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Quatre !

Again, joining me is my good friend HawK. He plays our camera man and laugh track when needed.

HawK: *carrying the handheld camera against his shoulder* Why the hell are we talking to this fag?
ST: Language. And he's about the only one that actually returned our calls.
HawK: That's 'cause he probably heard a man talking in the background. Frikkin' coc--*gets cut off by ST elbowing him in the ribs*
ST: Behave when he's here. You must remember just how emotionally unstable the poor boy is.
HawK: So why are we asking him to do a question and answer column?
ST: Because he's the most sensitive to help everyones needs. *spots Quatre on the park bench underneath some shade and waves to get his attention*
HawK: *groans and takes the camera off of his shoulder, slipping the band around his hand and clicking it on*
ST: Hey, hi. *scoots down next to Quatre*
Quatre: Why hello there. Beautiful day, isn't it? *pauses and looks up at the falling leaves*
HawK: *makes a noise in the back of his throat*
ST: *shoots HawK a look before gazing up at the leaves*
Quatre: Well, I'm sorry...taking up your time. What did you want to ask me?
ST: Oh yes. Of course. -Too late now- wants to start an advice column and we need a sort of...What's the word I'm looking for...?
HawK: *quickly* Scapegoat.
ST: *ignores* Moderator and giver of advice.
Quatre: *nods along*
ST: We're looking for someone to answer questions back on a colum--
Quatre: So I'll be like Ann Landers?
Both HawK and ST pause
ST: *clearing her throat quickly* Yes, yes of course...Like Anne Landers--but not quite. Do you catch my drift here, Quatre?
HawK: She means ta say that we don't want you actin' the part of Dear Abby inside of our columns, ya quee--
ST: *kicks his shin before contiuning on* Well...we're not looking for an advice column in that..*way*. This isn't necassarily Good Housekeeping.
Quatre: *suddenly furrows his brow* Are you two teasing me?
ST: Wha? No, NO. What made you think that?
Quatre: I just get that impression from you two...It's not like I don't *hear* what people say about me.
ST: We didn't mean to imply anything about those rumors, Quatre--
HawK: *sighs suddenly and lowers the camera, jerking the view to his feet and only voices can be heard*
HawK: I'm sick and tired of this. Why in the hell does-does...this freak have to host our column?! I won't stand for it!
ST: Don't be so close-minded like this!
Quatre: *sounding angry* I don't have to sit here and take this--
HawK: Then run off to your boyfriend, woman!
Quatre: Implying her or me?!
HawK: You, ya assbitch. Like hell ST has a guy.
ST: 'ey!
A sound can be heard of shuffling feet and then Quatre speaks up
Quatre: I do NOT have to sit through this and take it. You two can take your job offer and shove it.
HawK: What? Up your ass? 'Cuz we know you like it that wa--
audio/video then cuts off

Ehh...That didn't go too well, either. I'm not sure what the problem source is *glares at HawK*, but we'll see to it that nothing of this nature will happen again.
Alas, Quatre ran off in refusal of the column job so now we must search again for someone that's open to it. To make things easier for us, we're going to a girl with this offer.

Fuujin !

We went off and decided that Fuujin seems like the one gal that can really speak her mind quite well and get her point across. HawK and I ventured to Galbadia where we found our silver-haired femme.
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