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Put your troubled arms around me...
Whisper sweet in my ear
Would that I were there beside you
Brushing back one angry tear.

By Becky Muldur, a child

This is now a closed list for women who has been diagnosed with MPD/DID/DDNOS or even just thinks she might be. I want this to be a safe/supportive list so I have made this list for women with dissociative problems only. (There are many lists for family and friends for support) No flaming of another member is allowed. Any member who flames another member will be given one warning only, privately. A second infraction means being unsubbed. Member's safety is my first priority. Also discussion of BDSM is not allowed. Spoilers are requested for subjects like: SRA, descriptive abuse of any kind, religion and talk of death or suicide. Please do not tell the list you are going to commit suicide. Talking about death or suicidal feelings is certainly ok but remember if you are feeling suicidal please please call either someone who can help you or a crisis hot line. If Littles want to post that's great, but if you are too little to type well, please ask an older alter to type your message for you so that we can understand what you want to tell us. :-) Sanctuary means a safe place and thats what I want this to be. A haven from the world, where we are with others who can understand and support us.

Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Coping with the attacks on Sept 11

Links for Information

How To Be A Proper Multiple by Sara Lambert
GroundingTechniques by Pat Stubbs
Answering Misconceptions about Self-Esteem by Dr. Nathaniel Branden
What Does it mean to Build a Support System?
Recognizing Anger
Headaches and Multiplicity
Self-Injury Fact Sheet
If You are avoiding Counseling
How Do I Trust?(background could trigger)
Feelings and Trauma Survivors
Why Are Some Alters So Angry?
Do I Have To Feel Pain to Heal?
Early Warning Signs of Switching

"Wisdom is the province of the aged,
but the mind of a child is pure."
Hrundi V. Bakshi

For anyone feeling suicidal please click on the bear.

Members Links

Mystery's Website; "Welcome To Our Inner World; Website of The Icebengals
Removing The Chains by The Collective(poem, is triggering)
Seige..a poem by The Cave Dwellers of the Valley of Ancients (triggering, no littles)

Links of Interest

You Hurt, My Hurt by GoesSoftly
The World View of the Grade V Hypnotizable Person
Marie McKenize

Reference Links for this page
Whimseys Quest:adopt a fairy
Dolphin's Dream, where I got the Aerith midi
Patricks free graphics for WebtvUsers

The rainbow picture was colored very likely by the littles, :-)