Hi my name is Sarah Preston,
I was adopted at age 2, and was abused by mum and dad, mum would not touch me and locked me often in my bedroom for a few days with no food, my step dad and uncle sexually abused me from a young age, I was a runaway from age 9, and ended up in different homes and approved school, at age 12 I was a young hippy girl living on the streets for 2 years doing drugs and sleeping around, by the time I was 28 I had 6 children and 4 different partners, one being an alcoholic who beat me if no money for drink, the others just left me when things got tough, at 34 I had another child all in all 2 sons and 5 daughters, I still did a lot of pot and drink and found life hard always looking for love and not coping with rejection, one by one my children grew up and left me, who could blame them, I didn't, I turned more to drugs not being able to cope with the pain of my children rejecting me.

8 years ago I came to my lowest point in life, and wanted to end it all, I was a very selfish person only interested in me and my hurts and my drugs. my daughter Kate became a christian and her and husband John paid me lots of visits and told me about the love of Jesus, but I did not want to know, one night I decided to end my life after taking a load of antidepressants', I went down the train station intending to jump in front of a train, but I could not do it and ran home, I could here voices laughing at me and saying you can't even take your own life your children don't want you, what's the point in living, I fell on the floor screaming where are you God, please help me, I cried for what seemed like hours, then there was a knock on the door, a baptist minister was passing by and asked if I was ok, kate was going to that church and they had been praying for me.

I poured my heart out to him, all he did was listen, it was very late and he stayed a couple of hours, when he left he gave me a card with a telephone number on for christian counselling, I spent a week sitting on my bed reading the bible Kate left me and a book called the bondage breaker by dr Neil t Anderson, I prayed allot in that week and I cried for love from my Father God, I could not say father because of abuse, but when I called out my Father I felt his love so strong like a warm blanket, I found real love. after the week I went to see 2 ladies at the christian counselling and there I forgave every one that ever hurt me, and I repented of sin in my life, I was born again, set free, was wonderful, I asked my children to forgive me and slowly they are coming round well 4 are the other 3 bless them do not want to know me, but i'm believing my Father God for there salvation and healing. since then I spent 2 years feeding alcoholics and telling them of God's love.

My testimony was the best out reach 4 guys died but they gave there heart to the lord before they went, the next 2 years I spent raising funds for pavement project helping children living on the streets world wide, and the last few years getting to know some of my dear children and my grand children. If my God can save a wretched sinner like me and give me a hope and a future there is hope for all out there, He is only a prayer away, just call out to him and my Father will run yes run to meet you with open arms, His love is like no other, His love is amazing, His name is Yeshua!!! (Jesus) He told me he was with me even in my mothers womb, I will spend eternity worshiping my God. love in our beloved Messiah Yeshua.

Sarah Preston.

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