Grant to go away. When he leaves she discovers a container of rat poison in the bathroom. Robert is heartbroken over the condition of his daughter and vows to get whoever did this. He promises Robin that he will find Anna and bring her home. Robert, Sean, and Lewis step outside to discuss the case and where the heck is Duke. Duke is missing and Robert thinks maybe he was the target, not Anna. Sean thinks maybe Duke is back in the mob, and this was retaliation.
     Grant brings Anna some Chinese for dinner with chopsticks. She asks for a fork because she isn't too good with chopsticks. When Grant leaves she puts the poison in one container of food, which she begins feeding to Satan. At the hospital, Robert is becoming restless. He needs to control the investigation. Sean suggests that he take back the commissioner's badge. Robert begins blaming himself for the kidnapping. If he hadn't bought the puppy for Robin they would've been out of town skiing. He then realizes that the puppy might be the answer to bringing Robin back. Grant becomes upset when he finds Satan is ill. He will have to leave Anna alone and take Satan to the vet. Meanwhile, Duke is in New York, he has brought Caruthers to Victor. Duke thinks this is the answer to getting Anna back. However, Victor wants Duke to kill Caruthers. Duke refuses to kill anyone. 

     Grant takes Satan to the Marsh's kennel for treatment. The vet and Mr. Marsh are looking over Satan in the waiting area. Robert walks in just as they are headed into the back. Marsh tells Robert he'll be right with him. As Robert waits, Mr. Marsh retrieves Jigs. Meanwhile, Anna is trying to shut the radio off using a makeshift slingshot. She realizes that there are children playing just outside the window, and tries to scream over the radio. Grant is upset when he is informed that Satan will have to spend the night at the kennel.
     At the hospital, Sean, Felicia, and Bobbie get Robin dressed and take her downstairs to wait for Robert. When Robert arrives, he lays the puppy in Robin's arms. Robert is at his wits end when the puppy fails to elicit a response. Robert promises to find Anna. He is desperate for Robin to talk to him as she has information that can help him find Anna. Sean believes Anna is alive and she will get a message to them somehow. Duke and Victor are still at a standstill as Duke refuses to kill Caruthers. When Victor tells him it's the only way he will get any information Duke considers it. He walks up to Caruthers and hits him with the butt of the gun. While on the floor, Caruthers goes for Duke's gun. A struggle ensues and the gun is fired. Caruthers body slumps to the floor. Victor is most pleased and welcomes Duke to the family. However, Duke claims it was an accident. At Grant's, Anna is still attempting to scream over the radio to no avail. Just then Grant arrives and starts yelling at her.

January 22, 1988 - No Commercials - Victor is blackmailing Duke with Caruthers murder but Duke remains adamant. Robert promises his daughter that he will bring her mother back and hurt whoever did this. Grant is so furious with Anna he threatens to kill her before Robert arrives. He calms down somewhat and goes about boarding up the window in the basement. Victor is getting nowhere with Duke, so he decides to threaten him with jail time. Duke finally concedes, but on one condition, Victor must give Anna back. Duke is furious when he discovers Victor had nothing to do with Anna's kidnapping but decided to use it as leverage. Victor agrees to help Duke find Anna, if he will hold a shipment of illegal liquor at the club. At Grant's, a news report comes over the radio that there are no suspects in the kidnapping, and Filomena has died from her injuries. Anna is devastated by the news. Grant thinks now is a good time to take a picture of Anna, to send to Robert.
     Back at police headquarters, Robert visits with Lewis to check on Anna's case. Lewis informs him that they have no leads at the moment. He then convinces Robert to take back the commissioners job, as it will help to find Anna. Another letter from the snowman has been delivered to the PI office. Sean and Felicia check to see if any other cops have received one. Robert heads over to Duke's for info. Duke isn't there so he pumps Angel for info. Duke arrives and the two begin arguing. Duke blames Robert for the kidnapping and tells him he doesn't want him anywhere near this case. Robert pushes back when he waves the commissioner's badge in Duke's face and tells him to stay out of the way.
     Meanwhile, Anna is trying, with very little success, to talk her way out of the cage. When that doesn't work she decides to set a fire in the cage. Grant opens the door and Anna hits him and runs upstairs straight into Satan. Duke goes to the hospital to visit Robin but Robert shows up. Sean and Felicia arrive and give Robert the new letter. Inside is the picture of Anna and a message saying, "The snowman melts like Anna, better hurry."

January 25, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean and Lewis read the letter from the snowman. Sean thinks Anna is trying to tell them something. Robert visits with Robin but she still can't talk to him. Robert is desperate for info that will help him find Anna. He starts to push Robin a little too much and Sean has to take him out of the room. Felicia offers to sit with Robin. Robert, Sean, and Lewis go through all the files of people Robert put away. In the meantime, Robin has a breakthrough and says Felicia's name. Back at PCPD, Robert has discovered, with Dan's help, that Anna is being held in the basement of a house. He then gets a tip that a woman is being held against her will in a house. He and Sean check it out but it's the wrong house. They get a call to head over to the hospital to see Robin. On their way to the hospital, Robin is frightened, in the hallway, by a man with a beard. When Robert arrives, Robin is catatonic. He asks her if she can draw something that will help him but she can't.

January 26 - February 1, 1988:  1/26, 1/27, 1/28, 1/29, 2/1

January 26, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert sends Sam to the Lavery's to look for more clues. While Sam is there Duke gets a call from Angel and rushes out. Grant begins building a brick wall in front of Anna's cage. While working, he takes off his shirt and Anna comments on his body. He is very leery of her at first but then becomes interested. Anna realizes she might be able to use this to escape. While alone in her room, Robin tries to draw a picture of Grant's ring, but every time she looks at it she replays the whole night in her mind.
     Meanwhile, Anna is planning the seduction scene to escape. She asks Grant for a robe so she can shower and wash her clothes. When he returns with the robe she is clad in only a towel. He puts the robe around her shoulders and then heads upstairs. As Anna is putting the robe on she notices a fork on the floor. She picks it up and begins to sharpen it on the concrete wall. Duke visits Robin; he tells her that he sold his soul to the devil to bring her mother home. Robin is still clutching Grant's ring in her clenched fist, but Duke doesn't notice. Grant returns with a blanket and a bottle of champagne. As they start to get cozy Anna asks Grant to put Satan upstairs. She says that she feels funny about him watching. Grant agrees as he doesn't want to mess this up. As Grant leans in to kiss Anna, she stabs him in the hand with the fork. She runs up the stairs but Grant catches her.

January 27, 1988 - No Commercials - Robin hides Grant's ring when she hears Sean's voice. While Sean visits with Robin he reminds her of all the adventures she has been a part of and how brave she was. Unfortunately, she still doesn't respond and now she doesn't want to leave her room. Sean has to carry her to her session with Tom. While Robin is at her session, a nurse comes in and cleans her room. Amy brings Robin back to her room and tucks her into bed. Robin begins searching under the covers for the ring and becomes frantic when she can't find it. Sean and Tiffany have lunch at the Floating Rib. He brings her up to date with Robin's condition and Anna's case. Amy comes back to check on Robin and finds her frantically ripping the sheets off the bed. When Sean returns, Tom asks him to sit with Robin and try to calm her down. He asks what she is looking for but she doesn't respond. Grant's ring has actually fallen on the floor under the bed.

January 28, 1988 - No Commercials - Grant's hand is becoming badly infected. He wants to know why Robert hasn't found them yet. Robert is having a meltdown and screaming at everyone. Sean and Felicia come in and try to calm him down. Grant continues building the brick wall but is having a hard time with his hand. Sean and Felicia are getting nowhere with Robert, so they decide to take the files back to the PI office and look through them. Dan helps Robert narrow down Anna's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Anna removes a spring from her bed and tries to get the keys off Grant's belt loop. However, Grant begins to hallucinate and falls over, out of Anna's reach.

January 29, 1988 - No Commercials, partial episode continued on next dvd - Duke and Angel are discussing Anna's case. Angel is getting the feeling that Duke is hiding something. Duke finally admits that Robert is in love with Anna and wants her back. Robert has had no sleep and is still ripping everyone's heads off. Grant managed to stumble up the stairs but passed out in the living room. He wakes up and stumbles out of the house. Robert is seriously coming unglued. He receives a visit from the state police commissioner. Robert is neglecting all the other cases at the moment to focus on Anna's. Duke walks in just as Robert is informing the commissioner that Anna is the most important woman in his life and he loves her. While Anna is left alone in the house, a man from the gas company knocks on the door. Anna starts to scream but the man doesn't hear her, he only hears Satan barking. Anna begins to have flashbacks of Robin, Robert, and Duke. Duke confronts Robert about his feelings for Anna. Robert doesn't deny that he loves her.

     Duke returns to the club furious about Robert. It is then that he decides he needs to rely more heavily on the mob, if he ever wants to see Anna again. Sean and Felicia stop by Robert's office with some files for him to look at. Robert is in an awful mood. Sean and Felicia are concerned that something has happened with Anna's case. However, Robert informs them his sour mood is thanks to Duke's little visit. According to Robert, the two men argued, and Duke is acting like a jealous husband. Sean is suspicious, and asks Robert what was said. Robert admits that, maybe he said, "he loved Anna" as Duke walked in. Meanwhile, Grant is stumbling around on the waterfront and falls down in an alley behind Duke's place, where he has his wallet stolen by a drunk. Duke visits Robin and promises to find her mommy. Just then Robert arrives, and Robin reaches up and wraps her arms around both men. Duke leaves Robert and his daughter alone to visit. Robert realizes that Robin loves and needs both of them, and for her sake they have to find a way to get along. He heads over to Duke's place to have it out with Duke once and for all. He arrives at the club just as the shipment of illegal booze does. He and Duke talk, but Robert feels Duke is hiding something. Robert leaves Duke's and runs into Sean outside. As the two men discuss Duke's strange behavior, Grant stumbles right by them.

February 1, 1988 - No Commercials - Felicia is spending time with Robin when Tom arrives; he thinks it would be good for her to play with other children for awhile. Grant finally passes out in the street. He is found by some doctors and taken to the hospital. Anna and Satan are slowly starving to death. She gives him some water and then tells him to go upstairs. When Satan goes upstairs, Anna picks the lock on her cage. Back at the hospital, Felicia and Tom are having a hard time getting Robin to leave her room. They promise her everything will stay exactly as it is while she's gone. She finally agrees to leave. Just as they take Robin out, a cleaning lady comes in. As she is cleaning she finds Grant's ring on the floor under the bed. She picks up the ring and puts it on her finger. Just as she walks out of Robin's room she runs into Simone, who notices the ring and asks her about it. Robert is hard at work when Felicia calls and invites him over for dinner. He declines initially, but Felicia is persistent and soon he agrees. Robert tells her he still has some more files to go through before he can leave. Unfortunately, he doesn't notice the one that has fallen under his desk. Grant's file fell to the floor when Robert's office was being cleaned that day. Anna finally gets the lock open and runs upstairs and straight into Satan. He starts barking and then chases her back downstairs into the cage. Robert arrives at Felicia's and they have a glass of wine and talk. Even Felicia is now suspecting that Robert is in love with Anna. He agrees that he loves her but not in the way Duke thinks. Robert soon falls asleep on Felicia's couch. As Felicia covers him with a blanket he starts to mumble and then says Anna's name. Grant is in the hospital and has learned, to his good fortune, that so is Robin.

February 2-8, 1988:  2/2, 2/3, 2/4, 2/5, 2/8

February 2, 1988 - No Commercials -Duke is losing hope that Anna is still alive. He is furious with Robert for trying to keep him out of the investigation. Sean goes to see Duke to discuss Robert. Duke is not in the mood to discuss Robert. However, Sean pleads with him to call Robert. He says they need to be working together to find Anna, not wasting valuable time fighting with each other. Duke's response is there are other ways to find Anna. He doesn't need Robert Scorpio, to find his wife. Sean is confused by this statement, but Duke won't elaborate. After Sean leaves, Angel points out that if Duke goes to work with Robert he is going to have to tell him about Victor and the mob. Sean leaves Duke's feeling very suspicious. He shares his suspicions with Tiffany as they have lunch. Duke decides he is going to see Robert and tell him everything. When he arrives he runs into Lewis. Duke tells him to call Robert and get him here. Lewis refuses and tells him to leave a note on Robert's desk. As Duke sits down to write the note, he discovers his criminal file on the top of the pile. He is furious and asks Lewis about it.

February 3, 1988 - No Commercials - Felicia is watching Robin, at the hospital. Duke arrives to see Robin and he and Felicia talk about Robert and Anna. Duke is acting the jealous husband again and Felicia tells him he is overreacting, that Robert is just doing his job. Meanwhile, Sam is putting up fliers of Anna all over town. Anna and Satan are very weak from lack of food. Satan doesn't even stir when Anna picks the lock on her cage. She gets out of the cage thinking she is home free, just then, Satan comes after her. Grant overhears Tony and Patrick talking about Robert and Robin. He then calls the nurses station to find out what floor pediatrics is on. Duke visits Victor and gives him one more week to find Anna. Robert has enlisted Dan's help locating building records. Robert shows Dan the picture of Anna with her hand on the drain pipe. They are searching for the builder whose name appears on that pipe. Dan discovers that this builder moved around quite a bit and that the town records were destroyed in a fire years ago. Grant rips out his IV in his quest for Robert's child. He heads to the fourth floor, where Robin is, and waits around the corner for the guard to leave. Back at Grant's, Anna has come to the realization that her only hope is to knock Satan out. However, she is not sure how to do that. Suddenly an idea comes to her, when she notices the old fuse box inside her cage. Meanwhile, Robert and Duke are causing a scene in the middle of the hospital. Their arguing gets the attention of everyone including Steve Hardy, who is very disappointed in their behavior. He reminds them how much Robin needs both of them right now. When they arrive at Robin's room, the guard is nowhere to be found. Soon however, the guard returns and Robert rips his head off for leaving.

February 4, 1988 - No Commercials - Edward is not happy that Lila has invited Scotty to lunch. He tells her he is busy and will not be home for lunch. Tony and Lucy have breakfast and discuss his status at the hospital. Duke heads over to the penthouse to fix some things around there and keep his mind off Anna. Dan and Ruby talk about his marriage proposal. Tom asks his father to be his best man, and Steve accepts. Alan and Edward cancel their plans and go home for lunch. They fear that Scotty is up to something. Cheryl makes lunch for Duke and listens as he talks about Anna. Lucy's cousin Colton arrives on Tony's doorstep.

