Hey Tim,

NOTE: I am living in a hotel due to the economic hard times of 2010. It's not that I am not educated. I am a 43 year old female, who has 20 years experience in the Barber Industry. I also received a 2 year degree from Kaplan University in Paralegal May of 2009. I am a Christian. I have a spiritual Discernment that only fellow believers would love and appreicate. My entire life (which I downsized) is in a storage unit. I have a live in boyfriend and both of us couldn't find jobs after being let go of others jobs..for over six months...thus we got evicted from where we lived and were forced to move out in five days (eviction) notice and gladly left, as we were both unemployeed. The grace of God gave us tax refund to move to my old hometown an hour away to live in this motel. Today is March 22, 2010. I was working for an attorney for four weeks temporarily as his secretary went on vacation. That job just ended and now I am unemployeed again, My boyfriend found a "Security" job but no word on when it will start. I made enough money to live here until March 8, and pre paid our stay. I am asking for a miracle, that he work soon and God deliever me and find me a job.

Back in 2007 I closed my barber shop on May 17, 2007 because as I was going to church, tithing, praying, going to bible study I was able to Discern that I needed to move on. I just knew. I knew the economy would get bad back then, I saw this coming.

(Recession/Depression). I immediately applied for students loans and got approval to attend Online Kaplan university for Paralegal Degree. I loved this college and the knowledge I learned. Thus for two years I worked at many different part time jobs as my schedule allowed me to do so. My boyfriend did not work most of this.

I had a daughter, whom in Jan of 2008 moved into a relative as I was unable to afford her. One reason is my ongoing battle to get child support from my ex husband in the state of ILLINOIS. You ask how he got away with not paying? WELL,he had a wife, son, house, cars, jobs and guess what a CASH paying job. He hid from the government, lawyers and me. Either way, I am in an ongoing battle to collect past due child support and it's around 70,000.00 as of March 1, 2010. I raised my daughter by myself, working as a barber shop owner and did very well. It's like as soon as I left MY COMFORT ZONE, being a business owner/in control/ etc, my life took a turn for the worst. It's like my 12 years as a business owner doesn't count in the real world. Then I get a Paralegal degree and no one will hire me. (they all want experienced paralegals). So I did intern for an attorney and learned a lot. I also took this recent job for four weeks, in probate law for experience. Well, as I apply Everywhere in Illinois I am not finding anyone contacting me for work. I am very intelligent and willing to work. I just do not "get it." Oh, yes I am a Christian, that explains everything, we are being attacked by Satan. I know this all too well, but God is more powerful and I know I will go to heaven when I die, no doubt. I know that our job is to glorify God each day and to witness (save souls). I love and pray for my enemies and do all the right things. It just feels like the "wilderness." No answer in sight. Yes, I remember and reminisce all of the times the Lord has provided for me and keep my Faith. Either way, I want to share my story and get it out there.

So my story starts in 2010 and goes back. I became a Christian in Oct 19, 2000. I was invited to a clients house for dinner. I was working at a different barber shop and town and they kindly asked me over. At that time I was very low. So, I ended up eating dinner and praying asking the Lord into my life, the "salvation" prayer. Yes, immediately after I left their house the air seemed different. I was able to purchase a bible and read and understand it. I would talk about Jesus to clients and be "on fire" for our Lord. I have witnessed to many and gotten yelled at and told to stop it. I knew that I was to "plant seeds' as God would water tham and make then "grow" as my part was done, Yes,, I still do these things.

To make a long story short, God in those many years healed me and helped me in all of the following: Death of my real mom (i was five)
Single mom
Child with ADHD
and others.

I am praying now that the Lord give me a sense of direction: my divine purpose: life misson but that lets me be authentic and ME. I want a job that I don't have to be "FAKE" at. I need God to lead me in the right direction now.
I hope this is a good testimony as my old one is in my old computer in storage.

Bless you TIM,
Jackie Paulson
Your fellow sister in Christ

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