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American West Gallery!

The American West series included Buffalo Bill Cody, Cochise, Davy Crockett, Sitting Bull, Wild Bill Hickok and Wyatt Earp. There was also a horse named Shadow and a Dodge City playset.  This series included some of the most detailed figures with some of the best accessories produced by Mego and it also included the worst Mego accessory ever: Wyatt Earp's hat. What were they thinking when they made that hat?! He just looks silly with it. Anyway, these guys came in quite a variety of different packages: Boxed with art on the box, Boxed in a plain brown mailer box, Carded on a Kresge card (for sale in K-Mart: bubble in the middle), Carded on a Lion Rock card (made in the UK: bubble on the side) and Carded on a Tim Mee card (after Mego went under: very similar to the Lion Rock card)! The artwork is almost as good as the artwork on the Mad Monster boxes which means I'll probably end up spending more money than I would like to admit trying to complete the series AND get all of their packaging too :-) Because of the variety in packaging, I have tried to include as many different packages as possible. There is not an example of a Lion Rock card, but all of the other packaging variations are represented.

Buffalo Bill Cody Davey Crockett Wild Bill Hickok Sitting Bull

Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp
with Mailer Box
Cochise Shadow
Buffalo Bill Cody Cochise Davey Crockett Sitting Bull Wild Bill Hickok Wyatt Earp
Buffalo Bill Cody
Card Back
Card Back
Davey Crockett
Card Back
Sitting Bull
Card Back
Wild Bill Hickok
Card Back
Wyatt Earp
Card Back

When Mego went under in the early 1980's, Tim Mee Toys began producing the Western series (which they called "Western Heroes"). The Tim Mee versions were sold on different cards than the Mego versions and Tim Mee Toys used a slightly different quality of plastic.  Also, the paint job on the heads was slightly different.  The Tim Mee Cochise head looks particularly different than his Mego counterpart. All of the figures were produced on the Type 2 plastic rivet bodies. The bodies for Cochise and Geronimo (Geronimo was the same as the Mego Sitting Bull) were made of a plastic that is more orange to make them look like indians. Each figure came with pretty much the same clothes and accessories but some were different colors than their Mego counterparts and the accessories were made of a different plastic.  The pistols for the Tim Mee figures were a flat grey instead of silver like the Mego pistols.  Also the Tim Mee pistols were made of a very flexible plastic rather than the hard plastic Mego pistols. Here are pictures of the Tim Mee Buffalo Bill, Cochise, Geronimo and Wild Bill.

Tim Mee Western Heroes

Buffalo Bill Cody Cochise Geronimo Wild Bill Hickok

Here are some examples of several differences between the Mego Cochise and the Tim Mee Cochise.  First, the Mego Cochise had a skin color that was the same as most other Megos while the Tim Mee Cochise had more red in the skin color (both in on the head and the body).  You can really tell the difference in plastics if you look at the close up of the two heads.  Also, Tim Mee figures had less detail in the head sculpts and the paint on the head.  If you take a look at the picture of the backs of the two figures, you will notice that the Mego figures had metal snaps to attach the clothes while the Tim Mee figures had Velcro.  Also, you will see that the bodies on the Tim Mee figures have no markings on their backs.

Mego vs. Tim Mee

Mego vs. Tim Mee

Mego vs. Tim Mee

*Please Note that the Mego Cochese pictured is on a Metal Rivet (or Type 1) body.  The Western figures are often found on a Plastic Rivet (or Type 2) body also.  The body that the Tim Mee Cochese is on is just like the Mego Type 2 body except for the color and lack of markings on the back.  Don't confuse a Type 2 Mego figure with a Tim Mee figure!




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