February 5, 1988 - No Commercials - At the PI office, Robert and Sean discuss Anna's case. Patrick is very confused by Grant's behavior. He doesn't understand his obsession with getting out of the hospital. Anna has fallen asleep and begins to have nightmares of Robin inside the cage. All the while, Robert and Anna can do nothing but watch as Grant bricks her in. Anna wakes up still haunted by Robin's screams. At the hospital, Robin is tearing her room apart looking for something. Felicia finally gets her to say that she's looking for a ring. Felicia immediately calls Robert. Grant is in bed pretending to be asleep when he overhears Amy and Patrick talking about Robert. As soon as they leave, Grant rips his IV out again and leaves his room. When Robert arrives, he just misses Grant stumbling around the halls. Robin wraps her arms around Robert and hugs him. She seems to be coming around. However, she becomes upset again when she learns Filomena is dead. She thinks her mother is dead as well, because she hasn't come to visit. Robert begins to question his daughter about the events of that night. She starts screaming and then slips further away. The realtor arrives at Grant's to fix the shutters. He bangs on the door, but Anna doesn't have the strength to answer. Robert beats himself up over Robin's current condition. He feels like he badgered her into this state. Grant is found wandering the halls of the hospital and has to be restrained. Felicia asks Robert about the files she and Sean gave him to look over. She was sure that he might find some kind of lead in them. Felicia asks him about Grant Putnam's file, as she thought there was something suspicious about it. Robert doesn't know what she's talking about. He tells her Grant's file wasn't in there. Felicia is positive that it was. Robert calls Lewis to check on Grant's current location.

February 8, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna hooks up the springs from her bed to the fuse box so she can knock Satan out. Sean and Tiff are at the PI office awaiting information on Grant Putnam's location. They soon discover that he was released from the mental hospital shortly before Christmas, and has disappeared. Simone and Tom tell Robert about the cleaning lady with the skull ring. Simone tells him she first noticed the woman wearing the ring right outside of Robin's room. Robert asks them to contact her and have her bring the ring in for Robin to look at. A male orderly calls the cleaning lady to warn her that a lot of people are looking for that ring, including the police commissioner. Robert heads back to his office and starts yelling at everyone. He is now completely convinced that Grant has Anna and he wants to know how they could have missed this. Meanwhile, Anna has a nightmare that Robert has come to save her but he is too late. She watches in horror as Robert holds her lifeless body in his arms. Back at Robert's office, Sean shares his doubts about Grant, with Robert and Felicia. Robert and Sean go to the hospital to visit Robin. While there, Robert asks Simone for the information on this cleaning lady, as she has not turned up with the ring. Unfortunately, the personnel office is closed until tomorrow.

February 9-15, 1988:  2/9, 2/10, 2/11, 2/12, 2/15

February 9, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert calls Felicia to see when she is coming in to sit with Robin. He and Sam check with hospital personnel for the name of the cleaning lady. They are informed that she called this morning and quit. Robert gets her address anyway, and he and Sam head over there. Anna is able to get Satan to roll a can of stew to her. She opens the can and begins eating, and then she decides to feed Satan too. Robert and Sam finally get the ring and head back to the hospital with it. Robert shows the ring to Robin. She grabs it from him and clutches it to her chest. Robert begins to ask her questions about the ring and what it means. Robin however, is still in a daze and can't answer his questions. Robert, finally realizing he's getting nowhere, asks Robin for the ring back. She will not give it to him. Robert is heartbroken when he has to forcibly remove it from her hand. He and Sean try to find out where the ring was bought and by whom. Meanwhile, Grant is being prepped for surgery.

February 10, 1988 - No Commercials - Bobbie reads to Robin, but Robin doesn't even know she's there. She's become more withdrawn since Robert took Grant's ring away. Sean comes in with a teddy bear but she hardly notices. After he leaves, Robin starts to come around and begins repeating the word "ring." Bobbie is very confused about the ring. Robin asks her about Anna and when she's coming to the hospital. Bobbie is worried about what to say, just then Duke walks in. Robin tells Duke that Robert took the ring away from her. Duke is upset and leaves to find Robert. He barges into the PI office demanding to see Robert. However, Robert is not there, so he asks Sean about the ring. Sean explains that the ring is essential in finding the kidnapper, Grant Putnam, and that's why Robert took it back. He then proceeds to tell Duke all about Grant. Meanwhile, Grant is still refusing surgery. He tries to convince one of the candy strippers to loosen his restraints. When she declines, Grant explodes and screams at her to get out. Amy comes running in to see what is wrong. Suddenly she stops and stares at Grant, she has an uneasy feeling that she knows him.

February 11, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert has been up all night and is in an awful mood. Meanwhile, Amy continues to have a nagging feeling that she knows Bill Watson (Grant). Grant finally agrees to the surgery. Robert finds out where the ring was purchased and also where Grant's lawyer is. Sean is off to talk to the jeweler, and Robert visits Grant's lawyer. Sean is conned, by the jeweler, into buying a very expensive piece of jewelry in exchange for information. Eventually, he learns Grant is indeed the owner of the skull ring. Robert visits with the lawyer and learns that Grant was in fact in Port Charles and his appearance is very different now. Robert is in his office drawing a beard on his picture of Grant, when Sean walks in. They update each other on the case, but Robert is suddenly troubled by something. He is looking at the picture of Grant, with the beard, and realizes that he has seen this man at the hospital outside Robin's room. He and Sam race out of the office.

February 12, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert storms the hospital looking for Grant. However, Grant is in surgery. Robert has the entire hospital searched. Anna is dreaming about Robert and Duke fighting over her. Duke pressures Felicia for information, but she will not tell him anything until she talks to Robert. Duke comments that he has his own ways of finding Anna. This concerns Felicia; she doesn't understand what he means. Grant is now out of surgery and headed for recovery. Amy decides to tell Robert about Bill Watson. She feels there is something strange about him. Robert and Sam go to recovery to check it out. With all the bandages and his arm across his face, Robert can't ID Grant. He orders a guard to be placed outside the room and not to let Bill Watson out of his sight. Grant overhears this and switches his ID bracelet with the patient next to him. Back at Grant's, Anna has picked the lock on her cage and is attaching the springs to the fence and the fuse box. She throws the lever on the fuse box and calls Satan. Unfortunately, Satan is so weak from hunger, he won't move. Duke contacts Victor; he threatens to dump all Victor's booze in the harbor if he doesn't find Grant soon. Robert is on his way to see Bill Watson when Tom stops him. Robin is coming around and she wants her daddy. Anna gets out of her cage and runs upstairs. She opens the door and screams. Grant is waiting on the other side.

February 15, 1988 - No Commercials (partial episode continued on next dvd) - Felicia returns to the club and tells Duke that Grant may be in the hospital. Robin hugs Robert, and begins telling him what happened the night Anna was taken. Grant grabs Anna and drags her back to the sofa. He is furious at her and wants to know what she did to Satan. Robert finally goes to question Bill Watson. He soon discovers that it's not Grant. Robert is very frustrated. He tells Tony the patient is not Bill Watson. The guy kept mumbling, "Wayne Wright." When Tony and Patrick check on the patient, they discover the ID bracelets have been changed. Grant throws Anna back in her cage and discovers she wired the fence to shock Satan. He quickly makes her dismantle it. Duke arrives at the hospital, just as Robert laments the fact that Grant got away. Duke can't believe that Robert let him get away. Robert interrupts Duke's tirade with the news about Robin. Grant tells Anna that he was in the hospital and he saw Robin there. She doesn't believe him. She knows Robert would never let him near Robin.

     Duke is visiting with Robin when Robert arrives. He immediately leaves and runs into Felicia outside Robin's room. Duke tells Felicia he is going to find "his wife" without Robert's help. Meanwhile, Grant is forcing Anna to write a letter to Robert in exchange for food. The letter is telling Robert where she is.

February 16-22, 1988:   2/16, 2/17, 2/18, 2/19, 2/22

February 16, 1988 - Anna's letter is delivered to the PCPD. It is left on a desk and quickly gets covered up with paperwork. A scuffle, with a prisoner, ensues and the letter is knocked to the floor. Sean is at the PI office checking on recent rental properties. He comes up with a lead and rushes out of the office. Unfortunately, the lead doesn't pan out, as the realtor takes Sean for a spy. Sean is furious. However, Tiffany calms him down at lunch with her talk of marriage and babies. Back at headquarters, Sam finds the letter on the floor. She has it sent to Robert immediately.

February 17, 1988 - No Commercials - Robin is being released from the hospital today. Felicia and Bobbie help her get ready. Robin will be staying at the brownstone with Bobbie for a while. She is very anxious to get her puppy back, and asks Bobbie if he can come to the brownstone too. Anna is having a little fun at Grant's expense. She has left a little clue for Robert in her letter. So she tells Grant that Robert will find them soon. Just then, Lewis is handing the letter to Robert. He instantly spots the clue from Anna. Lewis is confused about Anna's signature. Robert wants Sean and Duke there before he explains. When Sean and Duke arrive, He shows them the letter and explains that a trap is being set for him. Duke is confused. He thought he was the target, not Robert. Sean and Robert think Duke's behavior is rather odd, and that he might be hiding something. Duke returns to the club, and calls Victor with an update. Robin almost doesn't recognize Jigs anymore as he is so big now. While at the kennel, Felicia questions Mr. Marsh about three Rottweilers that he may have sold. He informs her that he is the only kennel that deals with that particular breed. All three dogs were sold as guard dogs and purchased by men. Grant is trying to purchase some dynamite. However, the man he is trying to purchase it from is one of Victor's men. He immediately calls Victor with the info. Felicia heads over to Robert's office to give him the info on the dogs. Victor calls Duke to tell him they found Grant and he is under surveillance. Robert and Sean visit the kennel and get the addresses of the three dog owners. They turn out to be false alarms as Grant has lied about his address. Meanwhile, Victor's men have lost Grant.

February 18, 1988 - No Commercials - Steve is up following his surgery. He is walking around the hospital with a walker. Melissa meets Colton, when she brings him breakfast, and is suddenly in love. Lucy has read Tom and Simone's wedding announcement and calls Audrey to see if she can plan a shower. Over at the brownstone, Robin and Bobbie talk about Anna. Robin is very sad, and Bobbie thinks cooking breakfast might take her mind off Anna. Robin goes into the kitchen and returns with burnt toast. Scotty tells her that's just the way he likes it. He offers to help her with breakfast. They soon become fast friends. Dan asks Ruby to marry him again. Simone passes out while trying on her wedding dress.

February 19, 1988 - No Commercials - Olin is at the brownstone watching Robin. Robert, Sean, and Felicia believe that Grant is going to make a mistake, but when? Grant decides to let Satan go. He doesn't want the dog to get killed when he blows up the house. Duke visits with Robin and promises that he will find Anna. He has started carrying a gun. Robert is having a meltdown, and he and Sean start yelling at each other. Satan has found his way back to Mr. Marsh's kennel. Mr. Marsh calls Robert. Robert wonders, if you told the dog to find his master could he? They begin following Satan and soon discover the answer is "yes." He leads them straight to Grant's front door. At the same time, Victor's man gives Duke Grant's address. Sean and Felicia are going over clues and start talking about Robert's feelings for Anna. They are starting to wonder if Duke's jealousy is well founded. Maybe Robert really is in love with Anna, he just doesn't realize it. Robert and the police are outside Grant's house when Duke shows up. He storms the house and Robert has to go after him. Lewis and the rest of the force are about to surround the house when it explodes.

February 22, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert and Duke are inside the house arguing when Robert discovers the voices are coming out of the speaker on the wall. Robert runs to the window and he and Duke climb out as the house explodes. They are both ok, but determined to go back in the house and search for Anna. They don't find Anna but they find the cage she was in and a tape recorder. When Sean plays the tape they realize that Grant is long gone and had recorded everything to get Robert in the house. Duke starts yelling at Robert about everything. Robert wants to know how he found the house. When Duke won't tell him Robert arrests him. After Duke is physically removed from the house, they discover the brick wall and fear that Anna could be buried alive in the house. Robert has everything searched, but comes up with nothing. Robert heads back to the station to question Duke. Duke still refuses to reveal his source, so Robert leaves him in jail. Grant and Anna are on the road and get stuck in a snow bank. A truck comes along and helps them out. Anna discovers the truck is going to Duke's and wants to get a message to him. She tries writing something on the clipboard in the front seat but Grant catches her. Then she decides to take off her broach and leave it in the truck. However, she drops it in the snow instead. The trucker finds it, after they leave, and decides to take it home to his wife.

February 23-29, 1988:   2/23, 2/24, 2/25, 2/26, 2/29

February 23, 1988 - No Commercials - Bobbie is very upset with Scotty for kissing her and she asks him to move out. The truck driver finally arrives at Duke's. He is in a lousy mood and it's getting worse by the minute. No one seems to know where Duke is (in jail) and he has the keys to the storage room. Terry doesn't like this guy's attitude and she thinks something strange is going on with the delivery. She calls Felicia and asks her to come down to the club. Meanwhile, Duke is confined to a jail cell thanks to Robert. He tells Angel to contact Victor and let him know what happened, and then get him a lawyer. Angel gets Scotty to take the case but he can't get Duke out until morning. Angel informs Duke that Victor is refusing to help with Anna's case anymore. Back at the club, Felicia decides to flirt with the delivery man to find out his story. He wants to get Felicia's number and when he reaches in his pocket for a piece of paper something falls to the floor. Felicia instantly recognizes Anna's broach that Duke gave her as a wedding present. When she asks the driver about it, he says, "It belonged to my mother." She knows he's lying and asks Terry to distract him so she can pick his pocket. Terry thinks she is crazy but goes along with it anyway. Felicia lifts his wallet and takes down his information. She heads to PCPD to give the info to Robert. Felicia runs into Duke outside Robert's office. She tells him about the driver and that she was able to get his ID. Duke begs her not to tell Robert at least until morning. Felicia is hesitant at first but decides to go along with Duke, just until morning.

February 24, 1988 - No Commercials - Grant takes Anna to a cabin in the mountains to wait for Robert. Unfortunately, Robert is having no luck in the clue department. He starts yelling at everybody to find something. Sean is very concerned about Robert as he is at the end of his rope. Robert decides to try again with Duke. He will get the info if he has to "surgically remove it." Meanwhile, Grant is desperate for information on Robert, if he survived or not. So he rigs an antenna on the truck using a wire hanger. He is elated by the news that Robert survived. Now he gets to kill him himself. Duke and Robert are at a standstill. Neither of them is willing to budge. Duke suggests that Robert give him a lie detector test, and if he passes Robert has to drop all the charges and leave Duke alone. Robert thinks about it, and then agrees. Duke passes with flying colors. Robert lets him go. Grant is going outside seemingly to shovel snow. He tells Anna that he is making something to welcome Robbie, and that when he is done he's going to kill her. Felicia can't take it anymore; she has to tell Robert about the delivery man. Duke has already been released by the time Felicia tells Robert. Robert is upset with Felicia for withholding this info. He tells Sean and Felicia that he is having Duke tailed. Duke heads straight to NYC to see Victor. Victor is still refusing to help him, but his son Julian is willing to help Duke find Anna. Robert checks on the driver's ID. Unfortunately, it's a fake. Anna cuts herself loose and makes it outside before Grant spots her. He decides to let her go figuring she will die in the woods alone.

