Prayer Requests

Posted 7/26/08 - Please prayer for our baby Anthony, he is in the emergency room with 104 degree temperature. Please pray that the doctors will have the wisdom to find out what is wrong and to easily cure it. Steven, Pleasanton, CA.

Posted 7/24/08 - I need a good enough job to support myself and my daughter, and I need the energy to live a functional life. please pray for me. Lisa, St. Charles, Missouri.

Posted 7/5/08 - Please pray for my second son his name is Martin he is not born again yet. Sherri.

Posted 7/3/08 - Let's pray for the firemen and that the Lord helps them to control the blazes as quickly as possible. And keeps them all safe from harm. Marshall, Cayucos, CA

Posted 6/16/08 - My utmost thanks to our LORD GOD, JEHOVAH for giving me a chance to live after my major heart surgery with 2 valves repaired and 3 coronary by-passed on 5/28/06. We know THOU art the Merciful and Mightiest of all. I sincerely wish to thank all my brothers and sisters in CHRIST who pray for me in JESUS's NAME esp. Sis' Sherry and Sis' Kimberly in Lord's Prayer website (I have lost the website; prayer request). Thanks to Prof. Dr. Andy Susilo Wijaja from Belgium who carried out this surgery for 14 hours. May LORD GOD bless him and his family. Pls do pray for me so that LORD GOD shine unto my path, give me strength and wisdom to glorify HIS NAME even though my left side of my body is still not fully recover. O LORD, please let me faithful and useful to THEE. Juan Jadin, Tumpat,Kelantan, Malaysia.

Posted 6/10/08 - Prayer for me and the ministries and a wife to be in the ministries. Bishop Elect Onix Rosado, Chicago, Ill.

Posted 6/8/08 - My son has been very ill. I'm writing you to ask you to please get as many people as you can to pray for him. His name is Josh and he's 12. He spent 5 days in the ICU for a virus that has gotten into the lining of his heart, called pericarditis. It's a very painful condition and at times, life threatening. He's been at home recuperating, but we've had some scares, with abnormal heart beat, high fever, and he is enduring pain that no child should have to do. This morning he woke up at 5:30 a.m. in horrible pain. His fever spiked and he cried and cried. We gave him a bath and pain medicine the doctor prescribed, and he's been better ever since. Please pray for my sweet Josh. He is my miracle baby, as the doctors told me I'd never have children, and I said "Well, Jesus said I will," and then I was blessed with Josh. I am crying as I write this because I can't stand seeing him in the kind of pain he's been in. Thank you very much for keeping him in your prayers. Love in Christ, Darci

Posted 6/7/08 - Please lift Amanda up in your prayers. She is beginning a new stage of her life, new college, new friends, and the change is frightening to her. Please ask for guidance and peace for her soul. Shari, Austin, Texas.

Posted 5/28/08 - Please pray that God will turn my finances around. I am currently recording a gospel album and building a business. I have two kids, my husband passed away and I am trying to keep my head above water. Tanya, VA.

Posted 5/24/08 - The enemy is trying to stop us from performing Wednesday night. God has some HUGE plans in store and He is going to do something that night. So please pray for the well experience to go in the power and love of Jesus Christ! He is awesome and deserves all the praise all the time. The Well Experience, Jasper, Georgia.

Posted 5/24/08 - 1. Mom just had surgery ... I pray for quick healing ... and help her to adjust to being a little less independent. I pray that she allows God to work in her life and trust the Lord and all he does for us. 2. My friend is going through some rough times ... I am not aware of the exact nature of the issues, but I pray that her co-workers see in her, her godliness and the true spiritual friend that she is. I pray that her co-workers show compassion, understanding, and a willingness to work with her. I pray that the good Lord lay his healing hands on Stacy and fill her with an overflowing abundance of joy and happiness. I also pray that her personal life be spiritually uplifting and be content, in knowing that the Lord will not give us anything we cannot handle. The good Lord has provided Stacy with many uplifting, Christian friends who love her and care about her. I pray that Stacy and her friends share their Christian beliefs and testimonies amongst themselves, and among their non-Christian friends. 3. For myself, I asking for discernment and for wisdom. I have some friends who are going through some rough times. I want to show support, but I do not want to go overboard ... I pray that the good Lord guide me and instruct me as to how to approach people, particularly non-believers. The Lord knows that I am quiet and not terribly out-going ... I pray that the Lord provide ways for me to help my unsaved friends and family ... and to welcome them into our Christian family. Marshall, Bakersfield, California.

