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CHiPs Gallery!

Before Eric Estrada became famous by acting in toothpaste commercials, he portrayed the super smooth playboy cop Ponch on TV's CHiPs. Along with his sidekick Jon and his ever frustrated Police sergeant, Ponch kept the bad guys off of the streets, helped some little kid about once a week and put the moves on all of the ladies. Mego went all out on the CHiPs figures giving them more accessories than almost any other figures that they released! In addition to their pants with built in socks and shirt with non-functional pockets, they came with a helmet, nightstick, watch, gun belt, boots, gun, sunglasses and stickers. No motorcycle cop would be complete without his Police Motorcycle, so it's a good thing Mego also made bikes for the boys too! Unfortunately, these guys are about the worst when it comes to the heads turning gray.



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