February 25, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke has managed to elude his tail. The detective calls to inform Robert that he lost Duke. Robert decides to get him some help and calls the NYPD. When that doesn't work, Robert puts out a state wide APB. Meanwhile, Anna is wandering through the woods looking for a town, or at the very least a road. The doctors and nurses at General are preparing for Tom and Simone's wedding. Robert shows up at the club and interrogates Angel about Duke's whereabouts. Angel isn't much help. While Terry looks on in disbelief, Robert arrests him for obstructing the investigation. Duke and Julian rent a four wheel drive vehicle to take them into the mountains. At the rental office, they are spotted by an undercover detective. The detective calls in the info and is instructed to follow them. The PCPD is notified of Duke's location. So Sean and Robert head for the airport. Meanwhile, Anna has started to hallucinate. She is seeing Duke walking towards her, and each time he is closer. She is overjoyed until she realizes that he's not really there. Felicia is feeling very guilty about withholding info from Robert. Night has fallen in the mountains and Duke and Julian decide to stop and rest. Anna is still lost in the woods, and the temperature continues to drop. She has stumbled across an outcropping of boulders, and decides; at least they will protect her from the wind. She huddles down behind them. Suddenly she finds something in the pocket of her jacket. Miraculously, she discovers a book of matches. She tries to light one but the wind blows it out. One after another they go out, until sadly there are none left. Anna begins to cry.

February 26, 1988 - No Commercials - As the sun rises, Duke and Julian begin their search again. Amazingly, Anna has survived through the night. However, she can't feel her hands or feet anymore. The detective tailing Duke calls in with Duke's location. Robert and Sean head out in a helicopter to tail Duke. Simone learns she is pregnant. Duke and Julian stop to check out an abandoned cabin. When they return to the jeep, it won't start. Robert soon realizes that he needs to search for the cabin himself. He and Sean find it and decide the only way in is by snowmobile. Tom and Simone get married. Anna continues to wander around and eventually finds a cabin. Unfortunately, it's Grant's cabin. She is horrified when she realizes where she is. This time Grant doesn't let her get away. He ties her up in the cabin and goes after Robert. As it turns out, he doesn't have to go very far. Robert and Sean are already up there on snowmobiles, with backup. Grant starts shooting at them, but is confused because he doesn't know which one is Robert. He hits one policeman, and then causes Sean to flip his snowmobile. Robert runs to check on Sean. He is not hurt. So Robert takes off after Grant. In his haste to get away, Grant has dropped his rifle. It leads Robert in the right direction. Meanwhile, Grant has lost his footing and slipped off the edge of a bridge. He is hanging on by the fence on the bridge overpass. Robert almost walks by him but Grant yells to Robert. Grant's hold is slipping, and he yells to Robert for help. It's a long way down and Robert knows it. He hesitates, but only for a moment. Finally, he pulls Grant to safety. He really wants to kill Grant for what he's done, but he takes him in instead. Sean has found Anna in the cabin. He unties her and brings her to Robert. As Grant is taken into custody, he wishes Anna dead. She begins to cry when she sees Robert. Duke arrives just as Robert takes her in his arms, a moment later Anna collapses. He yells to Duke for help carrying Anna to the waiting helicopter.

February 29, 1988 - No Commercials - Tom and Simone's reception. Anna arrives at the hospital; she is unconscious and suffering from exposure. She is put into the Intensive Care unit. Tony, Alan, and Monica are taking care of her. Robert calls Felicia to tell her the news. He says he will be by later to talk to Robin. Robert and Duke wait together for news on Anna's condition. Robert asks again how Duke located Anna. Duke tells him to drop it. Anna is home now so it shouldn't make a difference. Robert disagrees, and then he questions Duke's ability to protect Anna and Robin. Duke is furious, and informs Robert that Anna is "his wife and he" will protect her. Robert heads to Felicia's to see Robin. He tells her that Anna is home but she is very sick. Robert returns to the hospital to have it out with Duke. As they argue, Anna goes into cardiac arrest. After Anna pulls through, Duke tells Robert he found her using newspapers and friends in the police department. Robert and Sean know he is lying. They think he's back in the mob. Julian tries to convince his father that the organization has to go legit, and they need Duke for that. Victor doesn't see it that way. Tiffany interviews Robert on her news show. Back at the hospital, Anna's temperature goes up very high.

March 1-4, 1988:  3/1, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4

March 1, 1988 - No Commercial - Robin is staying at the brownstone with Bobbie. She asks Bobbie to check on her mother's condition. Anna is still in Intensive Care. Robin doesn't want to go back to school until she can see Anna. When Scotty overhears this, he steps in and talks Robin into going back to school. He even offers to drive her. Lucy is upset and she tells Charlene to move out. Scotty invites Bobbie to lunch. She initially refuses but he convinces her to accept. Felicia is upset because the nurses won't let her in to see Anna. She tracks Tony down and asks him. He allows her in for five minutes. Robert gets another visit from the state police commissioner.

March 2, 1988 - Commercials - Tiffany visits Sean at the PI office. He is staring at a picture of himself, Robert, and Anna, and feeling a little sentimental. Robert is reprimanded by the state commissioner for neglecting his duties. The state commissioner thinks that Robert has used the department to find Anna and now he will quit. Robert informs him that that's not true, and he will be staying on as commissioner. Duke is making a nuisance of himself at the hospital. Robert asks Sean to stay on and run the PI office until Anna comes back. He agrees. Duke returns to the club, and Angel tells him there is another shipment of illegal liquor coming in today. Duke refuses to take it, until Julian arrives and convinces him to accept it. Tiffany arrives at the PI office travel magazines. She is excited about taking a vacation with Sean. Unfortunately, he tells her he can't leave town right now. She storms out of the office in a huff. Robert visits Anna. He tells her he can't fix this for her that she has to do it on her own. But he will be waiting for her. The shipment of liquor has arrived at Duke's. The driver is in the ally unloading it when he is high jacked. A shootout ensues until Duke and Angel come to the rescue. They beat up the high jackers and tie them up in the storage room. However, someone called the police and Robert is on his way. The gunmen were sent by a rival mob boss named Carter. Anna's fever has finally broken.

March 3, 1988 - Commercials - Terry asks Felicia to attend a prayer meeting with her. Sean calls Tiffany and asks her to come over under the pretense of retrieving her earring. She is still furious but agrees. Back at the club, Duke and Angel search the ally for shell casings from the shootout. Duke doesn't want Robert to find them. He hides them just before Robert arrives. Robert asks them what happened and they makeup some story about a truck backfiring. Robert doesn't believe them, and wants to search the club. Duke refuses to let him in without a search warrant. Robert promises to be back tomorrow with the warrant. This gives Duke time to get rid of the high jackers. Sean bribes Tiffany with jewelry. He is trying to seduce her when Robert walks in. He is furious at Duke. Tiffany leaves Sean and Robert alone to talk. Felicia and Terry arrive home from the prayer meeting to find a letter from the WSB.

March 4, 1988 - Commercials - Angel tries to convince Duke that Victor will never let him leave the organization. Duke doesn't care, as far as he's concerned he's all done. Just as Robert is leaving his office, Anna calls and wants to see him. The letter from the WSB says that Frisco is MIA. Felicia is devastated. Back at Duke's, Victor and Julian have arrived to take out the garbage. (Carter's men) Victor becomes furious when Duke informs him that he is done with the mob for good. Julian tries to smooth things out but Duke tells him to get lost as well. Robert visits Anna. She thanks him for finding her, and breaks down about Filomena's death. She asks Robert if Duke was there when she was found. Robert doesn't understand why that matters, but Anna does. Duke might be jealous. Robert laughs it off, and tells Anna that he and Duke have become quite attached since her disappearance, although, he doesn't tell her that they've been attached to each others throats like wild dogs. Tony and Felicia contact the WSB for info on Frisco. Meanwhile, Robert gets the search warrant and searches Duke's. The WSB is giving Tony the brush off, so Felicia decides to go see Sean. He calls his contact at the bureau but learns nothing. Sean thinks maybe Robert can help and heads to Duke's to find him. Julian has returned to the club to talk to Duke. However, Duke isn't there. While Julian waits at the bar, Sean comes in looking for Robert. Julian overhears this and slips out the door just before Robert comes in through the rear entrance. Sean tells Robert about Frisco's disappearance. Robert leaves Sam in charge of searching Duke's and heads back to the station with Sean. Duke is at the hospital to see Anna. He becomes upset when he learns that Anna called Robert before him. Duke arrives in her room just in time to hear her talking in her sleep. It sounds like she's calling for Robert, and then she says she loves him. Duke is furious now and leaves the room. He practically throws the flowers at Amy and tells her to call Robert, because that's who Anna wants. However, as soon as he leaves Anna's room, she blurts out her daughter's name, not her ex-husband's.

March 7-11, 1988:  3/7, 3/8, 3/9, 3/10, 3/11

March 7, 1988 - Commercials - Amy visits Anna and tells her that Duke was there, and he left upset. Anna is upset because she was asleep and never saw him. They are both confused. Suddenly, Amy realizes that Anna must've said something in her sleep. Amy rushes out to find Duke, as he just left. Duke returns, and tells Anna that she said she loves Robert. They finally determine that she was dreaming of her daughter, not Robert. Julian is going to hang around Port Charles to talk to Duke. Victor thinks he is wasting his time. Robert contacts the WSB for info on Frisco. Unfortunately, nobody there seems to know anything. Felicia becomes angry, and blames Robert and Sean for filling his head with all the glamour and intrigue of the WSB. Duke receives a call from Julian while he is visiting Anna. He lies to her about the call, and then rushes out. Robin visits Anna.

March 8, 1988 - No Commercials - Tom and Simone are back from their honeymoon. A disgruntled patient has retained Scotty as his attorney. He wants to sue General Hospital for negligence. Unbelievably, Scotty talks him out of it. Felicia and Lucy discuss the plans for the daycare center. When Steve announces that he is going to hire an assistant, Felicia and Lucy try to persuade Tony to apply. Felicia bemoans the WSB and their treatment of Frisco. She decides to find her husband on her own. Scotty and Cheryl appear to be involved in a corporate scheme to take over the hospital.

March 9, 1988 - No Commercials - While Felicia is getting the run around from the WSB officials, Sean is trying to track Frisco down using the computer. It's a big day at the Lavery's. Anna is coming home. She and Duke are going to spend a nice quiet day together, or so they think. Just as Duke inserts his key, the front door swings open. To their dismay, Robert is there to welcome them home.  As Anna looks around the room, she becomes upset. She stares at the spot where she last saw Filomena. Robert comforts her by reminding her that Filomena loved Robin very much, and would be happy to die to save her. Duke listens while Robert and Anna reminisce about meeting Filomena. Duke has a jealous moment as Robert and Anna hold hands while toasting Filomena. Terry tries to help Felicia deal with Frisco's disappearance. Cheryl meets with Sean for background info on Scotty. Back at the Lavery's Robert is issuing orders to Duke and Anna. Anna realizes that it's Robert's way of protecting her and Robin, but Duke becomes furious. The two men begin to argue until Anna steps in and asks Robert to leave.

March 10, 1988 - No Commercials - Lila becomes concerned when she senses that both Alan and Monica are competing for the same job. They are sneaking around the house and the hospital not wanting to arouse the others suspicions. Tom and Simone tell Steve and Audrey that they are having a baby. Olin and Robin have lunch at the brownstone with Bobbie. Dan proposes to Ruby. She tells him she will think about it. Scotty and Bobbie kiss in his office.

March 11, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke surprises Anna with breakfast in bed. They take the phone off the hook so they won't be interrupted by Robert, and spend the day lounging in bed. Robert is becoming obsessive about protecting Robin and Anna. When he is short on police protection, he calls Sean to take the next shift watching the Lavery house. Felicia is on her way to Washington DC to WSB headquarters. Back at the Lavery's, Duke and Anna are having a private moment in bed when Sam and another officer burst through the bedroom door with guns drawn. Sam apologizes for interrupting. She informs them that Robert was frantic when he couldn't reach them by phone. Duke is beyond furious at Robert's latest intrusion. Anna tells him to calm down and then talk to Robert. Meanwhile, two men break in and deliver a very large box. Felicia meets with the director of the WSB to find out about Frisco. Unfortunately, he gives her the run around too. Duke heads off to the club and tells Anna that if Robert calls she is to send him to the club. Robert, of course, does call and he screams at Anna for taking the phone off the hook. She tells him to go see Duke at the club. Duke receives a telegram from the Carter mob telling him to check his basement. He and Angel find the box with two dead bodies in it. Duke calls home to make sure Anna and Robin are okay. Anna is a little suspicious and wants to know what happened. She also informs him that Robert is on his way to the club. Duke assures his wife that everything is fine but he has to go deal with club business. Duke hurries to the basement. Sean is nearby walking on the docks when a crate falls and pins him to the ground.

March 14 -18, 1988:  3/14, 3/15, 3/16, 3/17, 3/18

March 14, 1988 - No Commercials - Felicia holds a WSB official hostage in his office until he gives her information on Frisco. Duke and Angel scramble to get rid of the bodies before Robert arrives. They decide to throw them in the river. Robert and Tiffany are outside Kelly's when they hear of the accident on the docks. Robert calls an ambulance and then rushes over. Tiffany is there already and is hysterical. They had no idea it was Sean who was trapped under the crate. Several men try to lift the crate but can not. Suddenly Colton steps in and lifts the crate and Sean is pulled to safety. Robert sends Sam to watch Anna, and he heads off to the club. Anna refuses Sam's protection and goes to the club. She and Robert butt heads when he tells her to go home and she refuses. They draw their guns on each other. Just then Duke and Angel walk in. Robert and Duke argue even though Duke thinks Robert is right about more protection. Robert is suspicious of his sudden change of heart. Felicia finally learns that Frisco is alive, but she has to pretend he's dead for his protection. After Robert and Anna leave, Duke calls Julian about the two bodies that were left for him.

March 15, 1988 -  No Commercials - Felicia visits Tony and confides in him that Frisco is still alive. She also informs him that they must pretend he is dead for his safety. Tony is ecstatic and willing to go along with it. Lucy confesses to Tony that she has sent in an application for the Asst. Chief of Staff Job on his behalf. Bobbie decides to visit Jake and try to save their marriage. Lucy shows off the new Tanya Jones Day Care Center, but Edward has a problem with the funding.

March 16
, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean is home from the hospital but remains in an awful mood. Cheryl comes over and starts coddling him. Tiffany asks Sean to be on her news show with Colton Shore. They could show the victim and the hero meeting for the first time. Sean becomes furious that she would portray him as a victim. Tiffany storms out when he refuses to do the show. Felicia arrives and tells Sean that Frisco is really alive. Felicia and Cheryl watch Tiffany's show with Sean. The girls seem to like Colton while Sean thinks he's a fruit loop. Scotty applies to be legal counsel for the hospital.

March 17
, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke is concerned about Julian, nobody's heard from him in days. Duke decides to go to New York and find him. Anna returns to the PI office for the first time since her kidnapping. She begins working on a bank forgery case with Sean. Tiffany's station is being bombarded with calls about Colton. Cheryl wants to buy airtime on Tiffany's station. Back in New York, Duke finds Julian. Julian and Victor inform him that Carter has put out a hit on him, for setting up his men. Business is very good at the PI agency, so good in fact that Sean and Anna give Felicia her own case. A woman has come to them with a missing husband story. Julian sets up a meeting with Carter to try and work out an agreement and stop the hit on Duke. Tiffany offers Colton his own talk show. Felicia solves her first case and patches up a marriage.

