And Their Testimonies

I have heard so many believers say that they don't have much of a testimony. They think that because they weren't drug addicts or alcoholics or possessed then delivered from twelve legions of Demons, that their testimony is weak. The dynamic of any testimony is the saving power of Jesus Christ in your life. We are all sinners saved by grace and that should always be the focus of any testimony. The miracle is not how great the sin is that you were delivered from, but how great the God is who delivered you. Please share your testimony with us today...Send your story to my FB inbox or to my email address...TBarrett8@carolina.rr.com
Thank you
Tim Barrett

"Testimony Of Tim Barrett"

"Testimony Of Marty Ward"

"Testimony Of Mark McKinney"

"Testimony Of Noreen Ott"

"Testimony Of Sarah Preston"

"Testimony Of A. DuBois"

"Testimony Of Elizabeth Liza Jonan"

"Testimony Of Gregory Thomas Franklin"

"Testimony Of Debbie Parrish"

"Testimony Of Sonia Pena"

"Testimony Of April DuBois"

"Testimony Of Alice Williams"

"Testimony Of Holly Olivia Smith"

"Testimony Of William M. Mendenhall"

"Testimony Of Jennifer Kornegay"

"Testimony Of Elizabeth Moore"

"Testimony Of Denise Diehl"

"Testimony Of Brandi Lozier"

"Testimony Of Barbara A. Carlan"

"Testimony Of Carlo Provencio"

"Testimony Of Brad McGill"

"Testimony Of Vickie Murphy"

"Testimony Of Danielle Joyner Kelley"

"Testimony Of Angel Roque"

"Testimony Of Crystal C A Spencer"

"Testimony Of Jackie Paulson"

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