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There are four Gospel Tracts currently available.
The Gospel Tracts are printed on two sided 20# bond paper, 8.5" x 11", which can be folded to conveniently carry in your pocket.

"Thank You" tract is excellent for witnessing to any person that provides a service for you, "His Way" tract is good for street witnessing, "The Biggest Tip I Ever Received" tract is good for witnessing to waitresses (please leave a tip with the tract), and "Soul Wars" tract is excellent for witnessing to kids and teens.
Please click on the picture below for a preview of each tract:
Excellent tract for anyone in the service industry!
Thank You Tract
Great tract for street witnessing
His Way Tract
Great Tract for a waitress, but please leave a tip with the tract
Big Tip Tract
Soul Wars tract great for kids!
Soul War Tract

How it works: You e:mail us your Church logo and information you want inserted onto the Gospel Tract or if you are an individual your information that you would like printed, and we will insert it at no cost onto the Gospel Tract. 100% FREE! We will then e:mail the Gospel Tract requested to you
You are then free to print out as many as you need to outreach for Jesus Christ in your neighborhood!
Click on the cross below to see some examples of back cover logos:

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Gospel Tracts made to order!

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