March 18
, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert, Sean, and Felicia have breakfast together at Kelly's. They are teasing Sean about his sudden mid-life crisis. Sean says that his reflexes are not what they used to be, so Robert invites him to the shooting range. Duke is home with Anna. As they lounge in bed, Anna begins to sense something is troubling Duke. He tells her nothing is wrong. Just then, Angel calls with info on the Carter meeting. Duke arrives in New York, with Angel, for the meeting. However, Carter has apparently postponed it. So Duke and Angel have to stay over. Victor books them a hotel room and then has his driver take them there. Julian is getting tickets for a Broadway show. Shortly after they arrive at the hotel, Victor's driver calls Duke. He says Julian has tickets to an off Broadway show and he will meet Duke there. The driver picks Duke up and takes him to the theatre. Meanwhile, Julian arrives at the hotel for Duke, and Angel informs him of the change in plans. They soon realize that Duke's been set up and Julian rushes out to save him. Julian arrives just in time to save Duke, but gets shot in the crossfire. Sean beats Robert at the shooting range, but he thinks Robert let him win. Anna, Robert, Sean, and Felicia go to Duke's for a drink after work. Anna is surprised by Duke and Angel's absence. She and Robert start to argue again when he asks where Duke is.

March 21-25, 1988:  3/21, 3/22, 3/23, 3/24, 3/25

March 21
, 1988 - No Commercials - Monica and Alan continue to fight over the Asst. Chief of Staff Job. Robert and Anna have a drink at the bar while they wait for Duke. Robert is driving Anna crazy with his overprotective behavior. They argue and Anna storms out of the club with Robert close behind. Meanwhile, Duke runs to Julian to see how bad he's been hurt. Duke wants to take him to the hospital but Julian refuses. Duke picks him up and takes him to Victor. When they arrive, Duke notices that Victor has been shot as well. They get Julian in the bedroom and the doctor removes the bullet. Robert follows Anna home. She tries to slam the door in his face, but he barges right past her. They continue to fight and Anna accuses him of still being in love with her. Robert laughs at her accusation. Just then the phone rings and its Duke. He lies to Anna yet again about why he is in New York. Despite the efforts of Duke and the doctor, Julian dies. Before he died, Julian asked Duke to continue in his place and legitimize the family business. Duke agreed, and Victor welcomes him into the family.

March 22, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean is feeling a little under the weather since his accident. Tiffany shows up, and is shocked to see that Sean is acting very much the injured victim. She refuses to baby him. Tom and Simone travel to New York to visit Simone's parents, and tell them about the baby. Cheryl is trying to cash in on Colton's charm. She wants to put him on TV, but he has already accepted an offer from Tiffany. Tiffany is disgusted with Sean's behavior and storms out. Back in New York, Tom and Simone get a real shock when they discover that Simone may not be able to carry the baby to full term. Her mother informs her that she may have a genetic weakness that makes miscarriage a very real possibility. Tiffany and Colton meet to discuss plans for the TV show, but Colton thinks Tiffany is a little out of control. Cheryl drops by the penthouse and discovers a very vulnerable Sean. She immediately runs to his side and assures him she will take very good care of him. Bobbie has gone to visit Jake in South America but he never showed up to meet her. She decides that she's had enough and decides to come home. Back at Sean's, Cheryl has made soup and is spoon feeding Sean when Tiffany walks in.

March 23
, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna calls the club to find out where her husband is. Angel informs her that Duke is still in NYC on restaurant business. Meanwhile, Duke meets with Victor to end his relationship with the mob. Victor is furious. He reminds Duke about respect and honor and that he owes Julian his life. Victor assures Duke the only way out is the way Julian just took. Duke reconsiders, and agrees to fulfill Julian's dream to legitimize the mob. Anna is growing very suspicious now and believes Angel is covering for Duke. Robert arrives at the PI office and starts an argument when he questions Duke's whereabouts. Anna throws him out when he accuses Duke of criminal activity. Robert returns later to apologize, but even that starts a fight. Anna leaves and Robert and Felicia decide to grab a movie and dinner in the park. Duke finally arrives home late that night and tells Anna the plans for the new club. She is very concerned since he's been having financial problems. 

March 24
, 1988 - No Commercials - Scotty picks up, a devastated, Bobbie at the airport. Alan pumps Jessie for information on the Asst. Chief of Staff Job. Jessie is not saying a word. Tom and Simone are worried about the health of the baby and decide that Simone should cut back her hours at the hospital. Scotty offers to stay with Bobbie while Terry and Tiffany are out. They are meeting Colton to go over ideas for the new show. Tom and Simone become the victims of racial prejudice when a patient insults Simone. Tom doesn't handle it well and ends up punching the man out in the middle of the hospital. Bobbie receives flowers from Jake but throws them away when she discovers, a strategically placed, photo of Jake and another woman in South America, courtesy of Scott Baldwin.

March 25, 1988 - 
No Commercials - Scott tries to comfort Bobbie in her time of need. Simone is rushed to the ER after a fall resulting from Tom's altercation with a patient. Sean suspects that Anna and Duke are past their recent problems when Anna begins singing at work. However, Duke is definitely still having problems coming to grips with Julian's death. He feels a responsibility to the Jerome family that he can't ignore. Angel begs him to reconsider. He tries to point out what Duke will lose if he gets caught. Mr. Arnold, the patient who insulted Tom and Simone calls Scott for legal counsel. When Scotty hears the events that led up to the fight, he refuses to represent Mr. Arnold. As a result of the fight, Tom and Simone lose the baby. Duke receives a call from Victor. He wants to make sure Duke attends the memorial service for Julian.

March 28 - April 1, 1988:  3/28, 3/29, 3/30, 3/31, 4/1

March 28, 1988 - 
No Commercials - Monica is stuck at the hospital with the accreditation committee. Bobbie and Scotty wind up in bed but are interrupted when Steve Hardy calls. Tom has been arrested for assaulting Mr. Arnold for a second time, this time right in front of the accreditation committee. Scott comes to his aid and represents him. Victor calls Duke to inform him that the memorial service has been postponed until Julian's sister arrives. Bobbie and Scotty go to bed together.

March 29, 1988 - No Commercials - Alan and Monica lounge in bed. Tom is summoned by Steve to discuss his future at Gh. Lucy and Tony discuss his chances for the asst. chief of staff job. When Tony leaves for work, Lucy springs into action. She begins calling patients of Tony's and asking them to send telegrams to Steve Hardy. Tom is feeling very guilty about reacting out of anger. However, he starts to lose it again when Simone's mother shows up to take her daughter away to recover.  Cheryl proposes a new idea to Tiff, for Colton's show. Tiffany actually loves the idea and the duo meet with Colton to discuss it. Meanwhile, Lucy has convinced the residents to talk to Steve about Tony. Steve becomes very upset and throws them out of his office. He asks his secretary to find out who is behind all this. Colton is uneasy about doing a TV show but he agrees anyway. That is until Cheryl mentions the donation part of the show. He immediately declines to have anything to do with the show. Somehow they convince Colton to at least consider the show. Simone leaves the hospital, against Tom's wishes, and returns to NY with her mother.

March 30, 1988 - No Commercials - Felicia visits Sean and asks if she can conduct the investigation on Scotty. Sean is a little under the weather, so he agrees without much resistance. Tony gets a message that Steve wants to see him right away. He feels pretty confident that the job is his. Felicia is on the job. She begins pressing Scott for info on his personal life. Back at GH, Steve is furious with Tony regarding his wife's behavior. Steve thinks that Tony is actually behind the campaigning. Tony is shocked. He has no idea what Steve is talking about. Unfortunately, Steve is not in the mood for excuses as he just suspended his own son for two months. Tom cleans out his desk while Tony is blasting Lucy for her behavior. Tom and Tony end up getting drunk together at the grill. Felicia and Colton have dinner at Kelly's. He asks her advice on the TV show. Felicia tells him to just relax and be himself. Jake calls Bobbie, but she refuses to take the call. She runs into Scott's waiting arms. Colton finally agrees to do the show.

March 31, 1988 Commercials - Robin is trying to find Robert. She wants him to come to her school pageant. Robert is having breakfast with Tiffany, at her request. She wants him to hit on her sister Cheryl. Tiffany is worried that Cheryl's interests have turned towards Sean. Robert agrees, and then heads over to the pi office. While there, Anna asks him to attend Robin's school pageant. Robert agrees, but wonders if it's all Robin's idea. Anna knows he's fishing for compliments. She assures him it is all Robin's idea. Robert is feeling a little jealous of Duke and Anna at the moment. Meanwhile, Duke receives a call from Victor about Julian's memorial services. They are scheduled for this afternoon and Duke will have to miss Robin's pageant. He asks Angel to pick up some flowers for Robin. Angel is concerned about Duke going to NY. Robert asks Cheryl out and she agrees. She suspects that Tiffany arranged the whole thing.

April 1, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert and Anna take Robin to the zoo after her school pageant. Anna seems a little preoccupied. When Robert asks her about it, she tells him she is upset with Duke for missing the pageant. Robert suspects there is something else wrong. Meanwhile, Duke nearly runs into Cheryl on the plane. A woman at the zoo mistakes Robert and Anna for husband and wife. Anna doesn't correct her. Back in NY, Duke meets Olivia and learns that she is Julian's sister. She wastes no time in telling Duke that she plans to pursue Julian's dream of legitimizing the organization. Duke has bigger things to worry about as he's just discovered Cheryl at the service. He can't risk being seen so he watches from a side room. Cheryl is devastated by Julian's death. She remembers her first meeting with him in college. Anna and Robert are having a wonderful day together with their daughter. Anna takes this opportunity to thank him for saving her life. He tells her why he took back the commissioner's badge. Robin invites her dad for dinner. He informs them that he has a date. Anna tells him she and Duke have a date as well. They both show up at Duke's to meet their dates. While they wait, Robert offers Anna a drink. It turns out that they have both been stood up.

April 4-7, 1988:  4/4, 4/5, 4/6, 4/7

April 4, 1988 - Commercials - Robert and Anna decide to have dinner together. They order champagne and get very drunk together. In NY, Cheryl and Olivia have dinner together. Olivia tells Cheryl she has to move on because that's what Julian would have wanted. Cheryl calls Robert to apologize. Across town, Tom and Simone are dinning at Greenies. Tom spots Duke through an open door. Duke is in the back room with Victor and the other heads of the mob. Tom is caught by Victor's men. Duke asks Tom to keep quiet about anything he saw. Tom agrees as he is not sure what he saw. Duke calls Anna to apologize. She is very upset when she learns that he is in NY. Duke takes the reigns of the mob. Meanwhile, Robert and Anna dance and relive their WSB days.

April 5, 1988 - Commercials - Tiffany becomes concerned when she can't find Cheryl. Duke returns home only to be grilled by Anna as to his whereabouts. Duke becomes furious and starts yelling. In the middle of their argument, Robin bursts into the room crying. She fears that Grant Putnam has returned. Robin wants to know why Anna and Duke are fighting. The duo assures the frightened child that everything is okay. It's just something married people do sometimes. Cheryl and Olivia visit at the art gallery. Olivia informs Cheryl of her plan to realize Julian's dream. Just then, Victor walks in. He forbids Olivia to get anywhere near the mob. Anna and Duke continue to fight. He learns that she had dinner with Robert last night, and throws it in her face. Anna is still very suspicious of Duke's business in NY, but she doesn't want to fight with him anymore. Colton is feeling overwhelmed with the TV show so he calls Felicia for support. They have lunch together on the steps of the brownstone. Angel tries to convince Duke to get out of the mob while he still can. However, Duke tells him it's too late. Cheryl returns home. Anna tries to talk to Sean about marriage. He doesn't think it's for him.

April 6, 1988 - Commercials - Steve and Monica visit the day care center. They are quite impressed with the work Lucy has done. Terry and Felicia have breakfast together. Colton's name comes up in conversation but Felicia doesn't want to talk about him. She seems genuinely upset by his behavior. Terry doesn't understand the sudden change. Felicia explains that Colton has gone Hollywood. She witnessed him purchasing some pretty expensive items. Terry believes that Felicia is wrong, and begs her to attend the debut of Colton's show. Tony still can't forgive Lucy for meddling with his job. Alan is scheming to get Monica's new job. He asks Tony to keep an eye on her and report to back to him. Colton's show is a big success.

April 7, 1988 - Commercials - Robin is haunted by her memories of Grant. Duke comforts her with a story of courage. When Anna arrives, she reassures Robin that Grant will never hurt them again. Bobbie tells Scotty that she wants a divorce from Jake. She wants Scotty to handle the legal aspects. Robert is stunned when Sean informs him that he wants to get married. Sean doesn't care what his friend thinks and heads off to buy Tiff a ring. Robert invites Cheryl to dinner. Felicia runs into Scotty and begins questioning him about his work in Florida. Scotty is saved by the phone when Colton calls to invite Felicia to dinner. Duke plans a night out for he and Anna at the club. Robert and Cheryl dine there as well. Back at the Brownstone, Tiffany is relaxing with a glass of wine when Sean arrives. He gives her a ring and tells her that they're getting married. Tiffany is so upset about the way he proposed that she refuses to marry him. Sean is flabbergasted by her behavior. He tells her to get ready that he will be back to pick her up. Duke is very pleased to see Robert and Cheryl having such a great time together. He teases Anna about being jealous when Robert and Cheryl retire to the penthouse with a bottle of champagne. Sean plans a beautiful dinner for Tiffany at his penthouse. He proposes to her for the second time. However, she is not ready to give him an answer yet.

April 8-14, 1988:  4/8, 4/11, 4/12, 4/13, 4/14

April 8, 1988 - Commercials - Duke tries to sneak out in the morning but Anna drags him back to bed. Cheryl wakes up with quite a hangover and is horrified when she realizes that Robert is in the shower. She can't remember if they slept together. When she confronts Robert, he realizes that she has no recollection of the evening. He makes her sweat a little before he tells her that they didn't sleep together. Anna tells Duke that she lost an earring. She thinks it's at the club. Duke suspects that she's just a little jealous and wants to know if Robert spent the night with Cheryl. Victor has one of his men call Olivia away from her gallery so she will miss her meeting with Duke. Tiffany calls Cheryl and Robert answers the phone. She is thrilled that her plan is working. Sean buys Tiffany a yacht but she doesn't accept it.
     Back at the penthouse, Cheryl and Robert have breakfast together. She feels the need to tell him about Julian. When she's done, he tells her about Holly. Two men are fishing on the pier near Duke's when one of them pulls up a very expensive watch. His friend convinces him to turn it over to the police since the watch has an inscription on the back. Anna runs into Robert at the club. He teases her about checking up on him. Anna tells him she's there to find an earring. When Olivia doesn't turn up for her meeting with Duke he wants to know why. Victor tells him that she's not involved in the business. At the PI office Sean is ranting and raving about Tiffany. He is furious with her behavior and doesn't know what she wants. Suddenly a distraught woman enters the office. She is searching for her missing husband. She tells Anna that her husbands name is Martin Woods, and she needs help finding him. Anna calls Robert to see if a missing persons report was filed. He has nothing yet, but will keep her informed. Just as he hangs up the fisherman shows up with the watch. Robert is a little suspicious so he brings the watch to Anna.