Posted 5/6/08 - Please pray for a new orphanage in India. We are running an Orphanage with eight children. It is my desire to get 500 children. Please lift us up in your prayers. Pastor Baiju, Malaysia.

Posted 4/25/08 - Please pray for peace for Creighton, his wife Kathy passed away yesterday from cancer. Please see second post on 4/12/08. Akili, California

Posted 4/20/08 - I wanted to personally write all the prayer warriors who have responded to my prayer request for Rich's dog Reggie who had spinal surgery last week - Praise God the prayer was answered for a good report on the biopsy and now he is in recovery/going to rehab and is starting to stand up but his left leg is still giving out when he gets up so we are praying for a speedy recovery and healing of the left leg. Thanks again and Praise the Lord - please share this testimony of God's healing mercies if you feel led. Thanks and God bless, Natalie, Long Island, New York.

Posted 4/16/08 - Please continue to pray for Reggie the dalmatian who made it through the surgery. Please pray his biopsy of a large mass will be benign and for a speedy recovery - thank you to everyone who has prayed for the surgery - praise God he has made it through that phase of this healing process; God bless! Natalie and Rich, Long Island, New York.

Posted 4/14/08 - Pray for Reggie the dog's back surgery on 4/15/08 for a covering of protection throughout the operation and for success with repairing the ruptured disk and restoration of Reggie's walking and healing of lame legs - Please lift up Rich and the surgeon Dr. Barone in prayer also for precision and healing mercies as his hands perform this long and difficult operation. In Jesus' Name; amen! Thank you on behalf of Rich. Natalie, Long Island, New York.

Posted 4/12/08 - Please pray for my good friend Sandy. Her husband Ron passed away 5 years ago and the settlement of his and his uncles business has been in litigation ever since. This is going to be finalized next week and unfortunately the judge may rule in the favor of Ron's undeserving son in whom had nothing to do with the business. I pray that the judges eyes will be open to the fact that this settlement truly belongs to Sandy and Ron's uncle, they built the business together for over 15-20 years. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen. Akili, California

Posted 4/12/08 - Please pray for my good friend Creighton and his wife Kathy, Kathy was diagnosed with cancer some time ago, she had treatment and it seemed to be in recommission up until recently. The cancer has come back full blown and her recent try at Chemo has only made it worse. I pray that Jesus will heal her, and to please let her physical pain go away. I pray for Creighton to stay strong and to have Jesus comfort him as his load is very heavy due to his wifes illness. I want to thank Jesus that Alli and Preston are doing better and their Pneumonia is much better. I thank and ask these things in Jesus name, Amen. Akili, California

Posted 4/4/08 - Pray for Reggie a 12 year old dalmatian dog in Christian ministry as part of Watchmen Radio, who is having major slipped disk surgery next week. He needs to be healed from lameness in his hind legs and pain and to be able to walk again and to get through this surgery and is suffering. Natalie, Boston, MA.

Posted 4/4/08 - Please pray for Rich's mom, Sandra in New York who has a breast lump showing on a mammography report and has to see a surgeon next Friday. Natalie, Boston, MA.

Posted 3/31/08 - Please pray for my 87 year old dad. It has been touch and go with him for the last 3 weeks...he is in the ER right now, and I am on my way there, but took the time for this because I realize the power of prayer.. Please pray for my Dad...he is a wonderful Christian man and my best friend in the world. Cheryl

Posted 3/31/08 - Please pray for Rich's dad, Rich, in New York who is recovering from swelling from a leg infection and needs more healing and pray for his walk with Jesus to remain strong - that he will stay close to the Lord during this time and not fall away again. Natalie, Boston, MA

Posted 3/28/08 - Please pray for my former friend Kate, she turned Wiccan, she broke a crucifix upside down in the initiate ceremony. she thus broke her ties with Christ. she denies that she is following Lucifer. It is weird, when I saw her, she had many seizures, and she is getting married in October, her parents are multi- millionaires, they live in a $6 million dollar home in Pinnacle Peak , AZ and Kate told me she is having only 110 people at her wedding. I was her friend for 20 years ! I am not invited to her wedding. I thought she would have asked me to stand up to her wedding. I am not EVEN INVITED! Anyway, Satan has got a grip on her. I have a feeling she is not wanting to be a close friend to me because I am a Christian and she is a Wiccan. She tells me that people warn her almost every day that the symbol she wears around her neck is satanic. Her parents don't care. They think she is doing something good by casting "bless this home " spells and it is all innocent. Victoria.

