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Wufei !

Well now. There's always this "ask Heero" and "ask Duo" column running about...But what about Wufei? I mean, doesn't his opinion count?
-Too late now- went out in search of our Red Dragon friend in hopes that he'll agree to interviewing and recieving people's questions. This will be actual footage of my meeting with Chang-Wufei.

After "running" into one another at Starbucks, I took the Warrior of Justice aside to chat, in high hopes that he'll agree to our proposition.
Helping with me in this assignment was my good friend HawK. He played camera man and our laugh track when needed.

HawK: I don't think you're thinking straight when we're talking about Wufei here.
ST: Whaddya mean?
HawK: Dontcha remember what happened to Noin and Sally Po? He hates women.
ST: Fssh..That was ages ago. The guy musta matured by now. He's not as bad as he seems.
HawK: Until he's met you, however.
ST: Hush, you.
ST: Sure...He can be pretty narrow-minded, but I'm positive the big lug can loosen up for us here.
Wufei: ....*clears his throat from beside them both, implying his presence*
HawK: *moves back quickly, adjusting the camera and snickers*
ST: *realizes he overheard* Eheh...Yeah, we just need to loosen up the *mood* what I meant.
ST: *hands over some sake to Wufei*
Wufei: *perking up an eyebrow*...That's a Japanese drink.
ST: Yeah, your point?
Wufei: I'm not Japanese.
ST: *pause* bad.
Wufei: *stares sideways*
ST: Eheh...Honest mistake, I'm sure.
Wufei: I'm outta here.
ST: Whoa, whoooa now. *steps in front of him* I still need to ask you a couple questions for the people.
Wufei: No.
ST: Yes.
Wufei: *narrows his eyes* I never asked to be here.
ST: HoHO, but the people demanded!
Wufei: *looks around the dimly lit room that they call -Too late now-* What people?
ST: Yeah...I'm beginning to ask myself that as well.
Wufei: *walks past her*
ST: *trots backwards before catching up beside him, sliding back in front and holding one hand up* You're not going anywhere, pal.
Wufei: I tried keeping my patience with you for as long as possible, but this is pushing it, onna.
ST: Ouhwha?
Wufei: *straightens his back and tries to walk past her again*
ST: *immediately intercepts, slamming one hand into the wall and barring him from going any farther past her arm*
Wufei: *reacts instantly by karate chopping the back of her head*
ST: *stiffens up and drops like a rock*
Wufei: *looks down at her before walking past and out the door to Fuuten Dojo*
ST: ....*raises one hand into the air, waving it weakly* No help!
HawK: Wasn't goin' to give any.

Quatre !

So THAT plan went to bust. *rubs the crick in her neck* But, we wouldn't let this setback keep us from searching. No, sirree. Deciding to take it easier with someone who is of a kindler and gentler nature, we decided to ask Quatre Rababa-Winner.
Interview >>