Let me tell you what God has done in my life so far.

I use to be a drug addict, an alcoholic, addicted to pornography. I dishonored my mother and father in many ways, I am ashamed to say that I dishonored my wife in many ways. I had dreams and hopes that were very selfish. I ignored and neglected my daughter. I missed birthday parties and many family events.

From the time I was 15 till the age of 29 I abused many drugs and drank alcohol and became addicted to cigarettes. I spent 2 whole years high on crystal-meth. I chased dreams of having money and being someone important.

I always believed in God, but I was always so selfish that I did not want to seek him. I knew that God wanted my entire life and that it wasn't good enough to just believe that he existed. I felt that God was calling me to Him, but drug addiction totally took control of my life.

After I lost my job, lost my car, lost my license, lost many friends, almost lost my wife and daughter, spent many days in jail, stole from just about everyone I knew, GOD SAVED ME! Just when I thought I had ruined my entire life, GOD SAVED ME!

One day when I was about to lose my wife and daughter, I got on my knees and cried out to God. That day I decided that I would commit my life to follow Jesus Christ.

Jesus died on the cross and took the punishment for my sins. The Bible says if I turn away from my sins and put my trust in Jesus Christ, I will have eternal life in Heaven with God. The Bible says that if I continue in my sins and reject Jesus, on the day of judgment I will be punished and sent to hell forever!

How do I know that God is real and that Jesus is real? How do I know that what the Bible says is true?

Ever since I committed my life to Jesus and to serve God, he has healed me from drug addiction, healed me from alcohol addiction, taken away the desire to watch pornography, I have my wife back, I have my daughter back, I have my license back, I have my car back, I have a better job. God has totally changed my heart, he has given me a new mind and a new spirit, he has given me a desire to read the Bible and to obey Him.

Not only has God given me eternal life in Heaven when I die, but he has given me the Holy Spirit as a guarantee of my reward when I die.

I am 32 today, and I love the life that I have because Jesus Christ died for me. He died, so I can have life!

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