I didn't get it for the first 23 years of thinking I was saved because I prayed a prayer and went to church sporadically for a few years in between. I was even baptized in the Holy Spirit and did pray in other tongues for awhile then went right back into the world more then ever before (was going to say worse then ever before but the Holy Spirit reminded me yet again that no sin is any greater then the other. Except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and that is not what we are speaking about here.).... It now was me sinning more then I used to.

Finally I felt so heavy with sin and sorrow that I dropped to my knees and called out to God to forgive me from the depth of my inner most being and He washed me "whiter then snow" and showed me a picture/vision of it.. Me in His glory... Radiant and NEW. From that day forward I have had a FIRE for God like I never had before and I have strived to run the race to win the prize!

I started to read my Bible again and was hungry for God. I wanted to know Him, all of Him. I started watching television evangelists and ministers and learning and growing but something was missing. I needed more. I needed my shepherd. I needed to be accountable for what I was learning and doing and I needed fellowship.

I got into the local church God called me to (Knew when I got there it was where He wanted me... I was home. That doesn't mean I was comfortable it just means I knew in my heart, heard inside me that I was were I was supposed to be.) and started to learn God's word at a whole new level and growing in new ways! I learned to be a doer of the Word and not a hearer only. I was now flourishing in the house of the Lord!

Glory to God! Never going back.. The Holy Spirit has kept me on track, focusing on God and His will... If I even think to move off course He reminds me of the New me and I get going stronger and on track.

I had to share with you... It doesn't matter if you missed God before, it just matters that you get Him now. Make Jesus the Lord of your life, give Him your heart... Because Heart is what matters! Start being a doer of the Word.. Get into the church God wants you in so you can grow more then ever before.

He loves you and me, He loves all His children... He loves those who are in the "world" still too which is why we need to share the Good News with them and help those just learning to grow in the Lord too.

Thank You Father for never giving up on me! I love You!

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