April 11, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert arrives at the PI office with some info on Anna’s missing husband case. He tells her about the watch that was fished out of the harbor. Also, that there is an inscription on the back. Anna asks to see the watch and is informed that it’s in the police lab. Robert will let her have it when the lab is done. Anna invites Robert to have dinner with her and Robin. He declines as he has a date with Cheryl. She teases him about his last date with Cheryl. Just then, Sean comes in. He is still very upset about Tiffany. Anna tells Robert to stay with him. Robert tries to point out that Tiffany may not know what she wants. Meanwhile, Terry convinces Tiffany to talk to Sean and explain why she is scared to marry him. Tiffany shows up at Sean’s pretending to be a fortune teller. She tries to get Sean to propose again but he won’t. Tiffany has to give in; she apologizes for making him wait. Sean gets down on one knee and proposes for a third time. This time Tiffany says yes. Olivia gets into Duke’s hotel room and goes thru his things. She also picks up a message from Anna off the floor. 

April 12, 1988 - No Commercials - Ruby receives a letter from Jake and rushes out to see Bobbie. Meanwhile, Bobbie and Scotty are in bed together. When Ruby arrives she finds Scotty still in bed. Anna invites Tom to dinner. She wants to thank him for treating Robin. Monica suspects that Alan is up to something. Ruby and Bobbie have it out over Scotty. Ruby gives her the letter from Jake and storms out. Scott becomes legal counsel for the hospital. Back at Kelly’s, Colton arrives home to find Melissa in his room. Colton is shocked by her infatuation of him. He tries to let her down easy but she just feels rejected and runs out crying. 

April 13, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean and Tiffany talk about their upcoming wedding and possibly family. Ruby is concerned when she watches; first Melissa then Colton goes racing out of Kelly’s. She stops Colton to find out what’s wrong. To Colton’s surprise, Ruby laughs at the situation. She tells him that Melissa has had a crush on him for quite some time now. Back at the PI office, Anna has a visit from Mrs. Woods. The woman becomes hysterical when Anna shows her the watch that was fished out of the harbor. She confirms the watch belongs to her husband and fears that he’s dead. Tiffany asks Cheryl to be her maid of honor. Sean announces his wedding to Anna and Felicia. At dinner, Tom asks a lot of questions about Duke’s business in NY. So much so that Anna becomes suspicious of them. Tom isn’t sure whether or not he should tell Anna what he saw in NY. 

April 14, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert informs Lewis that he’s taking the day off. Anna stops by the club and tells Angel that she’s planning to surprise Duke in NY on Saturday. Robert heads over to Duke’s to pick up Cheryl and runs into Anna. Anna shows him the picture of Marty the missing husband. Robert doesn’t recognize him but Angel does. As soon as Robert and Anna leave, Angel calls Duke. He informs Duke of Anna’s surprise visit and also her missing person’s case. It turns out that Marty is at the bottom of the harbor courtesy of Duke and Angel. Robert and Cheryl have a picnic in the country. Duke tracks Anna down in Robert’s office. He asks her to come to NY for the weekend. Anna suddenly realizes that Angel squealed. He begins questioning her about the case she’s working on and tries to get her to let the police handle it. Anna is adamant; it is still her case for now.

April 15-21, 1988:  4/15, 4/18, 4/19, 4/20, 4/21

April 15, 1988 - No Commercials - Alan plans a surprise party for Monica. He calls Cheryl to personally invite her. She agrees as long as she can bring someone. Robert agrees to show up but only if they leave after fifteen minutes. Back in NY, Victor sneaks up on Olivia placing a call to Duke. He rips the phone from her hand and warns her to stay away from Duke. Anna is headed to NY a day early. Felicia questions Scotty about his work in Florida. He sidesteps her questions and is just a bit suspicious of her sudden interest. Terry and Bobbie fight when she learns that Scotty and Bobbie are more than friends. Alan must lie to Monica to get her home for the party. At the gallery, Duke and Olivia are going over decoration for the new club. Olivia is on a ladder hanging a picture when she stumbles. Duke catches her when she falls. Unfortunately, Anna walks in while Olivia is still in Duke's arms.

April 18, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert is concerned about Cheryl's recurring pains. She informs him that she had an accident as a child, which resulted in the loss of a kidney. Duke introduces Anna and Olivia. Although Anna is furious inside, she remains civil to Olivia. The duo return to the hotel and Anna unleashes her fury on Duke. Duke insists there is nothing going on with Olivia. Anna eventually believes him and they make up. Olivia is furious with her father when she discovers that he sent Anna to the gallery. Victor tells Olivia to forget about Duke. Robert and Cheryl's date is cut short when Chief Lewis calls. He has discovered that Martin Woods has mob connections. Robert heads back to the station to work. He and Lewis discover that Woods is part of the Carter mob from NJ. They have been at war with the Jerome mob from NY for years. Robert begins to suspect that Duke is somehow involved with the mob again. Duke receives a call from Olivia while he and Anna are in bed. He lies to Anna and heads off to see Olivia.

April 19, 1988 - No Commercials - Scotty and Bobbie talk about Tom's trial. Duke tells Anna that he has to work and she should go on a shopping spree in the city. Before Anna can leave, Sean calls and informs her that Robert is taking over the woods case. Anna tells Sean that she wants to speak to Robert. Olivia shows up at Duke's hotel room. She wants to assure Anna that there is nothing going on with her and Duke. Their visit is interrupted when Robert calls. Anna becomes so furious that she forgets Olivia is still there. Olivia overhears everything about the woods case. Anna pleads with Robert for more time to investigate. He reluctantly agrees to another 24hrs. Back at the brownstone, Felicia goes snooping through Scott's office and nearly gets caught when he returns for a file. She finds a company letterhead and brings it to Sean. Sean feeds the info into the computer. He then removes Felicia from the case saying it has become too dangerous. Anna shows up at Mrs. Woods's apartment but it is empty. The landlady lets her in and they discover that the pot on the stove is still warm indicating a very hasty exit.

April 20, 1988 - No Commercials - Colton asks Melissa to come to his show. Tom returns to the hospital and has flashbacks of the day Simone lost the baby. Lucy tries to get Tony to go away with her. A child gets hurt at the daycare center. Tom is nervous about his impending trial. Bobbie and Ruby have another fight about Scotty. Lucy flirts with Walt.

April 21, 1988 - No Commercials - Robin feels like Duke doesn't want to be with them anymore. She is very upset with him for spending all his time in NY. Robin is convinced that Anna and Duke are getting a divorce. Olivia informs her father that Anna and Robert are investigating the Martin Woods case. She also tells him that she has gotten Mrs. Woods and her children out of town so they won't be available for questioning. Cheryl finds Robert in her office waiting for her. He tries to convince her to take the day off. Scotty shows up and Cheryl lies to Robert about having an appointment with him.  Robert pays Anna a visit at her office. She invites him to the opening of Duke's new club in NY. Robert accepts, and then asks her for the Woods case file. Anna reluctantly turns it over to him. They argue when he tells her of the connection to the Jerome family. Anna throws him out when he suggests that Duke might be involved with the mob again. Victor sends divers into the river, behind Duke's, to move the bodies.

April 22-28, 1988:  4/22, 4/25, 4/26, 4/27, 4/28

April 22, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean tries to talk Robert out of attending the opening of Duke's new club. Meanwhile in N.Y., Duke asks Victor not to attend the opening. Duke can't take the chance that someone might connect them. Victor agrees, but reminds him that the club is only a front for the mob. Back in PC, Robert gives the order to drag the river. He is convinced there are two bodies in it, and they might be connected to Duke somehow. Anna arrives early in NY and nearly walks in on Duke having a meeting with the heads of the mob. Olivia detains her and warns Duke when she calls his office and leaves the line open. Robert, Cheryl, Tiffany, and Sean are about to board a plain to NY when Robert gets an urgent call. Robert must delay his flight and head over to the PCPD. When Robert finally arrives in NY, he heads right for Duke's office. He questions Duke about the Woods case.

April 25, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke and Anna stay over in NY. Anna questions Duke about where he came up with the money to open the new club. Anna is hurt when he tells her he took the money from their account but never thought to tell her. She's starting to become suspicious, and asks if he's aware of the fact that his club used to be a mob hang out. Meanwhile, Robert and Guy are investigating the rivalry between the Jerome and Carter mobs and how PC is connected. Sean and Tiffany discuss plan for their wedding and future family. Robert requests Duke's presence at his office. While Robert waits for Duke, new evidence in the Woods case surfaces. Scuba gear found near the river, and a van with NJ plates in the area. Robert suspects that the bodies have been removed from the river. He questions Duke unsuccessfully, and then warns him about being involved with the mob again. Colton is upset about the administrative costs of running his show. He thinks Cheryl's salary is much too high, so they negotiate. When Duke returns home, he suggests that they move to NY permanently. Robin becomes upset. She doesn't want to leave her friends or her daddy.

April 26, 1988 - No Commercials - Felicia gets a visit from Mr. Kinley of the WSB. He informs her that Frisco is officially missing and presumed dead. Felicia faints. When she comes to, she asks where Frisco was. Mr. Kinley refuses to tell her anything more. Felicia runs out of the house hysterical. Meanwhile, Scotty appears from the kitchen where he overheard everything. He yells at Mr. Kinley and then runs after Felicia. Scott finds her crying on the waterfront and tries to comfort her. Colton has been wandering around on the docks all morning. He witnesses Felicia and Scotty in an embrace and becomes upset. Melissa has followed Colton and catches up with him on the docks. He's in a bad mood when Melissa arrives and snaps at her. He quickly apologizes and then reprimands her for being down on the docks. Colton walks Melissa to school. Along the way, they encounter some dock workers. One of the men starts harassing Melissa and Colton tries to walk away. Unfortunately the man becomes physical and Colton must step in and protect Melissa. Felicia thinks about Frisco and all their adventures together. She calls Mr. Kinley and threatens to expose him if he doesn't tell her Frisco's last known whereabouts.

April 27, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna and Duke have breakfast at Kelly's. Anna receives a call from Fran Woods. They make plans to meet at the library. Robert and Lewis discuss a new piece of evidence pulled from the river. A man's shoe was found in the vicinity of Duke's club. Scotty is upset that the board turned down his proposal for Meditech to come into the hospital. He tells Cheryl to talk them into accepting Meditech. Fran meets Anna at the library. She is trying to disguise herself. Fran tells Anna that she is frightened. A man came and moved her and her children to a new apartment. She thinks that she and her children are being watched. Fran also tells her about the envelope that was slipped under her door. It had $100,000 in it.  Fran becomes hysterical and leaves. In NY, Duke is meeting with mob heads outlining the plan of legitimacy. They decide they like what they hear but need more time to think it over. Anna runs into Robert at Kelly's. They reluctantly update each other on the Woods case. Olivia and Duke hang around the club and discuss Julian's dream for the family, and she kisses him. Duke calls Anna and asks her to come to NY. Robert wants Lewis to find out the make and size of the shoe and give the info to Anna. AJ runs away. Robert and Cheryl have dinner. He asks her questions about her college days and if she knew about a restaurant named Greenies. She tells him that it was rumored that it belonged to the mob.

April 28, 1988 - No Commercials - An irate Edward yells at the police for not searching for AJ. Meanwhile, Monica and Alan fight over who to blame for AJ's disappearance. Melissa tells Ruby how Colton saved her on the docks. Ruby reprimands her for going down there in the first place. AJ shows up at Kelly's for breakfast. Ruby notices him and suspects that he has run away again. She calls Monica to let her know. Felicia tells Tony about her visit from the WSB. Colton has a talk with AJ and convinces him that he's lucky to have his parents even if they are always busy. Felicia tells Sean about Frisco, and begs for his help. Cheryl has started having pain in her back. Melissa makes sure that AJ gets home ok. Felicia tries to reach Colton but he won't return her calls. Colton pumps Terry for info on Scotty. Cheryl has a very bad attack at the PI office and is rushed to the hospital.

April 29 - May 5, 1988:  4/29, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4, 5/5

April 29, 1988 - No Commercials - Tiffany waits by Cheryl's bedside. She is feeling very guilty about her sister's illness. Duke and Olivia inform Victor of their meeting with the family on going legit. Victor reiterates his disapproval of Olivia's involvement. Sean is trying to track down Robert. However, Robert is on his way to NY to meet with Anna to discuss the Woods case. Unfortunately for Robert, Anna is already back in PC. Robert calls the PI office and Anna answers. He inquires about Duke's whereabouts. Robert figures if he can't meet with Anna maybe he can talk to her hubby. He heads over to Duke's club and just misses Victor and Olivia in Duke's office. Robert questions Duke about the Woods case and insinuates that he is back in the mob. Back at the hospital, Alan goes over treatment options with Cheryl. She becomes hysterical and says she wants to die. Tiffany calls Anna and asks her to find Robert. Anna tracks him down at Duke's. Tom visits Cheryl as a "friend." Robert arrives at the hospital just as Tom comes out of Cheryl's room. Cheryl is refusing treatment of any kind. Felicia is furious with Colton when she realizes that he has been ignoring her calls because he saw her with Scotty on the docks.

May 2, 1988 - No Commercials (There is a slight tracking problem for the first ten minutes or so of this episode) - Robert visits with Cheryl. Alan fills Robert in on Cheryl's condition. Duke returns from NY. Anna is becoming increasingly suspicious and questions him about the site of his club and the mob connections. Anna's probing upsets him as he feels like she and Robert are ganging up on him. Anna explains the strange coincidences that have come from the Woods case. At the hospital, Tiffany has made the decision to give Cheryl one of her kidneys. (tracking problem for a couple of minutes) Felicia talks to Terry about her problems with Colton. Upset about Colton, Felicia heads into the PI office to catch up on some work. Sean is there working. Felicia tells him of her decision to visit Washington again. He reluctantly agrees to go with her. Anna arrives hoping there's been a message from Fran Woods. Anna actually missed the call at home. Scotty sneaks into Cheryl's room and starts harassing her about the Meditech deal. She becomes hysterical and screams. Robert bursts in with Alan and throws Scotty into the wall.

May 3, 1988 - No Commercials - Tony and Lucy discuss the possibility of her being elected to the board of directors for the hospital. Alan and Edward talk about Cheryl's condition and how it will affect the Meditech deal. Duke tells Angel about Robert's suspicions. Angel is very worried that Duke's in over his head. Duke tells him to relax, the bodies have been removed from the river and Robert will never find them. Scotty tries to sabotage the hospital so Meditech will take them over. Victor hires a manager for Duke's new club. Lucy snoops through Scott's office while she waits for him. She finds a document that outlines a Meditech takeover and restructure of the hospital. Olivia smears lipstick on the collar of Duke's shirt.

