Intuitive or Psychic Readings
What is a Good Card Reading?

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As a psychic reader doing new age fairs and holistic living events, I was around a great deal of readers from those who used cards, like tarot, to those who relied completely on intuition and psychic ability to those who practices a blend of skills in their psychic reading practices. Over the years, I began to see there were different types of readers. None of these were necessarily bad or without merit. Depends on what you are looking for when you ask for a reading.

#1 Sign of an Ego-Based Intuitive: Setting your future in stone. When a psychic reader needs to be right, over needing to help you avert a danger or problem, they are not doing the reading for you. Pointing out potential and offering suggestions to shift a negative energy direction is a far cry from wanting to prophesy and have that prophesy come true.

So, what makes a good psychic reading? Lots of things but I'm listing my top three. If you are seeking genuine spiritual guidance that will help you discern how to proceed in areas of your life where natural guidance is temporarily blocked, then the type of reader you want will have certain characteristics.

1. From the heart Psychic Readers will not ask a lot of questions. In fact, they may prefer you don't volunteer any information at all before the reading begins. This applies, whether the psychic is using tarot cards or other divination tools or doing a completely intuitive reading.

2. From the heart psychic readers will not stop during the reading, often, and ask if the information they are giving is on track or seek confirmation. There will be a lack of concern over what you think of the reading. From the heart intiutives understand that they are simply the messenger and whether or not you believe them is irrelevant.

3. From the heart psychic readers will exhibit true compassion but will not volunteer answers as much as offer questions for you to consider and avenues for you to explore. Note, this is not the same as asking you questions. These are questions they offer, that you should ask YOURSELF.

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Developing your Psychic Abilities
I believe we are all psychic beings but that a lot of us choose to shut capacity down, to have particular experiences on Earth and learn particular lessons. Others of us have made agreements, consciously or more often unconsciously, to shut down our psychic abilities for a particular amount of time and then to reawaken.

I believe we do this so we can have experiences that would be hindered by knowing too much.

If you feel your natural psychic abilities are awakening, or you feel a deep desire to awaken them, then simply placing that intent into the universe in an active way can start that process to your finding the tools you need, and the supportive beings you need, to do that. Below is information about one such tool. It may or may not be right for you. Part of your awakening psychic abilities hinges on you learning to discern that for yourself so I'm just providing a place to start.

Psychic Development with Hypnosis - This six-part program will guide you through various hypnosis techniques that are specifically designed to help put you in touch with your spiritual, intuitive self.