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What is the Ebola Virus?
Natural Ebola Remedies

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The Ebola Outbreak - What Ebola is; how it spreads; treatment options


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Update: Since the 2014 outbreak of Ebola, there has been an update on the Who website. I find this website particularly difficult to read so I'm just including a link to the page that is supposed to hold the latest updates as of 2016: WHO Ebola Updates

The ebola virus has been in the news a lot lately, as of the time of this writing (8/10/2014). It's not the first time a virus has taken center stage. I remember when one of my favorite greens, spinach, all but disappeared from the marketplace because ecoli was found. This time, there's been an outbreak of ebola in Africa and the results so far have been devastating. tracing ebola back to patient zero

What is Ebola?
According to the above article, ebola is a virus that is able to live in fruit bats without harming them but is deadly to humans. A human could catch ebola from eating fruit on which a fruit bat had defecated, if the fruit is not completely sterilized. Ebola also lives in monkeys and apes and is easily caught by contact with blood. Since these primates are sometimes butchered, I presume for food, coming in contact with the blood would be easy. The virus is spread through bodily fluids and is not airborne.

In Africa, ebola is proving incredibly hard to contain because, according to western medicine, the only way to stop the spread is to isolate every single person who is infected until no more cases come to light. How to do that when hundreds, even thousands have been exposed? The focus seems to be on isolation and keeping patients hydrated.

Symptoms of an Ebola Infection: The symptoms of this virus may appear as soon as 2 days after exposure or may take a full three weeks to show up and include symptoms that could easily be dismissed as flu. Typical symptoms include fever, sore throat, headaches and weakness. In areas where such is common, the virus may also be misdiagnosed as malaria or typhoid fever.

Less common symptoms include chest pains, hiccups, the development of a rash or red eyes. The person with ebola may also experience problems breathing and swallowing as well as vomiting, diarrhea or other more serious symptoms such as bleeding. Source: Piedmont News Station

Natural Ebola Remedies: Holistic Health advocates believe that there are natural substances to stop the ebola virus. However, none of these has been recognized by western medicine as a viable treatment for the disease. Since there is now no recognized medical treatment for ebola, I'd try anything I thought might help but that's just me. One inexpensive thing to do is take selenium supplements. Apparently, selenium deficiency makes it harder for the body to combat ebola. Some believe selenite or selenium may be a life saver in some cases. Can selenium treat ebola? Supplementation with selenium is also recommended for mercury poisoning. Apparently, selenium renders mercury inert.

Among natural substances that have been referred to as potential help in a case of ebola:

Nano Silver 10 ppm for Ebola: A supplement getting some attention as a potential help for those stricken with the ebola virus is a particular formulation of silver. This is not colloidial silver or an ionic form but nano silver. There is a difference so if you want this for your medicine cabinet, look for the words Nano Silver and 10 ppm. amazon has Nano Silver.

Bitter Kola Tree Since this tree is indigenious to Africa, it's the first one that caught my eye online. The Bitter Kola tree apparently has properties that may prove effective in fighting the ebola virus. It wouldn't surprise me because I believe nature provides specific healing plants in the areas where they are needed. The BBC on bitter kola, official plant name Garcinia Kola.

Homeopathic Ebola Remedy: Crolatus horridus is a homeopathic single. It takes center stage in a homeopathic remedy for ebola. I'm a big believer in homeopathics, having had great results with them many times. One example that comes readily to mind is the homeopathic flu remedy oscillococcinum. If taken immediately at first onset of symptoms, ocillococcinum kicks a flu bug out post haste in most cases. Crolatus horridus is recommended by at least one website on homeopathic remedies as a viable option for ebola victims.

Eliminatory Health Disclaimer: The ebola virus is a life-threatening organism. If you suspect you have ebola, seek medical attention immediately. The natural remedies referred to on this page are educational in nature and not intended to replace medical evaluation and testing or any treatment your chosen healthcare professional may suggest.