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A new class of vessel with a new crew - the IKS Gorkon is one of the best that the Klingon Empire has to offer.

Chancellor Gorkon

In 2293, mining facilities on the Klingon moon Praxis caused it's destruction. Chancellor Gorkon of the Klingon High Council responded to a request for a dialogue from Captain Spock of the USS Enterprise-A. Because of his response to a peace initiative, General Chang conspired with Starfleet Admiral Cartwright and Romulan Ambassador Nanclus to kill Gorkon, blame the crew of the USS Enteprise-A, and start a new war that would have allowed the Klingons to die with honor than face peace with their enemies, the Federation.

After Gorkon's assassination, his daughter Azetbur was named as Chancellor of the High Council, and continued working toward peace, even after Chang and others were exposed as traitors to the empire.

Chancellor K'mpec

While serving as an ensign on the IKS Baruk, Klag met and was impressed by Chancellor K'mpec, the longest serving chancellor in Klingon history.

Commander William T. Riker

Stardate 42506.5 - Commander William T. Riker became the first Starfleet officer to serve aboard a Klingon Defense Force vessel, the IKS Pagh under the command of Captain Kargan. During his brief time aboard the Pagh, Commander Riker formed a strong friendship with the ship's second officer, Klag.

After Commander Riker returned to the USS Enterprise-D, Klag was promoted to fill the First Officer position on the Pagh, and held the post for the next ten years.

In 2365, while head of Starfleet Medical, Commander Beverly Crusher became a mentor to Klingon physician B'Oraq during an exchange program. B'Oraq was interested in the more advanced medical techniques available to the Federation before returning to the Klingon Empire.

Stardate 43685.2 - Commander Kurn of the Klingon Defense Force assumed the position of First Officer of the USS Enterprise-D, due to the same exchange program that had sent Commander Riker to the Pagh a year before.

Stardate 44246.3 - Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise-D served as the Arbiter of Succession, deciding between Gowron and Duras for the position of Chancellor of the High Council.

Stardate 44995.3 - the Duras sisters Lursa and B'Etor brought Duras' bastard son Toral before the High Council to challenge Gowron's leadership. This split the High Council, and caused a Klingon civil war. Worf left Starfleet and ordered his brother Kurn to support Gowron against the House of Duras.


Stardate 46579.2 - Lieutenant Worf travelled from Deep Space Nine into Romulan space based on rumors from a Yridian trader that there were Klingon survivors from the Khitomer massacre, including his own father, Mogh. When Worf returned to the USS Enteprise-D from the Carraya system, he came with the young Klingon survivors of a crashed transport, including Toq.

Reyga, Beverly Crusher and Kurak

Stardate 46830.1 - Commander Beverly Crusher, chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise-D, held a conference on the ship so that a Ferengi scientist, Doctor Reyga, could demonstrate a metaphasic shield design, that could protect a ship from the corona and radiation of a star. The Klingon physicist Kurak was one of the few who accepted the invitation, along with Doctor T'Pan of Vulcan and her husband Doctor Christopher and Jo'Bril of Takara.

When the shuttle test flight killed the Takaran scientist Jo'Bril and Reyga turned up dead shortly afterward, Doctor Crusher believed that they both had been murdered. Doctor Kurak was one of Doctor Crusher's suspects.

Kurak remained angry with Crusher after Reyga's shields proved to be true, and Jo'Bril had faked his own death through control of his cellular structure.

Civilian engineer Kurak designed the IKS Negh'Var, which became Chancellor Gowron's flagship.

Commander Drex and Lieutenant Commander Worf

Stardate 49011.4 - when the Founder that replaced General Martok led the Klingon Task Force to Deep Space Nine, Martok's son Drex was one of the Klingons that informally patrolled the station. Drex and several of his officers were responsibe for harrassing Morn, a Lurian freighter captain, and assaulting Garak, a Cardassian tailor.

Captain Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space Nine requested that Lieutenant Commander Worf be assigned to the station to deal with the Klingons. One of Worf's first actions was to attack Drex in Quark's Bar, and take his d'k tahg. This action damaged Drex's honor in the eyes of other Klingons. This also forced the Founder Martok to go to Worf, to reclaim the weapon. Once Worf had the general's attention, he no longer needed the d'k tang.

Kurn, Son of Mogh

Stardate 49556.2 - Kurn, the younger Son of Mogh, came to Deep Space Nine so that Worf could kill him, and send him to Sto-Vo-Kor. The ceremony was interrupted, and Kurn survived.

Decided that Kurn needed tasks to perform, a duty to fulfill, Worf convinced Odo to let Kurn join the Bajoran security officers on the station. This assignment only lasted a day, and ended when Kurn allowed himself to be shot by a smuggler.

At the same time Kurn was on the station, Klingons were surrounding the Bajoran sector with cloaked mines. Worf and Kurn boarded a damaged Klingon vessel after assuming the identities of two of the Klingon crewmen, and obtained the codes to cause the mines to self-destruct. Kurn believed his dishonor was complete when he killed a loyal soldier of the empire to save his brother.

