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At Aim Higher Books you will find Free Online Adventure Graphic Stories and
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whom you can relate and grow to love! We will also design, write and draw
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our blog, which we update once a week, it is called "Inner Circle".

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Online Christian Web Graphic Story!
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Rated Mature
A brand new exciting supernatural thriller comic graphic story!
The story of seventeen year old Dawn McGrath and her fight to save her home town from demons.
(Updated every Tuesday)

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Human Beans

Rated Teen
A lighthearted look at life in Jelly Bean Land
(Updated first Tuesday of every month)

The Empire Boys
Rated Non-Christian
A hilarious peek into the world of the gold miners life
in the California gold rush of the 1850's

(Secular comic strip that appeared in local magazine)

The Devil his Due
Rated Teen
The rise and fall of a Christian Rock Star!
Charlie Waters finds out making a deal with the Devil is not a wise idea.
(Graphic Novel)

Rated Teen
A straight shooting, old school, private investigator.
Read the complete graphic novel here!
(Mafia vs. The Law)

Andy's Little Friends
Rated Everyone
Would you become an ant to save them from certain destruction?
Read the complete web comic here!
(Evangelistic Web Comic)

Snake Eyes
Rated Mature
A look into the private life of USAF Lt. Tom Graham
Read the complete graphic web novel here!
(Military Graphic Story)

Prayer List
A place to pray for your brothers and sisters and
a place to share your prayer requests for others to pray for you.
(Prayer Works!)

Book Store
Come see our online graphic stories in book form!
(A wide variety at a great value!)

The Ten Commandments
Do you really know them?

You Can Know your Future!
Answer simple questions and our future predictor will tell your future!

Free Tracts
With your name and logo imprinted on them!
(Free! Gospel Tracts!)

Custom Gospel Tracts
4 page or 8 page tracts made with your theme!
Have a special event at your church?
We will make a custom tract to promote it and present the gospel!
(Made to order!)

Most are Christian some are not, but all have useful information!
(Links to web sites.)

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