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Beauty of Tennessee

This is a collection of pictures that I have taken at various places around here. I am in the process of taking pictures to capture the beauty of each season in TN. So, it will take a while to gather up those that I have already taken and those that I will take. I hope you enjoy! Oh and there are two pictures that are pretty big so please be patient while they load.

This is a picture taken from my front yard. I am going to capture each season for this one just because I think it is so pretty! :)

This picture was taken from the side view of my house. It is SO pretty during the fall season!

This is, as you can tell, the view from the front of my house again.

This picture I took along side of the road one day because I thought it was SO pretty! Look at all of those colors! And the sky! Oh man it was so blue and crystal clear that day!

This one is just a few feet from the picture above. It is a very small waterfall that is usualy only active after a good soaking rain, but some water drips from it constantly :)

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