Worf's last resort was to have Doctor Julian Bashir alter Kurn's appearance and wipe his memory. Kurn was renamed Rodek. An older Klingon, Noggra, agreed to let the Rodek join his house as a son.

Rodek was told that he was the victim of a shuttle accident and saved by Lieutenant Commander Worf, and that was why his didn't have a memory of his life.

During his time on the Pagh, Klag met Chancellor Gowron, and found him to be a politacl oppurtunist.

Chancellor Gowron

During a covert operation in Klingon territory, Captain Sisko, Lieutenant Commander Worf, Constable Odo and Chief Miles O'Brien exposed Martok as a Founder during the induction ceremony of warriors into the Order of the Bat'leth. The Klingon warriors opened fire on the Changeling with their disruptors, killing him.

Stardate 50564.2 - Martok was found in a Dominion prison facility in the Gamma Quadrant, and escaped with Worf, Garak and Doctor Bashir.

After taking command of the Klingon garrison on Deep Space Nine, Chancellor Gowron gave General Martok command of the IKS Rotarran, and Worf was assigned as his First Officer. The crew of the Rotarran included an older helmsman named Leskit.

Commander Kurak and Lieutenant Rodek served together onboard the IKS Lallek before joining the crew of the IKS Gorkon.

Toq joined the Klingon Defense Force when the Dominion War began. He served on both the IKS K'Lan and the IKS Gelk before being assigned to the IKS Gorkon.

Bekk Krevor gained a commendation from her commander during the Dominion War.

During the final months of the Dominion War, the IKS Pagh entered into a battle with both the Jem'Hadar and the Breen in orbit of Marcan V. Klag was the only Klingon survivor on Marcan V, and single-handedly defeated eight Jem'Hadar and their Vorta with his mek'leth. When Klag was rescued, he was hailed as the Hero of Marcan.

The new Qang-class IKS Gorkon was launched in 2375, with Captain Klag as it's commander. Drex was assigned to the Gorkon as it's First Officer. The gunner's post was filled by Rodek. Leskit was assigned to the Gorkon while the Rotarran underwent repairs. Kegren, the son of Pers, was named as the operations' officer, with Toq as one of his subordinates. Kurak served as the ship's chief engineer. B'Oraq was assigned as the ship's surgeon.

The Gorkon's shakedown cruise was completed on the 192nd day in the year of Kahless, 1001. Moments later, Toq killed Kegren in honorable combat on the bridge of the Gorkon and assumed the position of senior operation's officer and the title of Second Officer.

Shortly after completing it's shakedown cruise, the Gorkon intercepted a distress call from taD, one the conquered worlds of the Klingon Empire. Klingon Governor Tiral's satellite was under attack from al'Hmatti rebels in sublight skimmers.

Chancellor Martok

After defeating the rebels, Captain Klag promised to put in a word with the Klingon High Council so that the situation on taD would be dealt with. A week later, the Gorkon rendevoused with Chancellor Martok's flagship, the Sword of Kahless, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard's USS Enterprise-E. There, Captain Klag had a meeting with Martok and Federation Ambassador Worf, and took Worf and his aide, Giancarlo Wu, to taD.

Ambassador Worf

On the return trip to taD, the Gorkon destroyed a Kreel vessel that had enhanced Breen shielding.

While in orbit of taD, Captain Klag learned that his father had finally died from a long-term illness. Klag spoke with Doctor B'Oraq, and learned that his father's arm could be grafted to replace the arm Klag lost at Marcan V. Klag decided to undergo this procedure, to bring honor to his father.

Though tensions were high among the crew due to Ambassador Worf's presence, the mission to taD was a success. The al'Hmatti remained a part of the Klingon Empire, with Vall, a junior engineer from the Gorkon, named as the Emperor of taD.

The Gorkon delivered Ambassador Worf and his aide to the embassy on Qo'Nos after the mission to taD was completed.

After Deep Space Nine was attacked by rogue Jem'Hadar three months after the Dominion War, Admiral Bill Ross of Starfleet assembled an allied peacekeeping force to go into the Gamma Quadrant. Captain Klag of the IKS Gorkon was a senior officer of the task force for the Klingon Empire.

Deep Space Nine

Captain Klag was present on the Cardassian-built station during Honored Elder Taran'atar's debriefing about his mission to the Alpha Quadrant and his actions during his covert stay on Deep Space Nine. Other Alpha Quadrant leaders in the wardroom for the debriefing Admiral Bill Ross of Starfleet, Colonel Kira Nerys of the Bajoran Militia, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enteprise-E, Commander Elias Vaughn, and Romulan Commander Sartai.

During the Gateways crisis two months later, Federation Ambassador Worf called on the crew of the Gorkon again. Captain Klag was given the task of taking an Iconian resonator to the planet Ufandi III, a home to pirates and black marketers, and installing it into the gateway there, so that the network would be shut down. As the Gorkon arrived at the planet, scores of one-man ships scattered in all directions, due to the reputation the ship and crew had made.

The Crew of the IKS Gorkon

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