Posted 3/28/08 - My Close friend Donna has 2 children Allie 5, and Preston 3. They have just been diagnosed with pneumonia. I want to raise them up and ask Jesus to safely heal them. Thank Jesus for the shield of protection around me, and put it around them too. Also Pray that my husband will be successful in his job. I pray for my family and friends,all Gods children, these things I pray, Amen. Akili

Posted 3/27/08 - Pray for Phyllis' son, Andy. Pray for the Lord's total healing and for the psychiatrists working with him to have God's wisdom and knowledge. We are standing in agreement for healing! There is nothing that God cannot do! Many of us are in agreement about this! Penny

Posted 3/27/08 - Rosemary's sister has been on life support in the hospital for the last 4 weeks. Pray for her sister and the family. I don't know the specifics, but our Lord does. Penny

Posted 3/24/08 - I am the worship leader at my church. I have been having problems with my throat for some time now where my voice just cuts out. The top 3 notes of range are no longer there too. This is a problem, but not too big for Jesus! Please stand in agreement with me for my healing! Thanks and Jesus bless you always! John

Posted 3/20/08 - I have a friend, Stacy, she is going through a really bad time right now with her peers at work. It is also affecting her health. Please pray for her, that her co-workers show some compassion and love to her ... show acceptance of her, and help everyone to behave in a more professional manner. Your prayers are very much appreciated. Marshall

Posted 3/15/08 - Rich's father - his name is Rich K. in New York and he is in the hospital with a serious leg infection which the doctors haven't been able to diagnose as to what it is and he needs to return to his walk with Jesus. He is a Christian who professed Jesus as Lord, but is not currently going forward in his walk. Rich appreciates your help and prayers. Thanks!

Posted 3/15/08 - My little 7 year old caught RSV which turned into pneumonia. He is very sick so I am asking for some prayers or mediation. What ever you believe in is fine. I am hoping he recovers quickly. I am starting to feel better . We all got sick at the same time but he is having a hard time shaking it off. The doctor gave him some antibiotic and he has him on breathing treatments and a inhaler. He also has a cough suppressant. My little boy doesn’t react well to antibiotic. It takes a lot out of him when he is on it. makes him weak. So he is having a hard time. The poor thing. So what ever prayer anyone has will be appreciated. Thank You, Lorrie

Posted 3/15/08 - I am very troubled right now and scared how i am feelin' emotionally and physically. I feel like it is overwhelming me and never goin' to end and I need prayer. Warriorpoet, New Jersey, USA

Posted 3/13/08 - I would like to request prayer for the Choir at Cincinnati Christian University. The Music Director at my church also attends CCU. Currently, he and the CCU Choir are ministering with their voices & music to the people in Brazil. I just want to lift them up for their ability to communicate with the Brazilian non-believers (that their hearts be ready to hear & accept the Good News) as well as travel mercies for the 50+ choir members.
I noticed the requests about prayer for the war...I also want to mention about five different guys - 4 from my church, 1 a friend's husband - who are in Iraq, as well as all our American Father's, Son's & Brother's. May God's Will be done and may we be able to accept that will, whatever it may be. Sibling in Christ, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Posted 2/10/08 - Please pray my son. He is in the military overseas and I pray for his safety. Donna, West Virginia, USA

Posted 1/31/08 - My husband got hired at a new job! (see below 1/4/08) Praise the Lord!!! He is making more money than we hoped and his hours are better than ever! Thank you all for praying for us! Akili, California, USA

Posted 1/29/08 - I want to ask prayer for my cousin who is also my god father. He has cancer all through his body and the doctors just give him days to live. Please pray for him to be healed or better yet for God's will to be done. His name is Robert Williams. Also I have a friend who also has lung cancer that has spread throughout his body and he is in real bad shape. On the 7th of January his heart stopped for 6 minutes and they started it again. Please pray for him. His name is Terry. Then myself I have all kinds of health problems and I am getting weaker every day please pray that the Lord will make me strong. The joy of the Lord is my only strength right now. Praise God and thank you all for your prayers and thank the Lord for answering those prayers. Andrea, Tennessee, USA

