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In Loving Memory


Herbert W. "Grandpa" Weber

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October 7, 1909 - June 17, 2003.

AKA  Gov. Isham Harris, Pvt. Harris, And To All As Grandpa!

Keokuk 2003.

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Photos from Jim Anderson 2003.

Memories of  Grandpa.

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If you have pictures you would like to share of Grandpa, Please send them to me and I will add them to the site.

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I designed this page for my love towards Grandpa and my memories of him while growing up. He was such a great and loving person to know and learn from. Everyone who met him fell in love with him, and treasured him. I hope I have done justice to his memory, his family and his very extended family (everyone he knew) with this page.

With the greatest of love, Katy.

Page Last Updated January 29, 2004.

Please if you have any memories of Grandpa that you would like to share, Send them to me and I will put them up right away. Click here to send. Please put in the subject area Grandpa.