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Welcome to Stickychic's Domain

Just A LiL'About Me

I am a 22 years old and just graduated from one of the top private Colleges in the south. I graduated December 17th, 1999. WoOoOoO, last class of the century!! There is no greater feeling in life than what I experienced that day. A sense of pride, accomplishment, and one hell of a goal in my life achieved!! To see the pride in my parents eyes, was the best feeling in the world. My father's look on his face...was all I needed to see that night....(Daddy's Little Girl)hehehe. I'm looking into joining the FBI as a field agent. My time mainly consists of living the Nashville NiTe life (PARTY!!) and being addicted to the net, LOL! I have one brother (Better know as MT - The Mack Daddy of the Web) hehehe, Love ya bro!!! He is always there for me when I need him, especially when my car gets freakin towed from downtown on the 4th of July, Bunch of Pricks!! Being a huge footbal fan, yeah guys you heard me right, a woman who watches football..LOL!!, I'm glued to the T.V. until Super Bowl time. (Coming Soon - TN TiTaNs Page) I love Nascar with a passion, #3 and #12. My best friend, a.k.a Kix, for 10 years now, has stuck by me through thick and thin, and has made me realize the true meaning of life and friendship! Thanks bro for help making me the woman I am today. As for My Mayo, thank you for a wonderful time when you were here!! I can't wait to see you again. Hopefully this will give ya a lil' idea of who I am. My following pages will give ya more of idea of the things I like, and the history behind them. So please feel free to visit them all, for they are a part of me :)

I dedicate this page to the guys in my life that have inspired me the most: Mayo and my bro Kix.

My PaRtYiN' NiTE LiFe!!!!

PiCs Of Me!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Have fun with the Other pages and I hope you enjoy!!

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