May 4, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert and Alan discuss Cheryl's health. Both are perplexed over Scotty's presence in her room. Duke's returns home with good news. He tells Anna he's found a manager for the new club. (Special report) Duke suggests that he take an apartment in NY. Anna doesn't understand why he needs one now that he has hired a manager. He quickly drops the subject and asks Anna about her work. She fills him in on the Woods case. Cheryl has another attack while Robert is visiting her. She finally agrees to consider Tiffany's offer of a new kidney. Scotty has paid someone to sabotage the hospital. Duke and Anna head to the PI office. While there she receives a call from Fran Woods. They meet and Anna shows her the shoe that was pulled out of the river. Mrs. Woods becomes upset. She gives Anna a letter that was sent to her anonymously. The letter says to check Duke's club if she wants to know more about her husband. Robert goes through Duke's file looking for a connection between him and Marty Woods. He finds a sketch of Julian Jerome in the file. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that it's Julian. Robert decides to take the sketch with him to NY, to see if he can ID the man. Anna is devastated by this new piece of evidence that somehow links her husband with Marty Woods. She returns home with the letter and starts questioning Duke. The couple begins to argue when Anna notices the lipstick on Duke's shirt. Cheryl decides to leave the hospital to think.

May 5, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean and Felicia head to Washington in search of information on Frisco. Back at GH, Amy discovers that Cheryl is missing. Alan calls Tiffany at the studio to tell her. Tiffany rushes to the hospital to help with the search. Meanwhile, Colton is having a case of stage fright. Olivia is on the phone with Mrs. Woods and Rudolpho walks in on her. He wants to know why she's in Duke's office. Olivia tries to explain her presence by saying she and Duke are partners. When that doesn't work, she tries to buy his silence. Rudolpho refuses to take her money. Sean and Felicia arrive in Washington and Sean meets with Mr. Kinley. He tells Sean about Frisco's last mission but will not divulge his location. Sean tells Mr. Kinley that he should talk to Felicia. Felicia threatens him with going to the press. He finally concedes, and tells her that Frisco was last seen on this continent. Felicia is heartbroken, but Sean tells her not to worry that he has something else up his sleeve.

May 6-12, 1988:  5/6, 5/9, 5/10, 5/11, 5/12

May 6, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert returns from NY with no information on Julian. As Robert laments his trip, Tiffany barges in with a letter from Cheryl. The letter says she is going somewhere to think. Duke tells Anna that the note delivered to Fran Woods was meant for her. It was meant to stop her from investigating. The hospital has a surprise inspection by the accreditation board. Sean decides the only way to get the info on Frisco is to take it. He's going to break into the WSB headquarters. Robert arrives at the hospital irate about Cheryl's disappearance. He even grills Steve about security in the hospital. Unfortunately, Robert's outburst has come at a very bad time. The accreditation board is there to witness the whole ugly scene. Back in NY, Olivia has boarded a plane headed for PC. Sean breaks into Kinley's office and finds the file on Frisco. It only tells him where Frisco's last mission was. Olivia shows up at Duke's unannounced. When he questions her about being in PC, she lies and says that she's here to visit Cheryl. Duke informs Olivia of Cheryl's illness and sudden disappearance. Olivia asks to wait in Cheryl's apartment. Duke agrees to let her wait there as long as she stays out of sight. Robert arrives a short time later to check Cheryl's apartment. He is given access to the elevator without Duke's knowledge. Olivia hides in the shower while Robert checks the apartment.

May 9, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean is taking too much time in the building, and Felicia is growing more concerned with each passing moment. Suddenly she notices two guards exiting the building and fears that Sean is trapped. Felicia provides a distraction by pretending to sprain her ankle. The guards rush to her aide. Sean witnesses the distraction and immediately rushes out of the building. Felicia notices Sean but luckily for them the guards do not. She has a miraculous recovery and thanks the guards for their help. Back at the club, Duke learns that Robert is upstairs in Cheryl's apartment. He is worried that Robert will find Olivia. Duke waits downstairs for Robert. As soon as Robert leaves, Duke heads upstairs to find Olivia. He finds her removing a picture from Cheryl's nightstand. Olivia doesn't want Robert to find the picture of Julian in Cheryl's apartment. Sean and Felicia have both made it back to the car. However, the car won't start. Sean gets out and checks under the hood. In the meantime, a guard notices their car and approaches them. He tells them they have to move. Sean explains that there is a problem with the car. The guard doesn't care he wants them gone by the time he comes back. Sean tries feverishly to fix the car, until Felicia informs him that the car has been in neutral the whole time. They're about to pull away when the guard returns and asks for their ID. Sean tries to reason with him, when that doesn't work he just takes off.

May 10, 1988 - No Commercials (Slight tracking problem for the first 10min. of this episode) - Duke calls the club to see if Olivia has left for NY. The Quartermaines discuss all of the recent problems at the hospital and how it will affect the accreditation committee. Lucy meets with Scott. She tells him they have important business to discuss. When Scott asks her to dinner, Lucy asks him about the reorganization of General Hospital. Fran Woods arrives at the PI office unannounced. She wants to know if Anna has found any new info on her husband. Sadly, Anna tells her there is nothing more she can do for her. Fran pays Anna for her time and leaves. Anna feels badly for Fran but then realizes that her life is strangely similar and begins to feel sorry for herself. Duke and Angel discuss Julian's dream. Lucy blackmails Scotty so that she can become a member of the board of directors for the hospital.

May 11, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean checks in with his contacts in Canada regarding Frisco's whereabouts. Just as he hangs up, Felicia shows up and informs him that she's going to Canada. Anna asks Robert to come to the office. When he arrives, she tells him that she is dropping the Woods case. Robert is relieved, but confused about the sudden change. Anna quickly changes the subject and asks if he's heard from Cheryl. Ruby receives a letter from Jake. She calls Bobby and asks her to come to Kelly's. Meanwhile, Sean manages to convince Felicia not to go to Canada. Sean arrives at the PI office and updates Anna and Robert about Frisco. Scotty finally agrees to present Lucy to the board of directors. When Tiffany asks Sean to find Cheryl, he says they should respect her wishes.

May 12, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke heads to NY. Cheryl is in NY visiting Julian's grave. She stays for a while and nearly runs into Victor and Olivia. Felicia stops by Sean's place. While there, Sean receives a strange call. The caller wants to know if Sean is going to be at the PI office today. Back in NY, Olivia and her father get into an argument and Duke stands up for her. Colton and Tiffany talk about his show. Colton decides he doesn't want to do the show anymore. While at work, Felicia begins receiving strange phone calls asking where she will be today. She discusses the calls with Anna. They don't think much of them until Sean arrives. He tells Anna about the strange call he received this morning. They begin to worry as Felicia has gone home for lunch. Sean rushes out and heads for the brownstone. Anna calls Robert with some information on the Woods case. Robert visits with Robin. She asks him if he's in love with Cheryl. He admits that he likes her but that's all.

May 13-19, 1988:  5/13, 5/16, 5/17, 5/18, 5/19

May 13, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert and Lewis discuss dropping the Woods investigation. Meanwhile, Anna is feeling guilty about withholding info from Robert. She decides that it's time to tell him everything, and calls his office. Unfortunately, she just misses him. Felicia receives another mysterious call, this time at the office. Robert shows up at the hospital looking for information on Cheryl. Sean arrives at the PI office. He and Anna discuss the Woods case. Back at the police station, Robert is feeling useless as he can't find anyone. Mrs. Woods visits Anna and finally tells her the truth about her husband. Marty is a gangster associated with the Carter family from NJ. Marty was in PC to kill someone. As soon as Fran leaves, Anna calls Robert and gives him Fran's address. She is concerned that Duke might be involved with these people. Sean arrives at the brownstone to warn Felicia about the phone calls. He makes her promise not to go anywhere alone. As Sean leaves two men come up and grab both he and Felicia.

May 16, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna goes over in her mind, what she knows about the Woods case. The accreditation committee meets with Steve. Sean and Felicia are taken to an undisclosed location and separated. They are questioned about Frisco's whereabouts. They are both threatened with torture. Back at the PI office, Tiffany shows up looking for Sean. She and Anna discuss the wedding. Meanwhile, Duke pops into the office. He wants Anna to close up early and go home with him. When she tells him she is expecting someone, he decides he will wait with her. Anna wants him to go home but she doesn't tell him why. Anna notices the new expensive new key chain that Duke is carrying, and questions him about it. Duke admits it was a present from Olivia. Just then, Robert barges into the office looking for Anna. Duke is upset that Anna hid the fact that she was waiting for Robert, so he leaves. Robert informs Anna that the address she gave him was a bust. The apartment was empty, and all traces of the Woods family erased. He yells at Anna for withholding information. Anna storms out of the office. A mysterious woman is overseeing the interrogations of Sean and Felicia. Tiffany searches for Sean at Felicia's apartment.

May 17, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke is upset with Anna for not telling him about Robert. He reminds her that as far as Robert's concerned, Duke is the prime suspect. Sean is shocked with a cattle prod, when he refuses to answer their questions. Felicia is made to believe that her hair has been cut. Colton decides that he's going to continue doing his show. He tries to contact Felicia to tell her the news but he can't reach her. Anna arrives at Robert's office only to have him scream at her and implicate her husband in a mob war. She storms out again. Duke arrives at Olivia's gallery for their meeting. They are interrupted when Victor walks in. Victor finally concedes defeat and gives his blessing to this new partnership. Back in PC, Tiff and Colton are becoming concerned. They have been searching for Sean and Felicia all day and still can't find them. Robert receives a letter from Cheryl, and heads off to Baltimore. Later that day, Sean and Felicia are returned to the brownstone, exhausted but unharmed.

May 18, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean and Felicia sit on the porch and discuss their ordeal. They agree that it must remain a secret. Duke returns from NY, and he and Anna make up. He tells Anna that he's going to sell the new club. He's not about to let it tear them apart. Sean runs into Terry and Colton. They question him about his and Felicia's disappearance. He tells them they were out of town working on a case. Colton, Terry, and Tiffany burst into Felicia's apartment when they hear her screaming. She was having a nightmare about the interrogation. Colton stays with her and they talk about the case she and Sean are working on. Then she receives a call telling her to forget the last 24hrs.

May 19, 1988 - No Commercials - Tom is reassigned to a teen center for his community service. Duke gets a call from Olivia saying the family is in turmoil. They make plans to get together. Monica is spreading herself much too thin. Duke finally tells Angel that Olivia is Victor Jerome's daughter. Angel can't believe it. He expresses his concern over Duke spending so much time with Olivia. Meanwhile, Anna shows up unexpectedly at the club. She suggests that she open a PI office in the back of Duke's new club. Duke doesn't think it's a good idea. Just then, Olivia arrives at the club. Angel tries to distract her while Anna is upstairs. The two just miss each other. Lucy breaks into Scotty's office and goes through his desk. When the phone rings in the office, she answers it pretending to be Scott's administrative assistant. The man who caused all the problems at the hospital wants his money.

May 20-26, 1988:   5/20, 5/23, 5/24, 5/25, 5/26

May 20, 1988 - No Commercials - Angel calls Duke to make sure Anna is gone, and then sends Olivia up. Monica is feeling overwhelmed with her job, and is considering resigning. Sean tries to convince Tiffany that he was on a case with Felicia. Robert calls Sean, from Baltimore, looking for Cheryl. Just as Sean hangs up, the doorbell rings. Tiffany is stunned when she opens the door to Cheryl. Sean receives a call from Felicia, and heads out to her place. Meanwhile, Tiff and Cheryl argue when Cheryl refuses her kidney. Olivia offers to redecorate the club in PC as a cover. Duke calls Anna to tell her that he is going to NY for a few days. Anna suggests that she go along but Duke declines. Before Olivia leaves Duke's office, she deposits her business card without his knowledge. Felicia turns to Colton for advice. Back at the hospital, Monica has a meltdown in surgery when another surgeon takes over for her. Anna asks Lewis to keep an eye on the house as she's going to NY for a couple days. Sean tries to call Leblanc for info on Frisco. Over at the teen center, Tom breaks up a fight and then has to explain to the kids why he was suspended from the hospital. Duke finally tells Angel that Olivia is helping him turn the family legit. Angel is worried. He asks Duke about the gold watch that belonged to Marty Woods. Just then, Anna walks in and overhears them. She hides just outside the doorway and listens to the conversation. When it's over, she slips away unnoticed.

May 23, 1988 - No Commercials - Cheryl shows up at Robert's office. Sean's having no luck finding Leblanc. Felicia shows up and they discuss the kidnapping. Back at Robert's office, Cheryl informs Robert that she's not taking Tiffany's kidney. She's decided that when the time comes she will try dialysis. Also, she tells him of her trip to NY to visit Julian's grave. Anna shows up unexpectedly at Duke's club in NY. She notices that Rudolpho (the manager) carries a gun. She asks him several questions before she finally introduces herself. Anna intimates that she is aware of all Duke's business affairs. However, before she gets Rudolpho to reveal anything, Olivia appears. Both women are startled by the others presence in the club. Olivia covers by saying that she's decorating Duke's office. Anna is in NY for a shopping spree. Anna inquires about Olivia's lipstick and learns that it's specially made for Olivia. As Anna heads home on the plane, she's reminded of Fran's confession about Marty, and how much alike their lives seem to be. Sean visits the WSB again. He asks to see Mr. Kinley, but is told there is no Mr. Kinley.

May 24, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean argues with the secretary and then barges into Mr. Kinley's office. However, the man behind the desk is not Mr. Kinley. He tells Sean to leave. Eventually, Sean does leave but decides to stay over in Washington until he figures out what's going on. He presumes Kinley was sent away because he revealed secret info to Felicia. Anna returns from NY. She's pretty sure that Duke's back in the mob but she doesn't know why. Felicia receives a call from Leblanc. He refuses to give her any information until she's alone. Felicia hangs up and asks Colton to leave. He agrees reluctantly, but waits outside. Leblanc instructs her to go home and wait for his call. Felicia rushes home. As Sean waits in his hotel room his mind replays the kidnapping. Suddenly he realizes that he knows who's responsible. He places a call to the WSB and asks for Colette. He's told, by the woman on the phone, that there is no Colette working there. He tells her he has information on Leblanc and for Colette to meet him in the park. Anna arrives at Duke's office unannounced. She tells Duke that she was in NY and met Rudolpho. Anna asks Duke if he murdered Marty Woods. He is stunned by the question. However, he does admit to dumping his body in the river. Anna is devastated by Duke's admission. He tries to explain but Anna refuses to listen to more lies. She tells him the marriage is over and leaves. Sean has disguised himself as a blind old man. He waits at the park for Colette. When she arrives, Sean bumps into her and grabs her. He tells her to get up and walk with him back to his hotel. She is hesitant but agrees when she realizes its Sean. Back at the hotel, they discuss old times. Sean asks Colette if Frisco is dead. She believes that he is.

