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Mystery Astronaut Gallery!
Well, there isn't much known about this guy, so I don't really have much to say. The head is the same mold as the Removable Cowl Batman, Bruce Wayne and Tex Willer, but this guy has blue eyes. The boots are white AJ boots. His helmet has padding inside and is yellow with a white piece on top instead of grey like the Planet of the Apes / Action Jackson helmets.  The helmet visor is clear. The outfit is a blue nylon jumpsuit with several noteable differences from the AJ jumpsuits.  We believe that the Mystery Astronaut came with a white, elastic AJ belt like the one pictured here.  The majority of Mystery Astronauts that we have seen (including one still in the bag) have come with these belts. He comes on a Type 1 metal rivit body. If anyone knows anything about this guy, please email us!
Mystery Astronaut


Mystery Astronaut Helmet
(note the foam inside)
Removable Cowl Batman Mystery Astronaut


The jumpsuit on the Left is the correct Mystery Astronaut Jumpsuit.  The jumpsuit on the Right is a jumpsuit borrowed from an Action Jackson.  What is the difference?  Well first of all, they are different colors.  The Mystery Astronaut suit is darker than this AJ suit but lighter than the standard blue AJ suit.  The Mystery Astronaut does not have a collar on his suit!  The snap snaps on the opposite side.  The Mystery Astronaut jumpsuit has elastic in the wrists and ankles.


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