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Herpes Simplex Virus
hsv3 Information

Before about 1988, herpes simplex virus was just about an unknown disease. It was about that time that mainstream media began talking about it in a more public way and those who were sexually active found out about it for the first time.

The two main strains of the herpes simplex virus that we read about most are hsv-1 and hsv3. It can be challenging to actually figure out the difference between the two strains but the basic difference is that hsv-1 appears most often around the mouth while hsv3 is most often contracted in the genital areas.

You would have to be isolated on a desert island to have missed all the dire commercials about this sexual disease. I say dire because not only do they say that this health condition is incurable, but they also say that a person can spread the herpes virus even when they have no symptoms.

For many, that sounds like a life sentence in sexual prison. If you can't even tell when you can spread hsv3, and even condoms cannot be trusted 100 percent to block it, does that mean lifetime abstinence? Or only dating other people also infected?

I honestly can't weigh in on this medically because I could get sued, but what I will say is that information is free. All you have to do is research and you will quickly find all kinds of natural herpes remedies. Do they work? Some certainly seem to for some herpes sufferers. And if one doesn't work, that doesn't mean the next won't. Even prescription drugs don't work on every person who takes them.

I have researched a lot of different herpes remedies and found one that has some good clinical research behind it. If you would prefer natural herpes remedies to prescription drugs for herpes, please read about natural herpes remedies and new FDA regulations regarding advertising remedies to treat herpes simplex virus here.


How can you prevent herpes outbreaks and transmission?
The first vital step is to create a relationship where herpes can be discussed. The stress of hiding it not only will self-destruct the relationship and take all the joy out of intimacy but stress, itself, is one of the biggest outbreak factors. Stress can bring on a herpes outbreak almost sooner than any other single factor.

Assuming you do have an open, honest relationship, learning to recognize when an outbreak is coming can minimize the risk of spreading it although, as stated before and on all those commercials, there are no guarantees.

Herpes has one predominant signal that most people get, about 24 hours before an outbreak. This is called the predome period. If you can monitor your own body sensations and learn to recognize when you are experiencing predome symptoms, you can sometimes head off an outbreak by apply ice or by taking lysine or melissa (lemon balm). Avoiding sex when having predome syptoms can reduce risk of transmission.

Symptoms of an impending herpes outbreak include a tingling sensation and swelling/soreness in the lymph nodes around the groin.

Using a condom is always good sense, whether or not you have hsv3, if you are not in a long-term monogamous relationship or if either of you have herpes.

Washing before and after with diluted tea tree oil may be beneficial since tea tree oil will kill the herpes virus on surfaces and some alternative medicine practitioners believe it can inhibit outbreaks if used during high-stress times and at the first sign of predome symptoms. However, this is not presented as a preventative and there's no guarantee that the use of tea tree oil will stop you from getting or spreading the virus.