My Personal Testimony

I am 27 years old and I am native woman. I was born on December 3rd, 1982. Long ago as a child I believed in Jesus. I also knew there was a heaven and hell. Its only by Godís grace that I believed in God through faith. As I got older I always knew God, devil, heaven and hell exists. I lived in Peguis until I was 5 years. Than moved away with my mom and two brothers Derek and Vince to a small city called Brandon in 1988-1995. My mom was a single parent of me and my brothers. My brother Vince is challenged. I was the youngest 5 years old and my brother Derek 10 and Vince was 8 years old. When we lived in Brandon I remember a time when I was riding my bike around on my block that the devil was nothing but God had all power. I think even back than I was a threat to the devil.

At age 11 years old I got hit by a car when I was crossing the street . I was walking home from school during lunch hour and this elderly man hit me with his vehicle. My school was only 3 blocks away from where I lived. I was instantly knocked out. I was just two minutes away nearly getting home. I only got few cuts and one tooth knocked out. No broken bones. It was God who spared my life. He kept me alive because he knew me already even before I was born that I would completely surrender my life to Him one day.

Later on my mom has a depression in July of 1995. She graduated from university and nursing. She was working two jobs and a single mother too. When she had the depression she couldnít work for awhile. So we moved back to Peguis in September 1995.

I went to a different school with kids I didnít know at all. The last time I ever went to school in Peguis was when I was in kindergarten. Even when I was a child I have always been the kind of girl that would be outgoing, soft spoken and liked to get along well with others. Anyways when I moved back to Peguis and started school I had to adapt from going to school in the city to going to school on my reserve.

It was a challenge because I was bullied. I tried to make friends when I attended school but was still bullied. It made it difficult for me to go to school. I found myself reading the bible and praying to God. I remember reading mostly Psalms. It was in a red bible (New Testament). Even when I was younger I wasnít a fighter, I always wanted to get along with others. It became difficult for me to go to class each day. I felt very sad and a low self-esteem. As I look back on my old report cards I was doing well in my work but my attendance was not so great. I eventually quit school. My mom gave me permission to quit school later on due to the circumstances but she had faith that I would finish my education later on. My mom would rather have me quit school than to be depressed. I have forgiven things that happened to me when I was younger. We need to forgive others because only than God will forgive us too. Forgiving others is one of the ways of healing. We must forgive others.

However before I eventually quit school I became very rebellious in my early teens. I spent a lot of my time away from home during the weekends. I would be with my friends. I became sexually active at the age of 14. I had different boyfriends but mostly short term for awhile. I smoked marijuana and drank a bit. But I was mostly into smoking weed.

Since I was 16 years old I was in 3 different long term relationships. There werenít healthy relationships and one abusive relationship. When I was physically abused I would hide my bruises from my family and friends. That relationship ended. I still was involved in smoking up and drinking a little. Later on I had a baby at the age of 19. I still was involved in a unhealthy relationships afterwards.

I felt in my last relationship that ended in 2007 that my life and soul was being pulled down. At the time my boyfriendís addictions were pulling me down. I drank a bit and smoked up with him once in awhile. I felt God was calling me because I started to feel bad for how I was living doing drugs, alcohol and being intimate with my boyfriend at the time. There were times when I felt that my soul was in jeopardy. I felt if I died in my sins I would be on my way to hell. It was off and on relationship meaning we would break up, get back together several times. It wasnít healthy. I was pulled down emotionally because we both couldn't be without each other so it was not a stable relationship.

I went to college in between when I was with my boyfriend. I had broken up with him for the time that I moved away to college. My mom, brother Vince and my son Tyrone moved to Brandon while I attended college. It was another challenge that brought me close to God. I still wasnít living for the Lord completely. Its one thing to believe in God and to actually live for Him completely. But God was still faithful and helped me through a lot. I completed college in June 2006. We moved back to Peguis (my reserve) that year. I continued my relationship with the guy that I broken up with before College.
I didnít feel right when I was with him intimately. We tried to make it work but it didnít. I felt the Lord Jesus working on me to give my heart and life completely but I was holding back because I didnít want to change my ways yet. I loved this guy too much. I realize it now that I was being selfish and wanted to go my own way of living. I wasnít ready to give Jesus my life yet. I may have not been too heavily into drinking but I did drink once in awhile. Drinking is still drinking. Just like sin is still sin even if itís a small sin. It was not right in the eyes of God. It was off and on relationship for almost 4 years. I would even get dreams, like they were warnings when I wasnĎt living right. I didnít feel at peace because Jesus was knocking on my heartís door. I couldnít sleep right a at night, I was irritable and was not at peace. I finally made a decision to end that relationship early January 2007. It was the best decision I made because that relationship was pulling me down emotionally in my life but most of all it was pulling my soul down in the wrong direction.

Only in January 2007 I needed Jesus in my life because He was the only one that can fill my life with peace, love and joy. He is the way, the truth and the life. I have been single since than because I now put Jesus first in my life. I have a real relationship with Jesus. Its an everyday walk. I am not saying its always easy. There was times a person will get tempted by the devil. Jesus is there to help me through it. I am not a perfect person and never will be. I give God all the glory and praise for His mercy, love, forgiveness and peace. I am even more closer to Jesus now than I was 3 years ago.

I will continue telling others about Jesus. I will tell others that drinking, doing drugs, lust, sexually immorality, and more is not right in GodĎs eyes. I donít do this to judge others, only God will be the judge of everyone. I only want to tell others that things are not right out of love and to warn others because nothing that the enemy (devil) has to offer is worth it. A persons soul will live on for eternity after a person dies either to heaven or hell. Donít let the devil steal your soul! We only have one life. We all have choices to walk in Godís ways or our own ways. I choose to live for Jesus and His ways. Godís word is the truth. Things that Iíve done like sex, drugs, etc almost took my soul to hell if I died in my sins. The only hope a person in this life is Jesus. Repenting sins and turning away from sins. Jesus wants us to live for Him completely. Its not about attending church on Sundays, doing good deeds or being a good person. A person has to be born again and thatís by accepting Jesus as your personal Savior and repenting (confessing) your sins wholeheartedly. Repenting means to tell Jesus your sins and being really sorry for them. Asking Him to forgive you and He will. I serve an Awesome God. He is very mighty! However, he wonít allow any sin into His kingdom. Thatís why I am sharing my testimony and to keep sharing about God, His Word, and I will keep posting videos, notes and pictures to show you Jesus is truly the way! Even when I post things about hell and Jesus returning. Its all true my friends because Jesus will return so we must be ready, it says all in the bible. So my friends be careful what choices you make. When you completely surrender your heart and life to Jesus youĎll see the changes Jesus does in your life and youĎll never be the same. He will make you a brand new person. He will forget your past. Only by Jesusí precious blood we can be cleansed. He died on that cross of Calvary for me and you. What He can do in my life and others lives, He can do for you. God loves you! Seek Him soon. Jesus is worth it. You have everything to gain with Jesus Christ and nothing to lose. But without Jesus you have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Well God bless you all.

Sincerely your friend,
Crystal Spence

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