I agree with you no matter how small we may believe our testimony is, it could be huge to another and just what they need to hear. My testimony of how great my God has been is the fact that I have been out of work since October 2006 am single with no support of a husband, no kids, so you know I can't receive any assistance of any kind; and yet I still have my home and have not missed one mortgage payment yet. I am not behind on any bills, but I also don't go and spend money on stuff that is not needed and am wearing the same old clothes as I have had since then. My vehicle is paid for so that is a plus. Don't owe on any credit cards and I do not live off of them either. I pay my tithes and offerings and I meet every pledge that has been presented. I do receive help from my grandmother... but that is God touching her heart to do so. This I know for a fact. I don't go hungry at all and I am a full time student at Gaston College and was fortunate enough to receive help from WIA to help pay for my schooling. Any time something has come up and a bill is due... GOD has shown up. You know while writing this to you he is speaking to me now asking so why can't I always be there when he needs me. He is telling me to wake up and live and listen. It is as simple as that. Mmmm... that is hitting me hard at the moment. What an awesome God we serve. Thank you for your time Tim and have a wonderfully blessed day!!

Jennifer Kornegay

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