May 25, 1988 - Commercials (first five mins missing) - Stella and Lila are discussing their Pickle Lila business. They decide to invest their profits in the stock market. Whatever monies they make will go to charity. The duo head over to see Cheryl. Lila wants to invest 3Million into Meditech stock. Robert receives a letter from his cousin Prunella. Bobbie takes a call from Mr. Butcher. He's looking for Scotty and his money. Tom brings Terry to the teen center to sing. Robert gets a visit from the state police commissioner warning him to stay away from NY. A man breaks into Felicia's apartment and plants a bug in her phone.

May 26, 1988 - No Commercials - Felicia waits for Leblanc's call. Robert and Cheryl have dinner together and he pumps her for info on his cousin. Duke arrives home and tries to explain to Anna why he's involved with the mob again. He tells her about Julian and how he helped find Anna when she was kidnapped. Also, he tells her that Julian saved his life. Duke promises that he will get out as soon as Julian's dream of legitimacy is realized. Sean and Colette return to PC. Sean has to hide her when Tiffany shows up. Colton arrives at Felicia's and admits to eavesdropping. He knows about the call from Leblanc. She asks him to leave as she's waiting for another call. He does but waits upstairs for her to leave then follows her. Duke tells Angel that he admitting everything to Anna. Just then, Olivia steps off the elevator. Duke informs her that he may be spending a lot more time in NY.

May 27 - June 2, 1988:  5/27, 5/30, 5/31, 6/1, 6/2

May 27, 1988 - No Commercials - Prunella arrives at Sean's. Robert is going to kill Cheryl for inviting her. Felicia meets with Leblanc. He asks her when she last heard from Frisco and how he contacted her. Felicia forces him to show his face. She is stunned by the large scar on his face. Prunella tells Cheryl about Roberts's childhood in Australia. Cheryl invites her to stay at Sean's. Sean and Colette break into Felicia's apartment. Sean is concerned that she's not home. He finds a message by the phone about her meeting at the park. Bobbie discovers a ck for $2,000. addressed to Butcher in Scotty's outgoing mail. Leblanc tells Felicia that he was the last person to see Frisco alive. She doesn't believe him and wants proof. He removes a ring from his pocket. Felicia is devastated when she notices the inscription on Frisco's wedding ring. Felicia asks if he's dead. Leblanc tells her that there was an explosion and that no one could've survived. Olivia waits in Cheryl's penthouse and wonders what Anna's going to do with the info on Duke. Cheryl arrives home and finds Olivia. She is concerned about her connection to the Jerome family affecting her relationship with Robert. Sean and Colette arrive at the park looking for clues as to Felicia's whereabouts. Colette thinks it's a dead end and leaves. Sean sits there until he notices the message on the pipe. Unfortunately, Felicia has the other half of the message. Leblanc interrogates Felicia about a package Frisco sent her. She doesn't know what he's talking about. She tells him that she never received any package. Leblanc doesn't believe her and turns to go. Just then, a sniper starts shooting. Colton rushes in and saves Felicia.

May 30, 1988 - No Commercials - Prunella sacks out on the couch at Sean's. Back at the warehouse, Leblanc is hit by the sniper. Colton decides to go for Leblanc's gun, while Felicia creates a diversion. Colton grabs the gun and starts shooting back. They exchange shots for a few minutes and then the sniper leaves. Colton tries to drag Felicia out of the building but she refuses to leave without Frisco's ring. Felicia gets the ring and Colton checks to see if Leblanc is dead. As they leave, Leblanc's body is dragged out of site. Felicia arrives home with Colton to find Sean waiting. They explain what happened at the warehouse. Sean asks Colton to take him there. Felicia refuses to be left alone so she tags along. Duke receives a call that there's been an explosion at the club in NY. Sean, Colton, and Felicia arrive at the warehouse but can't find Leblanc's body or any evidence of a shootout for that matter. Suddenly, the police show up. Colton and Felicia make it out but Sean has to hide. Robert shows up at the club and just misses Olivia and Cheryl having dessert together.

May 31, 1988 - No Commercials - Anna wakes up and calls for Duke but soon remembers why he's not there. Anna has flashbacks of Duke while “Foolish Heart” plays. She still loves him but realizes she can't risk Robin's safety by staying with him. Tiffany barges into Sean's and finds Prunella sleeping on the couch. When she asks Sean about it, he says he doesn't even know who she is. Monica decides to resign as Asst. Chief of Staff. Anna calls the club looking for Duke and is told by Angel that Duke left for NY. She hangs up and immediately calls Chief Lewis. Anna wants security around the house beefed up till the end of the week, but doesn't want Robert to know. Duke arrives at the club in NY to assess the damage. Victor and Rudolpho think someone in their own family is responsible. Duke retaliates with another meeting. Victor is concerned that Duke doesn't realize the danger and that this was just a warning. With the stakes raised, Duke informs Olivia that she's out. She pleads her case to her father but he agrees with Duke's decision. Sean and Colette meet at the park. He tells her that Leblanc is dead, and that his body has mysteriously vanished. Someone erased all evidence of the shootout including the body. Colette decides to return to Washington as there is nothing left for her to do. Anna questions Angel about Duke's dealings with the mob. He tells her about Julian and how he helped Duke find Anna. His story is the same as Duke's but she's not sure if she should believe him. Angel has always been loyal to Duke and would surely lie for him. Sean checks the WSB computer for info on Leblanc. However, someone has removed him from the files.

June 1, 1988 - No Commercials - Felicia and Colton talk about the shooting. He tries to convince Felicia to let it go but she refuses. She's determined to find Frisco or at least his grave. Colton finally agrees to help but he needs to know exactly what is going on. Felicia reveals everything, the kidnapping, and breaking into the WSB. Robert learns about the explosion at Duke's club in NY. He calls Anna's and is told by Olin that Duke is in NY. Robert and Cheryl have dinner. He tells her about the bombing in NY, and starts asking questions about where she went to college. When she tells him Columbia he asks if she ever went to Greenies, or if she knew the mob owned it. Cheryl suspects that Robert is getting very close to figuring out the connection between her and the Jerome's. She tries to distract him with another conversation.

June 2, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean hears from Colette. She is returning to PC and wants to meet. Anna informs Robin that she's going to summer camp early this year. Unfortunately, Robin is not happy about this. She complains that her friends aren't there yet, and she won't get to say goodbye to her daddy or uncle Duke. Anna is adamant, she must leave today. After seeing Robin off, Anna leaves a message for Duke to meet her in PC at 1:00pm. When Olivia learns of this, she places a call to Fran Woods and instructs her to set up a meeting with Anna for 1:00pm. Fran expresses her concern over the meeting but is told she will not be attending. Fran places the call to Anna. Anna is reluctant to go but Fran tells her she has info about Duke. Anna arrives at the library for her meeting with Fran. Meanwhile, Duke is waiting at the club for Anna. When she doesn't turn up, he panics and rushes home. While Anna waits, she thinks about what Duke told her about Marty's body. She decides to call the club to tell Duke she's going to be late. However, there is no answer at the club as Duke's at home looking for her. So, she continues to wait for Fran.

June 3-9, 1988: 6/3, 6/6, 6/7, 6/8, 6/9 cm

June 3, 1988 - No Commercials Anna arrives at the club in PC, but Duke's already gone back to NY. She calls home to see if Duke stopped by the house and is told by Olin that he never showed. Robert receives info from the NYPD. Victor Jerome has been observed going in and out of the club with his associates on a regular basis. Also, that the manager Rudolpho is a loyal soldier of the Jerome mob. Olivia finds out that Duke's meeting with Anna fell through. She is thrilled that her plan worked. She orders champagne and waits patiently in Duke's apartment. Anna returns home to find Olin shook up. Olin tells her about being locked out and how someone tried to get past the guard. Anna calls Duke's apartment in NY to see if he ever stopped by the house. Olivia answers the phone and takes a message from Anna. When Duke finally arrives in NY, he's very upset. He thinks that Anna stood him up for their meeting. Olivia is there waiting for him with champagne. Robert fumes when he stops by Anna's and discovers one of his undercover men stationed outside her front door. He confronts the officer but Anna comes to his rescue. She tells Robert that she requested the guards without his knowledge. She downplays it saying that there were some strange faces in the neighborhood lately. Unfortunately, Robert's not buying it for a second. He becomes irate when he learns that his daughter has been shipped off to summer camp early without even a goodbye. Back in NY, Olivia is lifting Duke's spirits with food and champagne. They dance together and then start to kiss.

June 6, 1988 - No Commercials - Felicia wants to know how Leblanc got a hold of Frisco's wedding ring. Duke turns over in bed and slowly comes awake. He horrified to discover that he's in bed with Olivia. He quickly leaves the bed and showers. Olivia wakes up and hears the shower running. She stretches contentedly knowing that she finally has Duke where she wants him. The phone rings while Duke's in the shower so Olivia answers it. She hangs up when she hears Anna's voice. Felicia replays the shooting in her mind, but is startled out of her memory by the phone. Colton wants to meet. Scotty agrees to meet Butcher and give him another check. Duke and Olivia have breakfast together. Duke is upset when Rudolpho arrives with breakfast and discovers Olivia there. When Rudolpho leaves, Duke tells her that what happened between them must remain between only them. Just then, Victor barges in. He is furious about Olivia's presence in Duke's apartment. Duke tries to explain it but when Victor discovers that Olivia's barefoot it all goes out the window. Victor tells Olivia to leave and forbids her to return. When Olivia has gone Victor asks Duke if he received a message last night from Anna. Duke knows nothing about it and wants to know who took the message. Victor informs him that Olivia took the message. Felicia informs Colton that she's going to Quebec. Duke and Anna try to reach each other at the same time but can't get through. Robert questions Anna about the whereabouts of his daughter. He tells Anna about his knowledge of Victor Jerome frequenting Duke's NY club. Anna jumps to Duke's defense and throws Robert out. Meanwhile, Duke is meeting with the drug dealers.

June 7, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean finds Colette in his house. They try to figure out what Frisco was after that everyone wants. Sean thinks maybe Leblanc was the unknowing messenger. Scotty moves out of the brownstone. Lucy returns home to find Lila and Charlene and her kitchen covered in flour. They are trying out new recipes for Lila's business. Colette finally gives in and tells Sean what Frisco was doing on his last mission. Ruby gets robbed but Val and Greg stop the kids before they can get away. Colette searches Sean's place while he's upstairs with Tiffany. She finds his file on Frisco but gets caught by Sean.

June 8, 1988 - No Commercials (reduced quality of audio for first 10 min) - Duke calls home and leaves a message for Anna. Tony arrives home to find the kitchen in shambles. Robert barges in on Cheryl at work. He tells her his suspicions about Duke and his involvement with the Jerome family. Duke finally questions Olivia about taking a message from Anna. She admits that she did, and acts surprised that he doesn't remember her giving him the message. Lila tells Alan and Monica that she's responsible for the drop in Meditech stock. (slight tracking problem, screen goes blue for a couple seconds) Duke actually believes Olivia gave him the message but he was too drunk to remember. They talk about what happened. Duke apologizes and tells her it won't happen again. Robert begins questioning Cheryl about Julian and his family. Cheryl panics and changes the subject.

June 9, 1988 - Commercials - Anna heads off to visit Robin at camp. At the same time, Robert is having breakfast at Kelly's and telling Ruby that he's headed up to see Robin at camp. Scotty asks Ruby for a room to rent. Felicia receives a package with no return address at the brownstone. She leaves for work and forgets to take the package. Anna arrives to see Robin and finds her covered in poison ivy. Robin asks why she never hears from Duke. Colton receives a letter telling him to back off the Frisco investigation or Felicia will be hurt. He meets Felicia at Kelly's to walk her to work. Colette sneaks in the PI office and eavesdrops on them until she's caught. She questions Felicia about what Frisco sent her. Colton doesn't like where the questions are going so he asks her if Sean knows about this meeting. Colette gets the hint and leaves. Robert and Anna run into each other at Robin's camp. They start arguing and Anna finally tells him that she and Duke have separated.

June 10-15, 1988:  6/10, 6/13, 6/14, 6/15 cm

June 10, 1988 - No Commercials - Olivia calls Cheryl and asks if she can visit this weekend. Robert walks into his office and finds Prunella. He calls Sean and tells him that he's sending her to see him. Just as Sean is considering how to kill Robert (for sticking him with prunella) the doorbell rings. Colton wants to talk about Colette. He wants to know who she is and why she was snooping around the PI office asking Felicia questions. Before Sean can explain, there's a knock at the door. Sean opens the door and in walks Colette. Anna arrives in NY. She and Duke talk about their relationship and the future. Anna tells him it's impossible with his current situation. She explains her fears for Robin's safety and how Robert is breathing down her throat. They are interrupted by a call from Angel informing Duke that someone has trashed the club in PC. The call confirms Anna's suspicions that trouble is just around the corner. She tells Duke that she wants a legal separation and they need to discuss a property settlement. Robert walks in while Angel and the gang are trying to clean up the club. He goes up to see Cheryl. She is unaware of the vandalism downstairs so Robert takes her down to see it. Colton discovers that Colette knew Leblanc. Robert is so preoccupied with the vandalism at the club; they decide to cut their date short. Robert fears this is a warning for Duke.

June 13, 1988 - Commercials - Duke arrives to hear Angel yelling at the men trying to clean the graffiti off the walls. They're not having any luck and the club will have to be repainted. Anna tells Olin that she and Duke are separating. Cheryl is worried about Robert and Olivia running into each other. Robert snoops around the club and threatens Duke. A short time later, Olivia shows up at the club and tells Angel that Duke wants her to redecorate the club. However, Duke is out so she will visit with Cheryl for a while. As they head up, Cheryl asks Angel to tell Robert that she's out, if he should stop by. Anna heads out to mail a letter, as she opens the door Robert appears. She tells him to leave and then shuts the door in his face. He pushes back and she finally lets him in. He tries cheering her up with stories of their days together in the WSB. It eventually works and she smiles. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long when Robert mentions marriage. Anna tells him to go. Before he does, he tells her that he loves her no matter what. Duke visits Robin at camp. Robert shows up to take Cheryl out. He and Olivia just miss each other. Anna remembers the good times she and Robert had together.

June 14, 1988 - Commercials - Felicia visits Anna. Anna asks her about the Lockenbooth and who found it when she was kidnapped. Olivia returns to the club in PC and Olivia talks him into letting her redecorate it. Duke is furious when Victor shows up at the club in PC. He tells him to leave because he doesn't want Robert to find him there. Olivia checks with Butcher to make sure he got his money for a job well done. Cheryl rescinds her invitation to Olivia when she discovers that Victor is upstairs with Duke. Felicia meets with Tony. She shows him Frisco's wedding ring. They try to help each other through the realization that Frisco is dead. Anna goes to the library and starts digging up info on the Jerome mob. She discovers that everything Duke told her was the truth, including Julian's death. Cheryl fears that Duke is involved with the mob. She tells Olivia that she may have to move out of the penthouse. Anna arrives home and listens at the door while Duke is there retrieving his clothes. She hides outside when he leaves.

