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A Bit More Personal

I am a cat lover! There is no doubt about it. This is my monster orange tabby, Chester. I've had him since summer of '95. He is so rotten! He thinks he is human, and there's no way of making him think other wise. He's right there with you all the time and when you are sick... he will sit at your feet or at the foot of the bed until he knows you are ok. It's actually kinda freaky at times.

Summer breeze... I'm out enjoying what life has to offer on my day off. I've found that hiking alone at Fall Creek Falls is a great stress relief for me. I love being out in nature, taking in the beauty of it all, and letting my thoughts drift in the quiet, meakness of nature. There is no doubt that being an ER nurse is a stressful job, but you have to find your escape and mine happens to be nature.

Rough housing!! This is Suzanne, Tiffany, and myself at Susie's bachelorette party. We've all known each other for about 3 years from college. It's freaky that we three are so much alike. I think some alien nation just dumped us here cause we were freaks of nature. :) We helped to keep our sanity through laughs, jokes, and pranks throughout nursing school. I don't know what I'd do without these two!

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