Posted 1/16/08 - Amanda (see below 11/22/07) is doing much better. All her surgeries are complete, and she is going through physical therapy. Her prognosis is excellent. Thank you for praying! Bryan, Tennessee, USA

Posted 1/15/08 - Please pray for Mike and Devan. It has been a year since they lost their daughter and I know this has been hard on them all. Mariah was a sweet little girl. Mariah passed away from Meningitis. Mike and Devan are doing well and so are Dave and Marie who are part of our Christian family. Even though many of you don't know them, they need your prayers. Thanks so much! God Bless, Diane, Alabama, USA

Posted 1/4/08 - First and foremost I would like to thank Jesus for loving us all Unconditionally, through life's trials, of good times and bad, Jesus is always there, I thank him every day, he is the rock of my salvation. I want to also thank Jesus for Bob and Amber, that he will bless them for their continued will to serve him, to bless this web site they created to give the Lord Glory and reach many people. I want to thank Jesus for my mom's remission of her cancer, that it stays in remission. I also want to pray for Josh, with his grandmothers passing, that Josh will take comfort in the good times he had with his grandmother here on earth, and that he will see her again, and that now she is with the Lord. Please help my husband find a job, he has been out of work since October, I pray that God will provide the right job at the right time, because after all, God's timing is what really matters. Lastly I pray for my sister in-law, she will be having a baby boy in a week or so, there has been complications and I pray that everything will go well. In all these things we pray, Amen. Akili, California, USA

Posted - 1/3/08 - I am saddened to report that Josh's grandmother went to be with the Lord on 1/2/08. (see below 12/27/07) Please pray for Josh and his family that the peace of God will fill them during this time. Bob and Amber, California, USA

Posted 12/27/07 - Please pray for my Grandmother to be completely healed if it is God's will from her cancer. Josh, Ohio, USA

Posted 12/12/07 - The Vine of Christ Ministries has the following prayer requests: New computer systems and backups. This is due to the fact that our current system (a single computer) is out dated, it's over 5 years old and can't multi-task efficiently. With future plans, there is the need for a server and networked computers. This also includes UPS systems, so we can stay powered up during all emergencies. Truck and trailer. This is for transportation to and from job sites, plus material delivery. Our car doesn't work well for this.This is a pickup truck, not a semi which will come later. Air compressor and power tools. We've been hand nailing everything and our current power tools are quite old and in need of repair/replacement. These could speed up our work, getting people back into their homes quicker. Generators. One large enough to power communications equipment and food storage areas and other operational necessities. An smaller units for outside projects, where there is no power source available. Utilities. We now have a building to set up and operate out of. The only expenses for it are the utilities, repairs and fixtures. Thank you and GOD bless. Rev. Marshall Barth, Florida, USA

Posted 12/12/07 - My husband has been offered a job for this weekend! (see below 12/1/07) Praise the Lord! It is temporary, but we praise the Lord for what He has blessed us with! Sharon, California, USA

Posted 12/1/07 - Please pray that God will provide a job for my husband. He lost his job three weeks ago. He is highly qualified for the field that he is in, but now is a slow time of the year. He has a couple of job interviews. Please pray that God's will be done. Sharon, California, USA

Posted 11/23/07 - Please pray that God will provide the job He wants me to have very soon. I have been unemployed since February 2007 and am growing desperate. I have no income at this time and many problems that go along with that. Satan is fighting for me right now by putting some very unhealthy thoughts in my head just to get away from these problems, but the Lord Jesus on my side, he will not win. Cynthia, Texas, USA

Posted 11/22/07 - My daughter Amanda is having surgery on December 20 to correct a problem with her knee. Please pray for a good result. Bryan, Tennessee, USA

Posted 11/22/07 - I ask your prayer support for our ministry as we will be having various programs during the Christmas to reach unsaved people through a peculiar ways of evangelism that we have never done before. We are praying for God's blessings for this program as we are in need of little more funds.
Also, pray for God's protection on all of us from Cold weather. During the cold weather in India many people, people including children, die every year due to lack of warm clothes and season sickness. Pray for our Orphan children and the children in our churches in villages and slums. As Social work/helping poor is one of our task God gave us. Santhosh and family, Gospel India Mission, India

In Jesus Name, Amen


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