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My Partyin Nite Life

There are many clubs in Nashville to go to, but there's one in particular, you don't want to miss if you ever visit. It's a place that rocks the night away until 3 a.m. with no theme, no attitude, Just Bar,

Bar Nashville, that is!!

It's where the hottest ladies get on the bar, and dance the night away (Including Myself). And if your real sexy, you just might make it to the top of the DJ's booth to dance (giggle, giggle)!!! I must admit, it's the best bar to go to in town, that doesn't play Country Music. So if ya know how to move your body, and Dance, you'll fit in Bar just nicely.

Come and Visit My World of PARTYIN!!!!

Me on the Bar, NoOoOoO!! Nevah!!!!

I'm usually the first to get on the bar and get the party started, as you can see. You have to have the guts that's for sure. It's like a chain reaction, get that first beautiful lady on the bar, and its:

"CoMe On RiDe ThE TrAiN - ThE ChOO ChOO TrAiN"!!!!!!

Oh ThE BaCk SiDe Of Da LAdIeS!!!

It's all too often you will find the ladies with attitude dancin' and showin off a little bit of their stuff!!!!

WhEn It'S PaCkEd, DaMn It Is PaCkEd!!!!

Don't be suprised to find a long line waiting for you when you arrive. Rest assure the wait is well worth it. It's quite possible you'll see things you never have seen before!!! hehehe!!

This page is dedicated to the OnE'S iN LiFE, who aren't afraid to get a little WiLd, and show their StuFF oFF!!! So someone pleaseeee bring me

mY BaR sTooLs daMn iT!!!