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~Sticky~ Pics

DoNt Be ScArEd, It'S JuSt PoOr Li'L OlE Me!!!!

Me Me Me Me!!!!!

I'm So AdOrAbLe, but I can be HoTHeAdeD sometimes!!! Can't we all though!

SuCh A LoVeLy PoSe

Me at Home Waiting to Leave to Go Out!! Gawd I thought Women were slow at gettin ready, but GeeZ there are some men in this world that take there sweet damn time..shessshhh! The final result below, hehehe!!

The FiNal ReSuLT...Me ~N~ Some of My Friends at a Local Bar!

WoOoOOo I Just Love Being Over 21!!!!! One of the Hottest Night Clubs in Nashvile, besides Bar Nashville!! Well no longer anymore, they sold out to another company this past week.....LOL! It was a 70's and 80's Night Club where you could get down and BooGiE!!!!