June 15, 1988 - Commercials - Robert and Cheryl have breakfast together at Kelly's. He tells her that he's concerned about his daughter's safety and invites her to visit Robin's camp with him. Felicia and Colton talk about her wedding anniversary. Tom catches Scotty breaking into his old office at the brownstone. Terry gives Colton the package for Felicia. He heads up to Felicia's apartment with it and catches some guy trying to break into her apartment. Colton attacks him and learns later that he was just there to rent an apartment. Robert and Cheryl decide to pack a picnic to take to Robin's camp. He confides in Cheryl his suspicions about Duke and the Jerome mob.

June 16-23, 1988:   6/16 cm, 6/17 cm, (6/20 no show golf), 6/21 :20 mins pre-empted, 6/22, 6/23

June 16, 1988 - Commercials - Tom tries to help Louise through her problems. Felicia shows Anna Frisco's wedding ring. When Anna asks who gave it to her, she lies and says, “The WSB”. Robert and Cheryl visit Robin at camp. While Robert judges the swim competition, Robin shows Cheryl around the camp. Duke arrives in PC to ck on the progress at the club. Felicia invites Colton to dinner (slight tracking problem). Back at the camp, Robin asks Cheryl if she's going to marry her father. Cheryl tells her that she doesn't know what she would say if he asked. The pair hit it off very well, enough for Robin to show Cheryl her secret place. Prunella answers Bobbie's add to rent an apartment at the brownstone. Scotty breaks into the office at the brownstone. Anna and Duke meet and she suggests that he document everything involving the mob for his own protection. Robert returns from judging soaking wet. Robin and Cheryl have a good laugh at his expense until he gets them wet too. Felicia finally opens the package with no return address. It turns out to be a music box from Frisco for their anniversary.

June 17, 1988 - Commercials (Sound quality reduced for about 5min) - Felicia discovers that the postmark on her package is from Washington DC. She's thrilled because Frisco is alive. However, Colton is not convinced. He explains that Frisco could've sent the package to Washington months ago with instructions to forward it on a certain date. Unfortunately, Felicia doesn't want to hear that and becomes angry with Colton. He decides to leave her with her memories and goes home. Flashbacks of Frisco and Felicia when they got engaged and when they got married.
     Robert and Cheryl are stranded in the woods after he runs out of gas on the way back from Robin's camp. Sean and Colette brainstorm to figure out what Frisco had that everyone is after. He decides that they should go to Quebec and check things out. Colette thinks it's a waste of time. Robert just happens to have a picnic basket full of food and a sleeping bag in the trunk of his car. Cheryl believes that he planned to run out of gas. Robert and Cheryl share a sleeping bag.
     A fire breaks out in the brownstone while Terry and Bobbie are at the table talking. Terry rushes upstairs to get Felicia. Unfortunately, Felicia is sound asleep and doesn't hear Terry frantically beating on the door. Terry continues to pound on the door and starts screaming. Finally, Felicia wakes up and stumbles to the door. Smoke is already pouring into the apartment when she opens the door. Terry drags her down the stairs and out to safety. Suddenly, Felicia realizes that her music box is still upstairs. She runs back into the house unnoticed. She grabs the box and runs to the stairs. The smoke is so thick that she can't see the top step and falls down the stairs. Colton arrives on the scene and becomes hysterical when he can't find Felicia.

June 21, 1988 - No Commercials (:20 minute news pre-emption) - Tony and Patrick examine Felicia in the hospital. She remains unconscious. Robert and Cheryl sleep together. Chief Lewis contacts Robert about the fire at the brownstone. Tony and Colton discuss Felicia's condition. Colton shows him the music box and explains where it came from. Tony is elated. He feels that Frisco must be alive. Colton tells him exactly what he told Felicia. Tony sits with Felicia. (End of show was interrupted for a special news report)

June 22, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert questions Terry and Bobbie about the fire. Cheryl and Olivia have breakfast together. Scotty shows up to check the damage at the brownstone. The fire chief tells him that it looks like arson. Colton waits at the hospital for news on Felicia. Robert and Olivia finally meet at Duke's. She explains that she's there to redecorate the club. Robert heads up to Cheryl's apartment. When he gets there, he tells her that he met Duke's decorator. Cheryl decides that she has to tell him about Olivia and Julian before this blows up in her face. Fortunately for her, Robert has an appointment with the fire marshal. He learns that the fire was in fact arson. Duke arrives in NY to meet with the drug bosses. Butcher tries to squeeze more money out of Olivia for the job he did on Duke's. She threatens him and tells him never to call her again. Colton takes Felicia's music box to be fixed.

June 23, 1988 -  No Commercials - Felicia remains unconscious. Anna contacts Duke in NY as she believes that he's in trouble. He's meeting with the drug bosses about legitimizing their operation. Unfortunately for Duke, they are refusing to even listen to his proposal. Suddenly, Victor jumps in and takes control of the meeting. In the end, he convinces them to at least consider Duke's proposal. Colton returns to Felicia's apartment exhausted. As he looks around, it suddenly occurs to him that maybe the music box is what everyone's looking for. He places a call to Sean. However, he doesn't realize that Felicia's phone is tapped and the terrorists are recording the call. The terrorists discover that Colton has taken the music box to be fixed. After placing the call, Colton falls fast asleep on the couch. He dreams about the music box and that the store, where he left it, is being broken into. When he wakes, Colton calls Sean. Sean doesn't understand him and thinks he's still half asleep. So he ignores Colton's warnings and tells him to get some sleep.
     Colette shows up at the PI office and Sean informs her of Felicia's condition and the music box that was sent to her from Frisco. Back in NY, Victor lectures Duke about separating business and personal life. He tells him that his full attention is needed in NY with the family and suggests that he move to NY. At the hospital, Felicia starts to wake up. She mumbles in her sleep about the music box. Anna comes up with a proposal of her own for Duke. She wants to compile a file on the Jerome family. She proposes that Duke move back into the house and continue to work for Victor. That way he has the inside track to Victor and the business. If he can't turn the family legitimate then Anna will use the information to take down the mob and free Duke. After everything, she still loves him.

June 24-30, 1988:  6/24, 6/27, 6/28, 6/29, 6/30

June 24, 1988 - No Commercials - Sean and Colette visit Felicia in the hospital. Sean is convinced that if Felicia hears the music box she will wake from her coma. Sean contacts Colton and asks about the music box. He offers to pick it up from the jewelry store. Colton refuses informing Sean that he needs the claim check. They hang up and Colton calls the store. He gets no answer, so he heads to the TV studio. Robert plans to question the residents of the brownstone about the fire. He is already suspicious of Scotty when Bobbie tells him to contact Scott about the fire. Duke returns from NY to meet with Anna. She arrives at the club and finds Olivia there with Duke. Anna and Duke leave her at the bar and head up to his office. Shortly after, Olivia barges into the office. Duke tells her to get the hell out. Moments later, he receives a call from the director of Robin's camp. Robin is missing. A panicked Anna rushes out with Duke in tow. Duke charters a plane to get them to the camp.
     Meanwhile, Anna is furious when she thinks this could be mob retaliation. Colton tries the jewelry store one more time from the TV studio. Still no one answers, so he decides to head over there. When he arrives he notices the front door is smashed and there are policemen inside with the store owner. After speaking with the owner, he discovers that someone broke in and stole all the music boxes. Colton inquires about his music box. Luckily, the store owner brought that one home with him to work on it, so it was not stolen. Colton retrieves the box and immediately returns it to Felicia in the hospital. Robert hauls Scotty in for questioning about the brownstone fire. Shortly after, he receives the call that Robin's missing. He rushes right out.

June 27, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert takes off in the police helicopter just as Cheryl arrives at the station. Guy tells her what happened. She remembers Robin's secret hiding place and wonders if that's where she could be. She tries to get a message to Robert in the copter but they lose the connection. She decides that she has to tell Robert about Robin's secret place, so she heads up there. Back in the hospital, Colton plays the music box for Felicia. Unfortunately, she doesn't wake up. Colton lays the box in her hands and winds it up before he leaves. Scotty steals a check from the daycare center and forges Lucy's signature. 
     Meanwhile, someone sneaks into Felicia's room and tries to pry the box from her hands. Just then, Tony walks in. The man attacks him and runs out. Tony chases after him which allows Colette to slip in undetected. She tries to take the box from Felicia. Felicia starts to wake up. Sean arrives and finds Colette in Felicia's room. Robert, Anna, and Duke arrive at Robin's camp. They speak to the director and to some of Robin's friends. Robert tells Anna that Cheryl's on her way. Anna seems upset and wants to know why Cheryl thinks she can help. Anna and Robert argue as they begin searching the woods. Felicia wakes up and Sean tells her what happened in the fire.

June 28, 1988 - Commercials - Sean informs Felicia that Frisco may have hidden something in the box. She allows him to check it. At Robin's camp, the search is in full swing. Cheryl finally tells them about Robin's secret hiding place. Anna seems upset that Robin never told her of this place but she told Cheryl. Sean explains to Felicia that they need to take the box apart to find out if there is anything in it. (Flashbacks of Frisco singing Lady of My Heart to Felicia) Felicia gives Sean and Colton permission to take the box but only for one day. They bring it to the jeweler and ask him to dismantle it. He finally agrees when Sean gives him $100. Cheryl has a difficult time remembering where Robin's secret place is. Lucy takes pictures of Scotty paying off Butcher in the park. The jeweler finds some initials on the box. (C.N.A) Anna is convinced that Robin has been kidnapped. She's just about to tell Robert that Duke is back in the mob when they hear Robin's voice. Colette chases a man out of Felicia's room.

June 29, 1988 - No Commercials - Felicia asks Colette who the man was. Felicia feels somewhat grateful and tells Colette that Sean and Colton have the music box. Back at Robin's camp, Anna wants Robin to come home. Robin apologizes for the trouble she caused and begs her mother to let her stay. Anna relents. Colton and Sean return to the hospital with the music box. Felicia tells them about the man that broke into her room and how Colette chased him away. Meanwhile, Anna is furious with Duke for putting Robin's life in jeopardy and rethinks her proposal. She apologizes to Cheryl and thanks her for her help. Colton volunteers to stay with Felicia in the hospital all night. Terry and gang organize some help for Bobbie redecorating the brownstone. Robert is convinced that Anna knows Duke's back in the mob. (Tracking problem) Sean receives a call from Mr. Kinely (former head of the WSB) he wants to meet in Washington.

June 30, 1988 - No Commercials - Alan is named the new asst chief of staff. Charlene shows up at the Q mansion to cook. Sean tells Colton he's going to Washington. Felicia wakes up alone. She reaches for the music box and plays it. Colton comes in with breakfast shortly after. She tells him that she had a dream that Sean kissed her head and told her that he was going to Washington. Colton tells her it wasn't a dream. Just as she asks when he will be back, Colette barges in.

July 1-7, 1988:  7/1, 7/4 Big Fourth of July, 7/5, 7/6, 7/7

July 1, 1988 - No Commercials - Olivia's furious when she learns that Butcher is out of town. She snaps at Angel when he tells her that he doesn't know where Duke spent the night. Colton and Felicia try to discover what the initials C.N.A. mean. Anna gets a visit from Robert at the PI office. He asks her why she thought Robin had been kidnapped. She lies to him. Scotty continues to use the daycare center as his personal bank account. Lucy blackmails Scotty with the photos of him paying off Butcher. She wants Scott to help her get appointed to the board of directors. Felicia has a meltdown and snaps at Colton. Duke shows up at the PI office. He's decided to take Anna proposition and help her compile evidence on the mob. Robert arrives at Cheryl's office and finds her crying. She tells him that she's afraid of losing him. Colton and Felicia finally discover where the music box was made. Unfortunately, so do the terrorists. Somebody breaks into the PI office and trashes the place.

July 4, 1988 - No Commercials - Lucy's devastated that she didn't get on the hospital board. Audrey Hardy was elected instead. Colton spends the night on Felicia's couch. Felicia wants to go to Quebec in search of the music box maker. Colton thinks they should wait for Sean. Robert tracks down Scott at the hospital and asks for Butcher's phone number. Scott gives it to him. However, Scotty has already paid Butcher to leave town for awhile. The residents of PC prepare for the Fourth of July picnic on the docks. Charlene and Lila try out their new confection at the picnic. Felicia agrees to wait for Sean to go to Quebec. She and Colton pack a lunch and head down to the docks to watch the fireworks.

July 5, 1988 - No Commercials - Robert tries to contact Butcher by phone but has no luck since Butcher's out of town. Duke's is ready for its grand reopening. Anna asks Duke to move back in. Louise is becoming dependant on Tom. Robert threatens to charge Scotty with obstruction of justice if he doesn't produce Butcher soon. Someone offers to buy the brownstone but Bobbie refuses. Anna arrives at her office and finds it ransacked. She calls Duke and asks him to come over to the office. Angel calls Olivia to invite her to the reopening of Duke's. When Duke sees Anna's office he realizes that it's another warning. Anna gets a call from Fran while she's cleaning up her office. They plan to meet at the library. Olivia arrives at Duke's for the reopening. As Terry starts singing her opening number water starts pouring in the main dining room through the ventilation vents.

July 6, 1988 - No Commercials - Duke and Angel agree that the flood is another warning for Duke. They have to close down while the water damage is repaired. Colton talks Felicia out of going to Quebec. Prunella confirms Tiffany's suspicions of another woman frequenting Sean's penthouse. Unfortunately, Prunella has no idea who the woman is. Felicia arrives at work and finds Anna cleaning up the office. Anna inquires about Sean and if he's coming to work. Felicia tells her that Sean is in Washington tracking down leads on Frisco. Felicia helps Anna clean for a while then decides she's going to Quebec with or without Sean and Colton. She has to know what happened to Frisco so she can move on with her life. Later that day, Anna meets with Fran. Fran is concerned about her income. The money she receives every month has been reduced and she fears that it will stop completely. She needs a job so she can support her children. Just then an idea comes to Anna, she asks Fran to help her get info on the mob. Colton becomes concerned when he can't reach Felicia at home or the office. He has a hunch that she has gone to the airport. Colton catches up with Felicia on the plane to Quebec. He agrees to go with her.

July 7, 1988 - No Commercials - The club reopens after the flood but business is very slow. Duke fears that the customers won't be back. Scotty threatens to reveal Cheryl's past to Robert if she can't get Robert to ease up on him. Sean receives a call from Kinly. They plan to meet at the park. Anna wants Duke to move back home to keep up appearances. She suggests that they move to NY since Robin is away at camp. She considers closing the PI office but decides it's a good front. Kinly arrives at the park but gets spooked when Sean is talking to someone. He returns a short time later and tells Sean about the initials on the box and what they mean. The terrorist's arrive in Quebec before Felicia and Colton. They hold up the store owner and hang the closed sign. When Colton and Felicia arrive they find the store closed so they decide to come back later. While being interrogated, the store owner discovers that the knob on Felicia's box is different. Robert discovers, while running a check on Scotty, Cheryl's involvement with him and a company called mediserve. Fran agrees to help Anna with the investigation. Cheryl finally comes clean with Robert about her association with Scotty. After she finishes her story, Robert gets up and leaves without a word. Kinly tries to tell Sean about the danger that Felicia is in and who is behind it, but before he can he collapses and dies.

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