Hi Tim, This is my testimony.

Last Thursday, while I'm at the office I had a mild stroke, I felt that my right hand has weakened and also my face become numb. I had a hard time in speaking clearly. I was nervous for a while but then I prayed and I asked God for help. when the paramedics came and took my blood presure it was 200/110. I kept on praying, then the second time he took my bp it came down to 190/130. they took me to the nearest hospital. when we arrived there the doctors are asking me, then took my bp again, it gone down again to 170/110. They want to confine me for further examinations, but I said no, I'm ok now, they were surprised. I told them I want to go home. Know what? my right hand is not weak anymore and I can speak clearly. I felt okay. I thanked God for the miracle He has done for me. now I'm home, with God's blessings I can go back to work on Monday. Praise God

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