Hi, My name is Noreen Ott ....This is My Story....

A young girl sits in a church listening to the singing and then the sermon...she feels a tug on her heart and accepts God as her Lord and Savior. Too soon she falls away from serving Him. But alas God reigns forever and draws her back to Him....
I am that girl, and I praise GOD daily for all He has done for me...I am not perfect...but He accepts me just as I am...and He uses my mistakes to Glorify Him in the end...I am ever learning just how great a Savior He is ...He never left me...I walked away from Him...again and again, but I Thank Him and Praise Him for welcoming me back again.

You see I was a victim of physical, sexual and mental abuse many times over in my life, as a child and as a young adult. I always felt that I was at fault and unworthy of GODS Love because I was tarnished. I felt that because of the things that I had done in my life, it would condemn me in the eyes of God. I felt unworthy of His grace and love because I had used drugs, I have lied and cheated on people who were and are very dear to me. I was not the mother or wife I should have been. I felt totally useless and ashamed and I even gave up my family and divorced my husband. I had even reached a point in my life that I tried suicide. I Praise my Savior for stepping in and taking control..

If you are reading this and have had these feelings yourself let me just say. WE WERE WRONG!


Since I asked God to forgive me for walking away from him and to come back and rule my heart and life He has shown me that NO ONE who believes in HIM is unworthy of HIS GLORIOUS LOVE!

There is nothing, no matter how big or small we think it is that can't and won't be covered by the blood of Our precious Savior, JESUS CHRIST! IF we just ask Him to come into our hearts and tell HIM that; ; Dear Lord in Heaven, yes I am a sinner, I have shamed You, myself and others, I am sorry Dear Lord and I ask for your forgiveness. I know in my heart God that you sent your wonderful son JESUS, who was free of sin, into this world to die on the cross for me and my sins, so that I would not have to pay for them. I know Lord that JESUS arose again and overcame death and Satan and now resides at the right hand of GOD. I Pray Lord for you to come into my heart and take control of my life and the situations that I am in. I ask you to use me and let me proclaim YOU as my SAVIOR in JESUS CHRIST name and let me be a light unto you for some weary soul. Lord I thank you for my salvation and the wonderful LOVE and GRACE that you have bestowed upon me. I accept your free gift of salvation in the name of my savior JESUS CHRIST. AMEN AND AMEN.


Since I said that prayer and accepted JESUS as my ultimate savior, I have been blessed far beyond my wildest imaginations. The main one being saved by His Blood..from spending an eternity in Hell..

I mentioned that I had divorced my husband, WELL since I let GOD have HIS way, He has blessed me by giving me back my family. Yes we got remarried and it was only by GOD's doing, because I had totally messed up. HE has also freed me from the bondage of Satan and the addictions that I had. HE has filled my life with a peace and contentment that NO drug ever could and has erased the shame that I felt. He has taught me how to forgive those who hurt me and to pray for them. He has taught me to live in the present and look forward to a future in HIM. HE is my strength and refuge in time of sorrow and trouble and temptation.

If you don't think God can use you let me just say that He can use all who come to know HIM. July 1st , 2006 God allowed me to go on a mission trip to Venezuela and serve those less fortunate than I, this was an awesome experience. , I have also been blessed to get to go to Kentucky on a mission and do local missions here in Knox. Tn. and now my mission is taking care of my mom who had a stroke and my husband who has dementia. He also allows me to help others in need at time and to share my story for His glory alone..

This past year has not always been easy...I am disabled with Gilliam Barre and Fybromyalgia. Just recently I spent 4 weeks in the hospital paralyzed from the waist down and then went home in a wheel chair...I don't say this to complain....but to Praise God and to show you how perfect His timing is. 2 weeks after I got out of the hospital, I started walking again and then my youngest son went to the hospital for his 3rd lung surgery...God healed my legs in time for me to care for my son. He also used my illness to let me witness to others about Him, while in the hospital and since then. My son is now well again too. and it is a blessing to be able to Praise God for All He does, through the good and the bad. He is with me. I have been asked Why I don't get angry with God for all that I have been through...This is my answer: God gave us free will, He will not force Himself upon us...and because of this, some of our choices of the choices of others cause some of our circumstances. This does not mean that He likes it ( In fact I am sure He mourns with us) and He gives us the strength and comfort to get through them. Without HIM I could do nothing....but....I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHICH STRENGTHENETH ME...Philippians' 4:13

It's not about us....It's all about HIM. To God be the Glory...Amen.

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